Rules anyone?


So has anyone remembered that Tom is supposed to be on an orgasm ban? Graham had told him the ban was in place until he said different. Now, when Graham says things like that, two things are immediately apparent. 1. You don’t break that rule and 2. You just know you are in for a long haul ban. Tom is only with us for two weeks and we are just 4 days in on that two weeks. Still another 10 days to go and he has already been punished once for breaking that rule and Graham knows it.

So…Tom broke the rules again yesterday evening, 3 times. I of course took full advantage of his forgetfulness, I have no shame. He is delicious! But, you know what that means right? Tables are turning and it’s my turn to bring him back into line. I am so looking forward to this but before I do I decided to make full use of him first. Seems a shame not to. Besides, he spanked my arse so hard last night I have twin hand prints covering my cheeks! Payback is gonna be a bitch! Bloody hell his hands are HUGE!

Regardless, my bottom was quite achy this morning, throbbing, but achy. Tom was still sound asleep at the side of me and I got a buzz from waking up next to him that I had not experienced before.

I slipped out of bed letting my own fears chase me across the room. Deep breaths Gem, deep breaths and just look at him. It’s Tom, beautiful, compliant, submissive, deferential Tom. All you have to do is give him that strict voice and he’s all yours to do with as you wish.

I love my own pep talks! No arguing! I sat musing my options as I watched him sleep.

The thing I really like about him is, he’s always ready. Over the past few days all I’ve had to do is look at his crotch and he’s instantly hard! I love it! Not to mention the buzz I get knowing I can do that to him! I swear, that poor man has been walking around with a permanent hard on since he got here two days ago. I won’t let it go soft. I only have him for 10 more days people, I need to make hay while the sun shines!

For a long time, I have been bereft of a lover who didn’t feel the need to control me constantly. Tom is ticking every single box right now and some I didn’t know I had! That scares me and thrills me in equal measure. I know I’m an emotional coward and will run like a scared rabbit at the first signs of a request for commitment. So far, Tom has not triggered that. It’s very early days yet and we are still in the ‘ hot sex and spanking’ zone. I like living there. It fulfils my needs. He fulfils my needs and I want him, constantly! I feel greedy and I don’t care.

I sat on the small sofa on the other side of the bedroom musing these thoughts and I hadn’t realised he was awake and watching me watch him.

‘What you doin’ all the way over there Gem?’ His voice was sleep gruff and sexy as hell, it grazed over my skin like a cool breeze and I watched the goose bumps appear on my arms. I raised my gaze to meet his and he smiled a lazy smile.

He sat up and the sheets fell away from him, his massive chest was on full show and I felt pussy stir.

‘I’m just thinking,’ I murmured as I lowered my gaze from his eyes to his massive chest and then down to where the sheet had bunched up around his hips. And there it was, he grew hard watching me watch him.

‘Be a darling and pull the sheet back please.’ I said quietly never taking my eyes from his covered hips.

He barked out a deep laugh but he complied. He threw the sheet back and revealed his beautiful cock growing hard and twitching laying against his thigh. I smiled and licked my lips. His cock twitched harder. Pussy was singing her own song so I changed position and spread my leg wide and let my fingers do their own work on her. I slid my finger between her naked smoothly shaven plump lips and stroked my clit. I kept my gaze fixed on his cock. It jumped to order. He shifted his weight slightly.

‘Don’t move!’ I demanded as I continued to stroke myself while he watched. His cock raised now, the turgid head stood proud of it’s sheathing as blood coursed to the tip. I wanted to lower myself down on it’s thick length and take him completely inside me and keep him there, but I remained where I was, my thoughts drove my fingers to find their way inside me working pussy into a wonderful throbbing mass of need driven by the sight of him, lying there quietly, accepting my will, not forcing his own, waiting patiently for his next instruction.

I felt powerful.

