Thomas is taught a painful and frustrating lesson!

I had given Thomas exactly 5 minutes to clean himself up and meet me by Graham’s front door. He was there in 3 minutes which was unfortunate for him really because he managed to bump into Graham who was just leaving me after saying good bye. He stopped Thomas dead in his tracks with a withering stare that would level a bear on a rampage!

Something big was coming and as usual Graham didn’t disappoint. ‘You are going with Gemma to her home to be punished Thomas, not to grope her, take advantage of her, or expect anything other than a spanking from her unless she says otherwise. If you step one foot out of line I will hear about it and your ass will be caned until it is skinned, do I make myself clear?’

‘Yes Sir!’ Thomas had gone white with shock at the image Graham had just painted for him. Damn even I would behave like a nun on the strength of that order. I have to say, watching an absolute bull of a man being reduced to such a submissive state with one look and a few well chosen words was a HUGE turn on for me. Who knew? I certainly didn’t! It took nothing away from the attraction I had for Thomas either, it just added a different, very interesting dimension to it!

Graham smiled at me and bid us both farewell as we left his house. Thomas walked two steps behind me all the way back to mine and he remained completely silent. I opened my front door and invited him in. It felt so different from earlier in the day when I had thrown the door open for him and treated him like a man I could trust. I no longer trusted him.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t like him, I did, I just went back to square one with him and treated him like someone who needed to work really hard to earn my trust. His saving grace was that he was so sorry for what he had done, he had tried really hard to explain to me while I had been sitting watching his very proud member stand to attention and bob up and down each time I lazily glanced from his face to its very prominently displayed position. Damn that was a beautiful sight and I have no problem admitting that I would very much like to get to grips with said member sometime in the near future. But not today, today was about marking out boundaries, establishing rules, metering out deserved punishments and most of all making sure that the contrition lasted longer than the punishment.

Quietly for myself only, I had accepted his explanation for why he had taken liberties with my bottom earlier, he was in a sexed up haze and he was hugely turned on. It had been that kind of day I suppose, the whole day had been charged with severely spanked naked bottoms, faces thrust against unsuspecting groins, oodles of testosterone, the sounds of a vibrator buzzing happily away to itself and therefore leaving nothing to the imagination as to what had been happening a moment before he had stepped into my house earlier. I could see how he had gotten to where he was. He was a full on red blooded very hot and horny male!

It didn’t matter though because beneath all of this my desire to see his now very red and welted bottom positioned over my knee was overriding any need I may have to forgive him his familiarity, regardless of his very painful first time strapping from Graham.

Time to get on with the next phase, ‘You can go through to the kitchen and wait for me there. Do not sit down, you can continue your ‘corner’ time in the middle of the kitchen. Drop your pants and shorts around your ankles, hands on your head and do not move unless I tell you to do so. I shall be back in a moment.’

With that I left him staring after me as I headed up the stairs to grab the things I was going to need for his upcoming spanking.

I turned around midway up and watched as he disappeared out of sight into the kitchen, I smiled. This was going to be absolutely delicious! Thank you Graham for delivering Thomas to me on a plate with absolutely no fear he would break the rules of engagement!

Graham had terrified him!

I entered the kitchen a few minutes later to find Thomas stood exactly where I wanted him in the centre of the kitchen, which incidentally is right in front of the double patio doors that lead out onto my back garden. If my nosy neighbour came out into her garden and happened to glance over the fence she would see his cherry red arse on full view.

I walked around him slowly, taking in his ripped abs barely covered by his T shirt which was slightly raised due to his position, to his member which was standing proudly to attention again, around the back to view that beautiful red welted bottom. His thighs were still creamy and virginal, they wouldn’t be after I had finished but for now I enjoyed the strawberries and cream effect of the two! He really was magnificent!

I ran my fingernails over his hot bottom and watched as goosebumps set up all over his cheeks. I stood to the side and watched as his member bobbed up and down repeatedly and grew even harder! The tip was bulging and purple and I knew he was having the devil’s own time controlling his urges right now. I was very good though, I only looked, I didn’t touch. I had other plans.

I picked up a hard backed chair and placed it facing him roughly about 3 ft away and I sat down and took in the view. His proud member bobbed so enthusiastically I laughed out loud. Thomas went crimson with humiliation and closed his eyes.

‘Open your eyes! I want you to watch me every single second of the time you are here. I want you to feel every drop of humiliation you enjoyed watching me suffer in front of you earlier and then added too when you took liberties with my bottom. You are in deep shit Thomas, I am only submissive to Graham and June, you sir are going to be very painfully punished for your assumptions that I am submissive to everyone.’

Thomas’s eyes flew open and the first of many drops of pre-cum glistened and then dripped from the tip of his member. He was hugely turned on physically, but his face told a completely different story. He was also very humiliated and I could feel his trepidation about his upcoming spanking oozing out of him. I revelled in it. I have never experienced anything like this before, I felt like I was on a complete power trip and I was loving it. I finally understood what drove June, Graham and Stuart!

After a few more minutes had passed, I stood and retrieved the Jokari Paddle and the mineral oil from the table. I oiled the paddle well, and then placed it on my chair. I walked around to Thomas’s bottom and liberally applied mineral oil over his overheated and welted behind. He sucked in air between his teeth as the stinging sensation settled in to all of the tiny cracks of broken skin on the surface of his cheeks. That stuff stings like mad on a freshly spanked bottom. I should know.

I put the bottle down and reclaimed my seat. I waited for a few moments until I saw from his face the stinging had abated a little.

‘Take off your shirt and come and assume the position over my knee.’ Damn I sounded like a strict school teacher and I almost giggled. I kept my cool and tried for my fiercest resting bitch face. It must have worked because his shirt landed on the table a second later and hampered by his jeans around his ankles, he shuffled over to me and laid himself fully across my lap. His proud member was smashed against my thigh and I could feel it throbbing.

I re-positioned him so his toes were just touching the floor and his torso was hanging over the side, I wanted his bottom raised and central so that I could spank away happily, position achieved, I raised the Jokari paddle and brought it down across both cheeks, hard. He jumped and howled but he held his position, I brought another stroke down a second later catching the tops of his thighs and this time he Yowled and tried to lift his arm up, I swatted it away with the paddle and then let loose on his bottom and thighs, spanking him soundly for roughly 15 minutes. His thighs were beetroot red and his bottom had absolutely no cream on it at all now, He was howling and begging for me to stop, apologising over and over again for his lewd behaviour, his once proud member was sticky and wet against my thigh and I knew he had cum, there was just too much to be only pre-cum.

I re-oiled his bottom and thighs and lifted the paddle again. I spanked him for a full ten minutes further because of the mess he had left on my leg. I felt his member grow rock hard against my thigh again and I smiled because I intended for him to be very frustrated by the end of his punishment session with me.

All the way through his spanking I remonstrated with him about his short comings, how he had made me feel dirty when he had groped me, how humiliated he had made me feel with his remarks about my pleasure time and his veiled threat to tell Graham what I had been doing. Oh I unleashed the hidden beast in me all over his sorry arse and I thoroughly enjoyed the moment when he broke and began to cry, real tears of contrition and humiliation. Satisfied, I finally laid the paddle down and told him to go and resume his position in the centre of the kitchen.

He scrambled from my knee and shuffled over to the middle of the room, he put his hands on his head and kept his eyes focused on me. I pointed to the creamy mess he had left on my skirt. ‘Look what you did Thomas! I should make you clean that up, be grateful I’m not in to that kind of thing.’

‘I’m really sorry Gemma, I couldn’t help it, please forgive me?’ He was still sobbing quietly, and trying to suck in breath.

‘No. I don’t forgive you for making a mess of my skirt, I will however show you what you are going to be missing out on as a punishment for the mess you made, you better not do it again either or I will go and find my cane!’

He looked worriedly confused until I stood up and unzipped my skirt. It slid down to my ankles and pooled around my feet. I sat down again and spread my legs wide, of course I wasn’t wearing panties, he had a perfect view of my glistening pussy, his proud member was standing to attention again immediately as I ran my fingers over my throbbing clit and set to work on the first of three orgasms I would have before I let him dress and go back to Graham’s. It was such a huge turn on for me to have him stand there rock hard and helpless to do anything other than watch! Oh yes! I felt good!

Damn he was in a mess when he left! He could barely walk he was so hard and his bottom and thighs were so sore. But he was very contrite and he promised he would come back whenever I wanted him, to do what ever I wanted him to do and for as long as I wanted.

He was completely submissive to me. I was amazed and also very gratified that he was willing to become the submissive male in my life I hadn’t realised I needed!

I closed the door and picked up my phone to text Graham when I saw I had received a text from him earlier.

‘Enjoy your time with Thomas, lord knows there is no way you are going to get through this evening without taking some much needed pleasure for yourself. He really is rather magnificent isn’t he? Orgasm ban is temporarily lifted, have the time of your life Darling! xx

Life couldn’t be any more perfect right now!

Thomas gets his first spanking!

Aw bless it’s his first spanking!

So after watching Thomas almost melt down at the idea I was going to spank him that minute, (see Oh My Life! Thomas?! ) I realised I did actually want to see that man’s (hopefully hairless) backside over my knee! However there was a rather large fly in the ointment of this particular want and it was called Graham.

Now, I can be reckless and I can fly by the seat of my pants and not care about consequences when it comes to getting the things I want, but if Graham has done nothing else by way of disciplining me, he has instilled a deep seated ‘hang on, how will Graham react to that?’ thing in my psyche. My bottom tingles in warning whenever I have that thought and I pull back from just going after what I want.

That tingle had set up its warning immediately on the heels of the thought of Thomas over my knee. See? I can learn. Eventually… after many, many spankings!

many spankings

I grinned at his worried face, he had gone from sexy sidelong looks to shocked and pale in a nanosecond! I know that feeling, it’s awesome in its fearful excitement! I burst his bubble.

‘You’re a very lucky man Thomas, there is no way I am going to usurp Graham on your first spanking! I believe that’s what they call a transgression too far.’ I sat down at the table and watched him visibly relax but then conversely look disappointed at the same time. I knew that feeling too.

‘Jeez, I really thought you were going to spank me then. You had me going!’ He laughed nervously and the colour rose in his face, he was so very embarrassed right now, because he knew I could read his face like a book.

I grinned at him like the cat who caught the canary. ‘And spank you I will, but not before you ask Graham for permission for me to do so. No way am I treading on his territory! Please lets not forget how formidable he is with a cane in his hand and the fact that he’s in charge of my discipline! I am not handing him that one on a plate. You need to talk to him.’

but not until Graham says Yes!

He grinned at me suddenly and jumped up from his seat. ‘Well I better go and ask for Graham’s permission and let you get on with taking your pleasure! Should I let on to Graham that you’re breaking his rules again?’ He had a huge smirk on his face as he said it and I laughed at his audacity.

‘Well, that depends on if you want to have any skin left on your backside at all. My advice? I wouldn’t tell Graham. Because I will be spanking you one day soon, of that you can be sure.’ I was laughing as I walked ahead of him to the door. Before I could open it I felt my skirt lift at the back and his cool hand stroke my overheated naked butt cheek!

‘Oi! No groping my backside, that’s strictly invite only!’ I smacked his hand away and turned around to glare at him. He had the good grace to look sheepish and stared down at his feet as he apologised. ‘I’m sorry, I haven’t really recovered from having your face buried in my groin earlier and I just couldn’t resist, your ass is bouncing under that skirt like two puppies fighting under a blanket!’

‘Yeah?’ I raised my eyebrow at him and gave him an extremely stern look. ‘Well Mister, you just earned yourself a very hard spanking with the Jokari paddle immediately after your first spanking with Graham. When he’s done with you, you get your sorry ass back around here and you will drop your pants and climb over my knee to have your ass toasted! Do I make myself clear?’

