Top Hat & Tails (Part 2)

The Toy Room.

He was restless, prowling along the edges of the room, watching, pausing, absorbing the imagery before him of supple skin, smooth and unmarked becoming stained with layers of red from the palest pink hue to the deepest crimson as bodies stretched out and restrained, writhed under the sting of each lash or stroke from the myriad of implements being employed to flick, lick and score painfully across their tender skin. Cries, screams, curses, rent the air, filling the room with their pain.

The sluts who could not contain their painful pleasure, groaning, mewling, howling wildly as their bodies betrayed them and they climaxed over and over again, eliciting more strokes more lashes more derision from their Masters, taunting them, forcing them ever further into that delicious place they all craved, sub space. This was their world and they revelled in their subjugation as their Masters and Mistresses revelled in their domination of them.

This was his world.

Yet he remained unmoved, cold to it all. It had ceased to create a hunger in him a long time ago. It wasn’t new. Sure there were variations on a theme sometimes and that would create a curious interest in him but it never lasted long. He’d seen this over and again every night for as long as he could remember. His instincts were finely tuned to pick out even the slightest variation to the ‘norm’, but this night like every night before it, failed to ignite that spark of interest in him. The room felt almost vanilla it was so normalised.

‘But now you have her to explore…’ the insidious thought slid through his mind and his cock twitched. He smiled a little at his body’s response to the thought. She was his drug of choice. He could stand here all evening and watch almost every kind of perversion, kink and fetish play out before him and it would leave him wholly disinterested. He was working, he didn’t consider these writhing, twisting heated bodies a temptation, he wanted her. Her clean scent, her innocence, her guilelessness, her wish to please him and in so doing, her willingness to submit to him…eventually. She never gave in gracefully, her wilfulness and determination to hold on to her power for as long as she could, creating a deep predatory hunger in him each time, she was a delight to his jaded senses and he craved her constantly.

He wanted to test her limits of endurance, push her boundaries, mould her to him, yet still allow her the space to mould herself, she was a blank pure white canvas and he hungered to paint the layers of colour that would bind her to him until she could think of no one else but him. He craved her submission. Conversely he wanted to watch her fly free and unfettered of her vanilla rules and social identity, to come land in his dark world of whips and canes, pain and pleasures of the flesh and find her place here with him and her own identity. His body reacted physically to his thoughts and he adjusted his stance to allow for the sudden growth.

A curvaceous blonde approached him. From a distance a beauty, up close she was exposed by the harsh pool of light she placed herself in, he saw the badly applied heavy makeup, enhancing rather than disguising the lines around her eyes and nose, her mouth painted a too bright red, too slick, too big, pumped up to portray the infernal pout they all wore these days. Her hair brittle from too much bleaching and dying. Her outfit too revealing, too young for her mature body, too sexed up. Too much of everything and not enough natural. Nothing left for the imagination.

He shook his head in a sharp gesture of denial of his own thoughts. This woman belonged here, this room, all these rooms were designed with every kinksters needs and fetishes in mind, should they but wish for it, it would be here, he had created a playground of dark fantasies. She had her place here, she had her own dreams and fantasies. He did not judge. Something for everyone, each room had it’s own theme, it’s own core membership, it’s own rules of engagement. It’s own set of punishments if those rules were broken.

He turned his gaze away from her lest she see his assessment of her appearance. She was after all a VIP member of his club. She was business not pleasure. She had set her sights on him, sashaying across the floor unsteadily on the clunky ugly stilettos he hated that did nothing for her save giving her the appearance of a well used whore who staggered on legs too often spread wide. Muscle memory did not appear to incorporate their natural state. She arrived before him and her red tipped talons clutched at his shirt sleeve. He turned, spared her a look, then glanced at her fingers grasping at him.

Her confidence faltered, her hand dropping away from him, fingers curled into her palm to control the urge to reach out and stroke his darkly handsome face.

‘Not playing this evening Mr Thorn?’ she purred at him, bestowing her best sultry look and tone on him. This was a dance they did often and each time she approached him he would side step gracefully. This evening was no different. ‘Now Sara, you know I never mix business with pleasure, would that I could, but where would it all end? My business is your pleasure and that means I am always working.’ He allowed his finger to trail her cheek as he plucked her hand from his arm once again but raised it to his lips and bestowed a chaste kiss to the back of it.

