9 days with Tom – It Begins!


I was all good with the boy leaving until Tom and I came back in the house and closed the door after seeing him off. I could feel all my emotions rushing to the surface. I sighed heavily and wandered off to the lounge in search of more wine, I was going to finish that bottle off, no point wasting it now was there?

It never happened. Tom appeared behind me and reached over removing the bottle gently from my grasp. ‘Don’t Gem, please?’ He spoke quietly and without censure. ‘Give your pain to me instead, let me take it from you baby.’

I shrugged and put my empty glass down on the table and turned to face him. He lifted my chin and searched my eyes. Job done. The tears flowed unchecked and I was sobbing my heart out inside of 10 seconds. He wrapped his arms around me and hauled me onto his lap as he sat down in the armchair. I disappeared inside his huge cuddle and I’m telling you, if I could have found a way to climb inside him right then I would have. I just wanted to feel anything but this horrible sadness. It was debilitating and gnawed at my insides!

‘I don’t even know why I’m so upset,’ I mumbled into his chest. ‘It’s not like it’s the first time he’s gone away for a few days and left me to my own devices. But this is ten days, on an outward bound course designed for disabled people. Anything could happen!’

Tom listened and made low soothing noises, no words, just low sounds that eased my tension. I took a deep shuddering breath and then more tears flowed! Bloody hell! I was a wreck! Actually, I was being chased around inside my head by my biggest fears. They had all come crawling out of their boxes and picked up momentum!

I don’t mind admitting I was terrified he would have an accident, or worse he wouldn’t, and would want to keep going back! I know, I know, I was being perverse but hell this ‘trusting your child can look after themselves’ thing is a very overrated past time. I don’t care that he is no longer a child! I wanted him here with me. I had missed him! He hadn’t been back long enough to fill up the space with himself before he had vanished again. It wasn’t bloody fair!

Okay so it was, but I was being unreasonable in my emotional state.

Tom shifted his weight slightly and I lifted my head. I had all but forgotten him. I sniffled and leaned across to the coffee table for tissues and blew my nose and wiped my eyes before settling against his chest again.

‘What can I do Gem? Tell me what you need.’ He stroked my back and soothed me as the low timber of his voice washed over me. I knew what I needed, I needed physical pain to cleanse this horrible emotional sadness and fear! I didn’t know how to ask for it or explain it, so I sat up, undid his belt buckle and pulled his thick leather belt from his jeans until I held it in my hands. I never said a word, I just held his gaze and saw the heat rise in his eyes, felt him harden beneath my bottom and he grunted in understanding.

I handed him the belt and he laid it across the arm of the chair, then his fingers found the zipper on my dress and he slid it down to below my hips. He pushed the shoulder straps down my arms until my lace covered breasts were revealed to his hungry stare.

‘Stand up for me baby.’ He murmured as he sat forward on the chair.

I slid off his lap and stood before him, my dress slid down my body and pooled around my feet leaving me wearing just my black lace underwear, black stockings and heels.

He sucked in a breath as he took me in, ‘Turn around for me’ his voice was barely above a whisper and I felt the goosebumps scatter over my exposed skin. Quite suddenly, I was hot and I could feel pussy’s juices building between my thighs. I turned around and presented my barely lace covered bottom to him. I felt his fingers trace the curve of the material midway across first one cheek then the other. I was trembling.

‘We’re gonna revisit this after I bring you back, you hear me Gem?’ His voice was filled with a sexual tension I connected to on a primal level and I nodded.

He stood up behind me and suddenly I felt dwarfed by him. ‘Over the arm of the sofa.’

I stepped forward and without a second thought I draped myself over the raised arm. My legs stretched out so that I was resting my feet on tiptoe.

I felt him move up behind me, his hand closed over first one raised cheek then the other. He stroked them, ran his nails lightly over the skin sending a flurry of chills across them. I felt his fingers snag the waistband of my panties and he pulled them slowly over my bottom and down my legs until he had them in his hand. He came around the front and crouched down at the side of my face.

‘Open your mouth, there’s a good girl.’ His tone was heavy and filled with dark intensity. It sent shock waves through me. I could feel my submission poor itself like liquid gold all over my fighter brain. I opened my mouth and he pushed my lace panties inside.

‘Close your mouth.’ He watched as I gripped my teeth around the panties, he smiled darkly and stood again. I didn’t know this Tom. He was new, this Tom excited me on a completely different level. He stepped back to one side of me and I heard his belt buckle rattle as he prepared it’s length.

When the first stroke landed hot and heavy, sharp stinging pain erupted across my behind and I reared up for a moment. I squealed around the panties in my mouth, but it came out muffled. I dropped my head back down and gripped the cushions tightly.

The second stroke landed and red hot pain shot across my cheeks. I jumped and my legs sprang open. He reached behind me and slid a finger between my pussy lips, this brought him closer to me and he probed my pussy with his fingers then stopped and brought the third stroke home. He thrust his fingers inside me again and I was writhing against his hand and howling against the heat of his belt as it branded my cheeks again and again and again. Tears poured down my face as I shouted and squealed and yowled in pain. He brought the thick heavy leather hard against the back of my thighs and I screamed and spat the panties out. I was howling loudly now, sobbing and pleading with him, desperate for it to stop, even more desperate for it to continue. Eventually he dropped the belt at the side of my head and leaned down over me.

‘Don’t move Gemma.’ He instructed firmly.

I nodded mutely. He rose up again and brought his hand down hard against my cheek and red hot heat exploded with the force of the spank. Then my other cheek received four hard heavy spanks in quick succession, he alternated then, until his hands were raining down heavy spanks across both cheeks and thighs turning them a deep red and filling them with white hot heat and searing pain.

I heard his jeans as they hit the floor. He pressed himself up behind me and I felt the tip of his cock pushing against pussy’s wet hole. I groaned and raised my hot bottom higher and spread my legs wider, his cock filled me with one thrust as his hand spanked my bottom hard. I cried out and felt myself go under, with each thrust I became more submissive, my mind turned to liquid and I could only focus on the mixture of painful spanks mixed with the wonderful sensations erupting inside me as his cock filled me, stretching me wide with it’s thick girth. Plunging deep and pulling back to slam in hard and fast as he rode me and spanked me and gripped me hard to hold me down. My climax was climbing fast, I pushed against his hand and raised my bottom as high as I could to take more of him inside me, his thighs slapped the back of mine with force as he gripped both hips now and drove in deep again and again and again until my head was empty of a single painful thought, without warning, my orgasm erupted and ripped through everything, shooting through me like a lightning strike and I tightened around his shaft and screamed his name over and over again. He followed me over the edge, his body folded over the length of mine and he braced his weight on his arms either side of my head, I felt him sear my insides with heat as he pumped hard and erupted inside me filling me with his hot seed, he groaned deeply against my ear continuing to thrust until he was spent.

Slowly, he raised himself up and withdrew his cock. His warm juices spilled from me and soaked the insides of my thighs. He placed a large hand over the juice and rubbed it in, his fingers thrust up inside me, gathering his cream and he brought it and smeared it across my hot thighs and cheeks and then he brought his hand around to my face and pushed his finger into my mouth. I closed around it and sucked our juices from it greedily, wrapping my tongue around the length of his finger, making sure I got everything before he pulled it out slowly.

Without a word he picked me up bodily from the sofa and carried me upstairs cradled in his arms. He pushed open the bedroom door and sat on the edge of the bed and held me, kissing my tears from my face before stealing my breath with a kiss I got lost in.

My 9 days with Tom had begun…

Curve Ball.


artwork by Vadim Stein

I have responsibilities that I never turn away from and they come first, last and always. Everything else goes on the back burner.

The boy was coming home. He had had 4 days away at his friend’s house and he was coming home to recharge, reconnect and get his laundry done!

Time to sit Tom down and explain the new household dynamic. We had spent the last 3 days pretty much naked the whole time. We were either involved in some serious spanking sessions or we were having the best sex I have ever had in my life. Tom assured me he felt the same way. We are in lust. But at 6 pm this evening it will all come to a screeching halt when the boy wheels through that door.

It was 7 am and I was once again sat naked on the sofa at the end of my bed, watching Tom. He fills my bed, like he fills everything else, he takes up all the space and fills it with himself, quietly.

I like that.

He makes no demands, but he will quietly negotiate his way around a situation so that there is no room left to wriggle and it feels perfectly normal and right to go along with it. He never steps on my toes, or tries to usurp my authority if I am disciplining him. But during the times when we are just together he will make full use of that time. I have never been with a man like this before. The give and take is awesome. The silent understanding he seems to have about the way I operate makes me sit back and watch him, makes me want to throw him a curve ball to see if he catches it without a fuss. So far, even when he disagreed with me, he capitulated and gave me rights over him he didn’t believe I should have.

Did I feel guilty for that? No. I was and still am of the opinion he had earned his punishment. His feelings on the subject were taken into account but later disregarded because he had broken the rules. It is very simple. He couldn’t claim ignorance. The rules were set before he entered into any agreement with me, they were set by Graham. They stood, regardless of anything that came afterwards.

Anyway, all that had been largely resolved throughout the whole of yesterday and most of last night. He had kept his promise too, I was completely wrung out and exhausted by his promise to make me cum more times than I ever had in my life all put together! And he did. He didn’t break the rules either, that man has serious control over his body, and once he’s decided something, then nothing is changing the outcome.

I like that.

Oh and yes, my bottom was toasted last night, a 30 minute hand spanking over his knee followed by a hairbrush spanking for kicking and scratching him while I tried to get away, followed by another hand spanking that turned into some of the hottest sex I’ve ever had! There were serious amounts of sex interspersed between spankings and I am truly exhausted and very much alive and on full throttle wanting more of the same thank you very much. In fact I will be demanding it in my best Ma’am tone. But only after we have had this very important conversation. I am throwing the curve ball and he has to catch it or everything will break.

He woke up.

‘Hey…’ He gruffed. He does, he gruffs, it’s a Tom thing. I don’t know how to explain it any better. His gruff is damned sexy and reaches inside me…

I smiled at him, ‘hey…’ I was still running around inside my own head. I had to keep my distance while we had this very important conversation.

He sat up and rested his arms on his drawn up knees. ‘Doesn’t your son come home today Gem?’

See what I mean? He just knows and just like that we are dealing.

I nodded. ‘6 pm.’ I said. I don’t know how to tackle this, without offending him, making him feel less important, not wanted, like he’s a toy to discard when I no longer wish to play. This is why I am crap at relationships. I don’t have the emotional endurance to tackle romantic issues. I prefer the lets fuck like rabbits, spank like demons and then leave kind of relationship. No expectations, just fun.

I knew he was waiting for me to elaborate. I didn’t I just sat there thinking. He slid out of bed and came over to crouch down in front of me. ‘Hey… what’s going on in that busy head of yours?’ He probed me. He was so damned gentle and caring, I could feel all my fears rising up and I was busy jumping on them quickly before they took hold.

I placed my hands on his chest to connect but also to keep him in place, can’t concentrate if he’s too close.

‘I need you to not be here when the Boy arrives home Tom. I …’ I spoke carefully and I confess I was afraid.

He smiled, it reached his eyes. ‘That goes without saying baby, I was about to suggest that I go over to see Graham at 5 pm and I will stay there until you text me and tell me to come back.’

I felt relief flood through me, I was officially in awe of this man and his natural ability to understand and just get me without all the fussing and fighting that usually goes along with it.

I nodded, ‘When I text you, bring Gray back with you. The Boy knows him well and if you arrive with him, Graham is vouching for you. The Boy will be comfortable with that. He doesn’t like meeting new people. He gets nervous around them.’

Tom nodded in agreement, completely at ease. He stroked my leg and lifted it, uncrossing it and spreading it wide. He positioned himself between my legs and kissed my thighs. ‘There’s a huge amount of hours between now and 5 pm baby…’ His breath whispered across my skin and I shivered.

I could feel the licks of excitement climbing inside me, this man’s touch… I can’t tell you in words how damned hot he makes me feel instantly. These words don’t do the feeling justice.

I reached out and touched his face, I ran my fingers through his hair and I leaned down and kissed him. He was beginning to take control and I blocked him. I tightened my hold on his hair and he got it. He remained in his position, no longer leading but following.

I like that.

I broke the kiss and pulled back from him. ‘Today is my day, you are mine to do with as I please, I am taking everything I need. I am going to use you for my own pleasure for as long as I can. You will not try and take over do I make myself clear Tom?’

