3 Months Later…Day 1 of 7

Sam (I can’t keep calling him the Boy) is away on another outward bound course. Since he left yesterday evening Tom has reverted to his default setting of sex, spanking and more sex and he is positively growling! I’m not kidding!

My bottom is hot and sore, pussy is throbbing her happy tune, my head is full of erotic thoughts and Tom is on a mission! He has decided the only way to keep me in line this week is to keep me naked, spanked and fucked and not necessarily in that order. So far today, we started the morning off with a very long HOT shower, progressing to a mid morning kitchen rampage! From nowhere I found myself upended over his knee for a sound hand spanking, quickly followed by him bending me over the kitchen table for a second round of hard and fast sex which was amazing!

Less than an hour later I was up against a wall in the lounge with my leg thrown over his shoulder, with his head between my thighs. His mouth sucked my clit then his clever tongue thrust up into my pussy then along my labia and then circled my clit again and sucked it in between his teeth nipping gently before thrusting his tongue back inside me until I was gripping his head and bucking against his mouth, spilling my juices onto his tongue and groaning loudly. I was in ecstasy!

I retreated shortly there after to do some stuff upstairs where I was ambushed and told to assume the position over the end of the bed for another spanking but this time with the Jokari paddle, (I am learning to hate that damned paddle!) By mid afternoon I had taken refuge in my office but there was nowhere to hide! Over the desk and OMG that MAN! Seriously, I can’t find the off switch!

Don’t get me wrong, I am loving all this attention, he is so controlled when Sam is around, and we act like any normal couple would with a third party present. Properly! Tom makes sure of it! (They get on famously by the way! After two months, Sam made the suggestion that Tom should move in with us seeing as he was here all the time anyway!)

That was a month ago. Since then, Sam has been home for most of the month but he’s now back in the Lake District for a 7 day course and I have a giant horny bear of a man stalking me around the house on a sexual rampage because he’s switched of his self control and gone for marauder extraordinaire! And growling… it’s the only way to describe the low rumble he keeps emitting when he finds me!

I’m out in the garden now, not hiding, just making sure the hot tub is set up for tonight, I have a feeling I will need to sink into it and let those jets ease my aching muscles and sore bottom!

So, the hot tub is down the bottom end of the garden and completely private now that Tom has installed 5ft fencing and trellising around it to hide us from accidental exposure. (Courtesy of Graham recounting the story to Tom one night of how he and I met! (see : Will I never learn?) I got my backside paddled all over again for that once Graham had gone home!)

I was in the process of changing the filter which required me to lean over the side of the tub. I heard my nosy next door neighbour shouting to Tom as he headed down the garden, she gets all flushed and giggly every time she sees him and always tries to flirt with him. Ha! she’s got no chance in hell! Her boobs aren’t big enough and neither is her ass! She’s so slim Tom reckons she would snap in half if he even touched her. Regardless, it meant that for once today I got a heads up he was on his way. I had just righted myself and disposed of the mucky filter when he came around the corner.

‘You hiding from me baby?’ He murmured as he slipped his arms around my waist and pulled me to him.

I grinned at him ‘nope, just down here sorting the tub out ready for this evening.’

‘Uh huh, is it done?’ He asked casually.

I nodded and he flashed me a wicked smile, his eyes filled with pure lust as his hands stroked my ass and got busy pushing my skirt up over my hips, his fingers slid between my thighs and lit pussy up like a firework display! I don’t know about Tom being insatiable, I wasn’t that far behind him! His fingers slid inside me and my legs opened for him, he smiled against my mouth as his big hand covered my pussy and sank three fingers in, ‘good girl, you know you’re taking all of them don’t you, spread your legs wide baby…’

I groaned and leaned against the shed wall and spread my legs for him. He pushed his fourth finger inside me and stretched me wide with his huge hand. I gripped his powerful shoulders and dug my nails in deep as I pushed down against his thrust and he pushed up harder, it was deliciously painful and his hand became slick with my juices. I bucked and growled low in my throat as he began to increase the pace, he grabbed my hair with his other hand and pulled my head back for his kiss, his tongue thrust into my mouth as his fingers filled my pussy and I was climbing fast towards yet another orgasm. He let go of my hair and dragged his hand down to the front of my work shirt and he yanked it open popping buttons everywhere until he released my breasts. He gripped one as it tumbled into his waiting hand. I moaned deeply into his mouth and pushed my breast harder against his grip. I was full of Tom, he was everywhere all at once, filling me, fucking me, squeezing me.

He let go of me long enough to turn me around and I braced myself at arms length against the shed wall. He spread my legs as he released his throbbing cock from his jeans and slid it deep inside me in one hard thrust. He gripped my hair in his fist and pulled my head back and he sank his tongue into my waiting mouth again. I sucked his tongue as he fucked me, I groaned loudly as my climax climbed, he thrust harder and faster as he let go of my hair and slid his hand around my throat and stretched me, arching my back, while he used his massive body to absorb me into him.

I had no thoughts, just the most amazing sensations of painful pleasure that took over until I jerked hard and squeezed my muscles around his thick member and rode my orgasm home as wave after wave of hot tremors flooded through me. My head was empty of everything save this big man, I was a mass of rolling emotions and sensations, I heard myself emitting a long low feral growl which caused Tom to thrust harder and faster against the tidal wave I was gripped in. He smiled against my mouth again and whispered, ‘I’m gonna fuck you until you beg me to stop, until you have nothing left to give and I have your tears in my mouth.’

