Karla’s Journal ~ Cheri

Within 4 hours of leaving Dr.Peel’s office, Karla had her wish. She was now happily ensconced in a much larger, shared cell with a window, barred, but still a window! A shelf for her journals and books, a small wash basin and toilet of her own and a bed. But by far the most delightful addition was on the other side of the cell.

She could barely believe her own eyes, Cheri was there, sitting on her bed staring across the cell at her with the goofiest smile on her face Karla had ever seen and she felt a shaft of pure joy at the vision in front of her.
Her Cheri, her exquisite little mucky blonde, pink and perfect doll, she adored her. She could bend her, mold her, make her do anything she wanted, and Cheri was always compliant and eager to please her. She loved to play nipple tweaking and tickling games with Cheri just to make her gasp and giggle uncontrollably, it always made her so very wet! She felt her pussy stir at the memories and squirmed a little as it took hold.

‘Come here baby girl, come and kiss your lover.’ Karla’s husky tone reached Cheri and catapulted her off her bed and across to her. Cheri slid onto Karla’s lap and kissed her full on the lips. Karla probed the tip of her tongue between her lips and the girl giggled and sucked it into her mouth, lathing it with her own, entwining their tongues in an erotic dance until Karla moaned and pulled back.

Cheri made to recapture the kiss but Karla held a hand up and stilled her movement. ‘Stand there for me a moment little doll, let me look at you! I’ve missed you so much Cheri!’ She murmured making her stand as she drank in the sight of her.

Cheri stood with her hands behind her back swinging her hips from side to side, gazing adoringly at her as she inspected her. ‘I missed you too Karla, so very much. Do you want me to take my clothes off now? Or should I wait some more?’ Cheri’s little girl voice danced across Karla’s skin leaving a shiver of delight in its wake. She was so damned adorable! Her heart swelled and she filled up with emotions long since suppressed.

‘You can take everything off for me pretty girl, just do it very slowly and dance for me as you do it. Do you remember how I like you to dance for me Cheri?’ Karla’s eyes were heavy with lust, in just a heartbeat her girl had flicked a switch inside her and she was hot and horny and ready to devour her gorgeous pink pussy and drown in her juices. Hunger raced through her as images flooded her mind. He breath hitched at the sudden rush of desire.

Cheri smiled a full beaming smile, her eyes bright her face alight with adoration, ‘I remember lover, you like me to dance slowly to our song, I’ll hum it for you as I dance!’ She had already begun to move her hips in a slow and sensuous erotic dance, her fingers slowly popping press studs on the front of her overalls as she hummed a sexy little tune in her little girl voice, she pulled the folds of material apart, revealing her pink lacy half cut bra cupping her full round firm breasts, thrusting them forward to be taken.

They always looked too big for the rest of her body but were beautiful to behold and Karla drank them in. She reached out and cupped a breast in her hand, her thumb grazing over the soft material of the bra and found a solid little nipple, pebbled beneath its surface. She slid her fingers inside the material and took the little nipple between her fingers and tweaked it till it stood upright begging to be sucked into her hot moist mouth. Cheri gasped and pushed her breast harder into her hand.

Kevin watched on the monitors as Cheri continued her little dance, he wished he could zoom the camera in on those tits! They were enormous!

In the past it was just such games that had gotten them in trouble, then they had been caught in bed together and Cheri had been taken away from Karla. Now though, the rules had changed, Kevin had been told to leave them to their own devices so long as he thought Karla was behaving kindly towards Cheri. Let them fuck each other senseless if they wanted to, Dr. Peel had said to Kevin. What harm can come of it? It will keep Karla happily occupied and it will stabilize Cheri’s mood swings and imagined illnesses.

Karla glanced up at the camera, she knew Kevin would be watching and she smiled a predatory smile as the red light blinked and watched her.

Cheri was lost in her own little world, she danced and twirled her way out of her overalls discarding them in a pile on her bed. Spinning slowly round she unfastened her bra, sliding the straps slowly down her arms she allowed the material to fall away from her fabulous breasts exposing her small erect nipples to Karla. Her dusky pink areola puckered with excitement as she played with her nipples and tweaked them the way her lover had shown her. A small gasp escaped her lips as she felt the tug work it’s way down to her pussy and her fingers followed its direction.