It was there in his eyes, he was instantly submissive, this giant man was mine to command! ‘Yes Ma’am, I’m here to serve you and be used by you for your pleasure.’

I pulled back and pushed him away with my foot. Standing over him, I stared down into his eyes. ‘Fuck me, hard. I want to feel every inch of you inside me, pounding me, stretching me, filling me, make me cum hard and fast and keep me cumming.’ I turned around and bent over gripping the sofa cushions, I spread my legs wide and pussy glistened, wet and slick and ready for his engorged cock. I didn’t have to wait.

A moment later I was impaled on him, he gripped my hips and thrust hard and deep on his first stroke. His thighs slapped hard against the back of mine as he thrust his full length into my waiting heat. I groaned deeply, he set up a rhythm of strong fast strokes, he spanked my cheeks as he thrust and withdrew, his other hand came around the front and he slid his large fingers between my pussy lips and rubbed my clit until I was bucking up and driving him deeper inside me. My climax was building on a slow burn, I wanted this to last. I wanted the ride. I wanted the heat and delicious pain that comes from taking such a big man inside me roughly.

I wanted to feel alive.

From nowhere my climax rose up swiftly and broke over us both in waves that rocked me propelling me forward with it’s force. He gripped me and lifted me backwards against him, he held me tight against his chest. He held my hips and ground them down onto him, stretching me, lifting me, forcing me down on him, my orgasm rolled through me and soaked us both, followed swiftly by another. He turned and threw me on the bed raised my hips and continued to pound me from behind, I felt myself let go completely, I was liquid heat, everything that had cluttered my brain disappeared, my head became silent as I melted into the sensations he was creating in me. I lost myself and I felt tears slide down my face as I came again and again. He crooned words of encouragement in my ear as he leaned his full weight over me, covering me, surrounding me, impaling me, absorbing me in to his massive frame.

‘Come on baby, give me everything, there’s more… I know you have more… give it to me.’ I broke, floods of tears streamed down my face as my body rolled from one huge orgasm to another and then another. I shuddered, trembled, shook from head to foot with the force of them and Tom kept on pounding me, thighs slapping against my thighs, his hand gripping my bottom and squeezing hard, I howled and then groaned, and then came again. He rolled us so he was beneath me, I fell forward against his chest and he rose up and trapped me between his chest and his knees and he pushed me down the full length of him until my pussy was flush against his groin and then he held me still and kissed me, kissed the tears from my face, leaned me back and sucked a nipple into his mouth and nipped it between his teeth. I moaned, I was in ecstasy. He held me still. I could feel his cock throbbing and pulsing deep inside me and I began to clench my muscles around his thick shaft. Imitating his pulse, following his heart beat. We both climaxed. He roared as he thrust up once, hard, I felt his seed spill and fill me with heat, my own climax ripped through me and dragged a deep feral growl from my lips. I was spent.

I curled into his massive chest, still impaled on him and I disappeared inside his huge arms while he held me and kissed my neck, nipping at the sensitive skin, sending more tremors through me. I sighed.

‘You broke the rules again.’ I whispered.

‘Uh uh. Ban lifted last night at midnight baby, had a text from Gray yesterday.’ I could here the laughter nipping at the edge of his voice.

I smiled and curled in tighter, I slept. He watched, and waited for me.

He had caught the curve ball and we hadn’t broken.

I like that.

Artwork by Vadim Stein



Tom was acting up because it was time to pay for breaking the rules. His argument was that I had actively encouraged him to do so and it wasn’t fair of me to then pull the rug and say ‘uh uh you shouldn’t have done that. That’s prohibited!’ I did say he could take that up with me again, after his punishment had taken place. For now, my argument still stands, besides, I hold the cane therefore I win.

I explained in great detail that I see it as my mission to test his ability to keep to the only rule he has been given by Graham. How hard can that be? His whole reason for agreeing to discipline with Graham was because he is brilliantly lazy and flies by the seat of his pants too close to deadlines even for his own comfort. He needs to be more disciplined, more determined to succeed and less inclined to just wing it and hope for the best. Besides, it isn’t my responsibility to make sure he doesn’t break the rules, it’s his. That’s the whole point!

He’s failed in applying a more disciplined approach on a great many occasions over the past three days. Some he has been punished for already but there are now 6 occasions where he wilfully smashed that rule to smithereens and he thinks I should be complicit with him in not bringing it to Graham’s attention as I was the one who ‘made’ him break it.

I said ‘No chance.’ I want to keep the lovely skin of my bottom without severe cane blemishes that last for a month thank you. Self preservation and all that.

Hence his mega sulk.

I have yet to use my strict tone with him, I had hoped he would accept his punishment without the need for me to get too strict with him. I am new to this, so obviously I was hugely mistaken in thinking I could discipline him without my Ma’am persona fully in place. That’s okay, I like that persona a lot anyway. Especially after the power trip I experienced with him this morning. I am more than happy to go there again. And go there I did.

I stood at the end of the bed and watched him, lying there with his arm covering his eyes and his chin set in a stubborn lift, lips tight and he’s refusing to talk to me.

‘Thomas!’ His name came out like a whip lash and he instantly dropped his arm from his face. He glared at me.

I raised my eyebrow, Strict Ma’am was fully in play now. ‘Really Thomas? You think this behaviour is going to aid your backside in any way at all?’

He shrugged his massive shoulders once, but I could see it in his eyes, he was wavering. Damn, the power of a sharp tone!

‘I will only tell you one more time to get your arse over the end of this bed and assume the position. You are being caned, but it’s up to you whether the caning stops after 6 or continues for 16 because of your adolescent sulking fit! Now move!’ I demanded sternly.

He was immediately on his feet and heading for the foot of the bed. He and I are so similar in our regard for obeying authority, he could not resist one final act of defiance before he capitulated and took his punishment.

‘There will be pay back for this, I promise you. We are going to have that conversation about how I am now in default for breaking rules you made sure I would break.’ I could see his sulk still sitting in his eyes, I could feel it in every line of his body and I’ve gotta tell you people, I absolutely loved this! This version of Tom was by far and away my favourite to date! Complete submission would have gotten boring for me really quickly. Absolute refusal would have made it too much like he had all the control, but this in between thing he had created between us? Oh hell yes, I could go for this in a big way. I could feel myself growing moist and the curls of excitement began to flicker in my stomach.

‘Can I suggest you stop your mouth writing any more cheques that your arse can’t cash please?’ You cannot afford to piss me off any further Thomas, now bend over, stop behaving like a spoilt brat and start counting!’

His temper flared in his eyes, his lips disappeared into a thin line but he bent over and he assumed the position.

I wasted no time, he needed bringing back in line before I lost this battle of wills with him completely.

I stood to the side and brought the cane down once through the air to test it, I saw his buttocks clench and then release and I used the opportunity to put my first stroke across those cheeks. The cane whipped an instant red line straight across both cheeks and he jumped, yowled and swore all at the same time. I wasted no time, I brought the second stroke down directly above the first, he drew in a sharp intake of breath but made no other sound. He wasn’t counting, he knew I wanted him to count, he hadn’t started, maybe when he got past 16 strokes and I continued he would get with the plot.

I waited a moment until his bottom had bloomed with twin welts and then delivered the third. He braced his shoulders, no sound. The fourth I brought home across his sit spot. This time he howled, loudly and swore prolifically. I brought the 5th home across the top of his thighs, the 6th came in just below it and the 7th and 8th arrived across both cheeks again. I paused ‘when are you going to start counting Tom?’

He shouted EIGHT! at me and I laughed. ‘Oh no, you don’t get to jump to mid way Tom. We start counting out loud from 1. not 8. So, we shall take the next stroke as 1. Make it loud and clear or I will ignore it and start again. Clear?’

I brought the cane across his cheeks sharply. He swore loudly and shouted ‘Yes Ma’am, ONE!’
16 strokes later, he was sobbing and pleading for me to stop. He apologised for breaking the rules over and over and as each new stroke landed he got louder and louder. Tears came and he submitted to me completely. I laid the cane down on the bed by his side and ran my hands over the mass of searing hot welts left by my cane. I ran my finger nails over the surface and watched as the goosebumps chased across the surface. I heard him groan as I gripped his cheek and squeezed and then released and did the same to the other cheek. His pleading set up again, ‘Please Ma’am. No more please? I can’t control…’

‘Learn how to and fast Tom. You can not cum without Graham’s consent. If you do you are going to be in a world of pain. I raised my hand and spanked both cheeks simultaneously with a flurry of sharp spanks. I stopped when he dropped his head between his arms on the bed and I heard him sobbing. I patted his back once, ‘Corner time. Go and stand in the corner by the window and face the wall, hands on head. 10 minutes and then we shall carry out the final part of your punishment.’

He stood up and eyes downcast he made his way to the corner and did as instructed immediately. This was definitely submissive Tom.

He presented his bottom to me as he continued with his corner time. His backside and thighs were a mass of red welts and cane marks. He had taken his punishment well but only because he had been made to. I wanted to make sure he didn’t make the mistake of thinking he could do as he pleased while he was with me. We were definitely going to have to work on his submission more thoroughly.

‘Now Tom, because you decided you we’re going to throw a temper tantrum today, I have to teach you a very hard lesson. One that, after it, I hope you will remember and therefore not need teaching twice. Should that happen, it will be a very painful experience, I promise.’

‘Yes Ma’am’ he muttered. There was no beligerence left in his voice. He had submitted to me completely.

‘Turn around please.’ I instructed sharply.

He turned and faced me, his cock was standing to attention as normal and I grinned and licked my lips. His cock jumped and he groaned.

‘Oh don’t worry baby,’ I crooned as I stood before him, ‘I’m not putting you through that particular wringer yet. I have some choices for you to decide on. Okay?’

He was instantly wary. My tone was far too pleasant for it to be trusted.

Yes Ma’am. He said hesitantly.

‘Good. So, you have three choices for the rest of your punishment.

  1. Chilli heat rub all over your bottom and thighs and take 400 spanks of the hairbrush from the machine on top setting without a break.
  2. ginger fig inserted for 4 minutes and 100 spanks with the hairbrush from the machine.
  3. Chilli heat rub all over your caned bottom and thighs while I play with your cock and see whether you have improved your self discipline regarding not cumming.

Before you choose, think on this, if you choose #3 and you break the rules again, I will have no choice but to inform Graham and hand you back to him at the end of our first week with a list of how many times you broke it, and he will deliver your next punishment. The choice is yours Tom you have 2 minutes to make up your mind.’

I watched as his choices sank in. I saw something glint in his eyes as he made his choice and my pussy sprang to life instantly. Oh he was so not submissive Tom by a long mile! Damn, I really really liked this new Tom! A lot!

‘I’ll take number 3 please Ma’am.’ He said ever so politely.

‘Good boy!’ Yes! I didn’t want to spank him anymore, I wanted to play with him. 10 days, just 10 small days. I was taking everything I could from him. I’m greedy, I don’t care.

I stepped up behind him and ran my hands over his buttocks and thighs one more time before I applied chilli heat to them and then I waited. I heard the hiss of breath from him as the heat began to work its way into the sore skin of his welts and blisters and then I wiped my hands on the inside of his thighs and down the front of them with the remainder of the cream. This cream, it truly is evil, it packs the most powerful heat and feels like you just rubbed raw ginger all over your skin. It stings and burns and heats and builds on the pain you’re already feeling from the broken skin of the caning. The effects last for at least an hour before they start to calm down some.

You can relax your arms now’ I said as I crouched down in front of him and slid my lips over the tip of his turgid member. He brought his hands down and placed them on either side of my head as I slid him further into the heat of my mouth. His grip tightened, his leg muscles tensed and he groaned a deep guttural moan that ripped through me and made me so wet I was sure my juices must be running down my thighs. Damn but this man could turn me inside out in a second! I was enthralled by my own body’s reaction to him as much as I was with his reaction to me.

I sucked him, licked him, stroked him with my tongue, and plunged his thick cock in and out of my mouth for nearly 30 minutes. I mimicked the strokes he had shown me during his performance earlier and I was treated to a mouth full of pre-cum juices and his legs began to tremble. I raised my eyes to look at his face, my mouth full of his thick rigid cock, I locked my gaze with his and he was not submissive Tom. Not at all. The expression on his face was intensity personified, he held my head tightly and began to thrust his hips gently against the stroke of my mouth on his throbbing cock.