He continued to thrust against my tightened muscles and I clenched harder around him and pushed my ass out to take all of him again and again. He grunted low in his throat and held me firmly on his cock as he pumped his hot seed into me filling me with its heat. I climaxed hard and fast around his thick throbbing cock, it came from nowhere and floored me, ripping through me, my legs buckled and he pulled me up against him as he continued to thrust until he was spent.

As he slid out of me we heard a shrill voice on the other side of the fence. ‘Gemma, are you alright? You sound like you’re in pain! Can I help you?’

I got a fit of the giggles as Tom very calmly responded, ‘She’s just fine Ms Ashton, we were just having a little fun is all.’

Damn I wish I could have seen her face!

The Time Between (Day 5 of 9)

Days between ‘day 5 and three months later’ were spent talking, circling each other, gauging each others reactions. Curve balls thrown and caught on both sides. Learning how to be with each other in a different mind set. Everything we had followed to date was changing and morphing into a new regime for us to live inside and a terrifying range of emotions raged through me. I have never felt so raw or scared or elated or happy and these feelings rolled over me in equal waves of gut wrenching fear and unbridled pleasure.

In short, I was a mess and Tom was exhausted. But, we were connected.

Through all of those days Tom was consistent, solid, firm. There were many moments where he could have forcefully railroaded me, he didn’t, he climbed down and found a safe middle ground where we could meet. He knew his was the biggest journey, he would be coming to me. I was stuck fast in my self made bunker, but I was holding my arms up to be pulled out. It was the most steps I’ve taken in opening up to anyone since my too long marriage and subsequent divorce.

The idea of having this beautiful man in my life permanently, thrilled me and terrified me in equal measure and I was running on adrenaline fuelled anxiety for the majority of the time and euphoric ecstasy the rest of it!

He read me well, he coaxed and cajoled and claimed me. He used our bodies to take me where I needed to be. He calmed me and eventually I lay down beside him and climbed in to us. We never spoke about love. That is a mountain of pain still to be climbed and will remain inside the steel trap for the foreseeable future. We are living with no labels to define us.

So tonight, I’m sitting on the sofa in the bedroom, scratching words onto a page in the middle of the night of day 9. I’m writing furiously, scribbling in my journal. Emptying my head. Writing soothes me, it orders my thoughts and the words flow unceasingly.

I write stories, shorts, plots, scripts and my journal. Until Tom sits down beside me, stills my hand and lifts me into his arms and holds me.

‘Can I read it Gem?’ He asks softly, holding my journal.

‘They’re just words. Random image words, feelings, they don’t really say anything. It’s just how I see us, things…’ I don’t answer his question.

‘Can I read it Baby?’ He’s holding the journal open in his hands but his eyes are on mine. He’s searching and asking for permission for me to let him in.

‘It’s not the steel trap thoughts you know, it’s not a window…’ Today had been one of those days where the demons were flying, I’m exhausted and have no thought processes left to explain.

‘Gem?’ He pushes me and raises the journal in a question.

I nod.

He read the pages and pages of scattered thoughts and finally after what seemed like the longest hour ever, he gave me the journal back.

‘Wow. That is… just wow. Why didn’t you tell me you write poetry?’ He’s smiling and I have no idea why. I have no idea what I’ve written and therefore no idea what he’s read.

I cocked my head and raised an eyebrow, ‘Poetry? Me? I don’t write poetry… they are just random thoughts thrown down so I don’t lose the word or a feeling or a phrase. You don’t read them as a poem.’

I was smiling, distracted, his fingers were travelling and brushing my thighs, tracing circles on the sensitive skin at the top. I felt his lips brush my neck and his smile against my skin.

‘You may not think so, but damn baby, they turned me on.’

He found my lips with his and the heat grew instantly hotter.

The ‘poem’ Tom had been reading?

Slow pace,
Shards of pleasure,
delicious flesh tasted
Pinning me, taking me,
inch by inch
Control taken, passion flares
quenching thirst, denying hunger
denial, denial, denial
ecstasy rising, reaching, searching,
fingers driving, abandon climbing
soft low keening, needing, arching
sharp stings, full strokes
throbbing heat
exploding, shattering, spreading,
creeping, skin blooms, heat spreads
submission calling
empty head. 

He was all of those things and more.

He bound us together and I’m calmer now. Content. Happy.

Tom – Day 3 of 9


If ever I was in any doubt that Tom was super human, that doubt was eradicated yesterday! He managed a colossal 11 orgasms before he threw in the towel. I am massively impressed!

I am also massively in trouble. He muttered words like pay back and your ass is mine tomorrow lady, and spanking, and one long hard fuck that will last all damned day! before he went to sleep last night.

Okay, so maybe I played a little too hard, for a little too long, but hell it was worth it. He really is magnificent. Besides, I really do get off on the power transfer thing, it’s not something I’m usually comfortable with, the dynamics of it get a little too confusing for me. I begin to feel uneasy about holding the power after a while and want to give it back.

With Tom, I can. He rolls with whatever I come up with and adjusts, adapts and gives me what I need for as long as I need it. When I don’t he happily steps back in and turns the table around again. I like that. He doesn’t appear to have an ego at all. He makes me want to experiment with everything to see where we both draw the line. So far, no lines have been drawn. One or two got pencilled in but they were quickly erased when I realised he would only go as far and as fast as I indicated. He follows my lead.

His personality has morphed in the short time he’s been here with me. When he first came around, he was definitely leaning towards submission and compliance. By the end of day One of 9 days, I realised that was a very minor part of his personality. This man is all Alpha with a penchant for being dominated by a strong willed woman. Me in particular.