She hooked her fingers into the top of her panties and Karla sat forward on her bed utterly captivated by the beauty of Cheri’s body as she revealed it to her bit by bit.
Cheri giggled and twirled first this way, then that, as she hummed and slid her panties so slowly down over her hips, Karla reached out and delivered a sharp spank to the newly exposed cheek as it appeared.

‘You little tease, Cheri, torture me baby girl and you will be spanked, you know I love to turn you over my knee and spank your tight little cherub cheeks bright pink.’ She held Cheri’s gaze with a lustful one of her own and Cheri spun away again giggling and rubbing her tush.

‘I like you spanking me, it makes me wet…’ she cooed as she peeled her panties further down her legs and then allowed them to fall to the floor. She stepped out of them and turned to face Karla.

She grabbed for her perfect little pink doll and dragged her over her knees. ‘So, you like me spanking you do you, well let’s see if you still remember how painful it can be on your little cherub cheeks.’ She raised a hand and brought it down hard across Cheri’s firm round globe and it jiggled beautifully as she squealed and wriggled.

Karla brought down a flurry of sharp spanks on both cheeks, quickly turning them both a delicious shade of dark pink, then she stopped for a moment as Cheri yelped and howled at the pain and heat as it exploded across her bottom. Karla squeezed and rubbed the twin mounds and spread the heat beneath her fingers helping it bloom and throb instantly. She smoothed her hand and smacked a cheek hard and Cheri’s leg scissored in shock, she took advantage of this new opportunity and began spanking Cheri’s pussy lips with the tips of her fingers so hard Cheri yelped and squealed with each smack.

It wasn’t long before she was pleading with her to stop. ‘Please Karla, I’ll be a good little doll, I promise not to tease, you can suck my nipples right now and nip them and I will suckle on your nipples until they feel like hard pebbles in my mouth….’Karla spanked and spanked as she laughed at Cheri’s blatant manipulation, ‘Bad doll, you are going to do that for me anyway, aren’t you?’ She spanked, Cheri squealed but didn’t answer. Karla spanked both thighs until they were matching pink with her tush, ‘Aren’t you, my little pink doll?’ she demanded an answer with a sharp flurry of hard spanks all over Cheri’s hot bottom and thighs. Cheri howled!

She squealed and kicked out and then began to buck her hips against Karla’s knees, ‘Oh goddddd YESSSS!!!! I’m gonna do that for you anyway….I’m gonna come lover, spank me harder baby pleaseeeee…. Ohhh goddddd….’ Karla spanked her pussy harder and thrust her fingers deep inside Cheri’s soaked pussy, she bucked and groaned and a stream of juices gushed from her, covering Karla who laughed delightedly. ‘Good girl, such a very good girl, my sweet Cheri, look at all those juices for your lover!’

She spanked her hard a few more times before she allowed her to stand upright. Cheri slid of her knee cupping her pussy and rubbing her bottom as she moaned and danced and jiggled about trying to rub the heat out of her hot cheeks.

Karla groaned deeply as she took in the perfection of her precious doll. ‘Give me your sweet pink pussy my pretty girl, give it me now, I can’t wait a moment longer to taste those honey juices. Turn around and bend over for me.’ She murmured huskily as she moved to the edge of her bed and spread her legs wide.

Cheri stepped between them cupping her breasts and tweaking her nipples until they stood rigidly to attention. She turned around and presented her dark pink cherub cheeks to Karla and then bent at the waist as she spread her legs.

Karla moaned as she drank in the sight of those swollen and dripping pink lips. She held Cheri’s hips tightly and leaning forward she pushed the tip of her tongue inside Cheri’s swollen pouting lips, groaning delightedly at the softness of her girl’s labia against her own lips and the sweet taste of her juices. She lapped and thrust inside her and Cheri wriggled and mewled under the onslaught of Karla’s thrusting tongue.