‘We’re going to be doing this a long time baby, I refuse to cum because I know how much you want to taste it. But I am going to fuck you blind for the rest of the day. I will not cum, but by Christ woman, you will. I am going to wring you out and hang you out to dry until you are limp and spent and mine to do with as I please.’ He whispered those words as he pushed harder into my waiting mouth, and I pulled back and applied suction. I watched as his eyes closed and he fought against his natural instincts to fill me with his cream.

I slid his cock out of my mouth and then began to stroke him with one hand as I crouched before him and slid my other hand between my thighs and my fingers slid between the silken folds of pussy’s lips and sank deep inside me.

He couldn’t take the visual impact as well as the physical impact and he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me slowly and painfully to my feet. I came. Hard. The painful tug had pushed me over the edge and my juices flowed over my fingers and my body collapsed trembling against his. He wrapped his arm around my waist and held me, I could feel the power surging through him, he bent me back over his arm and caught a nipple between his finger and thumb and pinched it hard until I gasped and felt myself going under as he turned the tables on me once again and used my own greedy needs against me. I felt myself being lifted bodily, I wrapped my legs around his hips as he gripped my buttocks tightly and thrust his engorged cock deep inside me. I pushed my arms under his and wrapped them around him and clutched hard to the solid mass of his back. My nails dug in deeply as he thrust inside me harder and harder…

‘YES… ‘ I cried as my climax built swiftly… I lifted my gaze to his and I saw beautiful, raw need looking back at me. But he didn’t cum…

He would win this battle of wills, I was helpless. My own body would betray me and I had never been happier for it to be so.

I think I may have finally met my match.

Rules anyone?


So has anyone remembered that Tom is supposed to be on an orgasm ban? Graham had told him the ban was in place until he said different. Now, when Graham says things like that, two things are immediately apparent. 1. You don’t break that rule and 2. You just know you are in for a long haul ban. Tom is only with us for two weeks and we are just 4 days in on that two weeks. Still another 10 days to go and he has already been punished once for breaking that rule and Graham knows it.

So…Tom broke the rules again yesterday evening, 3 times. I of course took full advantage of his forgetfulness, I have no shame. He is delicious! But, you know what that means right? Tables are turning and it’s my turn to bring him back into line. I am so looking forward to this but before I do I decided to make full use of him first. Seems a shame not to. Besides, he spanked my arse so hard last night I have twin hand prints covering my cheeks! Payback is gonna be a bitch! Bloody hell his hands are HUGE!

Regardless, my bottom was quite achy this morning, throbbing, but achy. Tom was still sound asleep at the side of me and I got a buzz from waking up next to him that I had not experienced before.

I slipped out of bed letting my own fears chase me across the room. Deep breaths Gem, deep breaths and just look at him. It’s Tom, beautiful, compliant, submissive, deferential Tom. All you have to do is give him that strict voice and he’s all yours to do with as you wish.

I love my own pep talks! No arguing! I sat musing my options as I watched him sleep.

The thing I really like about him is, he’s always ready. Over the past few days all I’ve had to do is look at his crotch and he’s instantly hard! I love it! Not to mention the buzz I get knowing I can do that to him! I swear, that poor man has been walking around with a permanent hard on since he got here two days ago. I won’t let it go soft. I only have him for 10 more days people, I need to make hay while the sun shines!

For a long time, I have been bereft of a lover who didn’t feel the need to control me constantly. Tom is ticking every single box right now and some I didn’t know I had! That scares me and thrills me in equal measure. I know I’m an emotional coward and will run like a scared rabbit at the first signs of a request for commitment. So far, Tom has not triggered that. It’s very early days yet and we are still in the ‘ hot sex and spanking’ zone. I like living there. It fulfils my needs. He fulfils my needs and I want him, constantly! I feel greedy and I don’t care.

I sat on the small sofa on the other side of the bedroom musing these thoughts and I hadn’t realised he was awake and watching me watch him.

‘What you doin’ all the way over there Gem?’ His voice was sleep gruff and sexy as hell, it grazed over my skin like a cool breeze and I watched the goose bumps appear on my arms. I raised my gaze to meet his and he smiled a lazy smile.

He sat up and the sheets fell away from him, his massive chest was on full show and I felt pussy stir.

‘I’m just thinking,’ I murmured as I lowered my gaze from his eyes to his massive chest and then down to where the sheet had bunched up around his hips. And there it was, he grew hard watching me watch him.

‘Be a darling and pull the sheet back please.’ I said quietly never taking my eyes from his covered hips.

He barked out a deep laugh but he complied. He threw the sheet back and revealed his beautiful cock growing hard and twitching laying against his thigh. I smiled and licked my lips. His cock twitched harder. Pussy was singing her own song so I changed position and spread my leg wide and let my fingers do their own work on her. I slid my finger between her naked smoothly shaven plump lips and stroked my clit. I kept my gaze fixed on his cock. It jumped to order. He shifted his weight slightly.

‘Don’t move!’ I demanded as I continued to stroke myself while he watched. His cock raised now, the turgid head stood proud of it’s sheathing as blood coursed to the tip. I wanted to lower myself down on it’s thick length and take him completely inside me and keep him there, but I remained where I was, my thoughts drove my fingers to find their way inside me working pussy into a wonderful throbbing mass of need driven by the sight of him, lying there quietly, accepting my will, not forcing his own, waiting patiently for his next instruction.

I felt powerful.

‘Jesus Gem…’ His voice was deep and gruff as he watched me masturbate while I watched his cock. I slid my gaze back up the mass of beautiful muscles and lightly bronzed skin of his torso, to his eyes. Oh my… lust…pure unadulterated lust… but there was something else… he was mine to command, it was there in his eyes and I felt the power surge through me again. My fingers worked harder and my body writhed, I needed more. I dropped my gaze back down to his cock and moaned a little as I licked my lips.

‘I want to watch you stroke yourself for me.’ I said between little moans and minuscule hip movements. He grunted and closed his big meaty hand around his shaft and he started a slow steady stroke, sliding his hand all the way to the tip and then down again, the head was engorged and clear drops of pre-cum glistened on its tip.

‘Taste that for me.’ I said as my eyes drank in his every smooth stroke. He rubbed his finger over the head and collected his juices. He raised it to his mouth and barely allowed a grimace as he slid his finger between his lips and sucked it clean.

I moaned as I began to work my pussy harder. I was desperate to cum, but I wanted to make this last as long as I could.

‘What do you taste like?’ my voice was barely above a whisper, I didn’t want to break the tension or the spell that had fallen over the room. We were more connected right now than we had been last night when you couldn’t slide a piece of paper between us!

‘Salty. It tastes better when I taste it in your mouth baby.’ He was talking very quietly too I knew he felt the same way I did.

‘Do you want your cock in my mouth Tom? Do you want to feel my lips close around it and sink down and wrap it inside my warm wet mouth?’ My fingers plunged, my hips were pushing up to reach the down stroke of my own hand. My thumb was circling my clit and it throbbed so hard…

He groaned and I watched his body surge upwards at the thought of my mouth taking him inside and wrapping him in it’s heat.

‘Damn it Gem! You’re killing me here…’ he ground out between clenched teeth, as he continued to stroke and pull and then smooth his cock, it was a rhythm that was particular to what he knew he needed. I was fascinated. There was no straight up and down pumping going on, this was so damned erotic, a man knows how to give himself what he needs. He knows what makes his cock jump and spill. He wastes no time with unnecessary actions. Tom was a delight to watch and I knew he was getting off on performing for me. I learned from his strokes what he needed as I drank in every move. I stored the rhythm in the back of my mind to use on him at a later date. I would enslave him with his own lustful desire for me, for this, for us.

His breathing had changed, it was heavier, shorter, little grunts escaped as he worked that cock for me. He never took his eyes from my fingers, watching as they buried themselves deep inside my pussy and then slid out, glistening with her juices, I lifted them to my mouth and slipped two fingers between my lips and sucked. ‘I taste sweet.’ I murmured as I lowered my fingers back down to continue stroking.

He groaned, ‘I know you do baby, let me taste you?’ So quietly spoken. His breathing was shallow now, I knew he was close.

‘Not yet.’ I shook my head slowly denying him his prize, and leaned back. I spread my legs so I was wide open to his view. I thrust my hips up and threw my head back as I arched and pumped my fingers deep inside until I felt my climax tearing through me.

‘Now!’ I groaned so loud it brought Tom off the bed and on his knees between my thighs before I had finished. His mouth covered my slick wet pussy as he drank in my juices, thrusting his tongue inside me over my fingers. I held them there and felt him stretch me, I grabbed the back of his head as my orgasm rose up again and I rode that wave for all I was worth.

Finally, finally I came down. I dropped my leg and placed my foot against his chest and pushed.

He pulled back a little and looked up at my face. I pushed again. ‘I want you NOW!’ I demanded. I pushed him again and he lay flat on the floor, his rigid cock standing to attention. I dropped down onto my knees between his thighs and I lowered my lips slowly over his engorged tip. I sucked him all the way in right to the back of my throat. I could taste his bitter saltiness on my tongue and I sucked hard. Then I pulled all the way back and wrapped my tongue in the crease under the tip and applied suction. He bucked up hard. His hand grabbed my head and held me fast. I pumped him, applying suction, releasing him then beginning all over again. His legs trembled, he leaned up and braced himself on one arm so he could watch me, I raised my eyes to watch his face. The tension I saw there was beautiful and raw. I lowered my mouth all the way down to his groin but I kept my eyes locked with his and he grunted, deep and low, a guttural sound that was music to my ears, his hips thrust up hard, his legs locked, his cream shot from him and hit the back of my throat. I swallowed, then swallowed again as he continued to shoot thick hot cream into my waiting mouth still holding my head firmly, locking us together as I milked every single drop from him, I covered his cock with his juices, I licked it clean, I smoothed the last drops down his shaft and then sucked it all back in to my mouth. He was still bucking and groaning and gripping me tightly.

Finally I let him go and sat back to look at him. He had a dazed expression on his face and he just shook his head at me slowly, ‘Fuck… that was…’

I grinned at him and said very quietly, ‘That was… breaking the rules Tom.’

I felt him freeze, he had been going to reach for me and he froze mid reach. ‘The rules?’ He questioned.

‘Uh huh,’ I nodded, ‘The rules. You’re on an orgasm ban remember?’

He looked genuinely confused, ‘But… we changed the rules yesterday Gem, we started new rules, remember?’ He sat up now and raised his knees to support his heavy arms. Jesus he was all muscle and heat and I was getting hot for him all over again.

‘No,’ I shook my head slowly, ‘they were my rules we changed. The orgasm ban is Graham’s rule. Only Graham can change that, I wouldn’t even dare try.’ I was still smiling like the cat with the cream.

‘Aww come on baby, that’s not…’ His face was a study in consternation.

‘Fair?’ I questioned with a raised eyebrow.

‘Yeah… fair.’ He said somewhat truculently.

‘Was it fair when you spanked me without warning last night? Was it fair when you pounded my ass with your hand for 20 minutes? I have two huge hand prints covering my ass this morning and my cheeks ache from your spanking. Was that fair?’ I countered, thoroughly enjoying the sparring now.

He was instantly apologetic. ‘Oh god, did I hurt you? I never meant to …’

I laughed a little, ‘Of course you hurt me, it wouldn’t be a spanking if it didn’t hurt!’ I watched his face relax again. I drove my point home harder. ‘But… we aren’t discussing me Tom, we’re discussing you, breaking the rules not once, but 3 times last night and now its 4 times. Graham is going to be livid with you. I would not want to be in your shoes when he canes you for your wilful disregard of his rules. He doesn’t like that. He makes it hurt, a lot. For a long time.’ And Tom paled at the memory of his previous punishment with Graham.

‘Or… you could take it like a man from me. Your choice baby.’ I was up on my knees now, leaning forward with my breasts jutting perkily trapped between my arms, he was struggling to keep his eyes on my face and they kept dropping down to my very hard dusky nipples. His hand came up and he wrapped it around my left breast and squeezed a little harder than he ever had before, I sucked in a breath and moaned a little, his lip curled in a half smile and his eyes filled with lust, I saw the glint in his eye as he got the message that he was in big trouble. It said loud and clear, he wasn’t going down without a fight.

