Part 6: Mr Crossley’s Story… His Dilemma…

One would think that when one had two women scheduled to meet him in his office for a sound spanking, one would be delighted! One was not. One was at war with oneself.

Mr Crossley shook his head in frustrated dismay at his dilemma, he tried to be a very honest man, a very upright, rigid man, he had a regime that he followed religiously and he never veered from it. It had served him well all his adult life but now he was veering into a quagmire of uncharted territory with these two women. His main issue with all of this was that he found Ms Barton extremely attractive, even more so after the unexpected but entirely delightful events of yesterday evening!

He sighed heavily, he loved his wife, even after admitting to himself that she was quite the cold unemotional fish in the bedroom or any other room for that matter. They had been married for 40 years and there were no surprises left to uncover between them. The last surprise had been a shock and nothing came close to topping it. Twelve years ago, Mrs Crossley had declared that their sex life was at an end because she was now 50 and quite frankly she’d had enough of all that messiness! Needless to say, he had been devastated at the turn of events being only 50 himself at the time and after much thought and hand wringing, he had come to the unfortunate conclusion that he must make adjustments to his hitherto unbroken state of monogamy. He decided that he must allow his eye to wander on occasion in order to take care of his own needs. If his wife would not, then he would have to find someone who would. The idea of demanding conjugal rights from his wife never even crossed his mind. He would respect her wishes and find his fun elsewhere. So once or twice a year in the ensuing years, he had done just that. Mrs Crossley’s position would never be threatened but he had his needs. He was a pragmatist after all. Needs must and all that.

However, Ms Barton was much more than he had bargained for, his reaction to seeing her spanking her assistant and then masturbating at her desk had rocked him to the core. He had been rock hard instantly and so turned on by what he had witnessed he thought he might erupt! In his other dalliances, it had just been about the sex. He needed sexual relief, he would have a little dalliance, very discreet, his lady friend would always be treated with the utmost respect and would be completely aware of her position in his life, and when the time came to end things, which it always did, he would make sure they walked away happy and smiling with a token of his appreciation. He was a generous lover.

Ms Barton was so very different to his other lady friends. For one she was an employee! He had never drawn his ladies from his work place. That was entirely unprofessional and a recipe for disaster but this was different, this was immediate, hot, horny, physical, downright dirty and almost feral in its nature. Watching her spanking her assistant had been so very hot, but then spanking Ms Barton himself, feeling her creamy plump ass under his hand, feeling her wriggle against his groin as he had pressed up against her, watching her juices flow from that sweet delectable pussy as he spanked and spanked and spanked her, my god! She was an utter delight to him physically and mentally. He could never have imagined a moment in his wildest dreams and fantasies, where that scenario would take place, but take place it had.

Ms Barton had become his guilty pleasure a long time ago. He did everything in his power to ensure he saw her at least once a day! Obviously in a very professional manner, but none the less she was a feast of erotic sensuality for his eyes to drink in on a daily basis and had been since the day she had started working for his company!
There was an inherent sensuality to the woman that oozed from her as she entered a room. He had long since enjoyed watching her walk from the outer office into his inner sanctum. The display was delightful. Her full hips rolled in such a seductive way that they held him spell bound, her breasts, while properly covered under a very professional blouse, pressed against their restraints and he fancied that they were trying to escape their confines to be free. His breath would catch in his throat at the delightful sight and his hands itched to release them from their confines, his cock would twitch and he would find himself smiling at his thoughts. Ms Barton never walked briskly she always strolled along like she was taking an afternoon walk, her dark eyes would rest on each man in the room as she passed by, her sultry full deep red lips curved into the smallest of smiles, he would see a similar smile to his own broaden the lips of most of the men and some of the women too, as she continued on her way. If you were lucky enough for her to stop and speak to you, you would be treated to her sensual honeyed tones dripping sex all over you as she asked you for her monthly cash flow forecast! That lucky man would wear his ‘Barton grin’ as it had been dubbed in the office, for the rest of the day. Mr Crossley attested that he wore that grin most days and made a point of having a small meeting with her every day! She was his drug of choice and he was well and truly hooked. Which was now the source his current dilemma! He was about to break every rule he had ever set in place for himself, but damn it after last night, he could not deny himself the opportunity to play this out! His mind returned to the previous evening and he mused once more the delights he had experienced.

