Part 5 : Eileen and Laura’s Story… The Agreement…

Part 4. Laura’s Story… Time for Training.

Spankers Paradise

The office was turning into a spankers paradise! The thought ran through Eileen’s head as she waited for Laura’s arrival.

She could feel the difference in her as soon as she walked in. Instead of the timid and subdued assistant she had been expecting, Laura presented herself with a very confident and new found authoritative air, confidence oozed from her and she couldn’t hide it. Eileen responded on a very physical level to it. Damn it was HOT!

Eileen walked around to the front of her desk and perched her bottom on the edge, wincing slightly as the remnants of her own very painful spanking from Mr Crossley chose that moment to remind her of it’s bruising presence.

Laura turned at the sound of the sharp intake of breath Eileen had let out involuntarily and a curious expression flitted across her face. Eileen schooled her own expression to dissuade any further revelations being revealed. She took the lead and broke the silence.

‘Good morning Ms Aston, I trust you are no worse for wear from your punishment yesterday.’ Eileen pinned Laura with her stare and let her know she was very much in control and she was not going to skirt around the events of yesterday evening. Laura had the good grace to blush profusely at the immediate reminder of her new position in Eileen’s office.

‘No Ms Barton, I’m fine thank you.’ Laura had turned completely in her chair to face Eileen, and as she spoke she lowered her eyes to her hands.

‘Kindly look at me when you address me please Ms Aston.’ Eileen spoke sharply and Laura’s head snapped up and she locked eyes with her boss instantly. It wouldn’t do to tick her off this early in the day, regardless of the fun she’d had with Ian this morning, her own bottom was still slightly tender from the firm spanking it had received last night from Ms Barton!

‘That’s better,’ Eileen muttered as she crossed her arms below her breasts and pushed them up against her blouse, Laura’s eyes strayed to them and then snapped back to Eileen’s face quickly as her boss began speaking to her.

‘Because of your behaviour yesterday and your subsequent spanking, you have placed us both in a very precarious situation with Mr Crossley. It is most unfortunate, but he was still present in the building yesterday evening and he heard you squealing and became aware you were being spanked.’

Laura groaned, the colour leaving her face and all her new found confidence flowed out of her leaving her deflated and terrified she was about to be fired again. ‘Please Ms Barton, I can’t lose my job, I just can’t! Is there anything I can do or say that will appease Mr Crossley? I’ll do anything!’

Eileen’s heart jumped at the words! The silly girl had just handed her a solution to the written disciplinary agreement on a plate. She struck while the iron was hot.

‘Actually, Mr Crossley was most concerned about protecting his company from scandal. He was displeased at the idea that we did not have a formal written agreement between us that you had signed to say you would accept this kind of disciplinary procedure now and in the future. I think if we present him with that, you may hold on to your position with the company, of course I cannot guarantee the outcome, but I’m sure it will go a long way towards making him happier about the whole situation.’ She raised her hands in an open handed shrug and waited for the penny to drop with Laura.

Laura nodded her head eagerly, ‘Of course! I will sign any agreement you put in front of me, I wouldn’t want to cause any trouble for either you or Mr Crossley, this is all my own fault! I am so sorry to have caused so much trouble Ms Barton. I really would like to make amends.’

Eileen smiled a crocodile smile at Laura, ‘Excellent decision Ms Aston, I shall draw something up immediately and you can type it up, print it out and sign it in front of both Mr Crossley and myself and we shall sign as witnesses to your agreement.’

Laura gulped as the realisation hit her that she would have to stand in front of Mr Crossley and sign this agreement, which he would no doubt want reading out loud before hand, (it was how he did business). Her insides curled with embarrassment and trepidation at the thought. But she only had herself to blame.