‘Fine, but if I’m going to be punished for four I might as well make it a damn good 6 and fuck you until you’re purring. Come here!’ His was a growl and my whole body responded to it with liquid fire coursing through me. I was hungry again. He covered my right breast with his other hand and pulled me.

I leaned forward, wincing at the delicious shot of pain that worked its way straight down and fired my pussy up instantly. He pulled me up and onto my feet. He squeezed deliciously hard before he let go, lifted me bodily, turned and threw me down in the middle of the bed on my back. He grabbed me and placed a leg either side of his chest as he followed me down and impaled me with his huge cock. I was instantly full, stretched to my limit and so ready for him I thrust up on his down stroke to meet him…

Some hours later, I lay curled into his side with his big meaty arm holding me firmly to him and I was purring happily. Damn but this man knew how to do me.

It was almost a shame that he would have to be punished for it, but those are the rules. You break ’em you pay for them. I slid out of bed and went to retrieve my cane.

Tom delivers on the Heat!

#NSFW 18+ Explicit Sexual content

Tom was absolutely amazing at dealing with June. He had her eating out of his hand by the end of his phone call with her. Not only was she not turning up this weekend, she had agreed that she had to let me go now because Tom was on the scene and he was not interested in sharing me with anyone other than Graham. He actually agreed with June’s assessment of my discipline needs and promised her he would stay on top of things. I spoke to her for a few minutes after he had finished his conversation and she was more than satisfied that my bottom was going to get the attention it needed from Tom. We managed to part as friends too which was fabulous, I wasn’t sure, given how hard she had been pushing if that was going to be possible. But hey, silver linings again.

I ended the call and grinned widely at Tom. ‘Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I really thought that whole thing was going to go sideways and I was going to lose her friendship completely. I owe you big time!’

He stepped up against me and wrapped his arms around me, stole a kiss and then said, ‘you’re welcome and yes you do. so, with that in mind, I don’t like tabs outstanding, that’s what got you in trouble in the first place. I think we need to settle up immediately don’t you?’ His tone was a mixture of stern and playful, he was so, I don’t know how to describe it, just… on it. His tone was neither demanding nor pleading, just matter of fact, this was what he wanted and it was happening, I just needed to go along with it because it was what I had signed up for. No arguments, and he never said a word of any of that. It was just his tone.

My tummy curled with excitement, pussy started singing her usual tune of ‘oh hell yes please’ and my bottom was tingling. The only thing missing was the usual dread I would experience right before a sound spanking. I had nothing to compare to with Tom, this was brand new territory. The mild spanking he had given me earlier couldn’t even be called a mild warm up. It was over clothing and barely stung. It was more shock factor than spanking!

I remembered what he had said about wanting a wild cat to spank. I could deliver that! I really didn’t feel like I could just submit to him because he’d asked for it.

‘What right now?’ I purposely took a step back from him and folded my arms in a belligerent gesture. ‘What if I don’t want to pay up right now?’ I wanted to see how he would handle me being a stroppy bitch on his first outing. Please, bear in mind I have only experienced Tom in a submissive mind set, and when not submissive he was still deferential towards me. I always felt like I was leading.

He raised an eyebrow and his eyes gleamed with predatory intent as his hand lowered to his belt buckle. He spoke quietly, ‘You don’t want to play with my cock Gemma? I find that hard to believe!’

He unfastened his belt and unzipped his jeans and let them drop to the floor. He stepped out of them and kicked them out of the way. His huge cock sprang forward from his groin and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. My mouth began to water just looking at it. I looked back up at his face, his eyes were heavy with lust and I knew right then I was done for. I was never going to say no to anything this man wanted!

As I dropped to my knees in front of his huge member, I said, ‘I thought you were just going to spank me. I’m more than delighted to play with your cock.’ That said I took hold of him and guided his throbbing head into my mouth and sucked him in. His hands braced the back of my head and he held me gently but firmly in place as I slid along the length of him, sucking, licking, drawing my mouth to his throbbing tip and then plunging it back down as far as I could take him. My other hand cupped his balls and rolled them gently between my fingers, I ran a finger along the puckered skin of his arse and was gratified to feel him buck forwards and hold my head tighter. Oh he liked that play. Yes he did. I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock and was rewarded with a large amount of pre-cum on my tongue. I swallowed and worked him harder. I was having all of him and I wasn’t stopping until he filled my mouth with his cream.

I worked his cock for a good while before he pulled my head back and made me look up at him, I had saliva running down my chin and my eyes were wild with lust, I was desperate to cum, I wanted him to cum in my mouth and I wanted his big thick cock buried inside me right now! Jesus, I had never experienced anything like this! I had never felt so out of control as I did right then.

He pulled me up to my feet and bent me over so that I had to grab the edge of the sofa for support, he pushed my skirt up past my hips and gripped me firmly with one hand, I thrust my naked bottom out inviting him to take my glistening wet pussy. Then the first slap landed and I jumped and tried to look over my shoulder at him, ‘what are… I want your cock inside me now! I don’t want a spanking…’

Is that right lady, well, you get what you’re given and you’ll take it. He raised his hand and brought it down hard against my exposed plump cheek. I felt the sting and began to struggle against his hold. He wasn’t gonna get this all his own way. I lashed out with my arm and tried to block his hand as it came back down, he caught it and held it, and I wriggled and kicked as he spanked and spanked and laughed at my puny efforts to avoid his large hands. I kicked out, I swore at him, I called him every bastard under the sun and he goaded me by saying ‘is that all you’ve got? Where is this hell cat I was looking to tame? It isn’t going to take long to tame you Gemma. You’re not as feisty as I thought.’

Jesus I saw red, I reared up and spun around aiming for his face with my hand and he grabbed me around the waist and tucked me under his arm like I was a small child! He had full access to my bottom now and all I could do was kick and wriggle for all I was worth. He raised his leg and placed his foot on the edge of the sofa. I was pinned over his knee with his huge arm holding me firmly in place and then he let loose on my ass like I had never before experienced. His hand covered my whole cheek and it packed a serious wallop. I squealed loudly as the spanks came in thick and fast, I cursed and kicked, I pinched the back of his legs where I could grab at them and he laughed and swore at me calling me a little bitch. That earned me a flurry of really hard spanks across my thighs and I howled like a banshee, the throbbing pain erupted across my cheeks and thighs all at the same time and my ass felt like it was on fire.

Pussy chose that moment to let go with all guns blazing and my climax ripped through me and shattered the last of any fight I had left in me. Jesus Christ I saw stars and bloody fireworks! That orgasm just kept on rolling and I could hear Tom muttering as he stopped spanking me and began thrusting his fingers deep inside me, ‘Yes baby come on! Give me everything you’ve got. I want it all.’ I came again, I was so far gone I was shaking over his knee and I suddenly found myself lifted high and turned to face him, my legs automatically wrapped around his hips and he plunged his cock deep inside me and held me hard against him. I wriggled, I had to move, fuck I needed to move, I could feel another orgasm building swiftly, I wanted to ride him and I managed to gasp out ‘Harder Tom please, HARDER.’ He held my hips tightly as he thrust up into me and ground us together over and over again until he erupted deep inside me, I could feel his hot cum searing my insides and I came hard around his throbbing, pumping cock. He held us in that position for what felt like an age, my head had dropped down onto his shoulder and I was shuddering and moaning and just losing myself in the aftershocks that were still flooding through me. Finally he sat us down on the sofa. He was still inside me and I could feel him growing hard again as he pulled my shirt off quickly followed by my bra.

He leaned down and took a nipple in his mouth as his fingers travelled to my clit and he worked her until she was throbbing in time to his cock pounding in and out of me. I had died and found my official version of heaven. It was shaped like Tom and his glorious cock. Damn he was so good at this. He squeezed my sore bottom and smacked it a little bit, I moaned and wriggled and he pumped up and into me harder and faster as his need grew. His face tightened with the effort to stave off his orgasm but I wanted it. I was having it and there was nothing he could do that would stop me.

Without warning I quickly climbed off him and dropped down on my knees between his legs and I drew that very hard, thick hot cock into my mouth and I plunged down on it as far as I could take it and he grabbed the back of my head by the hair as his muscles tensed in his legs, a groan ripped deep from his throat and he shot all of his cum into my mouth. There was so much it leaked out and ran down my chin. I swallowed and then soothed his cock with my mouth and wrapped my tongue around it until he was completely spent. I let him slide from my mouth and I climbed onto his lap where he wrapped his huge arms around me and held me tightly to him. He kissed me deeply for a long time.

When we finally came up for air he smiled a wicked smile and said, ‘I like the taste of me in your mouth. That’s how you should always taste. Like I just filled you.’

I couldn’t agree more…

Tom turns up the heat!

So June was turning into a major pain in the ass. I had received a number of demanding texts from her over the past few days, she was furious, especially in light of the fact that she had been blown off to give Tom house room, which she wasn’t buying into and she thought I was lying to her. Basically she thought I was rocking an empty house right now and she wanted in.

I dropped down onto the sofa next to Tom and blew out a frustrated sigh. He switched off the TV and gave me his full attention! (I know!! Who does that? I was getting sucked in to Tom’s world big time!)

‘Whats up?’ He asked.

I held up my phone and glared at it. ‘June is what’s up, she won’t take no for an answer!’ I grumbled.

‘Okay…who’s June and why won’t she accept no?’ He prodded gently.

I threw my phone down in disgust and changed position on the sofa to sit side on so I could look directly at him. I wanted to read his reaction properly to what I was going to tell him.

‘June is an old friend who very recently became my secondary disciplinarian for when Graham isn’t available. She also gets confused, like I do, about sexual spanking and punishment spanking. The last time she was here she didn’t let up all weekend and I was exhausted! I don’t want that with her, it’s too much. I just want her as my friend, I don’t particularly want her as my secondary disciplinarian either. Graham is enough to handle for anyone! She was supposed to be coming over this evening until tomorrow night but I don’t want her to come, I told her repeatedly that I have company but she thinks I’m making excuses to blow her off because I’m trying to get out of the punishment she’s issued for me calling time on our arrangement and I can’t make her see ….’

I stopped for a second to take a much needed breath and then went to dive in again.

‘Gem, slow down!’ The tone of his voice stopped me dead in my tracks! Where the fuck had my affable, submissive Tom gone?

I gulped back down the words that were going to spill out and I watched him warily. Was he going to flip?

‘Let me understand something first, you’ve had a sexual relationship with June but you’ve ended that side of it with her, but she still wants to continue the discipline side of your agreement and you don’t? Is that right?’ He didn’t look or sound like he was pissed with me, but I also hadn’t heard this tone of voice from him before either so what did I know?

I shrugged my shoulders and looked down at my hands. I nodded my agreement of his assessment of the situation. I wasn’t feeling remotely submissive but I was being very cautious. This was new territory and I had no idea where it was going.

He prodded me gently with his finger to make me look at him. ‘Just so we’re clear here, I have no problem at all with your partner choices, male or female. Not my place to sit in judgement. But, I do know this, you would go apeshit on my arse if I blew you off when I was due a punishment from you, regardless of the reason and I also think you’re out of order for using me as your excuse to get out of it. No wonder she’s pushing to come.’

Yeah see, his tone changed dramatically towards the end of that little speech and now he was pissed with me. I sighed, deeply.

I didn’t know what to say! I felt really small in that moment and I put my head down as I processed what I was feeling and also what he’d said.

‘Gemma! Look at me please.’ Tom snapped me back to reality instantly with his sharp command. I sat up straighter and looked him directly in the eye. The one thing I wasn’t feeling was fear. I knew I was safe with him. That was huge for me given my past.

‘You know if Graham was here you would be over his knee and taking a good hard spanking right now for messing June around, don’t you?’

Where was he going with this???

I nodded.

‘In words Gemma, words please.’ He demanded.

‘Yes, I know Graham would spank me right now for blowing June off.’ I snapped at him now, I was feeling very unsure of my ground.

‘You should also have made it clear to me that you had a previous engagement you couldn’t cancel before you agreed I could stay with you for the next two weeks! How do you think that makes me feel?’ He had hit the bloody nail on the head and it really smarted that he was actually right.

I was instantly defensive. ‘You begged me to come over. You were in a real fix if I recall, let’s face it, its only a couple hours ago we managed to fix the damn problem. I couldn’t have left you in that situation. How do you think I would have felt?’