‘Forgive me lovely lady, duty calls.’ He nodded at Lee who had been watching from across the room. Lee made his way to his boss’s side and Sara was politely handed over to the bull of a man who now stood beside them.

‘Sara baby, you wanna play hard with me, gorgeous?’ Lee murmured in her ear and she giggled and turned into him. Thorn stepped away from them and headed for the entrance to the new Toy Room and her.

A replay of a night a few weeks ago ran like a film through his head as he approached the room he knew he would find her in. ‘Tell me your fantasies Elle, tell me what you see in your head when you’re alone and horny and needy. What fires your mind and sends your fingers to your pussy to stroke and pump until you stretch and tremble and climax over them?’

He had dropped the images into her head as he whispered in her ear, while his body plunged her depths, snaking her supple limbs around him, taking every ounce of honeyed juice her body could make for him and he had sunk himself deeper, thrust harder, faster, pushed her legs over her head and pressed down on them trapping them between their bodies, lifting her bottom and pussy high for him to impale her with the full length of his cock, his balls slapping against her, dragging her moans from the depth of her being, watching her face go slack jawed with desire so hot, it was burning her.

‘Tell me Elle.’ he ordered as he claimed her, she cried tears for him as she held off her orgasm, and whispered in jagged breaths her obsession with all things spanking, especially caning. The need to feel that sharp stick bite the soft flesh of her bottom and grip it before letting go, the bloom as the pain exploded beneath her tight muscles, the wetness between her legs as her brain warred with her sex and her sex won. The heat from the second stroke causing her to shriek in pain and then tremble as her juices flowed from her pussy making her slick and hot and hungry to be filled. She wanted to feel like a slut being punished for all her naughtiest thoughts and deeds, by the third and then fourth stroke of the cane her orgasm was building inside her, the fifth stroke would empty her mind of everything save the pain in her bottom and the heat in her pussy, the final stroke of a cane would always bring about her orgasm and it would rush through her on a hot wave of sensations. And then she whispered, β€˜but I want more, I want to be the one who canes, I want to be the one who disciplines, punishes, takes control. When I see that in my mind I can cum in a heartbeat.’

Her whispered admission amidst her screaming orgasm had stayed in his mind long after she had curled into his side and slept the sleep of the truly satiated. Her canings had become much more frequent since, and while he spanked her often he knew she craved the feel of the cane and he was more than happy to oblige. That particular kink fed both of them equally.

But now she had developed a new fascination. She was utterly enthralled by the activities in the new Toy Room that had been set up in the past few weeks. A kink group had approached him some time ago to discuss the possibility of them setting up a meeting place in one of the rooms of his club. It wasn’t the first time this had happened and he was always open to new ideas. The kink wasn’t a new thing, he had just never met anyone who actually did this before. People who behaved like dolls, dressed like them, styled themselves on their ‘characters’. You could do anything you wanted with them, put them in any position you wanted, the same as you would a doll, they invited people to come and fuck them, use them as they saw fit, play with them and see if they could make them break character, then the punishments would be handed out and the players were invited to spank, flog or cane the dolls who had moved, made a noise or stepped out of character. He had agreed to try it out for a month with them. But he had insisted no hidden identities. They could don a mask but only after they had signed in.

It had proved a popular room thus far, with many of his regulars dropping in there dressed as their own favourite characters, quite a few came dressed as Toy Story characters, Little Bo Peep admitted she had never had her skirts and petticoats ruffled and lifted so often nor received so many sound spankings and was now a dedicated member of the group. Mr Potato Head had experienced quite a few surprises of his own and he too was in there all the time! Many of the other visitors to the room wanted to see if they could get their name on the board of Champions for bringing the dolls, Barbie Doll in particular, to ‘life’. No one ever refused the opportunity to either carry out a spanking or caning, or witness one and so the room was often full of dolls, toys and players.

The biggest surprise for him so far had been Elle’s reaction to the dolls. Her inherent shyness around strangers had disappeared and she was in her element in this room. She had become slightly obsessed with the stillness of the men and women who dressed as dolls and would periodically invite a player to take part in an experiment for her. She wanted to break down their stillness. Her dominance was always in evidence in this room and he encouraged it in her.