I can and will dominate him when I feel like I am being swamped by his more powerful personality but to be fair, it doesn’t happen often, and I respond on a completely primal level to his dominance of me sexually, it excites me like nothing else ever has, I am loving it.

All these thoughts are swirling around in my head as I sit naked on the sofa in my bedroom, drinking coffee and musing the twists and turns of our time together. Tom is sound asleep and probably will be for at least another hour. I have time to settle myself before he comes for me.

Less than 20 minutes later, he woke up. ‘Hey.’ He mumbled. I lifted my head and smiled at him, ‘hey…’ I responded quietly.

He slid from the bed and headed for the bathroom, grabbing my hand on his way past and hauling me to my feet. ‘We’re taking a shower.’ He said and just like that he was in the day, in my space, taking control of my body and mind and I revelled in it.

He turned on the shower and pulled me inside with him. I squealed as the spray of cold water hit me and he laughed.

‘Don’t worry baby, the heat is coming, I promise you.’ He whispered huskily. He leaned down and captured my mouth with his for a long hot steamy kiss. He began lathering soap into my skin, his hands were everywhere, covering my breasts massaging them, pinching my nipples hard, sliding his fingers between my thighs to rub his slick soapy fingers against my clit and massage my vulva until I was writhing against his hands. All I could do was hold on tight. Needy, greedy, urgent little moans escaped my mouth as he brought my body alive. I wanted to climb up him and sink him inside me.

He grunted low and deep in the back of his throat, and the intensity ratcheted up three notches above sky rocketing! He grabbed my ass with both hands and lifted me up against the tiles. I wrapped my legs around his hips and gripped tightly as he thrust up and deep inside me. He spread his legs wide to brace us as he leaned one hand on the wall and gripped my ass tightly with the other. He pumped hard and fast and filled me with every inch of his thick cock. I was reaching for climax inside of a short minute! He was everywhere, taking all of me, covering me, absorbing me into him and I could only hang on for all I was worth and take the ride with him. I came hard around him as I gripped his cock with my muscles, my insides turned to molten liquid and I went under as my orgasm rippled and built and roared home. I moaned and panted and cried out his name as he continued to thrust and drive himself deeper into me until there was no space left between us. He pushed me up against the tiles and grabbed a handful of my hair pulling my head back so he could take my mouth with his tongue while he impaled me on his cock. I was gone.

I became a mass of sensations, explosions, fireworks! Pure lust drove the heat through us both and he groaned deeply as he thrust harder and faster until he exploded and shot his hot seed deep inside me filling me with himself. It bathed my insides with fierce heat and I felt my own body climb fast and hard in response. I tensed every muscle as another orgasm robbed me of my breath as it raged through me. Tears flowed, I had no control over them. He kissed my face as he continued to thrust and pump and pound into me. My god this man was insatiable and by definition so was I.

He was climbing again, I could feel his thick solid member throbbing inside me. He was urgent in his movements, his big hands gripped my waist and he lifted me off him and turned me around. He bent me over and I braced my arms against the tiles for support as his cock claimed me again. He slapped my ass hard as he pumped and drove himself in and withdrew to the tip and then plunged heavily in to my waiting pussy, I pushed my ass up higher and leaned lower to take his cock and he drove into me faster and faster until he roared and filled me again. I was swallowed up by his hands and lifted and turned and legs thrown around his waist again he buried his tongue in my mouth and mine danced with his as he gripped my hair and pulled hard. I cried out against the pain and every muscle tensed as he pulled again and thrust again, and grunted and I moaned and squealed when he dragged his mouth from mine and gripped my hard nipple between his teeth and nipped, then sucked as he fucked the life out of me and then into me. I was a maelstrom of feelings, sensations, emotions. Pain erupted in my nipple shooting down to my pussy and setting her on fire with it’s raw heat, he gripped my ass tightly and bucked and fucked me until I was screaming in ecstasy.

Finally, finally, finally he slowed his onslaught and then gradually stopped. He placed us both back under the shower and the water soothed my overheated skin, I rubbed soap into his massive chest and worked it into his skin, my fingers slid over the surface of his abs and down to his still semi hard cock. I stroked it and cleaned it with my soapy hands as he kissed me and held me steady against him. His cock responded beautifully to my ministrations and was standing proudly, rigidly from his groin and I slid down him until I crouched before that stunning member and slid my lips along it’s length and took him into my mouth. His hand came down and rested against the back of my head as he thrust his hips forward and began to fuck my mouth. I took all of him. I dragged my mouth up and down his thick cock until he grabbed my head with both hands and forced me to be still while he filled my mouth with his seed. I drank from him. There was so much it spilled out, I swallowed and still there was more as he swore and grunted and thrust hard until he was spent and I was full.

I slid back up his body, completely spent but euphoric in my exhaustion. Tom took the shower head and rinsed us both down with clean hot water, then lifted me out of the shower, wrapped me up in a huge towel and carried me back into the bedroom.

He had only just gotten started…

Tom – Day 2 of 9

Tom is spending a few hours with Graham this morning! YES!! Why am I happy? Because I am exhausted! That man is like a machine and I need to do something, anything to slow things down some! I don’t know what mood he is going to be in when he get’s back but my mood is going to be STRICT!

I know listen to me, whining! I have everything I ever wanted in a man, all sex and spanking, no silly romantic entanglements, no unnecessary expectations or protestations of that nasty L word and here I am complaining!