‘You didn’t know me from Adam, Gemma. You would have been absolutely fine! You wanted, as did I, to get to grips with me, Leo upstarting like he did was a golden opportunity for me to come see you. Did you honestly think I couldn’t handle him, really?’ The look on his face was incredulous.

‘Look at the size of me Gem, it isn’t by accident I’m this big. You might bring out a submissive streak in me I didn’t know existed and to be fair, Graham frightens me into compliance but I respect him greatly for it. Not many men can do that. But make no mistake, the likes of manipulators like Leo? I would have dealt with him swiftly had he taken a step toward me. I’m not soft Gemma.’ Now he sounded put out.

‘So you lied to me to get me to take you in?’ Man I was pissed with him instantly! I hate manipulation!

He was quicker than me, ‘ Do not turn the tables and make this about me Gemma. No. I did not lie to you. I told you the truth in it’s entirety. I was extremely uncomfortable in the situation Leo had put me in and my preference for dealing with it was to remove myself, you were my immediate choice. I used the situation to open an opportunity to spend some time with you. I will not apologise for that.’

I was somewhat mollified by his answer and held my temper.

‘So the question now is what do you think should happen next?’ He was giving me a very stern look. I felt my bottom tingle and my pussy kicked in immediately! Oh FFS! What was going on here?

I got belligerent, fast! ‘If I knew what should happen next we wouldn’t even be having this conversation!’

It was one of those moments when you just know you changed the shape of everything but you’re not sure how or why!

‘Well then, I guess I will just have to show you what’s going to happen next.’ He reached for me and pulled me across his lap and began spanking me without a single word! After a dozen hard smacks with me kicking and screaming, and wriggling like mad, he sat me upright.

My face was flushed, my bottom was stinging (mildly) and I was speechless. That never happens! EVER!

‘I did not give you permission to spank me, how dare you?’ I spluttered eventually.

He laughed, ‘oh I dare Gemma, you are beyond hot in Ma’am mode and I am more than happy to submit to you but I have been wanting to get to grips with your bottom and spank it until it’s cherry red and glowing since I watched Graham paddle you. I experienced jealousy for the first time in my adult life! Besides, you admit freely you need two disciplinarians, and I happen to agree!’

‘Jealous?’ It was the only word I heard, I must have been in shock… I know there was a ton of questions I could have asked but I had none.

‘Yes, jealous, Graham had the privilege of spanking you, I didn’t. And then I figured it would never happen when you became joint disciplinarian of me with Graham. I wasn’t going to complain because at least you were going to get hands on with me. That’s what I wanted, and I was getting what I wanted.’ He smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

My god, this man was so open and honest! He had no qualms about owning his manipulation of a bad situation and well, damn it, he had made it work for him and me too by default!

‘You want to spank me?’ I squeaked, I did. It came out as a squeak! I’m not proud of it. Alice and her fucking rabbit hole were looming large again! I was appalled at myself. Back bone? What back bone? My pussy had turned up the volume to 11 and I was completely side swiped by the turn of events. I didn’t know what to do, I wanted to keep on being Tom’s disciplinarian because spanking him had become so much more than that. It was the whole basis for who we were together. The sex was mind blowing and the role play was exhilarating and the spanking was delicious, his reactions were stunning and the sex was… did I mention the sex? Oh my god I did not want to break that! This could seriously break that. This was remove myself from the sofa, sit in the chair facing him, and have a very serious talk time. I did not want to destroy what we were building, because we were building ‘something’ and I really liked it.

I did all of the above in quick time and I hugged my knees to my chest.

‘Tell me precisely what you want to happen Tom, because we have been winging it until now and we both appeared to be happy with the status quo. Do you want to be spanked or be the spanker? Which is it?

Tom grinned at me and sat forward, ‘Why can’t it be both Gem? Why can’t I spank you from time to time when you are blatantly looking for one? It doesn’t take anything away from your position over me as disciplinarian. When you hit Ma’am mode I am completely at your will and happily so. Why can’t we have both?’ Damn he was making too much sense!

‘Well, because… well… I …’ Shit, everything he had just said sounded fabulous to my ears and my foggy brain but there was one rather major fly in the ointment.

‘I’m not submissive to you Tom. How can I be and keep my dignity in tact to be your Ma’am too?’ Yeah, I know, big red self destruct button has just risen up and begged to be pressed!

He was having none of it. ‘The fact that you aren’t submissive makes the deal that much more attractive for me. I want the challenge of taming you, bringing you into line.’ And just like that he was making sense again.

He pressed home his advantage. ‘Think about it Gem, how hard are you going to fight it? I would imagine you will be something akin to a hell cat and that I am more than happy to deal with, in fact the wilder the better! Damn that is a huge turn on.’ I still hadn’t spoken so he took a breath and brought that ship into dock!

‘I’ve been texting Gray back and forth the past few hours about all this and he went on about switching and top and bottom and other similar language that all sounds foreign to me but the upshot is, there are no hard and fast rules as long as we agree with each other about what our particular rules are and we stick to it. Besides, he has reliably informed me that you love being spanked and pointed out I have huge hands. Said it would be a shame to waste them.’

‘Graham? Graham has encouraged you to do this?’ Fuck me, I was being tag teamed again!

‘Yep. Said it sounded like a great idea to him. He thinks I might be just what you need and I don’t know about that but you sure as hell are what I need in my life right now.’

He was so sincere I felt a lump form in my throat! Damn I wasn’t going to say no, and that realisation scared the crap out of me but I didn’t care, I really like Tom.

I had one proviso.

‘Okay, I’m in, on one condition.’ I heard myself saying the words even though my brain was screaming ‘run for the hills!’ for once I ignored it and pushed forward.

Tom was grinning from ear to ear. ‘Yeah? Really? What’s the condition?’

‘The only time you get to spank me is when it’s sexual, or when I am desperate for it and it’s to be used as part of our foreplay, you will not spank me in any disciplinary matter. That’s Graham’s ground only. Do you agree?’ I held my breath, I was seriously restricting him here.

‘Hell yes I agree!’ He jumped up and lifted me out of the chair and into a bear hug and a huge kiss! When we came up for air he said, ‘Now give me your phone, I’m gonna ring this June woman and put her off from just turning up, I have plans for you this evening and she sure as hell isn’t invited!’

I really like this side of his personality. It’s strong! I like strong.

I also had a feeling my bottom was about to get roasted!

Damn Tom makes me horny….

The Training of Tom (part 4)

#NSFW 18+ Sexually explicit content.

Last night had been amazing, and Tom only broke the rules one more time during the whole night. He would have to pay for it, but hey, even he agreed that the pleasure was well worth the consequences he knew were coming his way. Jesus, he was like a machine, he just kept on going! I was in my own version of heaven! No strings attached multiple orgasms for spanking and humiliating this darling man then taking as much pleasure as we could both handle from him, not to mention he was absolutely loving it! In the end… when the heat and the pain and the stinging had worn off some… and after a lot of cold cream had been applied to all affected areas on multiple occasions. Which is what caused the second breaking of the rules… which is why some discipline needed to be applied today.

Sadly for Tom, last night was last night. This was a new day and I had plans for his arse. The spanking session needed to get underway. Problem was, He was working on being the most amazingly submissive but sexually aggressive, superb lover and just all round fabulous guy! I was really happy to be here right now.

By the way, ‘here’ precisely put, was me sat at the kitchen table stark naked with one leg over Tom’s shoulder and him with his head between my thighs making my pussy utterly, delightfully dependent on him! While I sat holding his head and groaning, it suddenly became apparent to me I could kill two birds with one stone. I pulled his head away from my pussy quite forcefully gripping his hair and pulling his head back to look up. He gazed up at me warily.

‘What’s up Gem?’ he asked as he ran his fingers between my pussy lips and let them take over where his mouth had left off.

‘It’s Ma’am to you.’ I said quietly, ‘I require you to get your arse into the front room, lie down on the floor and keep your hands to yourself. I am going to fuck the life out of you.’

I watched as he instantly became the submissive Tom of yesterday and all his swagger disappeared. It was in his eyes, it really was like he was two people in one body. I was utterly fascinated by the transformation.

I patted his head, ‘Good boy. Now, get to it.’

He lowered his gaze and stood up. I took in his gloriously naked body as he walked slowly to the lounge. Damn that man was beautifully put together! I followed him a few moments later with a fresh ginger fig in my hand and an evil smile on my face. We hadn’t gotten around to Tom’s second or third Ginger fig punishments the night before because we had gotten so distracted, but I was very aware of the reaction he had to having one inserted in his arse, after the initial shock from the sharpness of the stinging, burning sensation, his cock remained hard for the rest of the night. Much to my delight.

I approached him slowly, showed him the ginger and watched his face pale. ‘Did you think you could distract me from attending to your punishment Tom?’

‘No Ma’am,’ he shook his head, a worried expression settling on his face, ‘I know I have to be punished Ma’am, but I so enjoy pleasuring you, I truly wasn’t trying to distract you.’

I stood over him, contemplating what he had said and I placed the ginger on the coffee table and then lowered myself down on to his waiting cock. ‘And pleasure me you shall,’ I said. There was time enough for the ginger fig when I had taken my pleasure.

I slid down his length and took him all the way in and ground down until there was no space between us. I rocked my hips forward and groaned as he filled me, stretching me to the limit and then sending shock waves through me as I began to ride him in earnest. My orgasm began to build and I rode harder and faster. He groaned in unison and his face tightened with his fight to control his urges.

Waves of ecstasy washed over me as I rode his huge member, he thrust his hips up to meet me coming down but he kept his hands on his head the whole time. Jesus, I could have ridden him all day he was so good! I groaned loudly as I climaxed long and hard on his shaft. He was trembling, his legs were so tense they were rock solid and I knew he was having the devil’s own time controlling the overwhelming urge to cum just as hard as I had. His face was a study in pain and ecstasy and frustration and I laughed as I continued to ride the waves of my own orgasm. Jesus it was an intense experience with him every single time! I could become addicted!

Finally I climbed off him and stood astride his legs, smiling I reached across to the coffee table and picked up the ginger fig, the lube and a disposable glove. I heard his groan. It rumbled through his whole body.

‘All good things must come to an end Tom, time to turn over and take your punishment.’

‘Yes Ma’am’ he muttered as he rolled while still staying inside the stride of my wide open legs.

‘Up on your knees, there’s a good boy, I don’t want to have to work too hard to do this okay?’

Tom did as he was told and positioned himself on all fours. It was a beautiful sight, his gorgeous thick heavy cock was hanging down below his full sack and they swung slightly with his movement. His legs were set a little apart and his butt cheeks opened up invitingly.

I lubed up my gloved fingers and I played with his tight little hole. ‘Relax Tom or this will hurt like hell.’ I pushed two fingers in slowly and he moaned and relaxed against them. They slid all the way in and I rotated them for a moment, sliding them in and out, watching him buck up slightly, ‘are you enjoying this Tom?’ I demanded sharply. I smacked his left butt cheek hard and he yelped and said quickly, ‘No Ma’am, definitely not.’

I worked my fingers in and out of his hole for a few minutes and he was definitely riding them now, I slid my fingers out as he pushed up and I inserted the ginger fig as deep as it would go. ‘Now squeeze that hole tight shut Tom!’ He squeezed and squealed at the same time and his legs began shaking, his arse tried to push the ginger out and I had to keep my finger against the end of it for a few seconds before he stopped fighting it and groaned deeply.

He allowed the top half of his body to flop down but his backside remained high in the air. It seemed such a shame to waste a golden opportunity for a perfectly positioned arse for a spanking. So I didn’t.

I picked up the Jokari paddle and oiled the wood, then I oiled Tom’s cheeks and thighs and then I went to work on making his arse turn cherry red as quickly as possible. Damn, it’s a good thing my neighbour is deaf! Tom screamed as the wood connected and gripped his cheeks before sliding off and then coming back in the same place. I spanked that paddle hard across his bottom, stroke after stroke, landing across both cheeks, his thighs, then I spanked just the left cheek for a minute until he was begging me to stop, I transferred my attention to his right cheek and then the same attention to each thigh. His bottom was burning hot to touch, welts and blisters were popping up on his overheated skin and he was sobbing loudly into my carpet.