He entered the room and there she was, dressed only in his white dress shirt, he knew she would be naked underneath, she would wear what he asked her to wear and she never argued against his choices. She never added an item of clothing if he hadn’t selected it for her. The shirt was barely held together at front by the minimum of buttons, it revealed the swell and curve of her breasts, but did not expose them, the split at the bottom just high enough to reveal her thighs but not her sex. The shirt showcased her long slim legs, the gold stilettos she wore accentuating the turn of her ankle, and matched his wide golden bracelets around her wrists and his thin golden collar around her neck. Everyone knew she was his. Her long blond hair swayed loosely across her shoulder blades, while being held back from her face by a golden headband, shimmering where it caught the light and reflected it. She turned to see who had entered and her face lit up as her eyes settled on his.

She was playing and her dominance was plainly evident. He walked to one of the viewing booths situated in each corner of the room and a waiter appeared at his elbow with his drink. Thorn took the glass and the waiter slid back out of sight. Thorn once again focused on her. She had Barbie by the hair and was tugging her across the floor to where Action man sat propped up against the wall. His cock jutted from his pants his balls hanging over the edge of the zipper precarious in their closeness to the metal teeth, and other than his breathing, he was motionless, his face expressionless.

She positioned Barbie on her knees in front of Action man and forced her to lean down onto his cock, ‘Suck it Barbie, make him cum, suck him till he explodes, don’t make a sound, don’t move a muscle, just use your throat and tongue.’

Barbie did as she was told using only her throat muscles and the back of her tongue to suck the monster cock shoved down her throat, Elle stood up and looked around the room for a willing participant for her game. ‘Jeff!’ She pointed to a young man who was sitting on the benches watching as he stroked his heavy cock, he jumped to attention when she addressed him. ‘Yes Ma’am.’ he said respectfully.

‘Come here and fuck Barbie, hold her head and fuck her face with Action man’s cock while you fuck her. If either of them make a single sound or pull a face or move of their own free will I want to know.’ She said sternly.

Jeff jumped up and dropped his trousers, stepping out of them as he walked over to Barbie’s upturned ass, following her exact instructions he gripped Barbie by the back of her head and rocked her onto Action man’s cock forcing her to take him further, pulling her back and fucking her face with the cock standing rigid from the motionless doll man. He slid his own cock into Barbie’s ass and rode her like he was taming a stallion.

Elle grinned delighted at the sight before her, she backed up across the room and sat on Thorn’s thigh. Turning to him she stroked his cheek as she raised her mouth to his and kissed him. ‘Hi Baby’ she whispered against his lips.

His cock jumped at the feel of her against him and then he grinned, ‘Damn woman, you really hate Barbie don’t you!’

‘She has no right to look so perfect all the time. It’s intimidating for us mere mortals.’ She sniped, and then softened her attitude with a playful grin.

Her eyes shone bright, her cheeks flushed with the headiness of the power that she currently wielded in this room over these human dolls. She slid higher up his thigh and he pulled them both into the curve of the booth and behind the table. This was the only room she was allowed free reign with his body and she took advantage of that every time he came in. She slid the zip of his pants down and released the button on the waist band. Her fingers smoothed along the length of his cock and wrapped around his shaft, stroking him as they both now watched the scene unfold before them, The rutting Jeff was forcefully pounding Barbie’s ass while he face fucked her on Action man’s rigid cock, so far Barbie had managed to maintain her motionless silent plastic doll image throughout the pounding of both holes, Action man was not fairing quite so well. One eye was drooping closed, it was evident he was struggling, his balls were chaffing against the zipper and he began twitching.

Elle spotted his micro movements and giggled in Thorn’s ear. ‘Ooh look, he’s loosing it!’

Thorn saw the reason why Action Man was sweating and twitching and he laughed, ‘baby that man there is begging for a caning over having his balls sawn off by his zipper. That is cruel and unusual punishment right there!’