Just a scant few minutes later Eileen called Laura into her office to dictate her agreement to her. Laura wriggled on her seat as she noted every word Eileen spoke. This was for her, this very specifically worded document was being designed wholly for her own discipline, she was both horrified and thrilled in equal measure at this turn of events. Horrified because she was now in such a precarious position with her employment and even once she signed this, she still wasn’t sure she would have a job, but then thrilled because signing this agreement meant she could be disciplined with a spanking from Eileen whenever her boss felt it necessary to discipline her for even the smallest transgression! Her bottom would be hot and rosy red quite frequently if she was hearing this correctly. Something as simple as a spelling or grammar error in a document might see her disappearing over Eileen’s knee for a sound spanking! Not to mention that her spanking stories would now be featuring very prominently in all of her spankings in the future. Eileen was very specific in her dictation that Laura must present her with at least 3 new spanking stories each week to be filed along with all her previous stories, in a special folder on Eileen’s computer, then at the end of each week she would send the new stories to Mr Crossley and he would decide which ones would be used for the following week. Laura stifled a smile and continued to take down the intricate details of the agreement until finally they were done.

Eileen sat back in her chair and studied her assistant. That confidence she had seen when she walked in was creeping back in and Eileen desperately wanted to know what had happened to put it there. No matter, she was sure she would find out in the fullness of time. For now, they needed to concentrate on appeasing Mr Crossley as quickly as possible.

She waited until Laura had closed her notebook before she spoke again, the silence growing loud in the room until Laura glanced across at her boss. ‘Will that be all Ms Barton?’ she asked politely.

‘What did your husband say last night about your spanked bottom Ms Aston?’ Eileen blindsided her with her out of the blue question and Laura’s mind went completely blank! Realising she would have to give her an answer she opted for the truth. So far on this journey the truth had netted her a very satisfactory trip into a spanking world she never thought she would be able to access.

‘Well, at first he thought I was having an affair with someone in the office because I was so late, then when I dropped my skirt and panties and showed him the evidence to back up my explanation, he was absolutely thrilled and proceeded to spank me himself. He is very happy with the turn of events, apparently he is into spanking too and I never knew. He got the most excited when I spanked him very hard last night and this morning. He did wonder whether I could ask you if you would spank us both together sometime. I told him I would write a story and if you were interested perhaps we could invite you over to play it out with us.’ Laura finally stopped talking and took a deep breath! There she had covered everything, at least if she got into trouble now, it was because she had been too honest!

Eileen laughed at the audacity of this young woman before her, she was in the biggest trouble of her life and she was treating it like an opportunity to begin a spanking fest! The idea of spanking them both had her pussy contracting tightly and she could feel wetness seep between her pussy lips and coat the tops of her thighs as she imagined the two of them bent over, bare bottomed waiting for her hand to connect with that first spank. Yes she would spank them both!

She shifted her attention back to the matter at hand, ‘go and type that agreement up, bring it to me to be checked over and then we’ll go and put this business to bed with Mr Crossley. During your break you can write that story and I will consider your husband’s request once I’ve read it. Now, we have a full workload today Ms Aston, we really need to get on with it!’ Eileen levelled the girl with a look of frustration at the delays to her work day and of course Laura felt guilt crawl through her stomach at the realisation that the delays were being caused by her but utter delight at the idea that Eileen might consider Ian’s request! Oh my goodness! Wait until she told him that! He would wet himself!

She jumped up from her seat and excused herself returning to her desk she began the arduous task of typing up the very intricate agreement!

30 minutes later the two women were seated across from Mr Crossley in his private study just off from his main office. This was where he went to have a quiet moment to think when the office got too busy with phones ringing and secretaries and assistants braying for his attention constantly. It would serve very well as his disciplining room too, his own office was far too open but his study was a beautiful room filled with his favourite leather topped walnut desk he had taken everywhere with him since his freshman days of University. Its scarred and worn leather top told its own story of his journey from his student loan days to his very successful business today.

Around the room his beloved books lined the walls in perfect order of size. No jarring book lines to break into his reveries, they acted like a sound proofing layer to the room and he knew that anything that happened in here would remain completely private and could not be heard even if someone should stand by the door! This was his favourite room in any building anywhere in his life. It was somehow very fitting that he should now want to add his newest thrilling experience of spanking his assistant over his beloved desk, to his memories in this room. Yes, very fitting!