‘Jesus Gem…’ His voice was deep and gruff as he watched me masturbate while I watched his cock. I slid my gaze back up the mass of beautiful muscles and lightly bronzed skin of his torso, to his eyes. Oh my… lust…pure unadulterated lust… but there was something else… he was mine to command, it was there in his eyes and I felt the power surge through me again. My fingers worked harder and my body writhed, I needed more. I dropped my gaze back down to his cock and moaned a little as I licked my lips.

‘I want to watch you stroke yourself for me.’ I said between little moans and minuscule hip movements. He grunted and closed his big meaty hand around his shaft and he started a slow steady stroke, sliding his hand all the way to the tip and then down again, the head was engorged and clear drops of pre-cum glistened on its tip.

‘Taste that for me.’ I said as my eyes drank in his every smooth stroke. He rubbed his finger over the head and collected his juices. He raised it to his mouth and barely allowed a grimace as he slid his finger between his lips and sucked it clean.

I moaned as I began to work my pussy harder. I was desperate to cum, but I wanted to make this last as long as I could.

‘What do you taste like?’ my voice was barely above a whisper, I didn’t want to break the tension or the spell that had fallen over the room. We were more connected right now than we had been last night when you couldn’t slide a piece of paper between us!

‘Salty. It tastes better when I taste it in your mouth baby.’ He was talking very quietly too I knew he felt the same way I did.

‘Do you want your cock in my mouth Tom? Do you want to feel my lips close around it and sink down and wrap it inside my warm wet mouth?’ My fingers plunged, my hips were pushing up to reach the down stroke of my own hand. My thumb was circling my clit and it throbbed so hard…

He groaned and I watched his body surge upwards at the thought of my mouth taking him inside and wrapping him in it’s heat.

‘Damn it Gem! You’re killing me here…’ he ground out between clenched teeth, as he continued to stroke and pull and then smooth his cock, it was a rhythm that was particular to what he knew he needed. I was fascinated. There was no straight up and down pumping going on, this was so damned erotic, a man knows how to give himself what he needs. He knows what makes his cock jump and spill. He wastes no time with unnecessary actions. Tom was a delight to watch and I knew he was getting off on performing for me. I learned from his strokes what he needed as I drank in every move. I stored the rhythm in the back of my mind to use on him at a later date. I would enslave him with his own lustful desire for me, for this, for us.

His breathing had changed, it was heavier, shorter, little grunts escaped as he worked that cock for me. He never took his eyes from my fingers, watching as they buried themselves deep inside my pussy and then slid out, glistening with her juices, I lifted them to my mouth and slipped two fingers between my lips and sucked. ‘I taste sweet.’ I murmured as I lowered my fingers back down to continue stroking.

He groaned, ‘I know you do baby, let me taste you?’ So quietly spoken. His breathing was shallow now, I knew he was close.

‘Not yet.’ I shook my head slowly denying him his prize, and leaned back. I spread my legs so I was wide open to his view. I thrust my hips up and threw my head back as I arched and pumped my fingers deep inside until I felt my climax tearing through me.

‘Now!’ I groaned so loud it brought Tom off the bed and on his knees between my thighs before I had finished. His mouth covered my slick wet pussy as he drank in my juices, thrusting his tongue inside me over my fingers. I held them there and felt him stretch me, I grabbed the back of his head as my orgasm rose up again and I rode that wave for all I was worth.

Finally, finally I came down. I dropped my leg and placed my foot against his chest and pushed.

He pulled back a little and looked up at my face. I pushed again. ‘I want you NOW!’ I demanded. I pushed him again and he lay flat on the floor, his rigid cock standing to attention. I dropped down onto my knees between his thighs and I lowered my lips slowly over his engorged tip. I sucked him all the way in right to the back of my throat. I could taste his bitter saltiness on my tongue and I sucked hard. Then I pulled all the way back and wrapped my tongue in the crease under the tip and applied suction. He bucked up hard. His hand grabbed my head and held me fast. I pumped him, applying suction, releasing him then beginning all over again. His legs trembled, he leaned up and braced himself on one arm so he could watch me, I raised my eyes to watch his face. The tension I saw there was beautiful and raw. I lowered my mouth all the way down to his groin but I kept my eyes locked with his and he grunted, deep and low, a guttural sound that was music to my ears, his hips thrust up hard, his legs locked, his cream shot from him and hit the back of my throat. I swallowed, then swallowed again as he continued to shoot thick hot cream into my waiting mouth still holding my head firmly, locking us together as I milked every single drop from him, I covered his cock with his juices, I licked it clean, I smoothed the last drops down his shaft and then sucked it all back in to my mouth. He was still bucking and groaning and gripping me tightly.