Yes Ma’am… I … I don’t…’ He stammered at me as I opened the front door and stepped back to let him leave.

‘I don’t want to hear your excuses Thomas, you have your instructions, I would suggest you follow them to the letter or it will be the worse for your behind I promise you. Oh and I will be informing Graham right now about our arrangement and your agreement that he will be your disciplinarian beginning immediately and you are returning for your first caning session with him as soon as you get back to his house!’

I closed the door on his shocked face and grabbed my phone. I texted Graham and told him what had happened, and how I had decided to deal with it, I got an immediate text back from him.

‘Well in light of what you’ve just told me, I think it’s only fair you come and witness Thomas’s first discipline session with me? He sat in on yours, seems only fair you should return the favour. You can take him back with you then! LOL xx’

YES! Result, two kisses at the end of the text meant he wasn’t pissed with me for leaving before he came back, and bonus I get to see Thomas drop his pants and take his very first spanking! I ran up the stairs and got dressed properly, I checked my hair and smiling broadly I made my way over to Graham’s house. I was going to enjoy this!

When I got to Graham’s, the door had been left open for me and I walked in and shouted ‘hello!’ Graham came out of the office and gave me a lovely hug and a kiss on the cheek! So not like him, ever! But I’ll take that over disappointed looks any day of the week!

‘We’re in the office this evening, I thought the desk might be more appropriate to the occasion, what do you think?’ He asked in a very conversational tone.

Okay so now add gobsmacked to my surprise, never has Graham actually asked for my opinion on where a spanking should take place! I was definitely sitting on the right side of Graham in spanking mode this time! I nodded and remained mute, I thought this was safest. No need to burst the happy bubble!

We entered the office and Thomas stood waiting nervously by the desk. The look on his face when he saw me standing there with Graham was absolutely priceless! His colour faded and his mouth actually dropped a little bit open in shock. I grinned, I confess, my grin was pure evil. I was really looking forward to this and nothing was going to stop me from enjoying it.

I sat in the leather arm chair on the far side of the room but directly facing the desk. Birdseye view anyone?

Front row seat to a virgin spanking! YES!!

Graham stood by my side and gave Thomas the most withering glare I have ever seen him deliver. I shivered involuntarily, that look did not bode well for Thomas’s ass. Gray got right into it, his voice as cold as Siberia. ‘You groped my girl’s ass?’ I shivered again then his words sunk in!

Both myself and Thomas stared open mouthed at Graham! His Girl?? Me?? WTF??

Thomas tried to stammer an explanation out that he lost control of his manners for a moment, Graham stopped him dead in his tracks.

‘There is no earthly reason good enough to excuse you for groping Gem’s ass without her express permission. While I may be gay and not interested in her sexually, she is my girl, I am her disciplinarian, that ass belongs to me and you sir are about to feel my wrath for having touched it without invite. Drop your trousers and pants and assume the position over the desk. Fold your arms behind your back and lock them together. Do not move an inch unless I tell you to. Do you understand?’

I was in shock at Graham’s words, I had never heard him describe who I was to him before, ah but Thomas… Thomas was grey, ‘yes sir…’ he mumbled quietly while he fumbled with his jeans and shorts. Finally they fell to around his ankles ably aided by the heavy leather belt threaded through the loops. He turned to bend over the desk and folded his arms behind his back as per Gray’s instructions.

Graham looked at me and winked, ‘Gemma be a darling and retrieve the groper’s belt for me please.’

I darted across the room and pulled the belt free from Thomas’s jeans, turned, handed it to Graham and sat down again quickly. I couldn’t take my eyes off that ass! It was beautiful! Not a hair on it, full and plump and cream and just screaming to be spanked until it was bright red! Oh joy of joys!

Graham stepped up behind Thomas and rolled the thick heavy leather belt around his hand until he had a good 12 inch tail. He swung his arm and brought that belt down hard across both of those beautiful butt cheeks! OMG! The YOWL that came from Thomas was quite frankly, exquisite! Graham positioned himself to one side of him and brought down the second stroke equally as hard and I watched as both cheeks bloomed bright red in a thick band straight across them. Thomas held his position but he cried out and then stopped. I could almost hear him thinking he needed to man up. It had been 10 strokes in with the paddle before I had yowled like that! Pussy! Talking of which, my pussy was now singing from the happy hymn book of Spankers paradise and was throbbing away ecstatically! I was squirming happily on my seat! Damn this was HOT! I was in my version of heaven right now and I confess I was a little bit in love with Graham for being such a fabulous Alpha Male Disciplinarian! He looked beautifully masculine in his open necked white shirt and black slacks. Sleeves were rolled back and his forearm muscles rippled as he raised that belt and brought it across Thomas’s ass with such strength and precision, I was almost panting!

The strapping continued unabated for a further 20 measured heavy, hard strokes! Thomas’s ass was bright red and welted. He was sobbing uncontrollably but fair play, he held his position for the whole 22 strokes and that was no mean feat! I was impressed with his stamina.

Graham dropped the heavy belt onto the desk beside Thomas’s face, ‘do not move out of position until I tell you to, if you move so much as an inch I will repeat the strapping, do I make myself clear?’

‘Yes sir.’ Thomas mumbled. The whole thing had taken just under 15 minutes, Gray never rushed his discipline, he liked a stroke to settle before he came at you with the next one. He guessed correctly that it hurt more that way. I almost felt sorry for Thomas, his backside must be throbbing like crazy. Damn it looked sore as hell!

Graham came over and sat on the arm of my chair and put his arm across my shoulders and hugged me to him. ‘You shouldn’t have left earlier without talking to me about your punishment but I do understand why you did and there won’t be any repercussions from it, okay?’

I looked up at him with what could only be described as the most adoring look I have ever bestowed on any man who wasn’t my son!

Graham smiled and winked, ‘Thomas!’ he barked the name out. Thomas jumped but didn’t move out of position. ‘In 30 seconds you will stand up and turn around, put your hands on your head and leave your pants around your ankles, remain that way for 10 minutes. You will keep eye contact with Gemma! She will inform you when the time is up. You will comply completely with her wishes. Do I make myself clear?’

Thomas barely squeaked out ‘Yes sir.’

I have to go and do some work, my absence does not afford you any room for manoeuvre. Gemma will inform me if you do not follow my instructions.’

‘Yes sir’ Thomas mumbled again. Before he could turn around Gray had planted a big kiss on my cheek and left the room.

Thomas turned to face me and oh my GOD he was HUGE!! I mean, he was so hard I thought he might actually explode, I let my eyes rest on his engorged member for at least 5 of his 10 minutes of utter humiliation. Well, it was probably more like 9 minutes but who’s counting? I felt vindicated. For his part I could see the humiliation of his condition clearly in his eyes whenever I spared them a glance. It was rare, but it did happen. I decided to increase his agitation a little with a small reminder.

‘You still have a hard over the knee spanking to come from me but I intend to make you wait at least an hour until this spanking has settled in properly and your arse is throbbing and painful to sit on before I have my turn on it!’

Thomas truly looked like the bottom had just fallen out of his world. It had, and it had fallen right into mine!

After his ten minutes were up I told him to pull his trousers up, go wash his face and meet me at the front door in exactly 5 minutes.

Life is good people, life is really good!

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Oh My Life! Thomas?!

So my introduction to Thomas was major humiliation from start to finish, actually we didn’t meet face to face until the very end of my spanking from Graham, although Thomas was there right from the start of it!

He was introduced soundly to my bottom and pussy on full show to him and then I came face to clothed (thankfully, I may never have recovered otherwise) rather large erection for the latter half of my caning from Graham.

I couldn’t wait to get out of Gray’s that day and to be honest I was hell bent on getting home and crawling into bed with a very large and satisfying toy and putting the whole sorry and painful experience behind me.

It wasn’t to be… as we know, the best laid plans of mice and men are apt to go astray, especially when you just get settled into a very hot rhythm and the doorbell rings… ignore it, rings again… Oh fuck off, ignore it, they’ll go away… it rings again and doesn’t stop ringing! FFS!!

I jumped out of bed grabbed my skirt and pulled it on quickly followed by a T-shirt and I ran down the stairs arriving at the door looking like a complete crazy woman as I threw it open and shouted ‘WHAT?’

Thomas, gorgeous, sexy as fuck, gay Thomas, took a quick step back and laughed nervously, he shrugged his shoulders a little and smiled at me, ‘I just wanted to see if you’re okay? I was upset with Gray because he let you leave without talking you down from the spanking and caning! Is that normal for you two?’

I love my imagination!

I shrugged my shoulders and stood back, ‘you may as well come in, I’m not having that conversation on the doorstep!’ I closed the door behind him and signalled he follow me down the hall and through to the kitchen where I offered him a seat at the table and a drink. He declined the drink but sat down and waited for me to join him before he started speaking again.

‘Are you ok?’ He looked properly concerned for me and I got a tiny warm fuzzy thing going on in my tummy at his care. ‘I promise you Thomas, I’m perfectly fine. Normally Graham would talk me down from a spanking and caning and we would then discuss why he felt I needed such harsh discipline, but this time I think he might have continued when he came back in the room so I got off before he could add to his handy work. No doubt I will pay for that at a later date but I don’t care.’ I smiled broadly at him and he laughed and visibly relaxed.

‘Can I ask you… why do you want to be spanked by a gay man?’ He was watching me carefully as he asked the question, and I wondered where this was leading but I answered happily enough.

‘Well the fact that he is gay is very secondary to the fact that he is an awesome disciplinarian, plus I know when I receive a spanking from Gray the lines won’t get blurred from punishment to sexual. I had another male friend who is straight who used to spank me and we pretty much always ended up having mind blowing sex immediately after the spanking! Then there’s June, she’s quite another story…’ I wandered off the beaten track with my thoughts and went silent. A thought suddenly struck me, ‘why do you want Graham to discipline you?’

Thomas coloured beautifully and shifted his position on the chair before he cleared his throat and answered me. ‘I’ve known Graham a lot of years, we used to work together, he used to joke with me that I could do with a disciplinarian to help me control my more excessive behaviour and I didn’t really know what he meant so I asked him and he was very colourful in his description of what it would entail. From that day to this I have had those thoughts running around at the back of my mind and I think it’s time I at least tried it out to see if I could take a spanking from him and also to see whether it actually helps me with my discipline problems. Does it help you with yours?’ He was genuinely curious and I liked him for his openness to discuss it with me, essentially a complete stranger!

‘Most of the time it does, but I have two disciplinarians anyway so I figure if I have to take spankings from both of them then I may as well earn some of those spankings at least!’ We both burst out laughing at my defiance and he reached over and grabbed my hand and held it for a few moments.

See me? I’m still under the impression I’m talking to a gay man and I am completely at ease with the hand holding thing right up until the moment he drops his little bombshell.

He gave me a really sexy sideways look ‘I have never been so turned on as when you stripped off your skirt and panties and bared all to me as you positioned yourself over the stool! That has to be the hottest thing I have ever witnessed! Then when Graham made you bend over and grab my thighs for the caning… I don’t know how I didn’t explode!’

I pulled my hand out of his and sat there staring stupidly at him for a whole minute before I said, ‘you aren’t Gray’s new boyfriend? I thought you were Gray’s new partner! Oh my god! I’m gonna kill that man one of these days! The only reason I stripped so readily in front of you was because I thought you were gay and you wouldn’t be interested in what was on show!’