When he had set off for home after that delightful spanking with Ms Barton, he had plans in his head that he might approach Mrs C and cajole her into some much needed fun and games with perhaps a promise of a holiday to the Bahamas or some new jewellery she could show off to her bridge friends as a way of saying thank you? He actually fancied that he might make mention of an itch to spank her! Who knows, under that cold exterior there could be a siren just waiting to be released with a good sound spanking!

It was not to be. His disappointment was a very real entity in the room when he realised the house was empty. He had arrived home an hour later than usual to find she had put his supper in the microwave, left a note on the kitchen counter with instructions on how to warm his food and she was nowhere to be found. He then belatedly remembered it was her bridge club night and wild horses would not drag her away from it. He sighed heavily, zapped his meal and settled down to watch boring tv re-runs while he ate a less than tasty evening meal. Once he was finished eating he allowed his mind to wander back to the early evening’s events. He quickly jumped to the end of the spanking of his assistant to the part where she had stammered out the end of that fabulous story and he had gotten to taste her honeyed juices on his tongue, he allowed his hand to stroke his throbbing cock as he remembered in glorious vivid detail every second of that moment when she had orgasmed so violently and her juices had spilled over his tongue and down his chin. His hand worked his cock, smoothing his foreskin down, his fingers sliding over the glistening head as it appeared, collecting the precum that was flowing from his rarely used manhood. He had forgotten just how good it could feel to masturbate, and as his cream shot forcefully from his throbbing penis and down over his exposed thighs, he groaned heavily and decided that he would have to do this more often.

By 10.30pm his earlier horny mood had well and truly left him and he was back to his former self by the time his wife returned home at 10.45pm on the dot. Her sour expression told him she had lost at bridge, and he was in the dog house for returning home late from work without informing her first. She snipped a ‘good evening’ at him which was barely more than a mumble and she took herself off to her bedroom. He sighed heavily, nevermore had the idea of spanking his cold wife been so attractive a thought to him. He sighed, switched everything off and locked up for the night before retiring to his own bedroom and his fantasies of the delectable Ms Barton.

Now here he was, in his office, working his way through a mountain of paperwork, utterly distracted by the thought of the upcoming events for this evening. He had left a note for Mrs Crossley saying he would be eating out this evening with clients and she should not wait her evening meal on him. She could stew in her own juices, her coldness towards him had begun to rankle of late and she could have a taste of her own medicine. His mood shifted, his dilemma settled. He finally felt vindicated, he had been a good husband who had provided her with a very comfortable life style and he didn’t feel he deserved the coldness she had consistently presented him with all these years. That thought was fuelling his desire to now rush towards this evening with a haste he hadn’t felt in years! Obviously the spanking of Ms Aston would need to be carried out first and she would be sent packing immediately after her punishment had been administered. Silly girl that she was, he would be forever grateful to her for opening this particular can of worms!

Spanking had been his fantasy for a very long time and he was now in a unique position of not just being able to carry that out, but to carry it out on his drug of choice, Ms Eileen Barton! His cock throbbed painfully as he once again returned his attention to the story he had chosen for this evening, written by the very imaginative Ms Aston, short skirts, tight blouses, stockings and suspenders, a cane and a riding crop were the back drop for what would be a very satisfactory and very painful spanking for both ladies with a wonderful finale to boot! Ms Aston did like her grand finales!

It had been agreed between the three of them that Ms Aston’s stories would be played out each evening and he would decide which one would take place. He was most excited to think about Ms Barton pulling the very naughty Ms Aston over her stocking clad knees, lifting her skirt, smoothing her hand over that plump ripe bottom amply displayed courtesy of the thong she would be wearing. At the other end her breasts would be tumbling free from their flimsy restraint of a too tight blouse and then the first spank would land and sound heavenly in that cloistered room!

Once again his cock stood to attention and he took himself off to his private office to take care of matters. It wouldn’t do to have a huge stain on the front of his suit pants, he was not an excitable teenager who couldn’t control himself, he was a successful business man who was completely in control, and that included his physical reactions too! Just two more hours until he could feast on the delectable Ms Barton! He found he was sporting his best ‘Barton grin’ as he re-entered the outer domain of his office and continued with his work load…

to be continued…

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

10 thoughts on “Part 6: Mr Crossley’s Story… His Dilemma…

    1. Haha I know!! I think we all know a cold fish somewhere in our lives! I’ve met a few over the years and always walked away thinking they could do with a sound spanking! Mr Crossley and all those like him, deserve so much better!!

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    1. I know, I wish it was real too, if I could have worked for a company where spanking was the chosen form of punishment I would have happily worked for a company. I work for myself, maybe that’s why I enjoy the self spanking aspect so much LOL

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