His four minutes with the ginger were up and I still had a number of other spanking sets to get through but he had earned some corner time. I put down the Jokari paddle and pulled on the glove and removed the ginger fig from his hole. He squealed as more juices were released on its way out. It really is the gift that keeps on giving. If you like excruciating pain and a red hot arse, that is. Personally, I can live without ever experiencing it again. Tom wasn’t so lucky, he still had one more 4 minute set to go before the end of today and a whole host of spanking and caning!

‘Okay Tom, corner time please. Go to your corner and stand facing the wall with your hands on your head for 15 minutes. If you move I will insert the last ginger fig immediately. Do I make myself clear?’ I really have developed a very good line in evil over the past 24 hours!

‘Yes Ma’am, I understand.’ He muttered as he got to his feet and all but ran across the room to stand in his corner.

I used the time to set up the spanking machine directly behind him. I placed the clothes brush in the machine and set the timer for the maximum 5 minutes on number 10.

‘So Tom, because we are way behind on the spanking punishments, I have decided to include your next spanking in with your corner time. But, I want to watch so I’ve set up the spanking machine to deliver the 320 clothes brush spankings and Graham’s 38 cane strokes which I will let the machine deliver too. You also still have 290 strokes of the Jokari paddle to take before we are done here. You did break the rules a second time last night and it cannot go unpunished so I am adding a further 10 strokes of the cane for your rule breaking. Now, brace your hands on the wall and push your bottom out for me please.’

Tom glanced over his shoulder at me and the look of horror on his face almost made me giggle. ‘Do you want to say something Tom?’ I asked quietly as I fiddled with the positioning of his arse making sure it was in line with the machine’s arm swing.

He dropped his head down and muttered sulkily, ‘no… ma’am.’

I spanked his thighs a few times. ‘Watch how you speak to me Tom, I will not have you disrespecting me, is that clear?’

He jumped a little and yelped as the slaps stung his inner thighs. ‘Yes Ma’am, sorry Ma’am.’ He braced himself properly on the wall and was bent over to my liking, I switched the machine on. It began it’s tirade of abuse on his bottom and thighs, as he jumped and yelped and lifted and then realised he wasn’t helping himself, those spanks were coming thick and fast and he was sobbing by the end of the first 5 minutes. I turned the dial around for another 5 minutes and without a word I started the machine off again. Oh DAMN did he howl and squeal, (that clothes brush is pure evil) he begged me, he pleaded with me for it to stop. How many times he swore he had learned his lesson I can’t tell you. I lost count after 10. I sat and watched as he took his punishment and I enjoyed every single second of it.

I gave him a twenty minute break to calm down and collect himself. I sat on the sofa and he lay with his arse hanging over the side and his head on my lap as I soothed him.

I reminded him that we were almost done, just two more sets of punishments and one set of the ginger and he would be free and clear.

He cried real tears when I mentioned the ginger. He begged me not to do it to him again, he pleaded with me, he told me he would do absolutely anything else at all if he didn’t have to do that.

It had to stop.

‘You want me to break Graham’s direct orders? Do I look like an idiot to you Tom?’ I spoke sternly to him and he caught the change in tone instantly. He stopped whining, and crying and shook his head. ‘No ma’am, I’m sorry. I’ll take my punishment, I shouldn’t have…’ He tried to apologise, I stopped him.

‘I get it Tom, it hurts. But seriously, It wouldn’t be a punishment if it didn’t hurt! Besides, you signed up for this with Graham, you can’t just pick and choose how he decides to punish you. Be grateful it isn’t him doing it. You at least get to have some fun and cuddles with me.’ I consoled him as I stroked his head. And then he said something that stopped me in my tracks.

‘I’m just grateful you let me come over and took over the disciplining. I was scared to death Leo and Graham would try and turn it into a threesome thing!’ Tom sighed and went quiet.

‘What do you mean Tom? Threesome?’ That did not sound like Graham at all. I didn’t know Leo at all but I did know Graham.

‘Well, earlier on yesterday, before I texted you, Graham had to nip out somewhere and he left me and Leo alone. Leo is a complete bastard when Gray isn’t around, acts all superior like I’m beneath him or something. I told him to watch his mouth when he started ordering me around and he said something about I would be singing a different tune when Gray got back because my next punishment would be handled by both him and Graham. That’s why I texted you. I’m not even Bi, Gem, I liked what you did earlier but that’s cos it was you doing it, if a bloke tried to come anywhere near me I would lose it all over his head!’ I could hear the suppressed anger in his voice and I calmed him.

‘I know Tom, you certainly don’t have to explain your sexuality to me, I get it that the anal play was definitely turning you on because it was me and not for any other reason.’

I pushed him a little, ‘listen to me. You are off the hook for the rest of the punishment regime that was outstanding. I think under the circumstances Graham would do the same thing too. I will say this, whatever that little bastard Leo has said to you, Gray will have had no part in it. It is not his way at all, but I will make sure Leo gets what he truly deserves before this day is out. You can bet on it.’ I was absolutely furious with this Leo character and he was going to find out just how much when I did see him.

Tom sat up and stared at me, ‘Really? I mean, really?? No more ginger or spanking or caning?’

‘Yes Tom really. Unless of course you do something to earn it?’ I was laughing at his relieved expression. He was real easy to train.

He grinned at me, ‘I promise I won’t! So I can be myself again? Not Tom under discipline?’

I grinned widely, ‘Yes Tom you can.’ I knew exactly where this was going. I wasn’t wrong.

He jumped up and grabbed me by the ankles and pulled me down until I was lying flat on the sofa and then he spread my legs…

We were there a very long time…

A very long time indeed…

Tom breaks the rules! (Part 3)

Play time was over, it was time to return to the very serious business of disciplining Tom. I gathered myself together and walked over to the sofa and sat down in the centre of it.

‘I know your certificate says you must be over the arm of the sofa for each spanking but I prefer to do OTK for a hand spanking. It’s much more personal and the connection between spanker and spankee is much stronger for it, so Tom, assume the position please.’

I patted my knee as he lifted his head up to look at me. He scrambled backwards to get to his feet and tried to step out of his jeans which were bunched around his ankles.

‘Oh no, they stay on, shuffling is so humiliating isn’t it? Come on, over my knee right now!’ I was grinning at him now because his face was suffused with embarrassed colour again. It really was humiliating for him to have to waddle like a duck every time he was asked to move.

‘Please Ma’am… I have a request.’ Tom’s eyes were down cast as he spoke.

‘Okay, but make it quick, we have a lot to get through this afternoon.’ I wanted him over my knee.

‘Please may I go to the bathroom? I need to pee so bad right now…’ His face was livid with colour and he sounded like a small child who couldn’t hold it any longer and just had to go!

‘I smiled, a big wide smile, ‘of course you can Tom, I shall lead the way.’

I stood and took hold of his cock and led him shuffling across the room and up the stairs. It was a painfully (for Tom) slow process, and my hand pumped his cock with each step we took. I was openly giggling at his predicament as he grunted and moaned his way up stairs. Never have 13 steps taken so long to climb. Finally we were at the bathroom and I led him in.

I stood back and watched as he lifted the seat and took hold of his rigid cock. He glanced over his shoulder to see if I was still there and I could tell he was desperately disappointed to find I was watching him very closely.

‘Get on with it Tom, and do not think for a moment you can shoot your load down the toilet.’ My voice was very stern.

‘Yes Ma’am, sorry Ma’am.’ He mumbled as his pee trickled out of his rigid cock.

I moved up behind him as he tried to pee with me watching. Apparently he was struggling to let it go. I decided to help him. I reached between his thighs and began to stroke his balls, he jerked forward and shot a terrified look at me over his shoulder.

Please Ma’am, please don’t… You’re gonna make me cum… I can’t hold on much longer…’

Oh Tom darling, are you telling me what I can and can’t do? You have your orders from Graham, nowhere in those orders did he intimate this would be an easy task for you.’ By now my hand was cupping and squeezing his balls and my fingers were massaging the base of his cock. I know, I know, I’m evil… get over it! I was having FUN!

He dropped forward and braced his hands against the wall in front of him groaning, he threw himself into the rhythm and began thrusting quickly, he grunted loudly and a stream of hot cum shot from his cock in a wide arc, completely missing the pan and hitting the front of the cistern.

Then he pee’d. A long steady stream of pee and the look of relief on his face was immense.

It wouldn’t be there for long…

I left him in the bathroom cleaning up his mess and went back downstairs, I texted Graham and asked him what punishment he had put in place for Tom breaking the orgasm rule. I was very honest and admitted my role in the breaking of the rule because it wasn’t fair to just blame Tom.

I got a text back immediately from him telling me to check my email. I clicked on my emails and found Graham’s response.

‘Hi, see attachment for Tom’s punishment. Sounds like you’re having fun with him! Maybe you could keep him for a night for me? Leo and I are heading off to Blackpool for a festival. I don’t think it’s a good idea to leave Tom to his own devices and he certainly wouldn’t want to traipse around all the gay bars with the two of us. Besides, I’m sure you could put him to good use? Let me know soonest darling so I can make firm arrangements. x’

~Random Punishment Selector~

Punishment Certificate.
This certificate dictates that Tom, for the reason of breaking the no orgasm rule will receive the following punishment.

Four sets of spankings.
Set One: 320 swats with a clothes brush and Tom bending over the arm of the sofa
Set Two: 490 swats with a Jokari Paddle and Tom bending over the arm of the sofa
Set Three: 200 swats with a hairbrush and Tom bending over the arm of the sofa
Set Four:  38 strokes with a cane and Tom bending over the arm of the sofa.
These spankings will be carried out with Tom completely naked.

In addition, Tom will receive the following extra punishments:
 55 minutes of corner time or 11 x 5 minute sets.
 3 x 4 minute sessions with a ginger fig inserted.
 10 days of bedtime spankings (a minimum of 100 spanks to a maximum of 300 spanks each night.)
A coating of “Tiger Balm”, “Icy Hot” or “Chilli heat” rubbed into Tom’s bottom and thighs at the end of each spanking, including bedtime spankings.

this punishment will be carried out by Gemma.
Failure to comply with the punishment will result in the above amounts being doubled and carried out by Graham.

Signed: Graham
cc: Gemma.
© AnimeOTK 2010, Coded by Ai

I shivered. Jeez that was a lot of spanking and caning! Not to mention 3 lots of 4 minutes with a ginger fig stuck up his arse! That stuff burned like crazy. To date, Graham had only insisted on that punishment for me once, and it was only for 1 minute. That was enough. Never again!

To be fair though I now had the rest of today and all of tomorrow and one whole night to be able to pull this off so it wasn’t beyond the realms of possibility that Tom could take Gray’s entire punishment and also finish mine off from earlier too! Plus, I wasn’t in trouble with Graham for making Tom break the rules! YAY!

Decision made, I emailed Graham back and told him Tom was fine with me for an overnight and tomorrow day. It also gave me a damn good excuse for cancelling June. I was babysitting a 38 year old naughty boy! I sent the email as Tom entered the room, and I was printing off the certificate. He immediately began to apologise to me. ‘I am so very sorry, it won’t happen again Ma’am I promise you, it was just too much… I couldn’t hold on any longer…’

I raised my eyebrow at his stammered explanation and without a word I handed him the certificate. He took it from me and began to read. His face paled considerably the lower down the certificate he got. Then he looked confused, ‘Ma’am, what is a ginger fig?’

I explained to him that a piece of very fresh ginger would be peeled and inserted into his ass. He looked even more confused, but not worried. He should have looked worried. I decided that he could find out for himself why it was deemed a fitting punishment.

‘Oh dear Tom, you really have landed yourself in hot water with your antics upstairs, time to take your punishment. Over the arm of the sofa and spread your legs. NOW.’ I barked the order out at him and he jumped and stared like a rabbit caught in the head lights.

‘I thought we were doing over the knee Ma’am?’ He managed to squeak out.

‘Which part of NOW did you not understand?’ I grabbed him by his limp cock and pulled him over to the sofa arm. He stumbled behind me with his jeans still around his ankles. He hurriedly bent over the sofa arm and spread his legs as wide as his jeans would allow. I left him there while I went to the kitchen to prepare 1 of the ginger figs. Jesus, three of these were going to burn like crazy, it was dripping with ginger juices!

I walked back into the lounge and stepped up behind him, ‘do not move out of position for any reason whatsoever Thomas, you are now under Graham’s punishment regime, not mine. If you move an inch he will assume you have failed to comply with his orders. Everything on the certificate will be doubled immediately and Graham will come over and carry out the entire punishment. Do I make myself clear?’ I would inform him of the change of plans for him later.