Thomas burst out laughing! Oh my god, how could you think I was gay? You all but had me in your mouth throughout the whole caning! I’m pretty sure no gay man would get turned on to that magnitude watching a woman take a spanking and caning! I assure you I am not Gray’s boyfriend, we are good friends that’s all and my discipline issues are based around time keeping, forgetfulness, late delivery of reports that kind of thing. I’m basically brilliantly lazy but I’m excellent at what I do so it saves my skin. It won’t do that forever so I need to find a way to shock myself into delivering the goods on time! I can’t believe you thought I was gay!’ He was laughing out loud now and to be fair it was a very attractive look on him. Flashing white teeth in a very ‘pretty’ face, handsome was too strong a word for him really, but he had lashes that went on forever and was blessed with those dark swarthy good looks that make me think bedroom, and other stuff. It was around that time I heard a very distinctive buzzing sound coming from above us. I glanced up at the kitchen ceiling wondering if the light was buzzing and had the sudden maddeningly embarrassing realisation it was my vibrator I could hear and no doubt so could Thomas!

I coloured up fabulously, I could feel my face burning as I excused myself and ran full belt up the stairs and into my bedroom which is above the bloody kitchen! I grabbed the vibrator off the floor where it must have fallen during my earlier mad dash to get to answer the front door! No wonder it had sounded so loud! I switched it off and threw it on the bed and ran down the stairs and back into the kitchen. Thomas was grinning at me broadly now, a very knowing expression on his face and I coloured up again instantly.

‘So, that would explain why you answered the door the way you did, I obviously disturbed you. I’m sorry…’ He didn’t look bloody sorry! He looked delighted!

I suddenly sized up my attitude toward him and levelled him with a stern look. ‘You should pay for that you know, maybe you should have a spanking from me for disturbing my much needed pleasure time!’ Score! the look on his face was priceless, and then even more so when he realised I might actually mean it!

Seriously, life just got real interesting really fast!

Graham delivers his 3 pm Spanking

~Random Punishment Selector~

Punishment Certificate
This certificate dictates that Gemma, for the reason of: Maintenance Spanking
will receive the following punishment.

Three sets of spankings.
Set One: 51 swats with a hairbrush and Gemma Bending over the desk
Set Two: 11 strokes with a cane and Gemma Bending over the desk
Set Three: 55 swats with a Jokari Paddle and Gemma Bending over the desk.
These spankings will be carried out with Gemma’s bottom bare.

In addition, Gemma will receive the following extra punishments:
 20 minutes of corner time
No orgasms for one week commencing immediately.
This punishment will be carried out at Graham’s home at 3 pm tomorrow. Late or
none arrival will result in the maintenance spanking being doubled.
Gemma must also provide the Jokari paddle, failure to comply will result in the
spanking being tripled.

Signed: Graham
Oh boy!

It’s tomorrow! I mean, tomorrow has now arrived and is today! It’s almost time to go over to Graham’s house for my scheduled maintenance spanking. I don’t need one though do I? I mean, come on, really? Including the weekend just gone, I have had my bottom seared with a cane, a paddle, a spoon, a leather strap, a very firm hand, and a wicked wooden backed hairbrush! June is nothing if not thorough! Not to mention Graham’s contribution of 7 with the cane, (I missed counting 4 and copped it twice). My bottom is black and blue and striped and SORE!!

The thing about Graham is, he wants a pristine cream bottom to spank but between Graham and June they never leave my bottom alone long enough for it to ever recover back to cream and then I get a harder punishment because my bottom isn’t cream for him!

Yes, I’m panicking! Graham doesn’t hold back, and his punishments always increase in count when he is cross with the state of my bottom.

I sent him a text yesterday evening explaining that June had insisted I receive a punishment immediately because of my text to her. I even sent him a still shot of the end result of my spanking. I haven’t received a reply. That worries me more than the upcoming spanking! Oh boy, I know I’m in deep trouble here, but conversely my tummy has butterflies and my pussy has woken up and is throbbing in anticipation of what is to come.

Oh yeah, about that, after stealing that much needed orgasm yesterday afternoon, I had to confess to June that I had played after the spanking. She asked me outright if I had pleasured myself and I lied and said no. Apparently she can tell when I’m lying, I have a tell and it isn’t facial? Something in my voice gives me away every single time! She is rightfully furious that I have broken the rules because I was under a ban from Graham, but also because I lied to her. She snitched on me too. She cc’d me into her email to him. My arse is gonna be in a sling by 4 pm today and there is nothing I can do about it. It’s going to happen.

At 2.45 pm I played with the idea of just not going, I even went as far as getting in the car, I started the engine and everything. Then I realised, I would have to come home at some point and things would just double and treble and before long it would be insurmountable and I would lose Graham as a friend and then June would have free reign…

Okay… I needed to stop with the panicking, I just needed to go round to Graham’s and take my spanking. Simple. I ran up the stairs, I grabbed the Jokari paddle and I dressed appropriately for Graham and then almost ran down the path to his house in case I changed my mind again. Part of me hoped he would turn me away and tell me to come back when my bruises had faded. It wasn’t to be of course. Graham opened the door as I raised my hand to knock.

‘Hello Gemma, come in.’

I cast a worried glance at his unreadable expression as I passed him and walked through to the kitchen clutching my Jokari paddle to my chest like a shield! I have never felt so anxious about a spanking since I started on this road! It was one thing to steal an orgasm, it’s quite another to pay up for it! I aimed for the high bar stools at the breakfast bar and made to sit down.

‘Don’t bother sitting Gemma,’ Graham announced from behind me, ‘we need to deal with your very serious and flagrant disregard of my rules. You may use the stool to bend over, remove your skirt and panties please and assume the position.’

Oh jesus mary and joseph, he was pissed and then royally at me. He never went straight into it like this. With some serious trepidation, I did as instructed and removed my skirt and panties and assumed the position over the stool. So, I’m only 5ft and the stool is quite high, which meant that if I was to assume a good position over the stool my feet were going to be completely off the floor and this was akin to an over the knee spanking without the knee!

‘Grip the bottom bar with your hands and do not let go. Do I make myself clear?’ Graham barked instructions at me from behind.

‘Yes’ I squeaked out. I grabbed the bars and hanging on for dear life I waited, and waited… and waited.

I lifted my head to see where Graham was and I was surprised and instantly humiliated to see a very gorgeous mountain of a man seating himself on the other bar stool at the side of mine. Graham appeared in front of me.

‘Gemma, this is my friend Thomas, he is very interested in being spanked and says he needs a disciplinarian to keep him in line. I invited him to watch you take your punishment so he can get an understanding of what to expect.’

not quite, but it felt like it might as well have been!

‘NO!’ The word escaped before I had chance to stop it or think it through!

‘No?’ Graham crouched down to look at me face to face, I could see the Jokari paddle in his hand as I lifted my head up to look at him.

‘I don’t think I want an audience Graham, this is bad enough as it is!’ I mumbled.

Who the hell was I kidding? My pussy was throbbing just at the thought that Thomas was sitting there watching my exposed bare ass and god knew what else, not that it mattered of course, Thomas was obviously Graham’s new boyfriend and therefore wholly uninterested in my bare ass and pussy waving at him.

‘It’s a shame you didn’t think about that before you decided to steal an orgasm after your last spanking Gemma. You break the rules, I reinforce them with new ones and introduce new levels of humiliation for you. Now, re-assume the position, this punishment is getting underway.’

Graham walked around me and positioned himself to one side so that he didn’t block Thomas’s view. I nearly jumped out of my skin when I felt finger nails running over my bare ass, goosebumps set up on the surface and tremors set up in my pussy causing it to throb away happily. I focused on the happy throbbing, it wasn’t going to be around for long, that much was for sure!

‘Under the circumstances Gemma, I think it’s only fair I ignore our previously planned spanking in favour of one that is a little harsher and longer.’ Graham talked like we were just sitting around and having a chat and I wasn’t really bent over a stool with my legs in the air and my arse on full and glorious display for all to see! Why didn’t he just get on with it FFS?

I mumbled something incoherent and put my head down and waited.

The first spank when it landed was softer than I expected, I relaxed a little and gave myself up to the sensations blooming slowly on the surface of my already bruised and sore bottom. The second spank landed and my backside exploded with pain! Bloody hell, he was going straight in at the top end, harsher and longer was going to be extremely painful! I yelped and barked out 2!

Graham laughed, ‘no counting Gemma, this goes on until my arm tires.’ With that, he picked up speed and strength and before long I was kicking and squealing and crying and begging for it to stop. I shouted ‘I’m sorry!’ so many times I gave up in the end and just sank into the head space that allowed me to just revel in the cleansing feeling a sound spanking gives me. Graham stopped after about 100 strokes of the Jokari paddle and changed over to his beloved cane. He had me get down of the stool and instructed me to hold on to Thomas’s knees for support. Oh boy, Thomas is a good looking and well built man and at this point I was eternally grateful he was gay as Graham positioned me in such a way as my face was directly over Thomas’s groin! If I moved my head at all, especially downwards, I was going to get a mouthful and Thomas was going to get a shock!

I braced myself when I heard Graham whip the cane through the air to test it. I gripped Thomas’s legs tightly and he (bless him) stroked my head like he was soothing a puppy. As the first stroke landed I yowled, once again, I had been instructed not to count, so I yowled loudly to make up for it. Thomas gripped my shoulders and stroked my head again. The second stroke whipped across the top of my thighs and I screamed in agony! Thomas jumped and held me more tightly. I so wanted to drop my head down at this point but I had realised that Thomas was very excited about his impromptu front row seat and he had a huge erection sitting mere millimetres from my face!

When the third, fourth and fifth strokes landed in quick succession I cried and sobbed and soaked Thomas’s groin with my tears. I gave up trying to hold my head up and I buried my face against his very hot and hard erection. Side benefits! Jesus he was well endowed!

The caning continued unabated through a further 10 strokes until finally Graham placed the cane across my back and instructed me to hold my position for 5 minutes. He whispered something to Thomas and he disappeared out of the room.

I remained in my position for the required 5 minutes and finally stood up and away from Thomas’s hot groin. My face was flushed and soaked with tears, my hair was all over the place and I looked a hot mess and no mistake. I couldn’t look Thomas in the eye so I turned and retrieved my underwear and skirt and quickly covered my glowing red hot bottom and thighs. Only then did I turn around and look at Thomas.

He was sat in the same position on his stool but he was stroking the cane with something akin to awe on his face and I laughed out loud. He looked at me surprised.

‘Why are you laughing?’ He smiled as he asked me. I pointed to the cane, ‘you are staring at that with such a look of awe and wonder on your face, trust me, you will learn to hate it once you have felt it across your backside a few times.’

With that said, I picked up the Jokari paddle and made a sharp exit left before Graham could come back in and say he hadn’t finished!

My backside was throbbing painfully and my thighs felt like they were on fire, but my pussy was making up for it all, she was hot and wet and throbbing and I was going home to make full use of her and Graham and June could just go fuck themselves with their orgasm ban! I had earned it!

June, Graham and the Random Punishment Selector

After my heavy duty weekend with June and six sharp strokes from Graham, I was feeling very out of sorts with myself. I was sore, exhausted and just plain wiped out from the sudden micro-interest in my discipline. Two Spankers is way more than I want, or need for that matter. I had to let one of them go and it had to happen before the upcoming weekend. That kind of told me which one I would be letting go actually, I had already decided that I needed to back away from June a little bit. A weekend of fun and games once every so often was great but June was gearing up for an every weekend kind of deal and I wasn’t up for it. I was still very much running with the commitment phobia and June was looking for a committed relationship with me. Not happening. All good things must come to an end. I texted her. I’m not proud of the fact I was ending things via text, but I knew if I let her come this weekend she would break down my argument and I would end up giving in to her. I couldn’t even stop Graham from resuming a spanking regime, there was no way I could stop June once she was here!

It didn’t go well. She phoned me as soon as my text landed. She was furious with me. She railed and ranted and cajoled and pleaded and in the end as predicted, I gave in. I told her she could come over in two weeks time and we would discuss things then, once I had enough distance from it all. Satisfied she had rescued something, she rang off. I sighed heavily and switched the phone off. I was going off grid for a few days peace and quiet. I needed time to regroup and work out what I was going to do.