Finally I let him go and sat back to look at him. He had a dazed expression on his face and he just shook his head at me slowly, ‘Fuck… that was…’

I grinned at him and said very quietly, ‘That was… breaking the rules Tom.’

I felt him freeze, he had been going to reach for me and he froze mid reach. ‘The rules?’ He questioned.

‘Uh huh,’ I nodded, ‘The rules. You’re on an orgasm ban remember?’

He looked genuinely confused, ‘But… we changed the rules yesterday Gem, we started new rules, remember?’ He sat up now and raised his knees to support his heavy arms. Jesus he was all muscle and heat and I was getting hot for him all over again.

‘No,’ I shook my head slowly, ‘they were my rules we changed. The orgasm ban is Graham’s rule. Only Graham can change that, I wouldn’t even dare try.’ I was still smiling like the cat with the cream.

‘Aww come on baby, that’s not…’ His face was a study in consternation.

‘Fair?’ I questioned with a raised eyebrow.

‘Yeah… fair.’ He said somewhat truculently.

‘Was it fair when you spanked me without warning last night? Was it fair when you pounded my ass with your hand for 20 minutes? I have two huge hand prints covering my ass this morning and my cheeks ache from your spanking. Was that fair?’ I countered, thoroughly enjoying the sparring now.

He was instantly apologetic. ‘Oh god, did I hurt you? I never meant to …’

I laughed a little, ‘Of course you hurt me, it wouldn’t be a spanking if it didn’t hurt!’ I watched his face relax again. I drove my point home harder. ‘But… we aren’t discussing me Tom, we’re discussing you, breaking the rules not once, but 3 times last night and now its 4 times. Graham is going to be livid with you. I would not want to be in your shoes when he canes you for your wilful disregard of his rules. He doesn’t like that. He makes it hurt, a lot. For a long time.’ And Tom paled at the memory of his previous punishment with Graham.

‘Or… you could take it like a man from me. Your choice baby.’ I was up on my knees now, leaning forward with my breasts jutting perkily trapped between my arms, he was struggling to keep his eyes on my face and they kept dropping down to my very hard dusky nipples. His hand came up and he wrapped it around my left breast and squeezed a little harder than he ever had before, I sucked in a breath and moaned a little, his lip curled in a half smile and his eyes filled with lust, I saw the glint in his eye as he got the message that he was in big trouble. It said loud and clear, he wasn’t going down without a fight.

‘Fine, but if I’m going to be punished for four I might as well make it a damn good 6 and fuck you until you’re purring. Come here!’ His was a growl and my whole body responded to it with liquid fire coursing through me. I was hungry again. He covered my right breast with his other hand and pulled me.

I leaned forward, wincing at the delicious shot of pain that worked its way straight down and fired my pussy up instantly. He pulled me up and onto my feet. He squeezed deliciously hard before he let go, lifted me bodily, turned and threw me down in the middle of the bed on my back. He grabbed me and placed a leg either side of his chest as he followed me down and impaled me with his huge cock. I was instantly full, stretched to my limit and so ready for him I thrust up on his down stroke to meet him…

Some hours later, I lay curled into his side with his big meaty arm holding me firmly to him and I was purring happily. Damn but this man knew how to do me.

It was almost a shame that he would have to be punished for it, but those are the rules. You break ’em you pay for them. I slid out of bed and went to retrieve my cane.

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So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

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      He is rather amazing isn’t he? LOL xx

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