‘Be careful what you wish for’ keeps springing to mind! So to bring you all up to speed, Tom is no longer under a discipline regime with Graham. Graham bowed out, he said it was an unreasonable ask to have Tom jump through his hoops and follow his rules while he was over here with me forcing him to break them all. I guess Graham came to that conclusion when he realised neither me nor Tom could remember the rules. He threw his hands up in the air and told us both he was taking a few weeks off from being disciplinarian to either of us, but he did expect us to keep each other in line.

Yeah, that’s right, the inmates are running the asylum! We have no governor! Ha! Let mayhem ensue.

Tom and I have agreed that I don’t want to spank or cane him, (sorry folks, I just couldn’t keep doing it, it’s not really in my bag of tricks. I prefer to be on the receiving end of a hard caning, not the handing out end.) Tom was more than happy with this particular decision, turns out, he doesn’t get anything from the caning/spanking thing unless he’s the one giving it. A natural balance has been found between us and it works.

Regardless of all of that, something needs to give. I am not a machine! Basically, every time Tom has felt horny this past few days, (which is continually) he has reached for me and I have been extremely complicit and compliant with his need for sex constantly but I can’t keep up the momentum! Call me old if you want, but this woman needs some proper shut eye and a bloody good rest! Hey, I’m only human, he wants me, I want him and the novelty has NOT worn off at all. I am just exhausted! So, like I said, I am going STRICT!

In order to do Strict I need to dress the part. He seems to react much more quickly if I look the part. I like the role play aspect a lot as it happens and I do get turned on from preparing myself to step into his Ma’am role.

So I have on the hottest lingerie I own, it’s turquoise with black lace trim (he went wild when he saw it yesterday,) the shortest black mini skirt I can find, a black sheer chiffon blouse I adore and I am rocking 4″ stilettos. It is time to turn Tom inside out.

He arrived home within an hour of me getting ready, so I didn’t have too long to second guess my course of action.

I was in the kitchen when he turned up and he shouted me as he walked through the door, ‘Gem? I’m back.’ So, casual easy mood is where he’s at. Tone of voice is everything with this man. Facial expressions are hard to read with him, he has a poker face.

I walked to the kitchen door and watched him approach. He stopped walking as his gaze travelled my body from head to foot.

He grinned, ‘Did I miss something Gem?’ he was coming towards me again and I raised my hand and halted him. He stopped.

‘Wait right there mister, there are some new rules today. You are not allowed to touch me unless I give you permission. You will do everything I say, and you will not assume control of any situation, do I make myself clear?’ Best Ma’am voice present and correct. And… WORKING! Tom has lost all his swagger and is submitting to me.

I love how quickly this transformation happens. He gets off hugely on being controlled by me.

‘Yes Ma’am perfectly clear.’ He answers quietly and respectfully.

‘Go upstairs and get undressed, then come down and sit on the sofa in the lounge. Do not take all day about it.’

‘Yes Ma’am.’ He headed off up the stairs and I walked into the lounge and set the TV up to interact with my Tablet. I was streaming a number of videos he had made of us over the course of the last few days. They were very, very hot.

He arrived in the lounge and sat down stretching his arms along the back of the sofa and crossed his long legs at the ankle. I sat down next to him and wrapped my hand around his cock and began to stroke, all the while messing with the tablet screen with my other hand.

He grunted quietly and uncrossed his legs as his cock began to throb heavily in my hand. I ignored him and pressed play on the tablet. I dipped my head down and took him in my mouth and wrapped my tongue around his shaft. He thrust up hard and moaned.

The TV screen flickered and then filled with our images, a side view of me kneeling in front of him and taking his cock into my mouth appeared before us and I heard his intake of breath, his cock jumped in my mouth and his hand dropped down on my shoulder.

I raised up a little and slapped his inner thigh hard, he removed his hand and put it back where it should be. I sat up and continued to stroke him, smoothing the skin back, rubbing my finger over the swollen head, using his pre-cum to lubricate his cock and I followed his own preferred rhythm for masturbation. I changed position and straddled his thighs, watching his face as he watched himself on the large screen fucking my mouth as he gripped the back of my head, and then switching back to me, watching my hand stroke his cock. He was heavy lidded and flushed, I took him all the way to the edge, he was breathing heavily, I placed a hand over his heart and felt it pounding in his massive chest. He was very, very close.

I leaned forward and nipped his ear and whispered, ‘that’s enough for now.’ I stopped the video, and climbed off his lap and walked over to the chair on the opposite side of the room.

The look on his face was priceless. ‘Am I allowed to ask what’s going on Ma’am?’ There was a definite edge to his voice, but it was more frustration than sharp.

I smiled at him, ‘Of course you are, you aren’t under punishment Tom, I’m just giving you a lesson in discipline baby. Talk away, but just remember I am in control today and you have no room for manoeuvre.’

‘Do I refer to you as Ma’am or Gem?’ He really wasn’t sure how to behave right now and it showed. I had thrown a rather large curve ball his way and he had caught it but didn’t know what the hell to do with it. That suited me. This was fluid and I was making it up as I went along. I figured reactionary would work better based on his reactions so far.

‘I’m good with either name. But if it helps you stay in submission, you can call me Ma’am.’ As I was speaking I had begun to unbutton my blouse, his gaze dropped to my fingers and he shifted position slightly.

‘So, I’m not in trouble then? I haven’t done something to upset you?’ He licked his lips as I opened the blouse up fully and revealed my turquoise satin and lace clad breasts for his inspection.

‘Not at all. I couldn’t be happier. You just need to learn you can’t have things all your own way all of the time. For instance, you can’t do this today until I say you can.’ I ran my fingers along the smooth full curve of my breasts, and he made a small noise in the back of his throat.