Yeah, that was never on the cards was it? Pigs flying again I believe!

there’s that pig again!

Graham was first to break into my off grid time with an email. He was really getting into the idea of setting a spanking regime via the Random Punishment Selector. I was really beginning to wish I had never told him about it now and I opened the attachment with some trepidation.

I was right to feel that way.

~Random Punishment Selector~

Punishment Certificate
This certificate dictates that Gemma, for the reason of: Maintenance Spanking
will receive the following punishment.

Three sets of spankings.
Set One: 51 swats with a hairbrush and Gemma Bending over the desk
Set Two: 11 strokes with a cane and Gemma Bending over the desk
Set Three: 55 swats with a Jokari Paddle and Gemma Bending over the desk.
These spankings will be carried out with Gemma’s bottom bare.

In addition, Gemma will receive the following extra punishments:
 20 minutes of corner time
No orgasms for one week commencing immediately.
This punishment will be carried out at Graham’s home at 3 pm tomorrow. Late or
none arrival will result in the maintenance spanking being doubled.
Gemma must also provide the Jokari paddle, failure to comply will result in the
spanking being tripled.

Signed: Graham
Really?? I mean REALLY??

I clicked out of the email in disgust and turned back to my work. It wasn’t going to happen until tomorrow anyway so no point in worrying about it, right?

I had been working less than a half hour when another email pinged it’s arrival. It was from June. It was a really chatty email to begin with and I smiled as I read it, she was obviously over her disappointment from our telephone conversation earlier, and I relaxed and laughed at her funny breakdown of her morning thus far. I stopped laughing when I began to read about an email conversation she had had barely an hour ago, with a good friend of mine, Graham! She was surprised and delighted to learn that he was more than happy to share my discipline regime with her and she also told me he had complimented her on her cane work. She was disgustingly pleased with herself and my bottom tingled at the reminder of that very cane work.

She continued to wax lyrical about Graham and shared duties and all her ideas on how this could be carried out, and I could feel my mood slipping further and further into ‘wailing’ state. At least she had explained to Graham that I would not be seeing her for two weeks so whatever plans they were cooking up between them, her part in it would have to wait.

That was when she dropped the bombshell. Graham in his infinite wisdom had shared the Random punishment selector program with her and she was having a fabulous time setting up two weeks supply of certificates that she would email to me on a daily basis. Obviously she was expecting me to carry these out for her she said. Really? I have two zealous Spankers already chomping at the bit to get to grips with my backside and she thinks I’m going to add my own self punishment to that mix? Not in this lifetime! I might never sit down again!

Who was I kidding exactly?

I read on to the end of the email and with a huge amount of trepidation this time I clicked onto the attachment.

~Random Punishment Selector~

Punishment Certificate
This certificate dictates that Gemma, for the reason of: Termination of Collaboration
will receive the following punishment.

Three sets of spankings.
Set One: 100 swats with a Jokari Paddle and Gemma Bending over the bed
Set Two: 59 swats with a hairbrush and Gemma Bending over the bed
Set Three: 40 swats with a wooden spoon and Gemma Bending over the bed.
These spankings will be carried out with Gemma Naked from the waist down.

In addition, Gemma will receive the following extra punishment:
 20 minutes corner time.
No orgasms for 7 days. (to commence in 7 days time)
This punishment will be carried out by Gemma by 3 pm today and photographic
evidence is required to be emailed to June after the completion of the
Failure to comply will result in the punishment being carried out by June
on her scheduled visit and any subsequent punishments missed or
not reported on will be added along with the scheduled punishment
for that day.

Signed: June
No orgasms?? FFS!!!

Ha! And there was me thinking she had gotten over this morning’s text! Termination of collaboration text? I just told her I didn’t want a female lover every bloody weekend who was crazy about spanking and caning me! I told her I wanted us to go back to our previous, much more manageable (for me) relationship because I didn’t want to lose what we had as friends! No to collaborations! Just NO!

I was thinking of running away to some hitherto unheard of bolt hole in the arse end of nowhere when I realised it was almost 3 pm and if I didn’t carry out this spanking she had scheduled I was going to be in deep shit!

Why the hell can’t I squeak out the word NO?

I took a deep breath and muttered ‘suck it up buttercup, you did this to yourself’ as I headed off up the stairs to a mammoth spanking delivered by my own hand!

I set up the spanking machine with the hairbrush so that it was ready when it was time, I stripped off my skirt and panties and oiled my bottom with clear mineral oil so the wooden Jokari paddle connected properly. I set up the iPad so that I could record the whole damn session and I prepared myself for the inevitable.

100 swats with the Jokari paddle. I set the iPad to record and positioned myself over the end of the bed. I raised the Jokari paddle and brought it down hard against my stripped bottom. To be honest, I barely felt it, but I yelped anyway, didn’t make sense to me at that point to let on I might still be numb as F*@k from the weekend and then 6 of the best from his Lordship! I realised I could pull this off quite happily without really feeling any the worse for wear. I was wrong. After the first ten strokes had been delivered my bottom was feeling it and the yelps were becoming louder and were carrying a great deal more heartfelt pain with them. Regardless, I continued, first one cheek then the other, then delivering 5 to each cheek, then alternating the strokes again. Over time I realised the strokes were being delivered very hard indeed and I realised I actually wanted this spanking. It was making me feel better, I was sinking completely into the humiliation of recording the spanking knowing that June would be watching this in less than an hour’s time. By the time I had finished the Jokari 100 I was in a very submissive space once again and I switched over to the spanking machine without taking a pause. My bottom was throbbing and bright red, blisters were beginning to raise on my already welted behind and my mood was so subdued and compliant my mind was blank. I stopped the recording and set it up to start a fresh one for the hairbrush spanking.

I set the spanking machine up to deliver 13 minutes of spanking with the hairbrush set on the highest power and re-oiled my bottom. The wooden backed hairbrush stung as it connected and gripped my already overheated cheeks. I yowled, the sting was exceptionally sharp from this hairbrush and I wriggled about, I jumped and yelped as the brush continued to deliver stroke after stroke after stroke with unrelenting precision and speed and before the end of the 13 minutes I was sobbing, my bottom and thighs were throbbing painfully, my pussy lips were swollen and sore from the accidental contact and everywhere hurt! I acknowledged with some dismay that the upcoming 8 minutes with the wooden spoon was going to be torturous!

Nonetheless, I did it, I completed the whole spanking, 8 minutes of the wooden spoon had me howling like a banshee and that damn spoon would connect with my thighs and pussy lips far more than I liked or wanted. But it was done. I had been thoroughly spanked, I stood in the corner of the room for 20 minutes corner time and my bottom began the deep throbbing that set my pussy to optimum throb and I groaned as I remembered that both Graham and June had issued a ‘no orgasms for a week’ penalty on each of the certificates. June had clarified that hers was to begin at the start of next week when Graham’s ban ran its course, but you know what? There’s a reason I need two disciplinarians. My fingers slid between my pussy lips and I sighed and shivered as they began their work on my overheated pussy.

I’ll take whatever is coming to me for that one I figured I earned it!

A very painful Reminder

So, June stayed the whole weekend and took great pleasure in spanking me into complete submission, completely controlled my orgasms and only allowed me one just before she got ready to leave for home, but conversely spent the whole weekend demanding I give her as many orgasms as possible in return. I was actually relieved when the spanking had to stop because we were no longer alone, but the orgasm demands continued unabated, albeit silently, and the punishment if I didn’t get her there was being added up to be carried out the following weekend. Oh yes, June was on a roll. She had completely taken me over and she was loving every minute of my submission to her. By the time Sunday evening arrived I was absolutely exhausted, mentally and physically. To be fair, I had loved every single minute of my time with her. I have never experienced that level of submission before and it blew my mind! And just…Wow! That woman has so much stamina! By the time she left I was actually looking forward to some alone time and sleep!

Monday morning arrived and Graham texted me, ‘Gem, can you call round to see me if you have time please? xx’ The Boy was out at college all day and I had been contemplating sleeping my afternoon away. I texted Graham back, ‘Can it wait until tomorrow Gray? I’m absolutely exhausted hun, I was just thinking about going back to bed for a few hours. xx’

‘Are you ill? xx’ he asked

‘No darling, just tired! My friend June has been here all weekend and she kept me extremely busy! xx’

‘Oh yes? Busy how?’x He demanded.

‘None of your business! x’ I replied

‘Is that right… now that sounds like you broke some rules Gem. I am no longer asking if you could come round, I am telling you to come round immediately! We need a discussion!’ No xx on that last text meant I was in deep shit!

OH F*@K!! I had forgotten, I was supposed to be on a three day orgasm ban courtesy of Graham’s extra punishments on the certificate he handed me as I was leaving the other day! With everything that had happened with June, Gray had gone completely out of my head. I was in trouble. Deep trouble. There was nothing else for it, I would have to go around and hopefully appeal to his softer side and just explain everything that had happened with June had been a spur of the moment thing.

Okay, so yes, I was living in dreamland, my bottom was throbbing, my pussy was throbbing more and my head was completely fuzzy after being so submissive all weekend. It had been extremely difficult to shake that feeling off this morning and try to revert to my usual fighter brain. June had done a number on me. She was also coming back on Friday night for round two! I needed to get my head together before then!

Regardless, the idea of refusing to see Graham did not even cross my mind. Neither did the idea that he might decide on an immediate punishment. I genuinely thought he would give me a pass once I explained everything.

Yeah… right.

I just saw a pig fly past my window…

I quickly pulled on panties under my dress and slipped my feet into sandals and hurried round to Graham’s house. The front door was already open and I knocked, shouted hello and wandered in.

He appeared in the kitchen doorway, he was on the phone and he beckoned me to come through and sit at the breakfast bar. He placed a coffee in front of me and continued with his conversation. I looked around his lovely kitchen space and wondered where his cane was. It was usually hanging on a hook on the wall by the door but the hook was empty.

Finally Graham ended his call and shut his phone off. He smiled at me, and sat down facing me. ‘Sorry about that, but I had to take that call.’

‘No problem.’ I offered with a smile and raised my cup.

‘So shall we get down to it Gem? How many rules did you break this weekend with your friend June?’ He said it in such a conversational way, I was actually blindsided for a moment and let my guard down. I shrugged my shoulders and looked down at the floor.

‘Please don’t bother lying to me Gem, we both know I can see right through you darling. Come on, out with it.’ He was smiling, this was good, wasn’t it?

I coloured up, he was right of course, I am shit at lying, I can’t do it, I look guilty even when I haven’t done anything wrong and I knew it was pointless me trying to lie to him. he would cross examine me later and I would blow myself up. I might as well come clean now and take what was coming to me. My bottom was throbbing so much anyway today, I didn’t think it could feel any more pain than it was in.

I took a deep breath and launched into a full and detailed explanation of how June had sprung a visit on me, dropped a bombshell about Stuart, how in a drunken moment I played with her breasts and how that had led to her hauling me over her knee for the spanking of a lifetime. I then went on and gave him graphic details about the whole lesson in submission weekend with her and how I had only been allowed just one orgasm before she left. I ‘forgot’ to mention the one I had had over June’s knee when she had played with me during the spanking, I talked about the level of humiliation I had experienced with her and the levels of submission she had taken me to. I was also honest enough to admit that I had loved every second of it. I then told him she was coming back next weekend to do it all again.

Graham sat silently listening carefully to every word I said and he waited to speak until he was sure I was finished. I raised my cup and drank my coffee with apprehension running through my entire body making it taught as a tightrope.