Elle glanced at the swinging set of balls and shrugged, ‘well, if they were really plastic, he wouldn’t have a problem would he?’ She wriggled against his groin and then lifting slightly she flipped her shirt tails up and slid down the length of Thorn’s throbbing member, taking all of it inside her in one graceful movement, both their deep moans were drowned out by the grunts from Jeff, Action man’s face was covered in a sheen of sweat as Barbie’s mouth rode his cock and caused yet more friction against his balls, Barbie’s eyes watered, mascara ran down her face, Action Man lost control and had to pump his hips as he shot his load, spurting his cum as Barbie’s head was pulled up by Jeff and off his cock, and it caught her full in the face, in her mouth, it was everywhere, she blinked once and then forgot herself completely and screamed as Jeff whooped and hollered like a cowboy and slapped her ass hard as he rode her furiously until he groaned loudly spurting his cream deep inside her, slapping her cheeks until they were red and she shook and coughed and sobbed. She finally gave in and grunted loudly as she came hard from the pounding in her ass from his thrusting cock and he laughed delightedly at the fact that he had made them both move and break character.

In their corner of the room, Elle was lost in her own delight as she rode Thorn, her own climax imminent, he gripped her hips tightly and thrust up into her deeply, she tightened around him, her orgasm spiralling through her, Elle came hard around Thorn’s cock and he pumped her until he exploded deep inside her, holding her captive while he thrust up hard and filled her hot tight pussy with his seed. She fell back against his big chest and he curved his hand around her throat stretching her back against him, catching her moans in his mouth, he kissed her as he stroked her clit and kept her shuddering on the edge of a second climax for what felt like forever to her. Finally she begged him sweetly, calling him Sir and he pushed her over the edge into a freefalling orgasm that had her lifting and pressing hard against his hands, still impaled on his cock. He chuckled against her mouth as she swore profusely. Finally she came down from the amazing high he had taken her to and she settled against his chest. Her attention once again on the little tableau playing out in front of them.

‘Mistress!’ Jeff called, his timing impeccable, ‘They both moved and made a noise!’

‘How will you deal with the naughty toys baby?’ Thorn asked grinning at her barely concealed excitement.

‘With a firm spanking and a caning of course!’ she grinned right back at him. ‘Badly behaved girls and boys need to learn their place and follow instructions.’

Thorn laughed out loud at her mimicking his often used words with her, and she giggled as she removed herself from her impalement and standing on slightly wobbly legs she headed back across to the ‘dolls’.

‘You know you will have to be punished, both of you.’ She addressed Barbie and Action Man who were both trying to regain their doll composure but failing miserably.

‘Jeff?’ She pointed once again at the young man who was lazily observing the scene as he wiped his cock clean. He stood up eager to please her.

‘Get these two into position over at the spanking station. You can either spank them both yourself or invite two players to spank them with you. I will cane them afterwards. Jump to it please..’ She instructed. He grinned like a child and dragged both the ‘dolls’ across the room and dumped them unceremoniously on the floor beside the spanking benches.

Thorn readjusted his clothing and watched amused as Elle selected her cane from the rack on the wall. He didn’t miss the wistful expression that crossed her face fleetingly as she lovingly stroked the length of the cane.

It looked like he was going to be busy with a cane himself later. He grinned and sat back to watch his girl perform for him, his restlessness of earlier long forgotten.

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

12 thoughts on “Top Hat & Tails (Part 2)

  1. WOW! I love this turn of events….Thorn being the proud owner of a kink club. Your doll playroom sound incredible! Is that a Gemma original idea or is this a real thing? It sound fantastically kinky. Another great segment… I need a cold shower after this one! XOXO

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I confess I thought it was a Gem original idea until I decided to do a little research to see if it was an actual thing, kink, fetish… turns out, people do actually want to dress like dolls and behave like them, Barbie in particular. That’s as much as I have been able to find out about this particular fetish so I created the rules of play to suit what I wanted for the storyline. If any Dolls are reading this, I hope they want to comment, I would love to know more about what they get out of what they do and whether it is sexual for them. I am absolutely fascinated by the thought! Not sure I would want to try it myself, but I figure it’s kind of a cosplay thing. I don’t know, I just love the concept of the dolls having absolutely no control over what happens to them while they are being played with. The punishment line is pure me. I do love any reason to bring about a spanking or caning! Either receiving or administering, I’m easy like that! πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜˜πŸ˜‹πŸ’–