Yes Ma’am, very clear.’ His manner was now very subdued.

I ran my fingers over his very red and sore bottom. I split his cheeks and found his tight little sphincter winking at me. He jumped and was trying to clench everything all at once. I pulled on a disposable glove and then lubed up my finger before inserting it very slowly into his arse. He bucked as he felt it invade what appeared to be virgin space! Good, this was going to be even more humiliating for him. I withdrew my finger to the tip and then pushed it in moving it back and forth for a few minutes, pressing against his prostate gland until he was moaning into the cushion. I ran my other hand down between his legs and fondled his balls for a moment before moving forward to stroke his very hard cock. It would appear our Tom was not adverse to some anal play. I removed my finger from his hole and picked up the piece of the ginger.

‘Keep very still Tom, this is going to sting a little.’ I thought I should downplay it, I didn’t want him him panicking before it was in place. I pushed the long thin piece of ginger almost all the way in until there was hardly any left outside. ‘Tighten up around it for me please. Squeeze it, hard.’

He did and then he squealed like a stuck pig, his arse tried to push it out and he hopped from one foot to the other, squawking and crying and grunting.

I stood back and watched him for a little while with a smile on my face. I knew what this felt like and no words can describe that burning sensation adequately. I looked at my watch. ‘You have 4 minutes to go Thomas, be a dear and stop making so much noise.’

I stepped forward and crouched down to have a look at the effect the ginger fig had had on his erection. It was flaccid. I smiled. Graham certainly knew a thing or two about controlling male urges.

I gave the ginger fig a little twist, Tom was howling now and sobbing and squealing each time he clenched his arse as more ginger juice seeped in.

I sat down behind him and chuckled at the little dance he was performing. I also noted that his cock was erect again, ginger fig or not there was no stopping him! ! He really was an absolute delight. I couldn’t wait for later.

I decided to let him in on the change of plans after the first set of 4 minutes with the ginger had finished and I was removing it.

‘Oh, by the way Tom, Graham has told me to keep you tonight and tomorrow, given the length of time it’s going to take to complete both punishment certificates, we are going to have to work very hard indeed to squeeze it all in so I’ve decided to do all of the spanking tomorrow, start fresh as a daisy first thing in the morning and keep spanking set after set until they’re done. We can concentrate on the corner time and ginger punishments tonight and you will have your first bed time spanking as well, I also need to apply chilli heat to your bottom and thighs as per Graham’s instructions. Suck it up buttercup, this is going to burn!’

I pulled on a pair of disposable gloves and liberally applied a coating of chilli heat to Tom’s very sore bottom and overheated thighs and then because I apparently have a real evil streak in me, I rubbed it in really well.

He positively HOWLED, as that chilli heat set in properly. Jesus that stuff burns! Real tears streamed down his face and he sobbed as I led him across the room to what I now refer to as Tom’s naughty corner for 20 minutes corner time.

As before, I made Tom kneel down on the floor facing me with his hands on his head and his cock standing to attention like a good soldier should! Oh my goodness, it really was a magnificent sight. I leaned down and stroked his cock a little before ‘remembering’ I still had on my disposable gloves… that were loaded up with chilli heat cream … oops…

Did I mention Tom can HOWL and SQUEAL at the same time? I did justify my action quite simply. He had been told not to cum and he had broken the rules, now he was suffering the consequences of his actions.

Despite all of this, Tom’s cock remained rock solid and he never went anywhere close to his safe word. He took his punishment like a trooper. I was very pleased with him and once he was allowed out of the corner I allowed him to sit with me for a while and cuddle as I explained to him that it was all for his own good, and that while these were hard lessons he was learning all at once, he would learn them very well indeed.

He was listening quietly as I massaged cold cream into his cock and balls and over his bottom and thighs. His cock was now ramrod straight again and I was going to have some fun.

‘Has all the nasty heat gone away now Tom?’ I asked nicely.

Tom muttered… ‘Yes Ma’am’ in a very quiet voice.

‘Good. I have a pussy that requires your immediate attention. Step to it.’

And he did… for hours…

Spanking Tom – (Part 2)

#NSFW 18+ Sexually explicit content.

Warning! The following content contains sexually explicit detail. You must be over 18 to continue reading.

So, I left you in my last post where I had just informed Tom of the contents of the Random Punishment Selector Certificate.

Tom’s Random Punishment Certificate (Part 1)

Poor Tom was clenching his buttocks so hard his cane marks had turned into red waves! I decided it was only fair to impart a really sound piece of advice to him before we got started.

‘Tom, if you keep your bottom clenched like that, this is going to hurt like nothing you’ve ever felt before. Relax your cheeks darling and take this like a man.’ I patted his bottom and was gratified to feel him jump at the slight contact. He was officially bricking it! Soft option? Me? Oh dear, he was about to find out I could stand easily at the side of Graham stroke for stroke if I wanted to. 
He heard me and relaxed his butt cheeks, pressed his face into the throw cushion and gripped it, locking his arms underneath in a vice grip. He was ready!

‘One more thing before we get started, I have decided to assist Graham with his discipline program for you, I intend to help him out with it when you’re with me. This will be ongoing when you’re over to visit with him or myself. This means your discipline program will be permanent and not just for the original two weeks. We shall pass you back and forth between us. Do you understand what that entails?’

Oh hell! I was enjoying this enormously!

Tom was silent for the longest moment and I was beginning to think he was going to decline when I heard a very small ‘Yes Ma’am I understand completely, you will spank me whenever I am with you.’

‘Yes Tom I will,’ I was stroking his bottom and thighs while I talked quietly with him, ‘ but I will discipline you in other ways too, do you agree?  I want to hear you say it please, loud and clear so there are no misunderstandings!’ I was running fingernails over his hot bottom, along the ridges of Gray’s handiwork, down between his butt cheeks and along his thighs and across the back of his sack. He was jumping and twitching and I could hear his breathing change. He was in my zone. 

‘Yes Ma’am, I agree to you disciplining me along with Graham and I’m happy for you to carry out any punishment you deem necessary.’ Tom spoke clearly and concisely.

Game on people it is officially playtime!

I was gleeful and so turned on I could barely stand it! I picked up the mineral oil and poured a liberal amount into my hand.
‘Spread your legs wider please darling, I want to make sure I get this everywhere.’ I delivered the instruction as I began to apply the oil all over his red hot cheeks and thighs. He dutifully spread his legs wider and my hand slipped between them and cradled his balls, coating them in mineral oil before travelling forward and taking hold of his wonderfully rock hard cock. I stroked the oil up and down the length of him and heard him groan loudly into his cushion as I continued with my ministrations to his throbbing member. I ran my fingers over the tip and they were instantly coated in his pre-cum, I stood now and pulled his cock backwards between his legs gripping it tightly, I slapped his bottom sharply with my other hand.

‘Remember Tom, you are not allowed an orgasm, so keep it in mind because you will be in a world of trouble and pain if you decide to disobey that order.’ My voice sounded so strict! I was having the time of my life right now and loving every second of it. 

Once again, a very small voice muttered ‘yes ma’am’ into the cushion.

I continued with the preparations. I rubbed the mineral oil deeply into his welts and heard his hissed intake of breath, his butt cheeks clenched hard and I smacked them twice to make him relax them. I rubbed the oil deeply into his thighs, between his butt cheeks and into his sack. I continued to play with his cock for a while, stroking it slowly, pulling his foreskin right back and running my finger nail over the throbbing purple head, more pre-cum oozed and I gathered it and lubricated the length of his fine thick cock with it. He was thrusting against my hand now and I laughed and let go. He groaned loudly in frustration.

I stepped back and viewed the glistening show he was putting on for me. I smiled and retrieved my cane. I swished it through the air once by the side of his head, his reaction to that sound made me smile. He jumped and clenched and then released and then clenched again. I moved behind him and into position.

‘Relax them Tom, that’s your final warning.’ As he relaxed his buttocks I brought the cane neatly across both cheeks in a sharp stroke. My cane is exceptionally whip like, and what I lack in power it makes up for in sting.

Tom howled at the first contact, I raised the cane and brought it down again directly below the first stroke. Two welts raised in between Gray’s welts and filled in the spaces! It was a beautiful sight. Tom squealed and squirmed, and I brought the cane in straight across the back of his thighs. He howled, I delivered number 4 across his sit spot, number 5 and 6 followed swiftly landing straight across his cheeks again, filling in the blank spaces Graham had left.

Tom was sobbing loudly now and pleading with me to stop. I rested the cane across his bottom for a moment and cocked my head to one side as my mind ticked away with possibilities.

I waited a few moments to allow the painful throbbing to build up under the skin and I occupied myself by running my hand between his legs and stroking his balls, I cupped them and squeezed them a little, he bucked his hips forward and let out a strangled moan, I crouched down to see his beautiful cock bobbing and jumping. I grinned as I took hold of it and pulled it back between his thighs. Leaning forward I closed my lips over the swollen purple head, he let out a very deep moan as my mouth slid along as much of him as it could access in this position and enveloped him in its moist heat.

I sucked hard on the head as my hand pumped his shaft. He was trying desperately to thrust but couldn’t due to his cock’s position. I laughed and shifted my position slightly in order to take in more of his wonderful shaft and I was rewarded with the taste of his salty pre cum. I was actually very impressed with his staying power and control in that moment because he was begging loudly and his legs were trembling!
‘Please Ma’am, please let me cum, please … ohhh….uhhhh….oh god… please Ma’am let me cum in your mouth, I will do anything you want I promise …. PLEASE just let me cum!! Oh GOD I w….’
I let go of his cock and balls and I stood up. I brought my hands down hard, one on each cheek and then continued to spank him hard for a few minutes. He was sobbing loudly now and was in a complete state.  I remonstrated with him for begging for an orgasm and for asking to come in my mouth. His cock was jumping, his arse was clenched and he was stammering out multiple apologies!

I was grinning like the cat that had caught the canary! He really was delightful. 

I picked up my cane and brought number 7 down hard across his cheeks. Damn he squealed. I raised the cane again and brought it sharply across his sit spot in a whipping motion and he screamed as it embedded its image into his skin. I finished off with a flourish by bringing 9 and 10 home in a large X across both buttocks! Tom was openly crying now, sobbing and pleading for me to stop. I patted his bottom and moved around him to stand by his head. I lifted my leg up and placed it on the sofa cushion, the action revealed my very wet and glistening pussy in all its glory.

I tapped Tom on the shoulder with my cane. ‘Lift your head up Tom and put that whining mouth to better use.’ He lifted his head up, his eyes were red and puffy from crying, his face was creased from the cushion but none of that mattered because he saw my pussy and buried his face between my open thighs and went to work on my throbbing clit with his very talented tongue. I held the back of his head and pressed his face harder against me , ‘I want to feel your tongue cleaning my pussy of all its juices Tom.’  He did exactly as he was told and buried his tongue deep inside me, licking, sucking, tonguing me until I was moaning in ecstasy, wave after wave of pleasure rippled through my body and I could feel my orgasm building at speed until I felt it rip through me and spill over to fill his waiting mouth. My body shuddered hard and I kept him there until I was completely done. Finally I lowered my leg back down and stood back from him.

‘Good boy! That was wonderful! Now, up you come, it’s corner time for you. 5 minutes facing me, you can remove your t-shirt too, hands on head and do not let them drop until the five minutes are up, then it’s back over here and over the arm of the sofa for you again. Clear?’
He looked dazed, his face was covered in my juices, and he seemed to have not heard me.
I raised an eyebrow at his lack of response and he suddenly got on with it and jumped up from his over arm position and stripped off his T shirt, he took himself off into the corner of the room and then turned to face me. 
‘I sat on the sofa watching him for a moment, ‘Drop down onto your knees for me and keep your hands on your head.’ 
He dropped down onto his knees and remained in position while I took a good look at his wonderful cock. It was impossibly hard now and the ever present pre-cum glistened on the tip. I looked at his bobbing member and then up at his face. He was watching me carefully, it was blatantly obvious he had no idea what I would do next. He was like a cat on hot bricks! I could feel his nerves all the way across the room. I grinned and walked over to him. 
I stood directly in front of him and stroked my hand through his hair pulling his head back slightly so he looked up at me. The sexual tension in the room was palpable. ‘Did you like the taste of my juices Tom?’ I asked casually as I ran my fingers through his hair. 
The look in his eyes told me everything I needed to know, if he could have had his way, he would have fucked me hard by now. ‘Yes Ma’am I did.’ His response was succinct and quietly delivered. His face however, was showing me the whole story, he was struggling to control his natural urges. He was having a serious battle with himself right now and I was about to make it much, much harder for him.