‘So, I will start with an apology of my own,’ he said. ‘When I told you on Thursday that Stuart had met someone, I knew he had just gotten engaged to her. I didn’t want to drop that on you without any warning so I watered down the information and thought I could drop the engagement news in a few weeks. Obviously I didn’t reckon on someone else telling you. You were vulnerable and I put you there, so for my part in that I am sorry. Obviously, until she dropped that bombshell you were pacing your drinks, I know you when you’ve had a couple Gem, it doesn’t take long for your inhibitions to disappear so I completely understand how this whole weekend took the turn it did. You were drowning your sorrows, and in your case, drowning them in carnal relief. I can’t punish you for that. I feel like I caused it somehow.’ He paused and took a sip of his drink. I knew better than to think that was all there was to it. I was right.

‘What I am going to punish you for is not telling me about June before now, the fact that she wanted to spank you should have made its way back to me before she arrived on Friday. We have already agreed I will be undertaking your discipline from now on. Once again, you have been free and easy with who you allow to spank you. I find it disrespectful that you could not be bothered to ask for my approval first.’ Now he was beginning to sound cross.

I tried to speak then, to defend myself, to say I hadn’t agreed to him being my spanker, he had taken it upon himself to assume that role again. None of those words came out, he held his hand up and silenced me before I could utter them.

‘I am going to give you six with the cane over your dress and panties. I assume you have panties on today?’ Now he was being matter of fact with me, that never bode well for my bottom.

I nodded quickly.

‘I don’t want to see June’s handiwork overlaying mine which is why it will be over your dress. But, and you had better remember this Gemma because if you don’t it will end badly for your behind; you had better schedule June and myself a lot better. I will not take second place spanker position with you again. June will have to defer to me. I want a plump cream bottom each week when it comes to your discipline meeting with me. You will follow my rules before June’s and you will seek my express permission before you take a spanking from her or allow yourself sexual release because she said you could. If I have placed a ban on it, that overrides everything. Do I make myself clear?’

Now that tone of voice had me quaking in my panties! Damn, I was in big trouble here.

Then his words really sank in and the complicated ramifications of what he said hit me full on. F*@KING HELL! My head was about to explode with all this! I wanted desperately to tell him he couldn’t be my disciplinarian, I wanted to shout at him for not telling me the truth about Stuart in the first place, I wanted to rant and rave and throw things and scream at him that he didn’t own me and I would do as I damn well pleased.

I never said any of it. I just nodded my head and verbally agreed with every word he had said, completely submissive once again.

‘Lounge Gemma. Over the desk please and lets get those six out of the way shall we?’ He stood up and headed for the lounge, I reluctantly slid of the stool and followed him, I felt like I was in a fog, an automaton who had no control over themselves. Truth is, I didn’t. I had given it away to June and now to Graham.

I dutifully assumed the position over the desk and I heard him swish the cane through the air to test it. I jumped at the sound but didn’t move out of position.

I waited, and waited becoming more anxious by the second when finally the first stroke cut through the air with a whistle and then landed cutting deeply through the flimsy material of my dress and my panties. I yelped but held, ONE I shouted, the second came a moment later and landed across the back of my thighs, I cried out in shock at the instant burning sensation that exploded on my thighs. TWO I cried out.

I felt him step up close behind me, and I felt my dress slide up over my bottom to be laid in the dip of my waist, he peeled my panties down to my knees and I wanted to protest, he had said over my clothing?

Before I could say anything he spoke behind me. ‘She’s very good Gemma. She actually managed to continue the pinstripes from where I left off. Very neat job. I think you can give me her contact details before you leave here today. She and I will work quite well together I believe.’

My head popped! WTF?? Double teaming? AGAIN??

The third stroke when it came landed full across both cheeks and burned and bit deeply into my very sore bruised bottom and I cried out loudly, THREE I screamed quickly before the next one landed. Four landed across my sit spot and I jumped up howling and grabbing my thighs and danced on the spot. He gave me one second before he pushed me down and into position again, he flipped my dress up and brought the cane full across the centre of my cheeks, FOUR he said. I got it, I hadn’t counted and now I got it twice, FOUR I screeched. Five came swiftly across my sit spot again and I howled in pain as I screamed out FIVE. Six came diagonally to the other 5 and landed plumb across all of the cane welts. Gated again. SIX I wailed and stood up quickly, instantly rubbing my cheeks and thighs. Graham laughed at the mutinous expression on my face as I glared at him.

‘That wasn’t what we agreed Graham, you said it would be six over my dress and panties!’

He smiled benignly at me, ‘Well then, I guess we’re even. You didn’t keep to our agreement on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I figured it gave me room for manoeuvre today.’ He smiled at me wickedly, and patted my behind.

‘Be a good girl Gem, it’s in your own best interests darling. Cover up and get going now, I’m going on a date this evening and I don’t want to rush getting ready.’ He left the room without another word, I pulled my panties up and made sure my dress wasn’t caught up anywhere, I scribbled down June’s email address and I got the hell out of dodge.

My head was spinning with everything that had just happened. My bottom and thighs were throbbing wildly, reminding me once again what a bloody idiot I can be!

I was back to two lively spankers/disciplinarians and my backside was on fire! What the hell had I just agreed to? What the hell was wrong with me anyway? One spanker is more than enough for any sane person. I cannot for the life of me understand why I didn’t speak up and say no to Graham.

I consoled myself with the idea that the chances were quite high he wouldn’t want to continue spanking me if he got in with this man he was seeing tonight.

I crossed my fingers and sent up a shout to the Universe to cut me some slack.

There’s that pig flying again…

The spanking bus is back in town and June is driving!

Seriously, I really do believe Spankers are like buses, they are either all missing in action or they all arrive at the same time!

Spanking Bus is full of Spankers again!

I have gone through a 40 day spank free period with no hint of a spanker in sight! Graham spanked and caned me yesterday till I couldn’t sit down and could barely pull my jeans on over my very hot, sore bottom to get home, and he’s also insistent that this will now become a regular weekly occurrence because he’s back home full time. I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about this development! In the grand scheme of things, it’s good to have my spanker back on board, I do need the discipline, no doubt about it, but on the other hand, a spanking/caning from Graham is purely about punishment and discipline, to the point where at the end of the spanking, all sexual release is banned for a minimum of three days! Three days, no orgasms? I don’t think that’s fair, or necessary, or doable to be honest! Guess I will have to roll with the extra spankings for breaking that particular rule on a regular basis, spanking is ultra sexual for me it always has been!

Now, as if that wasn’t enough to be dealing with, June has just texted me. Remember June? The Alpha female ball breaker who was desperate for a spanking from me? Yeah, that one. Apparently her one and only spanking has given her an epiphany of sorts. She is now seriously into all things spanking and wants to return the favour. Apparently she has always wanted to get to grips with my bottom and spank it till its bruised and red and very hot and tender. She shared that information as if it was a golden opportunity for me? Jeez… these people who want to get to grips with my bottom…

I’ve created a monster…

She would like me to ‘volunteer’ to take a ‘good hard spanking’ from her. If I won’t volunteer she is sure she will find at least three transgressions that she believes will give her the necessary permission she requires to deliver a spanking as a punishment. She was quite firm in her assertion that she was more than up to the job as she had been practising on a young lady she met who sounds very much like she may be June’s new girlfriend. I thought June was straight, who knew? This could be more fun than I had imagined.

I’ve definitely created a monster…

I of course informed her of my very recent and very lively spanking from Graham and insisted I was in no fit state to take another one just yet, she pooh-poohed that idea and blithely said ‘nonsense! You could take a spanking from Graham today and I would still be coming over to give you another one. We need to keep that bottom as hot as possible Gem, I’ll be arriving in an hour. Bye xx’

Oh F*@K! have I ever created a monster!!

An hour later and my doorbell rang, I opened the door and there she stood, looking absolutely fabulous I might add, (She is yummy, I confess to a girl crush, happily not unrequited, ) I invited her in and we made our way to the lounge where I had laid out wine glasses, a couple of bottles of red and a few snacks etc. It wasn’t often I had the opportunity to have June here especially for a whole evening and from what she was saying, possibly an overnight stay, so I was making the most of it. Just in case anyone is wondering the Boy was staying at his friend’s house for the weekend which was another rarity and a new trial thing. Having June here would stop me from climbing the walls and checking my phone every five minutes to see if he had texted me.

As the evening progressed I noticed she wasn’t drinking very much at all, I decided I had better pace myself. I needed to keep my wits about me with June, she was definitely edging towards the spanking conversation with every other sentence.

I steered well away from it, if she wanted to bring it up then she could do the work. I was not biting, but, I confess I was very curious and getting more and more curious as she steered the spanking bus into its depot with a foray into tales about the woman she was now spanking on a regular basis.

‘Gem, you have no idea what you’ve done for me! Since you spanked me that first time I have finally come to terms with my sexuality and my spanking kink! I love all things women these days and I am having the time of my life spanking Stacey who is a friend with benefits, nothing serious of course, just the two of us getting together occasionally for a mutually beneficial evening of fun and games! I feel liberated!’ June was positively glowing with her new found sexuality and apparently, very healthy libido!

‘I’m really pleased for you Junie, I never had a clue you were into women. As for the spanking, I think that’s addictive actually!’ I grinned at her and lifted my wine glass to take a sip.

Then, she dropped the bomb. ‘Have you met Stuart’s fiance yet?’

The words exploded in my head and my wine glass never made it to my mouth, I sat there staring at her open mouthed with shock. ‘Fiance?’ I squeaked.

‘Oh darling, you didn’t know, I’m so sorry.’ She shot across the room to the sofa and pulled me into a huge hug which I gratefully sank in to. ‘I knew he was dating someone,’ I mumbled, ‘Gray told me yesterday, but fiance? Damn that was fast!’

June pulled back from me a little and studied my face intently. ‘You have feelings for him still? she asked.

‘I have feelings, they are under control and not up for discussion.’

The words came out harshly, BANG! the door to my emotional state was instantly slammed shut and June recoiled slightly at the force of it. It didn’t force her to let me out of the hug though, if anything she came back for round two of giant hug scene and I all but disappeared into her magnificent breasts and got swallowed up whole. I have decided I really don’t have boundaries where my sexuality is concerned, sexy is sexy, hot is hot, doesn’t matter whether the person is male or female, if I connect with them, and they pull me in, I go in all the way. I understand June’s feelings of liberation. No limits. Wonderful opportunities just waiting to be experienced. No regrets.

We sat cuddled up together for a while. She told me all about bumping into Stuart and the girlfriend at an Awards ceremony, it was one I should have attended and had cried off and sent the secretary of the club in my absence. I was kind of glad I hadn’t gone now.

Apparently, the girlfriend wasted no time in flashing the huge diamond under June’s nose and announced they would be getting married at the end of September, but they were going to do the deed on a Mediterranean cruise. June rambled on and on and on and I drank and drank, still with my face pressed perilously close to her wonderful breasts. In the end I blanked out June’s rambling, downed the last of my wine and proceeded to flick open her blouse buttons and release her breasts for closer inspection. I don’t know when June stopped talking, I do know when she joined in, that would have been around the time my fingers were circling her left nipple and after she had smacked my hand away and told me off for being naughty!

‘You are in trouble Missy, over my knee now and take your punishment. How dare you assume you can fondle my breasts!’ Damn she sounded stern! I was of course, instantly apologetic and my head went down submissively. I think the alcohol helped enormously with the transition from stroppy me to submissive me.

She then took control of the situation completely and literally pulled me bodily over her knees and began spanking me I was a little steamed on alcohol and I mumbled some kind of apology again but obviously she wasn’t listening to me because the next thing I registered was a flurry of sharp spanks landing firmly on my bottom! I could feel the sting through the flimsy material of my dress which did nothing as protection went. The heat bloomed quickly because my bottom was already very tender from Gray’s spanking and caning yesterday! The second set of spanks landed and I wriggled a little. June pulled me higher up her thighs and began spanking me on alternate cheeks hard and fast, all the while remonstrating with me for taking such liberties with her. After roughly five minutes I felt my dress being slid up the back of my thighs, over my bottom and then tucked into the belt at my waist. As is my norm, I was not wearing panties and June immediately spanked both cheeks very hard.