‘You can’t touch but you can look baby. You can imagine how my skin would feel under your fingers, you can imagine how my hard nipples would feel between your lips, but you can’t have them.’

I stood up and turned my back to him, I unzipped my skirt and slid it slowly down over my hips until it slid down my legs and pooled at my feet. I stepped out of it and bent over from the waist to pick it up off the floor. I turned to face him and watched as he drank in my body. His cock was jumping and stood rigid, the foreskin stretched tightly now exposing the bulging head and the ever present pre-cum glistening at the tip.

‘You are allowed to cum as often as you want Tom. But you better not make a mess.’ He nodded and jumped up of the sofa and headed for the kitchen. He came back with a roll of kitchen paper. I guess he was preparing for a busy day!

He took up his position on the sofa again. I sat back in my chair, spread my legs wide and slid my hand beneath the waistband of my panties. My fingers smoothed over my clit and stroked gently. Not to stimulate me too much but to get his attention. I had it instantly.

I smiled at him and murmured, ‘Stroke yourself Tom, I want to watch you masturbate. I want you to cum and then keep stroking.’

He instantly complied, his large hand encased his rigid cock and he immediately set up his rhythm. I pressed play on the remote and the screen sprang back to life, the sound of thighs slapping against each other and groans and cries filled the room as the image on the TV of him fucking me from behind filled the screen. His gaze was glued to the screen! He stroked himself harder and faster as he watched us fuck.

The head of his cock was so engorged now I couldn’t help myself, I crossed the room and dropped down between his thighs and flicked my tongue over the purple tip and sucked. He threw his head back groaning deeply. He continued to stroke and pull and smooth his cock as I sat between his legs and watched up close, taking a taste when I wanted, slipping the head between my lips, applying suction and then holding it there, then withdrawing to watch him again. He grunted deeply, and his juices shot up in an arc onto his flat belly.

On the screen we were wrapped up in joint oral. I was sat astride his face 69’ing him and sinking his cock deep into my mouth. I heard twin groans from both Toms. The screen Tom was thrusting up hard into my mouth while thrusting his tongue deep inside my pussy. The live Tom was stroking his cock hard and fast and breathing heavily again. I rubbed his juices into his skin and up on his chest, I licked the places I rubbed and then brought my mouth to his and kissed him.

The next image that popped up on the screen was of Tom spanking me hard over his knee. The sounds of slaps and squeals and pleading filled the room and live Tom broke the kiss, shook his head and groaned. ‘Twin stimulation is a bastard Gem!’ he muttered against my mouth and I laughed.

You better get used to it, we’re doing this all day baby…’ I gently sank my teeth into his lip and nipped. He groaned and I slid down his body and slid my lips down over his throbbing cock and teased, and stopped then teased again until he was pleading with me to let him fuck my mouth. I removed myself from him and took myself over to the other side of the room, sat legs spread wide and slid my panties to one side as I used my fingers on my clit and stroked.

He groaned, his eyes were wild with lust, the restraint he was showing was immense and I blew him a kiss and laughed a little. The screen flashed to me in the throws of a huge orgasm and he lost it and came hard, he moaned deep in the back of his throat as his hips jerked up and he thrust against his hand. His juices flowed, covering his stomach. He reached for the tissue and wiped with a mild grimace on his face. He raised his eyes to me, I was utterly enthralled by the force of his orgasm and walked across the room. ‘You missed some,’ I said as I ran my finger through the cooling cream and scooped it up. I held my finger out for the tissue.

‘This would be so much better if it was in your mouth Gem.’ He muttered as he wiped it off my finger.

I laughed, ‘All good things come to those who wait baby, Now, start again, we have a long way to go before you’re running on empty.’

He would be milked dry by the end of today, I would make sure of it.

Pussy was getting a rest, I was mentally entertained, and my body was my own for the day. All in all, a very good day for playing…

Tom – Day 1 of 9


So Tom had brought me close to being back to myself with a sound strapping and hand spanking, hard and fast sex followed by an amazing after care session. I was emotionally spent but physically I wanted more and I was desperate to stay away from the inside of my head.

Fortunately for me, this was Tom. He is always ready for more, regardless of how many times I rode him, he would rise magnificently to the occasion. We barely caught our breath for the remainder of the night. Tom likened it to chasing demons. He would catch one and another would rear it’s ugly head. I didn’t have the heart to tell him we had barely scratched the surface of my demons and I could keep him there forever and we wouldn’t slay them all. Nature of the beast. I can usually lock those thoughts off behind well erected walls and some heavy duty compartmentalising. If I don’t go there, it can’t hurt me. Simple.

Well, obviously I have one rather major Achilles heel and that is my son going away for 10 days! No amount of compartmentalising was keeping those demons locked up and they were everywhere last night.

I’m almost over the walls of fear and I am locking everything down tightly again. Right now, I’m doing it quietly because I have a sleeping giant occupying most of my king sized bed.

The fears have largely receded because I have had a text from the boy to say he’s arrived safely courtesy of Graham, and a text from Gray to say he drove the boy all the way to the Lakes because his train had been cancelled and there wasn’t another one last night! I love that man to death! Which one? Both of them, but Graham is the best friend I could ever hope to have!

Tom chose that moment to wake up.

‘Hey baby…’ he gruffed (see previous explanation for gruffed in Curve Ball.) and I smiled and curled into him as he reached for me.

‘Morning…’ I whispered as I kissed his chest.

He grabbed a handful of my hair and tugged my head back gently so he could see my face, and he searched it.