He shifted in his seat as he grew hard remembering the events of the previous evening, and with some difficulty he dragged himself back to the matter at hand and listened carefully as the foolish girl who had brought all of this about, stammered her way through the disciplinary agreement Ms Barton had drawn up for her. Finally he nodded his approval as she reached the end. ‘Yes, Yes, I believe that will protect the company from any backlash from this unorthodox method of discipline for a staff member. Are you in full agreement Ms Aston? I will not have you bullied into signing this, it must be because it is your preference alone. There can be no hint of coercion!’ He waited with barely concealed impatience for her response.

‘Yes Mr Crossley, I am in full agreement that this is how I should be disciplined now and in the future while employed here.’ Laura stammered her response, her cheeks were flaming red flags of utter humiliation.

‘Excellent! Come around here and sign the agreement in front of me so we can put this matter to bed’ he said, as he pointed to the spot to the right of him and Laura jumped up and did as he requested. A few moments later her new agreement had three signatures scrawled across the bottom of the page, it had been copied twice, and the original disappeared into a file in Mr Crossley’s desk drawer. A few moments later Laura was back at her desk and hurrying to catch up with a mountain of paper work. Eileen had remained behind to discuss other business with Mr Crossley and in honesty Laura was glad! She could finally breath a sigh of relief, her job was safe, her bottom was not and she could put the balance of power in her day back to rights each evening when she got home by spanking her husband to her heart’s content! Life was actually working out perfectly today! All she had to do was wait until the end of the day for the first of her authorised spankings. She wondered which storyline they would select for her, there were plenty to choose from. A curl of excitement unfurled inside her as she willed the minutes to tick by faster.

Finally it was 5pm and the office began emptying, Eileen arrived in her doorway and called Laura in. Come in and close the door please,’ Laura did as she was requested and then stood facing Eileen’s desk and waited.

Eileen smiled at her as she spoke, ‘I have some items you will be required to wear for the next hour, it is Mr Crossley’s express wish that you be dressed in a certain manner for your spankings. I too shall be wearing a similar outfit, my penance for spanking you last night, I believe.’ Her smile became rueful.

Eileen shook her head in mild dismay at the clothes Mr Crossley had instructed her to go out and buy for the two of them. Pleated black mini skirts and white blouses, black thongs and stockings and high heels. He had been very specific indeed.

Laura eyed the clothing curiously, she knew which story this was being taken from and it would be very hot indeed!

Eileen watched Laura assess the clothing, ‘You will note there are no bras included, this is Mr Crossley’s request Ms Aston and you have signed the agreement to accept all forms of punishment that he decides upon.’

Laura raised her eyes to Eileen’s face and she smiled and nodded, ‘yes, I understand, should I go and get ready?’

Eileen hid her surprise at the girl’s eagerness to get this underway, especially since she obviously knew what was coming. This evening was going to be very interesting indeed. She nodded her agreement and Laura tripped off to the staff rest room to prepare herself.

to be continued…

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

14 thoughts on “Part 5 : Eileen and Laura’s Story… The Agreement…

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this segment, my sexy friend! The idea of being made to type out a contract, which dictates the right to spank you soundly, and then sign it in front of others really has me squirming this morning. Seriously… I think I may need to get a job there! Well done, beautiful! XOXO

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! If that place existed there would be so many employment laws broken it would be shut down in a nanosecond! I’m glad you enjoyed it, it felt strange going back to this storyline after so long away from it, but the characters quickly began telling their story once I started typing! Part 6 may be up tomorrow if Mr Crossley puts a shake on and tells me his story! 😀 xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I totally hear you…. I tried to go back and finish A Work in Progress (which I was writing when I was connected with my former Dom, Implacable) but I was just too disconnected from it. Oh well. I am glad you were able to keep this story moving… it is a fun one!!!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so excited you are back to writing. I reread the story from the beginning and eagerly await the next chapters. And yes I’m torturing myself reading at work lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ooooh 😲😲 is he 🔥🔥🔥 then? My last boss, which was quite a long time ago, years in fact, was so overbearing, stuffy, skinny as a rake, no personality to speak of and honestly, he was one of those professor boffin type men but without any of the savvy! If he had ever caught me reading something like Laura’s story online he probably would had died of shock !! 😛

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Yeah he’s cute and has a very dominant side to him that even though I am quite aggressive at work he makes me feel very submissive. It’s very hot lol


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