‘You are very naughty Gemma, where are your panties?’ Smack, smack, smack, smack. My bottom was stinging now, my fuzzy brain was just beginning to register the growing heat in my cheeks and I began to groan a little more with each spank delivered. I didn’t answer her question immediately. That was a mistake, ‘Where – smack – are – smack – your – smack – panties?’ – Smack, smack, smack, smack!

Damn it, they really stung! ‘In the drawer upstairs, I don’t wear any when I’m in the house alone!’

‘But you aren’t alone Gemma! I am here, so now I am going to punish you properly for not wearing panties, and for not acknowledging my presence by putting a pair of panties on!’ June sounded furious!

My god! She went to town on my tender cheeks and thighs, the spanks came thick and fast, I howled, they bit into the already tender flesh and I yelped, I kicked my legs out and she pulled me more firmly to her and wrapped her leg over both of mine and it was like being trapped in a vice! I couldn’t move an inch! She spanked and spanked for what seemed like forever, my cheeks were on fire, my thighs were burning, my eyes were watering, I had bitten my lip rather than call her the biggest bitch in the world. I wriggled and moaned and finally the spanking stopped.

‘Stand up Gemma.’ She ordered brusquely. I stood up and went to rub my bottom while I scowled at her. ‘Don’t you dare Missy!’ she ordered me and pointed to my hands. ‘We are not done yet, go and get your jokari paddle and your cane and bring them to me immediately.’

Wow. What? I blinked at her in surprise, she was really into the strict Mistress thing and no mistake. I was actually beginning to feel really submissive at this point, I could feel those vibes oozing like liquid over my fighter brain and subduing my natural instinct to tell her to f*@k right off with her orders. Instead, I ran upstairs retrieved the paddle and my short whippy cane and came back down the stairs as quickly as my drunken state would allow. Apparently it wasn’t fast enough for June. She was waiting for me at the bottom of the staircase, arms folded across her magnificent breasts, which were still on show from my searching fingers earlier and my eyes rested on them for a second too long. She was instantly furious with me again.

She grabbed me by the arm and dragged me into the kitchen. She pulled out one of the kitchen bar stools and said ‘Bend over the seat, spread your legs and I want you gripping the bottom of the stool legs. If you let go it will be taken out on your bottom and thighs. Remember we have all evening and I have an amazing amount of stamina. I can spank for hours, especially now it’s your bottom I’m spanking. I have waited such a long time for this. I am really going to enjoy it! Now bend over!’

You know that monster I have been talking about? F*@king hell, never in my wildest did I imagine it could be this big and scary!!

I assumed the position and immediately felt humiliation flood me as the position fully exposed my very wet pussy. It also spread my butt cheeks so that they were taught. This was gonna hurt like blazes and I tensed up everywhere waiting for that first stroke. I didn’t know which she would do first, paddle or cane. Either way, my bottom was in for a roasting and it was already red hot and throbbing, and it was stinging like mad where Gray’s cane marks were still quite raised.

The first spank landed with such a thwack I howled and let go of the legs of the stool automatically reaching behind to grab my stinging rear. June grabbed my hand and smacked it hard with the paddle. If you move again I will tie your wrists to the legs of the stool! I muttered something under my breath that was less than polite and she heard me. Jeez! Junie unloaded her wrath on my ass after that and I was genuinely crying my eyes out and squealing and howling at the top of my voice, begging for her to stop, pleading with her to stop. Promising her I had learned my lesson, I was so sorry for taking liberties, I was so sorry for moving my hands, I was just F*@KING SORRY!! It was all to no avail as the jokari paddle landed again and again across my cheeks and thighs in flurries of heavy spanks, light spanks, slow deliberate hard spanks, everywhere copped it. My pussy lips were throbbing wildly as the tip of the paddle caught them again and again, despite the pain I was beginning to moan and groan and I could feel a huge orgasm building, Junie hadn’t said I couldn’t cum either so I let that puppy build and distract me from the continuing torture of my poor bottom and thighs.

Without a word she suddenly stopped spanking with the paddle. ‘Hold position Gemma, we are not done.’ I waited for the cane to land, it didn’t, her fingers began to stroke my heated, tender globes, she ran fingernails over the bruised skin and they created such crazy sensations inside me I could feel myself losing control, I was trying desperately hard not to push up against her hands but when her fingers slid along the wet crease of my throbbing centre and found my clit, I exploded. I jerked and bucked under the onslaught of her probing fingers and I can honestly say I have never experienced an orgasm like it. It was mind blowing!

June was not finished, she brought her fingers around to my mouth and made me suck them clean. Submission complete. I was entirely under her control and would fulfil her every whim and she knew it. She smiled a knowing smile and reached across the back of me to retrieve the cane from the table.

She held it in front of my face and crouched down so she was eye to eye with me and she spoke softly, almost lovingly. ‘If you are a very good girl and take your punishment well, I will love the throbbing into oblivion for you afterwards. If you beg for me to stop you will be sent to bed alone, along with an orgasm ban for a whole week. I know how you work lady, you are driven by your desires. I will be controlling those desires from now on. Do you agree to my instructions Gemma?’ I mutely nodded my agreement and Junie laughed. ‘Oh no darling, you will tell me exactly what it is you are agreeing to or we shall jump to the caning and no orgasms for a week.’

I was utterly humiliated as I verbally agreed to all of her demands, I hung my head down in shame, I could feel my face burning with embarrassment as I uttered every single word she wanted to hear. I could not have done anything else. I couldn’t even blame the alcohol for any of it either, I was completely sober now, a beast of a spanking will do that for you!

Finally satisfied that she had me completely under her control she stepped behind me and the first of 20 strokes landed across my destroyed cheeks. I screamed, she held nothing back, the second stroke whipped through the air and landed across my sit spot and pussy lips. I squealed louder than I have ever done before. By the time the final stroke landed I was beyond caring what happened I just wanted it to stop.

Finally, finally, finally, I cried out 20 as loud as I could and the cane landed on the table at the side of me. I remained in my position and sobbed and sobbed, I was absolutely sure she had taken the skin off my backside and thighs. They felt raw and burnt. The heat was searing across them and I desperately wanted to sooth them with cold cream.

Before I could finish the thought I felt Junie stand close to my bottom and then miraculously I felt that soothing cold cream as she worked it lovingly into my skin. She helped me up from the stool and guided me up the stairs to the bedroom.

She kept her part of the bargain and she was stunning…

Graham’s Back and so is his Cane (part 2)

So, after shocking the living daylights out of both myself and Graham by agreeing to this spanking and caning, I now found myself firmly held over Graham’s knee. My jeans and panties had been arbitrarily disposed of and were languishing in a heap on the floor by the side of the chair. My bottom tingled in anticipation as I waited, breath held, for the first of the 100 spanks Graham was going to deliver to my very pristine, creamy bottom.

He was taking his time about it, he ran his hands over the curve of each cheek and down along my thighs, then returned his attention to the sweet spot at the bottom of the curve, running his nails along that very sensitive skin until I was squirming on his lap. this was new, he never usually did the stroking thing at all. It set off all kinds of chain reactions inside me though, fabulous feelings I hadn’t felt in a very long while. I was content to lie there squirming a little and just enjoying the hell out of those sensations as they raised goosebumps over my sensitive flesh. My pussy was twitching, regardless of how many times I instructed it to go back to sleep. Spanking turns me on, plain and simple, pussy was always going to get in on the act!

The first spank landed and it was a shock. I yelped and jumped at the suddenness of it. Before I could process the sting, the next spank landed in the same spot, then another then another then another and oh my god my right cheek was quite suddenly on fire! I howled when he spanked my left thigh equally as hard as he had my right cheek and my hand flew behind me in a knee jerk reaction to the horrible sting that had set up in my thigh. Graham sighed and grabbed my hand and held it firmly in place in the small of my back and then he set to work evening up the spanks to the left cheek and right thigh until I was HOWLING with pain, the hot sharp sensations were exploding all over my bottom and thighs and the painful throbbing was beginning to make itself known. I squirmed and I wriggled and I tried to free my arm, all to no avail as those spanks continued unabated for what felt like an hour! Reality, it was roughly ten minutes, and in my opinion it was definitely way more than the 100 stated on the certificate.

I squealed when Graham swapped hands and began the spanking all over again! ‘It said 100 spanks!’ I squawked!

‘Well, I’m not counting Gemma, so you had better be. I’m just making sure I cover this whole beautiful creamy area and turn it all dark red for you! This is how your bottom should have looked for me when you first agreed to me spanking you, do you remember? I asked you to let your bruising subside so that your bottom was creamy and clear for me? You didn’t though. You let Stuart spank you before that happened and I have always been slightly disappointed that I could not have that blank canvas to work on. I’m making the most of the opportunity I’ve been presented with.’

All of this was said while he spanked and spanked and spanked and spanked until I was sobbing, howling, squealing, yelping, swearing profusely, which brought about a very hard volley of spanks to my very tender inner thighs, and he laughed when I pleaded and begged for it to stop and he continued for a further 10 minutes when I called him the meanest bastard on the planet. And my bottom burned and my thighs ached and burned and my face was tear stained and I was dry sobbing now. Why did I let him spank me?

‘Because you love the aftereffects! The insidious thought snaked through my pain fogged brain, the instant that thought hit, pussy began to throb in time to the throbbing that felt like a tight band across my cheeks and thighs and I knew why I was here, in this position, allowing this spanking to happen. I couldn’t get these intense feelings any other way and I craved them.

Quite abruptly, I found myself on my feet but before I had time to register that fact, I was being bent over the high arm of the leather sofa by Graham.

‘Hold the position Gem, do not move an inch, if you do I will double the caning.’ With that said he disappeared for a minute. I heard his feet on the hardwood floor of the hall leading to the kitchen and I knew he was retrieving his favourite cane. Every fibre of my being tightened up with fearful anticipation of what was to come. It had been an exceptionally long time since I had felt a cane across my bottom. My only saving grace was my bottom was on fire right now and the deep throb was assisting in almost numbing everywhere he had spanked.

But this is Graham caning me, not some bloke off the internet who didn’t really have a clue. Not Stuart who loved to paddle and spank, not Mr Wilson who loved to strap or Mrs Wilson who loved the hairbrush. Graham was happiest with a cane in his hand and a willing bottom waiting for the first stroke.

The first stroke when it came scorched my bottom and I screamed with the pain. I never even heard him come back in the room!

ONE! I shouted.

Graham laughed out loud, ‘No it isn’t darling, I was just testing the cane. This is One!’

Oh F*@K! The second stroke landed across my cheeks barely millimetres from where the first stroke had landed, my backside erupted with pain! I squealed and shouted ONE! again.

A moment passed, I waited, I hated this wait, this was Graham’s thing, he loved to wait until I was almost dancing with fear before he would strike again.

The third stroke landed and I screamed and shot upright! OMG!! That … just… OMG!! TWO!!

Number three landed as I finished shouting two, number four almost lifted me off my feet and I grabbed the cushion and bit down hard to keep from swearing at him, number 5 and 6 were delivered in quick succession and I felt the tears soaking my face as the heat from them burned into my tender skin. Number 7 took it’s time landing but when it did it went straight across the top of my thighs and sat snugly inside the sit spot. I have no words to describe the instant pain explosion that happened. I was almost done, I waited for the final stroke, I braced myself, I tried not to focus on the throbbing pain across my buttocks and thighs and I took a deep breath. As I let that breath out, the eighth and final stroke of that horrid cane landed diagonally to every other stroke. The bastard had gated my ass!

EIGHT!!!! I screamed and jumped up before he could take another shot at my exposed rear. I danced on the spot for a few minutes, I didn’t dare touch my bottom, it was too sore, I didn’t know how I was going to bear wearing my jeans to get back home either. Graham watched me and grinned at my discomfort.