‘How you doin’?’ He asked as I held his gaze.

‘I’m okay, demons are on lock down again. Everything is under control.’ I smiled as I tugged my head to loosen his hold. He held tighter.

‘Huh, got somethin’ goin’ on in there, can see it in your eyes. Don’t lock me out Gem.’ His tone was firm but not demanding. I could have bristled but there was no point. I tugged my head forward again, he held tighter and the pain spread mildly around my scalp. It felt a bit like one of those scalp massage things with the prongs! I liked the feeling!

‘Promise, I’m all good, maybe one or two wispy creatures still hanging around but nothing to worry about. I’m not locking you out, I’m just locking them in.’ There see? I can be reasonable and reassure him without getting defensive.

‘Uh huh, steel trap in full working order again is it?’ He was definitely pushing.

‘What do you mean?’ I raised my eyes to his, this was no go territory and he knew it. He held my gaze with ease.

is he throwing us a curve ball?

‘Don’t worry, I’m not trying to get behind the trap Gem, I get it baby. Your mind, your rules, You give what you’re happy to give and I don’t ask for more. I’m just gonna put this out there though. I’ve got you. That’s all. You don’t have to be tough all the time.’ There was a matter of fact quality to his tone that settled me even while I had alarm bells going off in my head. I quieted them. I want Tom, plain and simple. I’m not ready to run, I actually like that he gets me.

I grinned at him then and just said, ‘Okay.’

I ran my hands down his chest and across his abs, I grazed my fingers across the tip of his erection and he sucked in a breath. I still held his gaze. He caught my wandering fingers and brought them back up to his chest.

‘Oh no lady, you are missing some vital kit before you get what you so obviously want!’ He was laughing now, see, this is why I like him, he knows when to quit with the serious stuff. I was still confused by his comment though!

‘What kit?’ I asked as I moved my body flush against his so I could press against his erection that way. There’s more than one way to get what I want…

‘That black lace stuff you had on last night, why have I never seen you in it before?’ He was playing me at my own game now, he was still holding both my hands to his chest with one of his but his other hand was gripping my ass and squeezing, hard! I could feel the strapping bruises come back to life and start singing their own ‘ throbbing’ song. I moved my hips and pushed them against his.

‘I don’t wear underwear generally. It’s just something I’ve gotten into the habit of going without since I started on the whole spanking thing. I like it better this way.’

‘So why were you all kitted up last night?’ He stilled my hip movement and made me focus.

I shrugged, ‘Cos the boy was home. I don’t go without when I have him home, it doesn’t feel right, y’know? Besides, I would hate to forget and bend over in front of his mates without my panties on for goodness sake! I could scar them for life! Not to mention embarrass the hell out of the boy.’ I lowered my mouth to his nipple and nipped it between my teeth, not hard, his tolerance for sharp pain isn’t as high as mine…yet.

He grunted at the mild assault and smacked my ass once. ‘Hmm, okay so that makes sense, but… I like you in it. It shows you off beautifully. That curve across your cheek where the panties end? Yeah that’s a sweet spot right there, the other curve I got all messed up in, the cup curve just sitting low across your breasts? Damn baby… that’s hot and then there is the sweet spot at the top of your stockings. Oh baby… that’s my home run calling me!’ His fingers were tracing the places he was talking about and my skin was alive and zinging!

He rolled us then and trapped me underneath him, bringing my arms up and above my head. He held them there. I wriggled and tried to break free, ‘I want to touch you too, let my hands go!’ I wriggled harder.

He grinned, I’ll let you go on one condition.’

I raised a mock cynical eyebrow at him. ‘Oh yeah? what’s that?’

‘You go put that stuff back on you were wearing last night.’ He lowered his head and bit my nipple lightly.

I gasped and pushed my breast up for more attention as I answered, ‘Well, I would, but this really intense guy, he stuffed my panties in my mouth last night and they were soaking wet…’

He laughed. ‘Yeah, that was last night, anyway, I’m guessing you have drawers full of that stuff to choose from. You aren’t the kind of woman who does without choices. I want you in lingerie Gemma.’

‘Is that right?’ I was laughing with him now but Wow, the Tom from last night wasn’t that far away this morning either.

‘You want to see the contents of my lingerie closet baby?’ I gasped out in between groans as he sucked my nipple in his mouth and set his teeth around the hard little nub and nipped, hard. I yelped, groaned and sighed pretty much all at the same time.

‘Sure do, just so long as you model every set you take out. I want to see you in it.’ His fingers were spreading my juices over my thighs, but he refused to play with pussy properly. I gave in.

‘Okay then,’ I grinned and he let me loose. If I was doing this, I was going all out. I slid out of bed and opened my closet, the first set of lingerie I picked out was dark purple and black, I found a pair of black seamed stockings to wear and took my time pulling them on and lining up the seams along the back of my legs. It felt like I was doing a strip tease in reverse! I slipped my feet into my Black stilettos. All out means all out right?

I pulled on the panties, cut high across my cheeks, attached the suspender belt to the stockings and finally put on my bra. I walked slowly across the bedroom and Tom stopped me midway.

‘Stand still baby, let me see you.’ I did as he asked and waited as he dragged his gaze from my breasts down to my pussy. He slid out of bed and sat on the side of it. ‘Turn around slowly.’ His voice had dropped to a husky murmur.

I turned and showed him the back view.

‘Come here.’ His voice was heavy with lust, I walked the rest of the way over to him, stopping before him. he reached a hand out and stroked my stocking clad leg, running his finger over the lace edge of my stocking top, pussy immediately sprang to life, he lifted my leg and placed my heeled foot on his thigh spreading my legs wide in the process.