‘Good answer Tom.’ I smiled at him and turned my back to him. I slid my skirt up above my hips slowly so that my cheeks were in front of his face. I heard him suck in a breath, hard. 
I knelt down on all fours and crawled backwards until his huge cock was pressing against my wet pussy and then I rocked back onto it, letting it slide all the way in and fill me, stretching me until I was impaled on him. I groaned deeply, he was glorious!

‘Do not move a muscle Tom, I am going to do the fucking, not you. You shall just provide the cock. DO NOT CUM. Is that clear?’

He was trembling, but his hands remained firmly on his head and he bit out in a strangled voice, ‘yes Ma’am, very clear.’

I pumped back and forth on him, taking him all the way in, grinding back onto him until my bottom was pressed against his groin, then releasing him and sliding all the way to the tip, Tom was moaning loudly, begging me to ride him harder, faster and I continued to ride his beautiful cock for the whole 5 minutes before I rocked back hard and came all over his thick shaft. Jesus, I saw stars. I came so hard! I dropped myself forward and let his cock slide out of me. I was still shuddering from the force of the orgasm and I needed a few moments before I could stand up. Eventually I stood before him and slowly lowered my skirt back down over my thighs again. I turned to face him and damn but his face was a picture of pain and ecstasy and frustration. His cock was bobbing so hard and looked so swollen I thought he might explode. I grinned at him and patted his head.

‘Good boy Tom, you didn’t cum. Now, back over the arm of the sofa please and remember to spread your legs.’ He closed his eyes and groaned quietly but did as he was told and got to his feet.

He must have been in agony, his cock stood out ramrod straight in front of him as he walked over to the sofa and assumed the position. I sat down in the chair facing him and hung my leg over the arm while I stroked my pussy into a calmer state. She was very excited by all this activity! I made him wait 20 minutes while I soothed myself with yet another orgasm. He could listen to me moan and coo as I worked my body into that wonderful state of pleasure but he wasn’t allowed to watch. His face remained firmly against the cushion and his arse remained beautifully on show with his cock bouncing against the side of the sofa and his balls hanging free.
It was almost time for the second part of his punishment.

Tom’s Random Punishment Certificate (Part 1)

So, spanking Thomas has to be the most fun I’ve had with a spanking scene in the longest time. Unfortunately for me, Thomas had to go on the back burner for the time being because June was pushing to visit a week earlier than we had agreed. I know why of course, she was worried that if she gave me the two weeks space I wanted she would lose serious ground and my resolve to return us to a friend based relationship would strengthen.

She was correct! I loved my time with her, but damn she was full on! I’m not sure I could actually cope with a full weekend of her again so soon, especially after my spanking with Graham, subsequent interaction with Thomas, the first of June’s random punishments for self-spanking and the remnants of her previous spanking from last weekend! I am only one person for goodness sake!

Regardless, I agreed that she could visit Friday evening and stay until Saturday. Not the whole weekend. She was less than best pleased but hey, I could have said a categorical straight out NO!

I had plenty to do to keep me occupied until then, the boy was away for a few days staying with his friend again, so it meant I had the house to myself! I was undecided what to do first, there were so many options to choose from, I could be really good and do the backlog of paperwork that was on my desk and due by the end of the month which was imminent, or I could do the housework, or I could write up my journal and bring it up to date with the events of the past week.

Journal for Gemma’s Journey of self discovery

The journal won. I started with my thoughts about the weekend with June, moved onto the self spanking, the spanking from Graham, the delightful sidestep into being the spanker with Thomas when my phone vibrated at the side of me.

I ignored the first message I saw there from June and clicked on the second message from unknown sender.

‘Hi Gemma, it’s Tom, I wondered if I could come over and see you? Gray has his boyfriend here and honestly, three really is a crowd right now. I took a spanking from him again this morning and I know if I am sitting around here while he has company it won’t be long before he spanks me in front of the boyfriend. It has been threatened. Please say I can visit with you? Please???’

I laughed at the absurdity of my life right now! But I responded to his text.

‘Of course you can come over and see me, but I will remind you that at the end of our last meeting you agreed to do everything I tell you to do so be prepared, you may be jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire!’

He texted back immediately, ‘I think I will take my chances with you, thank you. xx’

Aww bless him, he thinks I’m the soft option.

He’s calling it wrong, no soft option here!

A few minutes later Tom (he prefers the shortened version) arrived and I welcomed him in. He really is a magnificent bull of a man and I found it a complete turn on that he has a huge submissive streak running right through his core! I was going to enjoy playing with him for the remainder of the day!

Pussy was instantly in a state of excitement at what may be to come. I took him through to the lounge and invited him to sit down, I saw the expression on his face as he winced at the idea of sitting at all but he did as instructed and sat on the sofa. I moved the coffee table out of the way of his long legs so he could relax properly and I bent over to straighten the books on the low table. Of course, short skirt, no panties and now Tom was getting an eyeful of my glistening pussy. I heard his intake of breath and I smiled to myself. Now the fun could start.

I turned around and looked pointedly at his crotch. There it was, his gorgeous cock was as hard as rock already.

‘My you are pleased to see me!’ I laughed as I pointed to his erection. He had the good grace to look embarrassed. ‘I’m sorry Gemma, I couldn’t help but see…’ He pointed weakly at my nether regions and looked away quickly.

I changed tack with him. ‘So Gray has spanked you already today?’

He looked up at me with cow eyes, ‘um, yes. This morning…’ His face was suffused with colour.

‘Why?’ I pushed. I was still standing across the room from him.

He shrugged his massive shoulders, ‘I agreed to it, I’m staying with him for a few weeks. He suggested a crash course in discipline that lasts two weeks, where I will be punished for any and every transgression. He wants to get my mind in the mode of ‘fucking up means punishment – means pain – means I will second guess my actions before I take them.’

I laughed, that sounded like Graham, that man had his eye on the main chance every single time and who could blame him? Tom’s arse was gorgeous! A full, firm ripe peach of an arse that just begged to be spanked and spanked!

‘Hows that working out for you Tom?’ I couldn’t help it, I was smirking openly!

His face coloured up and he scowled. ‘No need to look so damned pleased about it Gemma. I am in a world of pain right now!’

I laughed out loud and took a step towards him. ‘Please tell me that isn’t an attitude problem you have there Tom? You do remember our agreement don’t you?’

There must have been something in my voice because I swear that bear of a man turned into a cub in just about a second flat! ‘I truly am sorry Gemma, I really am sore from this morning and I know Graham wants to spank me again before the end of today too. I’m dreading it!’ He sounded panic stricken.

‘Does Gray know you’re here?’ If he didn’t then Tom’s arse was not completely up for grabs right now. Especially as Gray had designs on it for later. I have learned not to cross Graham where spanking rights are concerned.

Tom nodded, ‘Yes, I’m here with his blessing. He said to tell you there are no off limits and he said I have to tell you I am on an orgasm ban. He said you would understand what I was talking about.’

I grinned like a Cheshire cat. I almost purred.

‘Yes, I understand completely Tom. Thank you for finally remembering to pass on the message! Now, be a darling and drop your pants and assume the position over the arm of the sofa for me, there’s a good boy.’

‘Tom blinked rapidly and stammered, ‘what?’

I turned on him, ‘are you having trouble hearing me? I said drop them and assume the position, don’t make me repeat myself. That message should have been given to me as soon as you arrived. Not kept secret until I dug it out of you, and there is also the small temper tantrum you threw to be accounted for. Now Thomas!’ I pointed to the arm of the sofa and watched as he jumped up and began fumbling with his jeans buttons. The expression on his face was priceless, poor Tom, he really had thought he was safer in my hands than in Graham’s! Oh dear.

‘I shall be back in a moment, be in position by the time I return. Do not move. Do you understand?’ Ha! my best ‘Strict Headmistress’ voice was coming out to play! I do love a little role playing, especially when I’m the one in control!

Yes Ma’am he mumbled in a very small voice.

I watched from the stairs as Tom bared his arse and positioned himself over the arm of the sofa and waited. I watched for a good few minutes, my goodness, he was a sight to see and no mistake. His cheeks wore vivid crimson welts in beautiful straight lines, Gray’s caning was something to behold. His thighs were a deep red and bruising up nicely. Apparently Graham was on top form. In all of my experiences with him I can honestly say, he had never opened up a can of whoop ass on me that even came close to what Tom was sporting!

I ran up the remainder of the stairs and grabbed my paddles and spanking implements, mineral oil, damn that was going to sting like hell, tiger balm and the chilli heat for if he was a very bad boy, cold cream, my tablet and the spanking machine. I was going to play big this time! Tom’s arse and other body parts were mine for the rest of the day!

I re-entered the room and sat down at the far end of the sofa. Tom lifted his head and looked at me, bless him he was so confused.

‘Ma’am?’ There was hope in that one word. It was destined to be dashed but just for a moment I could see that he thought he may get out of the spanking that was coming his way.

‘Don’t worry Tom, I will get to you in a minute or two, I just need to program the random punishment selector for your punishment. Be a darling and put your head down and wait quietly please.’ I smiled at him. I really do an excellent line in crocodile smiles!

Tom groaned and lowered his head down on to the cushion in defeat. ‘I didn’t think you would want to spank me so soon after our last meeting! My backside is so sore right now…’

I raised an eyebrow at his tone, ‘Are you actually whining Tom?’

His head shot up and he looked at me sorrowfully, ‘No Ma’am, I’m sorry… I just thought… it’s so soon after… I mean…’ He was mumbling and stammering and he looked like a deer caught in the headlights! Priceless, truly priceless!

‘Oh Tom, you really aren’t getting the hang of this are you? You see, you are in quite a predicament at the moment, you are stuck between two people who think your arse is gorgeous and is absolutely made for spanking as hard and as often as possible. I can’t wait to get to grips with it again! Your request to join me today has presented a golden opportunity for me to do just that! Not to mention that Graham has given me full permission to do as I please with you.’ I was positively gloating now. I know… I’m evil… I can’t help it!

‘Anything you want? Gray just said no off limits…’ He stammered, and then the penny dropped, I saw it hit and then heard it as it reached the bottom. Kerr-Ching! Yes, reality has just dawned on Tom. Oh dear.

‘Glad we’re all on the same page Tom, now for the last time, head down and assume the position. If I have to tell you again to be quiet, I will add a lot more severity to this punishment certificate.’ I really was enjoying myself. He is absolutely delightful when he’s being completely submissive!

I messed around on the screen for a few more seconds and finally the certificate was ready.

~Random Punishment Selector~

Punishment Certificate
This certificate dictates that Tom, for the reason of Late delivery of important information and the wilful throwing of a temper tantrum, will receive the following punishment:

Three sets of spankings.
Set One: 10 strokes with a cane and Tom bending over the arm of the sofa
Set Two: 100 hand spanks and Tom bending over the arm of the sofa
Set Three: 100 swats with a Jokari Paddle and Tom bending over the arm of the sofa.
These spankings will be carried out with Tom naked from the waist down with mineral oil liberally applied to both cheeks and thighs.

In addition, for whining about taking another spanking from Gemma, Tom will receive the following extra punishments:
30 minutes of corner time. 6 x 5 minute sets.
10 minute hairbrush spanking carried out by the spanking machine.
10 days of hard bedtime spankings to be carried out by Gemma at Graham’s house.

Signed: Gemma
© AnimeOTK 2010, Coded by Ai

I stood behind Tom now, and read out the punishment, even I could hear the glee in my voice as I poured the words into his ears.

I heard him groan and saw him clench his buttocks in fear. I crouched down and looked at his very hard cock, the first drops of pre-cum had appeared. I disappeared into the kitchen and retrieved a good few sheets of kitchen paper. Tom was going to be in big trouble if he shot his load on my carpet! Not to mention he was on an orgasm ban, that would bring about a very strong punishment from Graham and who knows? Maybe even me.

It was up to me to test Tom’s ability to follow Graham’s very strict instructions…