‘Ohhh… uhhh … Karla, please don’t make me come again so soon, I want to enjoy the feel of you inside me a little bit first.’ Cheri begged in her sweet little voice, as she wriggled and squirmed under the gorgeous assault on her pussy.

Karla lifted a hand and smacked Cheri’s cheek hard, ‘Naughty doll, you do as I tell you, remember? I want you to come in my mouth, fill my tongue with your honey juices, sweet Cheri, I want to lap them up and fuck you crazy with my tongue and fingers.’

She wrapped her lips around Cheri’s pouting labia and sucked and pulled gently on the sensitive little folds of skin until Cheri danced and wriggled and moaned as more of her juices flowed freely, Karla released her from her grip on her hips and thrust her fingers where her tongue had been.

From gentle sucking to hard thrusting in a split second, Cheri was groaning loudly and grinding her hips against Karla’s hand. Karla snaked her other hand between Cheri’s thighs and found her clit, she tweaked that throbbing little nub and flicked it, rubbing it, stroking it and then pinched it hard, Cheri was jumping and shaking and bucking back onto Karla’s thrusting fingers. Her groans were coming louder and longer and her breasts swayed majestically as she grabbed her own nipples and pinched hard. She squealed, her juices flowed and Karla thrust harder.

She stood up and bent over Cheri’s back as she thrust three fingers inside those perfect pouting lips, filling Cheri’s pussy and hooking her fingers just inside and rubbing her g-spot until Cheri danced and mewled and panted and then groaned heavily as she gushed her release all over Karla’s probing fingers. ‘Ohhhhhh ….Karla…Ohhh fuckkk….I’m coming so hard baby… keep fucking me pleeeeease…..’ she screamed as her orgasm raged through her making her whole body tremble in Karla’s hold.

Her juices ran down between her thighs and Karla dropped back down on the bed and pulled Cheri with her. She pulled her backwards until Cheri sat above her face and pushed her pussy down onto her waiting mouth as she thrust her tongue deep inside her, lapping up her juices, nipping at her labia, sucking against her pussy hard until Cheri squealed at the pressure and began to rock and squirm over her. ‘Ohhh godd that feels so fucking gooooddd, pleaseeee let me eat your pussy too Karla, pleasseee….’ She begged and pleaded as her juices flowed like a river from her into Karla’s mouth and she dropped forward as another huge orgasm ripped through her.

Karla lifted her off her face slightly, ‘sit back baby girl, let me get these clothes off,’ Karla sat up as Cheri jumped back and sat like a pixie on the pillow. Her fingers went immediately to her clit and she began to stroke herself as Karla stood up and began stripping off her clothes in a hurry.

Kevin watched on the monitor as Karla’s beautiful naked body filled his screen until she moved to one side and then Cheri’s fast little fingers on her clit and pussy took her place. He unzipped his pants and stroked himself as he watched the two women enjoy each other for the first time in months. Fuck he wanted a piece of Cheri! That was the prettiest little pussy he had ever seen and he was going to make sure Karla shared her booty with him.

She owed him big time, and he was cashing in his chips, he stroked faster and harder as he imagined sinking his huge cock into Cheri’s tight little pussy, stretching it to fit him, hearing her scream as he filled her, he stroked harder and faster, his heart pounding in his chest, his breath coming in shallow grunts as he watched Cheri dive down between Karla’s legs as she spread them wide, her ass waving about behind her, her pussy dripping with juices and glistening invitingly for the camera. as she ate her lover’s pussy into a raging orgasm that he could almost feel where he sat. He tensed every muscle, grunting deeply and jerked and spasmed as his cock shot his cream all over the desk and kept on going. Fuck he had to have them both…

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

21 thoughts on “Karla’s Journal ~ Cheri

  1. You are on FIRE, lady!!! While the scene between Karla and Cheri is incredibly hot, I think what really got me going on this segment was the voyeuristic angle…knowing that Kevin was watching via the camera the whole time. You sure make my morning coffee more exciting. You continue to out do yourself, Gemma!