His fingers travelled from one thigh top across the surface of my panties and across to the top of my other thigh. I moaned a little. He looked at me, ‘You like that baby? You want more?’ He blew his breath across the top of my thigh and a delicious shiver raced across my skin.

I nodded and he gripped my hips with both hands and lifted me so that I straddled him. He ground my lace covered pussy against his cock as he gripped my ass and spanked each cheek a few times. ‘Should have always been wearing something like this for me Gem, I’m making it a new rule for the next 9 days. You will wear a different set each day for me.’

‘And if I don’t?’ I pushed. God I was so excited! This was the Tom from last night, there was a dark edge to his mood. Tom was clearly going to be taking the lead for the next 9 days and I was more than happy for him to do so.

‘If you don’t,’ he murmured against my skin, ‘I’ll spank you hard and long for disobeying me. clear?’

‘Uh huh,’ I whispered as I settled my lips against his neck and nipped him right back. He growled and lifted me, suddenly I was turned around with my back to him with my legs spread around his hips and my bottom raised high. He slapped one cheek fast and sharp and I squealed, then he slapped the other cheek with just his finger tips. Jesus that hurt!

‘Okay, okay! I yelped. ‘I’ll do as you say…I promise!’ He wasn’t listening, his fingers were tracing my pussy lips beneath the flimsy lace and she was catching fire.

‘I am gonna fuck you so hard you’re neighbour is gonna hear you cum! I’m gonna have you all day every day for the whole 9 days.’ I groaned deeply, images were flashing through my mind and I was so damned hot and wet I wanted him right now!

His fingers hooked the crotch of my panties and pulled them to one side, he slid his finger in my pussy followed by another and then another. I lay there hanging over his knees with my hands gripping his calves groaning and bucking up as he fucked me with his fingers. All thoughts had disappeared out of my head.

Tom talked and talked in that deep husky murmur about all the ways he was going to fuck me, all the fantasies he would play out with me, all the while his fingers played havoc with my pussy, his words were setting my mind on fire with the images he was building there. I was desperate to cum, but he knew when I was close every time and he pulled back. Lifting me so he could push his juice loaded fingers into my mouth for me to suck, only to let go and thrust me hard against his throbbing cock, rubbing himself along my pussy but never entering. Oh my god… this was heaven and hell all wrapped up in one man and his fantasy. I begged him to fuck me, I begged him to let me cum, I pleaded and he just grunted low and deep and thrust his fingers back inside me, then withdrew them and played with my ass pressing into my hole and then withdrawing. I bucked up and he pushed deeper. I lifted up and tried my damnedest to turn around to see his face, he slapped my ass and pushed me down again.

‘My turn to play Gemma, my rules.’

He was gone, he was caught up in his sexy little game he had going on and I was his toy to play with.

And play we did, for hours and hours… I believe my neighbour may have heard me cum…

9 days with Tom – It Begins!


I was all good with the boy leaving until Tom and I came back in the house and closed the door after seeing him off. I could feel all my emotions rushing to the surface. I sighed heavily and wandered off to the lounge in search of more wine, I was going to finish that bottle off, no point wasting it now was there?

It never happened. Tom appeared behind me and reached over removing the bottle gently from my grasp. ‘Don’t Gem, please?’ He spoke quietly and without censure. ‘Give your pain to me instead, let me take it from you baby.’

I shrugged and put my empty glass down on the table and turned to face him. He lifted my chin and searched my eyes. Job done. The tears flowed unchecked and I was sobbing my heart out inside of 10 seconds. He wrapped his arms around me and hauled me onto his lap as he sat down in the armchair. I disappeared inside his huge cuddle and I’m telling you, if I could have found a way to climb inside him right then I would have. I just wanted to feel anything but this horrible sadness. It was debilitating and gnawed at my insides!

‘I don’t even know why I’m so upset,’ I mumbled into his chest. ‘It’s not like it’s the first time he’s gone away for a few days and left me to my own devices. But this is ten days, on an outward bound course designed for disabled people. Anything could happen!’

Tom listened and made low soothing noises, no words, just low sounds that eased my tension. I took a deep shuddering breath and then more tears flowed! Bloody hell! I was a wreck! Actually, I was being chased around inside my head by my biggest fears. They had all come crawling out of their boxes and picked up momentum!

I don’t mind admitting I was terrified he would have an accident, or worse he wouldn’t, and would want to keep going back! I know, I know, I was being perverse but hell this ‘trusting your child can look after themselves’ thing is a very overrated past time. I don’t care that he is no longer a child! I wanted him here with me. I had missed him! He hadn’t been back long enough to fill up the space with himself before he had vanished again. It wasn’t bloody fair!

Okay so it was, but I was being unreasonable in my emotional state.

Tom shifted his weight slightly and I lifted my head. I had all but forgotten him. I sniffled and leaned across to the coffee table for tissues and blew my nose and wiped my eyes before settling against his chest again.

‘What can I do Gem? Tell me what you need.’ He stroked my back and soothed me as the low timber of his voice washed over me. I knew what I needed, I needed physical pain to cleanse this horrible emotional sadness and fear! I didn’t know how to ask for it or explain it, so I sat up, undid his belt buckle and pulled his thick leather belt from his jeans until I held it in my hands. I never said a word, I just held his gaze and saw the heat rise in his eyes, felt him harden beneath my bottom and he grunted in understanding.

I handed him the belt and he laid it across the arm of the chair, then his fingers found the zipper on my dress and he slid it down to below my hips. He pushed the shoulder straps down my arms until my lace covered breasts were revealed to his hungry stare.