‘Do you know, I think I enjoyed that more because it was such an unexpected surprise Gem. I think we need to do this more often darling, you know… spur of the moment?’


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Graham’s back and so is his Cane (Part 1)

You know, the last time Graham gave me a caning the aftereffects lasted almost a week! They also dovetailed beautifully in with that spanking from Stuart some 4 days later. After his last spanking Graham categorically declared he was leaving my ‘spanking team’ and Stuart would now have to fly solo (which he didn’t appear to have a problem with anyway). So why did Graham stop spanking me I hear you ask?

Well, Graham is more your Caning kind of guy and he goes a little bit all out to get my bottom pinstriped! I have to tell you, while I hate the caning itself, I love the aftereffects of it. Everytime I sat down, I could feel the burning and throbbing only a sound caning can deliver, but there was also the heat and the mmm, mmm, mmm effect it leaves you with. Quite indescribably delicious!

Anyway, the reason he stopped was because he was scared of really hurting me, and to be fair, at the time so was I. Graham is a pusher of limits and if I thought I could take 20 strokes of the cane, he would push for 30 or 40. He always said he felt like I was trying to manipulate my punishments to suit me not the crime.

Well hell people, he was absolutely bang on with that assessment! Why on earth would I ask for 30 if I could get away with 20? I might deserve 30, and I probably did most of the time but, if a straight 20 is on the cards I’m takin’ it!

Regardless, the last time he caned me, he went somewhat overboard and I knew he was desperately unhappy with himself for delivering what he considered to be too heavy a punishment, even for me. That’s really saying something, he has always been of the opinion I should be soundly spanked and caned on a daily basis! Quite frankly, if I was unlucky enough to live with Graham I doubt I would have time to write about my spanking experiences, I would be too busy permanently assuming the position for a caning!

So all that said, imagine my surprise when I received an invite to Graham’s house for coffee and a catch up, a check in of sorts he said. Find out what I have been up to while he’s been away. He said. (He works away from home a lot these days). It all sounded quite innocent and just a ‘friends catching up’ kind of invite so I threw some panties on, (better safe than sorry, Graham may be gay and not in the slightest bit interested in me sexually but he has his rules and me wearing panties at all times is definitely one of them. I am taking no chances and so out came the big girl panties!) I changed my shoes to practical boring flats, (another rule, I may have a list somewhere) pulled on my jeans and sweatshirt and toddled off to Graham’s house which is down the cobbled lane at the side of my house.
I rang the bell and waited and within seconds there he was, all tanned and buff looking, sporting the biggest welcoming smile I have ever received and damn it he is absolutely beautiful and just a sight to behold! In a world where every man I meet over 40 seems to look like my ex-husband, (bald, no problem with bald, it can be sexy, it doesn’t go well with the rest of the description, overweight, sporting a greying goatee, gold frame glasses, and denim on denim, oh and narcissistic to boot!) Graham in his black slacks and pristine white shirt is a breath of fresh air and a salve to my tired eyes. Give me a man who can rock a pair of black slacks and a white open neck shirt any day of the week! He can be bald, I’m all good with that, but denim on denim? Or worse, biker leathers. Meh. Why? Just why?

‘Hello my favourite lady, I’ve missed you!’ He even greets me better than most men! I confess, I have a pointless crush on the man and am completely happy to continue to worship his loveliness from afar and have it remain entirely unrequited!

I step in to his house and he envelops me in a great big bear hug and everything feels wonderfully familiar and safe and I relax and smile my biggest ‘hello old friend’ smile and we wander to the kitchen for a coffee and that chat.

I had a surreal moment when I saw Graham’s favourite cane hanging on the wall, and I almost bolted for the door. I did not want an unexpected caning, especially from him! My bottom had been in a spank free zone for quite some time now, Stuart being the last one to be anywhere near it. He’s a hard act to follow so I haven’t really been trying to find anyone else. Even using AnimeOTK as a tool is nowhere near as effective as a sound spanking from Stuart. Graham made no mention of the cane so I decided to relax and just roll with the conversation and see what transpired. Besides, I really had missed his company of late and I wanted this catch up!

He placed my coffee in front of me and sat down on the other side of the counter with his own drink. He was very relaxed and he brought me up to speed with his work life, his lack of love life, his family and all things Graham. I did likewise and we spent a lovely hour or so just shooting the breeze, to the point where I had all but forgotten about the cane.

Then he dropped the bombshell. ‘I have to tell you something sweetie, and I don’t know how you’re going to take it so brace yourself.’ He sounded so very serious I began to feel panic welling up inside me.

‘That sounds very serious Gray! Are you ill?’ The panic was evident in my voice and must have shown on my face too because he rushed around the counter to give me a hug and reassure me.

‘It’s nothing like that darling, I’m 100% fit and healthy, it isn’t even about me.’ He squeezed me tightly and then sat at the side of me. I watched him warily and waited.

‘I had an email this morning from Stuart. He’s been seeing this woman and he thinks it might be serious and he said he can’t come over anymore because he needs to see where this relationship can go, if he’s around you he knows he is going to get his emotions in a knot and the new girlfriend is very aware of your checkered relationship with him and wants him to stop seeing you completely anyway. He’s asked me to tell you, because he doesn’t know how to tell you himself.’ He took a deep breath and waited for my reaction.

Uh huh, my reaction was a lot less than either man was expecting. I had no problem with Stuart seeing someone else, no problem at all. I didn’t want a relationship with him, so it would have been hypocritical at best for me to have a meltdown about the news he had moved on. Did it hurt to think of him with another woman? Hell yes it did, but I only had myself to blame for that. It wasn’t like he hadn’t given me every opportunity to take him off the shelf for myself. What hurt more was the idea I had lost my long time good friend because of his jealous girlfriend. That really hurt. Regardless it was time to suck it up and act like a big girl.

‘I wish him well, it’s a shame he didn’t feel he could tell me himself, but you can tell him from me, I am pleased for him and I hope he finds what he’s looking for with her.’ I smiled at Graham and kept all of my unruly emotions tightly packed down inside me, I could deal with it all later when I was alone and could process the information properly. I was genuinely pleased for Stuart he desperately wanted to be part of a couple and I’m just not couple material.

Now it was Graham’s turn to watch me warily. I think he thought we were in the calm before the storm and he was waiting for … something, I suppose. Apparently the only thing he wasn’t expecting was the mild reaction he had received to his news!

‘Well, you took that better than I expected!’ He blew the words out on a sigh of relief and I grinned at him.

‘Poor Graham, did you really think I was going to sob and weep and wail all over you? My goodness, you must have been dreading telling me!’ I pasted that smile all over my face and reached for my cooling coffee. Graham watched me for a little longer and then abruptly changed the subject.

So, what are you doing about discipline these days? Or rather, who is seeing to your discipline? He grinned at the cagey look that appeared on my face as I tried to avoid giving away too much information. ‘Oh poor Gem, don’t ever take up poker darling, you have the most expressive face ever!’

I shrugged my shoulders and continued to drink my coffee, sod him, he could wait for that answer. I was in no hurry to confess I was no longer being spanked, by either Stuart, internet, A.N.Other or myself. I had stopped completely and I was currently spankless for 40 days and counting. I was happy for it to remain that way for the time being too.

Graham laughed out loud at my stalling tactics, ‘Gem honey, Stuart already told me he hasn’t seen you in roughly 6 weeks. I know all about the Jokari paddle, sounds like a fun little paddle, he assures me it delivers a fine spanking…’

‘There’s nothing little or fun about that paddle, it damn well stings like crazy!’ I blurted out, a little irritated that Stuart still appeared to be reporting to Graham each and every time he spanked me.

‘Did Stuart give you ALL the details of our spanking sessions Gray, or just the actual spanking details?’ Okay, so I was narky now, and I was being sarcastic with the wrong man but hey he started it!

Graham jolted me out of my silence with a sharp tone. ‘Gemma, I asked you a question?’

I put my mug down on the counter and took a deep breath before launching into an uptodate broad precis of my ongoing spankless situation.

Graham raised an eyebrow at the AnimeOTK program information and asked how it worked so I turned his laptop around and download the little program for him. He was fascinated with it. This is what he came up with.

~Random Punishment Selector~

Punishment Certificate
This certificate dictates that Gemma, for the reason of: Maintenance Spanking will receive the following punishment

Two sets of spankings to be carried out immediately.
Set One: 100 spanks with a hand and Gemma over the knee
Set Two: 8 strokes of the cane and Gemma bending over.
These spankings will be carried out with Gemma’s bottom bare.

Signed: Graham

Oh f*@k! Note to self, never give a spanker a new toy to play with when it concerns spanking! This meeting had taken a turn around an unexpected corner and I for one was none too happy about it.

Graham looked up from the screen and grinned at me, ‘so, it says here immediately Gem, far be it from me to argue with the program! Why don’t we adjourn to the lounge?’

‘Seriously Gray? You think you can just waltz back in to my life and think you can start disciplining me again? You quit remember? I don’t want a spanking, I definitely don’t want a caning and I’m not going to just blithely go along with you just because you’ve changed your mind!’ Damn! That sounded really confident and forceful didn’t it! Go me!

It didn’t make one iota of difference to Graham who just laughed at my outrage and pointed out a very obvious flaw in my thinking. I had downloaded the Animeotk program for him. As far as he was concerned this was me telling him I was open and up for a spanking! I had introduced him to it and now I could reap the benefits! Personally, I’m not sure a sound spanking and 8 with the cane constitutes reaping the benefits!

I sat and glared mutinously at him while I finished my coffee. As I sat there, my bottom started tingling, the more I thought about the spanking, the more fidgety I became! My bloody body is my own worst enemy people! My brain started getting happy endorphines oozing themselves all over my good sense and before I knew what the hell I was playing at, I got down from my stool and headed towards the lounge, saying, ‘well come on then, if were going to do this, we may as well get on with it!’

I don’t know who was more shocked him or me! I was actually agreeing to taking a spanking from the hardest spanker I have met to date! I must be out of my tiny little mind!

to be continued….

June requested a spanking!

How could I refuse?

Over the years, several different women have passed through my life, women I know well enough to invite around for a meal and a no holds barred chat. Invariably the conversation always gets around to sex, kinks, and all things orgasmic in nature. We tell each other everything.

I can’t tell you how many times a friend has squealed in delight when I say I either self spank or have just had a spanking or anything spank related that comes into the conversation. 

One fine example was a dear friend who I shall refer to as June, she was somebody I had met through my volunteer work with the sport at regional level. She was a high-ranking official in the game, and she was adorable. We hit it off straight away and became firm friends in no time at all.

Anyway, as was the norm, we were both in attendance at a full weekend sporting event and she and I were finally getting a moment to let our hair down and relax with a drink and the long awaited catch up chat we had been promising ourselves all weekend.

The conversation started as it always does, we discussed the sport, the people in our lives, how happy we were, how sad, angry, fed up, over sexed, under sexed, we discussed everything.

I purposely stayed away from discussing spanking because once the subject is in the open it dominates from there on in. People are fascinated with it, some are shocked, but others are curious, June was very curious. In the end it wasn’t me who raised the spanking conversation it was June! She was very coy at first about bringing it up, but she reminded me that we had discussed my spankings on a few occasions in the past and I had always hung back from giving out more detail. June was more than just curious; she was pushing for information and it became obvious to me that she was in the early stages of exploring a kink of her own. I smiled my encouragement at her to continue with her questions and said, ‘You can ask me anything you want, if I can, I will describe it for you, but Junie, the only real way to know anything is to try it for yourself!’

‘I want to know what you feel like when you’re told you’re going to get a spanking!’ she blurted out with a red face. Once she got over the initial embarrassment of asking the really personal stuff she started with a barrage of questions I answered as honestly and as openly as I could, I did not leave out the very sexy details either! She was positively squirming on her seat; she was very aroused by what she was hearing and I knew she had a vivid enough imagination that she was visualising everything!