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Very very cool, Gemma! I DO hope a doll reads this and comments. I have never thought of such a thing. And I LOVE that you wrote in that they might receive punishment for breaking character…. that so fits in with my particular fantasies πŸ™‚

        Liked by 2 people

      2. I am so happy about your response to the Toy Room, I did wonder about how it would be received generally, or if I might have gone a little too farfetched, but hey, Karla murdered her lovers, so in terms of farfetched she’s still winning LOL The Toy Room was a fantasy of mine from when I was a lot younger, I hated Barbie because she was so perfect, so I used to think up little scenarios where she would end up in a real mess courtesy of the other dolls who couldn’t live up to her perfectness. I think I was about 6 or 7 and the scenes were non sexual I hasten to add! I haven’t always been this naughty! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ My over active imagination as a child is serving me well now though! It wasn’t a great leap to make the Dolls human adults looking to be completely controlled! So glad you enjoyed this segment Nora! πŸ’‹πŸ’–

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  2. Thank you for that, I never imagined how hot that could turn out being a doll, I would fail miserably lol. But I love the juxtaposition of Elle, she feels so familiar to me. Wanting to maintain control over every situation yet still craves for the right man to control her. I do love her character and what you created with her. And needless to say this was fucking hot!!!!

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  3. The Doll scenario seems to be going down well, I confess I wasn’t sure how it would be received. And of course, thank you for the fucking hot!!! comment lol I do try… πŸ˜› xxx


  4. Sexy Gem, this was quite an explosive read…twice actually. πŸ˜ˆπŸ†πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ I like how Elle is exploring both sides of her sexuality…the more dominant side carried over from her past relationship and now her submissive side under the very capable hands of Mr. Thorn. I must say that I agree with many of folks commenting on the Doll play. I did some research for a post a while looking at the Fuck Doll fantasy but never saw it expressed quite like this πŸ”₯I totally get into the fantasy though…being used like a fuck toy for the enjoyment of others. Even more erotic when thinking about that woman being my girl…and that thought drove my second and surprisingly heavy release πŸ†πŸ”₯πŸ’¦ I’m going to slip into the next story with cock in hand for another milking…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. πŸ’ŽMmm mm twice in one reading, my goodness, we are on form!πŸ’‹πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’‹ I had a feeling the fuck doll fantasy would speak to your naughty erotic mind. πŸ”₯ It really has been a fascination of mine for the longest time. I always thought there had to be people out there that wish to take being used to its nth degree so the stillness and doll like behaviour would be a must. The idea of someone taking your body and filling every orifice while you keep perfectly still and don’t make a sound, then imagine them stretching your limbs wider than you should ever be able to achieve and then expecting you to hold that position while they plunge deep inside every hole, taking what they want. The mind fuck that accompanies that…. wow, we are such vocal and sensual creatures when being pleasured, we shift positions to accommodate a large cock, we slide over skin to feel that deeper sensual connection, we need to ramp up the excitement, we need to touch, stroke, pet. We thrust along with our partner for deeper contact in all those hard to reach places, we verbalise our needs and beg for release. Imagine just for a moment you were not allowed to do any of those things, but you are expected to cum, often, and with no let up until your player has finished their game with you. Even the flicker of an eyelid will bring a sound spanking or caning for you if you step outside of your role and give a perfectly natural human reaction to what is happening to your body. Deliciously decadent and dark.
      I so wish a doll would respond to this post, I would dearly love a conversation with them to find out what goes on in their minds when they play. Not for a minute do I imagine they would take things as far as I have here, but I do wonder how far they are willing to go for their own release and satisfaction and would they need more doll like behaviour as time goes on and they become accustomed to the restrictions placed on them both mentally and physically?
      Enjoy your ride through Top Hat & Tails michael, I look forward to receiving your many tributesπŸ’‹πŸ”₯πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦, I am always hugely turned on by your very physical reactions to my words, but remember, you will pay heavily for the rest of the month gorgeous, so enjoy your freedom to cum while you can. I do so love playing with your erotic mind, we know I get equal pleasure from denying you your release as I do encouraging it! Erotic Mind Sex darling, it is a beautiful thing. πŸ’ŽπŸ’«πŸ’žπŸ’Ž


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