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I like to twist things and view from a different angle, take a step away from just delivering a sex scene, hot or not, it would get boring after a while. There are only so many ways to tell a sex scene without repetition rearing its ugly head! Throwing a twist in, a third party so to speak, especially a camera that Karla is constantly aware of, lends another dimension to her performance and brings its own level of intensity. I admit this was a very easy scene to write between Karla and Cheri, she is Karla’s soft side, it was good to bring out her playful, caring side a little and show more of her character that is likeable. (I hope 😛 ) 💋💋😘

      Liked by 4 people

      1. LOL I can’t even find my phone charger! My phone has been dead for days! I’m driving everyone nuts with it here! No one can reach me…. apart from a few well chosen people not being able to contact me, I have to say I’m not upset by the latest turn of events, it’s very peaceful! 💖

        Liked by 3 people

  2. It’s another layer in Karla’s psychology. I wanted to laugh at Kevin thinking that he is in control, when it seems to be Karla controlling almost everything.
    Cheri adores Karla and it’s interesting to see the different element . In the other scenes with the Doctor and Kevin, especially that last one, Kevin seemed to be becoming more and more brutish with her (although I sometimes Karla seems to like that) but this scene was a totally different dynamic for her. There was nothing brutish about he reunion with Cheri.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love that you are reading into the sub plot and working out the characters agenda with each other. I get a real kick out of seeing you do that. This section was written because you had asked if Cheri was going to make a reappearance. She’s been brought back and the story arc has changed dramatically in my head because of it. I like that! Karla has real feelings for Cheri, she’s the only person in Karla’s life who hasn’t used or hurt her in any way and that transfers into adoration for Cheri’s innocence. Kevin is becoming more brutish, Karla gets off on his bad treatment of her, she loves to be used, she understands that dynamic, conversely it creates a hatred inside her for the user. He doesn’t like the control Karla has exerted over both him and the Doctor and he feels manipulated, which he is. He’s now beginning to showing his true colours. Kevin is a man who has worked out that gentle talk with Karla is the way to get her to respond to him. He now understands she was using him so he’s dropping the gentle act and reverting to type, and he wants payback. His payback is Cheri…. how do you think that will go? hmmm…. 😈💋

      Liked by 3 people

      1. That really shines through Gemma.

        The psychology behind real life people and fictional characters is real important to me. Other wise i cannot get into a story. You are keeping the story very lively and full of erotic action but at the same time forming distinctive characters that become compelling to watch develop.

        You made Cheri seem like the cutest kind of woman. I didn’t see that coming. But it adds to why Karla is charmed by her.

        Yeah…I kinda reckon Kevin has no idea what he is getting himself into. Karla is not the kind of woman you try to dominate.

        I am only guessing because of this backstory you keep hinting at that if Karla snaps – it will be pretty terrifying!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. But just maybe Cheri could be her saving grace? I doubt it, Karla’s narcissism will rule in the end but it really does depend on what she decides to do with all the players in her current plot, I’m working on a storyboard for a second series for her and putting it in script form right now. Karla’s story has wheels… she’s fired my imagination up! So glad you’re enjoying it Miss Pink! 💋💖

        Liked by 2 people

  3. The girl – girl action is so sexy and Karla has quite the dominant streak. It comes through with Dr. Peel in flashes but is on full display here. She knows exactly what to do and what she wants! It is fascinating to see a woman, writing as a woman, describing and admiring another woman’s sexuality…that works on the male mind in such a unique way. Visions of nipple play, fuck dolls, and licking and spanking pussy have me dialed in just like Kevin. Karla is good and oh so bad 😈🔥

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I only dialed in on the visuals, promise 😘 Although I’m so on edge, I won’t even touch without your permission. 🔥You will know when it is best for me…and that is when it pleases you 🍆💦

        Liked by 2 people

      2. This was so the correct response Michael! You have no idea how close to trouble your earlier comment skated you.. On the bright side, you are still my most darling man and I adore tormenting you so publicly, it’s the most delicious form of exhibitionism baby. 💋💋💋🍆💦🚫🔐😈

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Not generally Christian, I tend to read other works for my own pleasure rather than my own work. 🙂 I am far too analytical and critical about my own stories and only see where I could improve them rather than reading them for the content.

      Liked by 1 person

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