I took a sip of my drink and I waited to see what she would say next. ‘I don’t know anyone who would or could spank me and I want to know what it feels like to be put over your knee… she stopped speaking and her hand flew to her mouth. Her face flushed with embarrassment at what she had said. Freudian slip perhaps?

I smiled at her, ‘Go on?’ I said quietly. ‘I want you to ask me properly June.’

Now please bear in mind, this woman could reduce grown men to tears in a boardroom environment and had in fact got a severe reputation as a ballbreaker bar none amongst the sporting fraternity. ‘I want you to spank me Gemma! The words tumbled from her in a rush quickly followed by ‘very hard please!’ Having her asking me for a spanking was a huge turn on. The idea of this powerful woman submitting to me and taking a spanking from me? Well… who was I to refuse such an offer?

I immediately went into Spanker mode with her and insisted on a detailed explanation of her transgressions. She coloured up beautifully as she told me about her obsession with masturbating while imagining I was spanking her bare bottom over my knee, she then went on to describe how I stroked and petted her between spanks and how turned on she became by the mere thought of any of it actually happening. She admitted she had experienced some rather superb orgasms on the strength of her fantasies and the whole thing had got her very confused about everything from her need to be spanked to her questioning her sexuality! Her confusion lay in the fact that she wasn’t into women sexually at all and yet here she was imagining all sorts of erotic scenarios with a woman!

Now generally I am not into women either, although I have on the rare occasion ‘taken an interest’ if they attract my attention enough. She was one of those women and I guess I just don’t have boundaries.

I told her we should go back to her room in the hotel as there were some rather important issues to discuss and some issues that obviously needed to be dealt with appropriately!

She very meekly said, ‘Yes Miss.’ and led me back to her room.

I love a woman who is prepared for any eventuality! As we entered her room I noticed that she had a rather beautiful wooden backed hairbrush, a big flat round one, she also had a very nice leather paddle too and a thin short cane! All the items were laid out on the end of the bed in a very pretty row! Somebody had either been practising or they were ever hopeful of a fantasy coming true!

I sat down on the desk chair facing the bed and I looked at them and then at June’s face. She was crimson with embarrassment! Caught red handed, or red bottomed in her case. She immediately confessed that she had been trying out a spot of self spanking to see if she could take a real spanking. I told her there was a huge difference between the two and she would be able to judge objectively by the end of the evening because she would have definitive comparisons she could make. We then had the very necessary talk about safe, sane, consensual spanking and what it entailed. She had her safe word and we discussed at length her boundaries and mine also until we were both comfortable with what was to come. As soon as she fully understood and agreed with everything I wasted no time in getting on with the task at hand!

I instructed her to stand with her back to me and told her to pull up her skirt and pull down her panties, I wanted to see if she had a rose bottom or a red one.  She was very hesitant to comply at first, but I insisted if she didn’t then I would, and I sternly ordered her to bend over the side of the bed and hold herself up with her hands and spread her legs. I stepped up behind her and lifted the hem of her skirt slowly, I brushed the material against her bottom and thighs as I pushed it slowly up and over her full bottom and hips. I tucked the hem into the waistband of her skirt. Her panties were no barrier at all as she had chosen to wear a thong. To my delight the tell-tale signs of a recent spanking were still evident on her luscious round globes! I could see the marks the small cane had left, crisscrossed as they were rather than pinstriped as I would prefer.

I let my fingers trace the faint marks and watched, fascinated as goose bumps appeared in a flurry across her lovely plump cheeks. I heard her take a deep breath and I stroked her bottom a little more to see how she would react. She wriggled and a tiny moan escaped her lips.

‘How did the little cane feel when it connected with your lovely bottom Junie?’ I asked as I continued to trace each line with my fingers. She mumbled something in response, I couldn’t hear her, so I brought my hand down sharply on her left cheek. She yelped and made to move, I stayed her with a stern look. I returned my attention back to her bottom and I watched as a beautiful bright red hand mark appeared on that luscious cream surface and I smiled happily. I was going to enjoy this! ‘Speak up Junie, I can’t hear you. How did the cane feel? Did you like it when it whipped against your skin?’

‘Yes Miss! It stung really sharply, but it did feel good afterwards!’ She was careful to clearly enunciate every word this time.

‘Very good Junie! See how easy that was? Now, tell me, how often do you masturbate with me spanking you as your fantasy?’ I asked quietly.

June turned her head to look at me beseechingly. She was crimson with embarrassment and I knew she was struggling with the verbal admissions. I knew this because it was something I struggled deeply with myself. Having to verbally admit to something so private and personal was very difficult indeed! It was humiliating to expose yourself that way. Nevertheless, I insisted with a flurry of sharp spanks to both her cheeks.

She yelped out quickly ‘about three or four times a week Miss.’

So not a one-off thing every now and then which was how she had told it earlier.

I shook my head in mock dismay at her admission. Inside, I was hugely turned on by the fact that I was a constant fantasy that would give her a guaranteed orgasm! I leaned across her and retrieved the wooden hairbrush and the small cane. I’m not a fan of leather paddles, but I suddenly remembered how Stuart had made me hold the Jokari paddle between my teeth and I picked up the leather paddle with the other two implements. It could play its own part!

I walked over to the high-backed desk chair and sat down. June was watching my every move over her shoulder. Her face had paled a little when she saw me line up the implements on the desk at my side.

I instructed her to come and assume the position over my knee for her spanking.

She is quite tall, probably about 5 ft 7″ and I am just over 5ft. so once she was over my knee both her feet and hands were touching the floor. I liked this it meant she wouldn’t be putting her hands in the way of her bottom when the spanking started. She needed them to keep her balance.

I remonstrated with her quite sternly for a full five minutes about her using me without my permission as a masturbation tool! I also remonstrated with her about her reluctance to lift her skirt when I had requested it, I had begun the hand spanking and was keeping time with my speech. Each lovely round globe was turning a cherry red colour in time with my words, if I spoke fast, I spanked fast, alternating each cheek, then her thighs got my attention and I started with a quick flurry of sharp flat hand spanks that sounded quite loud in the hotel bedroom. I continued spanking for a good 5 minutes until my hands were stinging and she was wailing that she had made a mistake and she didn’t really want a spanking after all. (she had her safe word of elephant and she hadn’t used it). I laughed at her feeble attempts to get out of the spanking and told her we hadn’t even started yet. I instructed her to stand up and keep her skirt tucked up at the back and go and stand in the corner for 5 minutes without touching her bottom. 

She genuinely thought it was over you know. She got such a shock when I stepped up behind her and stroked her cheeks to inspect the heat, I instructed her to open her legs and I smacked her inner thighs a little to brighten them up with some pink to match the back of her thighs. She wailed and Ow’d a lot. So noisy! I retrieved the leather paddle from the desk and brought it over to her. I held it in front of her mouth. ‘Open up Junie, hold this between your teeth and do not let it fall. If you do, the entire spanking tonight will be repeated as a second punishment. Do I make myself clear?’ She opened her mouth and bit down on the leather paddle and nodded her compliance and understanding. Her eyes were huge in her face!

I brought her back over to the bed and I sat in the middle of it with my back against the headboard. She was so tall it would have been a struggle to keep her on my knee sat on a chair. This way, she was still over my knees, but my legs were stretched out and she had nowhere to go. I peeled her thong down to below her cheeks and she made a grab for it, I spanked her hard with the hairbrush on both cheeks for a minute until she removed her hands. I made her wriggle out of the thong and hand it to me. I placed it on the pillow at the side of me and I returned my attention to her bottom. I stroked her twin red globes then petted and ran my fingers very lightly over her wet pussy lips. I patted them gently and slipped my fingers between the folds and covered them in her wetness. I smoothed her juices over her cheeks, she was very, very wet. She was mortified when she felt my fingers stroking her pussy and she dropped her head down in shame. It didn’t stop her from pushing her pussy onto my lightly probing fingers and it didn’t stop her groaning either!

I played on that, and as she lifted her bottom higher to reach my fingers I brought the hairbrush down for the first of many hard smacks on each cheek 5 spanks at a time for each one, 3 spanks a time for the back of each thigh and 2 spanks a time for her inner thighs. She was sobbing and tears were streaming down her mascara stained face.  I paused the spanking and reached for the bottle of water at the side of the bed, I poured a little on to her bottom, down between her legs, and then soaked the back of the hairbrush with some. I continued to spank and now I picked up the pace, alternate spankings to each cheek very hard, very fast and for a very long time. That hairbrush gripped her bottom tightly with each spank before it let go ready for the next one. She howled and squealed and squirmed and yelped but I continued unabated for roughly 15 minutes. She had specified she had wanted a hard spanking, and she was going to get one! She was yowling around the leather paddle which was still firmly in place in her mouth but was doing next to nothing to hide her distressed wails of pain. I smiled widely at her mounting discomfort and continued to spank all her tender plump areas until they were positively glowing!

Then as is my want, I stopped the spanking and began to explore her bottom and pussy with my fingers again, dipping them in and circling her clit, pulling them out and wiping her wetness over her bottom cheeks she moaned deeply and thrust her bottom up to my fingers as I continued to stroke her intimately and she bucked and groaned and pushed up higher so that I had better access. She was so close to an orgasm I felt quite mean when I suddenly stopped playing with her and then picked up the hairbrush for another 5 minute hard spanking. I stopped again and stroked and petted for a few minutes until she was so ready to orgasm it felt like a crime to stop, but stop I did and I lifted the very short OTK cane bringing it down swiftly and surely six times across both of her very red and sore cheeks. She had lovely pinstripes all in a row down her bottom. Very pretty! She was howling, and yelping and sobbing uncontrollably by the time I had delivered the 6th stroke.

I laid the cane down and tapped her on her shoulder.

‘Come on Junie, up you come.’ I spoke softly to her, ‘Come and have a cuddle love, you did so very well for your first real spanking. It’s all over now, lets have a little cuddle and I’ll make you feel better, I promise’

She scooted off my knee and curled herself into my arms as I held her and stroked her bottom and soothed her heated skin. She had cold cream on her nightstand, and I instructed her to lay across my lap and I would apply the cream to her hot, sore bottom. She looked at me warily at first but then she realised I meant it and she lay across my lap one more time. This time for comforting soothing cream.

I took my time rubbing and smoothing that cold cream deep into her welts and deep red overheated cheeks. My fingers strayed once or twice to her pussy lips and she instantly reacted by thrusting her bottom up. I spanked it lightly and told her to be a good girl. We stayed like this for about 15 minutes and I watched utterly fascinated as her bottom turned dark red, with bruising that was already beginning to show. There was a lovely purple hue to her skin now, none of that pink blush that we had started out with. Her thighs were a shade lighter, but I imagine she was throbbing everywhere and was extremely frustrated into the bargain.

I patted her bottom and told her to get cleaned up and get some sleep, we had a big meeting the following morning and neither of us could afford to be late.

The following morning, I tapped on her door and she opened it and grinned at me. I stepped inside and watched her as she raced around the room getting ready.

I asked her how she felt after her spanking and she looked very slyly at me and said she felt amazing, although at the time it was very painful and humiliating to have absolutely no control over what happened to her, but afterwards when the throbbing started properly she had herself a great time from all accounts. She also asked me if I would consider spanking her again in the future which I of course readily agreed to. I also made her turn around and bend over so I could inspect her bottom for bruising and any blisters. I did stroke her for quite a while, it was a real turn on for me to come back that morning and inspect a spanking I had delivered. I left her feeling very frustrated again and told her I would see her in the canteen for the team managers meeting in 5 minutes. I delivered a few sharp slaps to her rump before I left chuckling at her dismay at not being able to play longer.

She was hooked…. and I was in my element!