‘Stand up for me baby.’ He murmured as he sat forward on the chair.

I slid off his lap and stood before him, my dress slid down my body and pooled around my feet leaving me wearing just my black lace underwear, black stockings and heels.

He sucked in a breath as he took me in, ‘Turn around for me’ his voice was barely above a whisper and I felt the goosebumps scatter over my exposed skin. Quite suddenly, I was hot and I could feel pussy’s juices building between my thighs. I turned around and presented my barely lace covered bottom to him. I felt his fingers trace the curve of the material midway across first one cheek then the other. I was trembling.

‘We’re gonna revisit this after I bring you back, you hear me Gem?’ His voice was filled with a sexual tension I connected to on a primal level and I nodded.

He stood up behind me and suddenly I felt dwarfed by him. ‘Over the arm of the sofa.’

I stepped forward and without a second thought I draped myself over the raised arm. My legs stretched out so that I was resting my feet on tiptoe.

I felt him move up behind me, his hand closed over first one raised cheek then the other. He stroked them, ran his nails lightly over the skin sending a flurry of chills across them. I felt his fingers snag the waistband of my panties and he pulled them slowly over my bottom and down my legs until he had them in his hand. He came around the front and crouched down at the side of my face.

‘Open your mouth, there’s a good girl.’ His tone was heavy and filled with dark intensity. It sent shock waves through me. I could feel my submission poor itself like liquid gold all over my fighter brain. I opened my mouth and he pushed my lace panties inside.

‘Close your mouth.’ He watched as I gripped my teeth around the panties, he smiled darkly and stood again. I didn’t know this Tom. He was new, this Tom excited me on a completely different level. He stepped back to one side of me and I heard his belt buckle rattle as he prepared it’s length.

When the first stroke landed hot and heavy, sharp stinging pain erupted across my behind and I reared up for a moment. I squealed around the panties in my mouth, but it came out muffled. I dropped my head back down and gripped the cushions tightly.

The second stroke landed and red hot pain shot across my cheeks. I jumped and my legs sprang open. He reached behind me and slid a finger between my pussy lips, this brought him closer to me and he probed my pussy with his fingers then stopped and brought the third stroke home. He thrust his fingers inside me again and I was writhing against his hand and howling against the heat of his belt as it branded my cheeks again and again and again. Tears poured down my face as I shouted and squealed and yowled in pain. He brought the thick heavy leather hard against the back of my thighs and I screamed and spat the panties out. I was howling loudly now, sobbing and pleading with him, desperate for it to stop, even more desperate for it to continue. Eventually he dropped the belt at the side of my head and leaned down over me.

‘Don’t move Gemma.’ He instructed firmly.

I nodded mutely. He rose up again and brought his hand down hard against my cheek and red hot heat exploded with the force of the spank. Then my other cheek received four hard heavy spanks in quick succession, he alternated then, until his hands were raining down heavy spanks across both cheeks and thighs turning them a deep red and filling them with white hot heat and searing pain.

I heard his jeans as they hit the floor. He pressed himself up behind me and I felt the tip of his cock pushing against pussy’s wet hole. I groaned and raised my hot bottom higher and spread my legs wider, his cock filled me with one thrust as his hand spanked my bottom hard. I cried out and felt myself go under, with each thrust I became more submissive, my mind turned to liquid and I could only focus on the mixture of painful spanks mixed with the wonderful sensations erupting inside me as his cock filled me, stretching me wide with it’s thick girth. Plunging deep and pulling back to slam in hard and fast as he rode me and spanked me and gripped me hard to hold me down. My climax was climbing fast, I pushed against his hand and raised my bottom as high as I could to take more of him inside me, his thighs slapped the back of mine with force as he gripped both hips now and drove in deep again and again and again until my head was empty of a single painful thought, without warning, my orgasm erupted and ripped through everything, shooting through me like a lightning strike and I tightened around his shaft and screamed his name over and over again. He followed me over the edge, his body folded over the length of mine and he braced his weight on his arms either side of my head, I felt him sear my insides with heat as he pumped hard and erupted inside me filling me with his hot seed, he groaned deeply against my ear continuing to thrust until he was spent.

Slowly, he raised himself up and withdrew his cock. His warm juices spilled from me and soaked the insides of my thighs. He placed a large hand over the juice and rubbed it in, his fingers thrust up inside me, gathering his cream and he brought it and smeared it across my hot thighs and cheeks and then he brought his hand around to my face and pushed his finger into my mouth. I closed around it and sucked our juices from it greedily, wrapping my tongue around the length of his finger, making sure I got everything before he pulled it out slowly.

Without a word he picked me up bodily from the sofa and carried me upstairs cradled in his arms. He pushed open the bedroom door and sat on the edge of the bed and held me, kissing my tears from my face before stealing my breath with a kiss I got lost in.

My 9 days with Tom had begun…

Curve Ball.


artwork by Vadim Stein

I have responsibilities that I never turn away from and they come first, last and always. Everything else goes on the back burner.

The boy was coming home. He had had 4 days away at his friend’s house and he was coming home to recharge, reconnect and get his laundry done!

Time to sit Tom down and explain the new household dynamic. We had spent the last 3 days pretty much naked the whole time. We were either involved in some serious spanking sessions or we were having the best sex I have ever had in my life. Tom assured me he felt the same way. We are in lust. But at 6 pm this evening it will all come to a screeching halt when the boy wheels through that door.

It was 7 am and I was once again sat naked on the sofa at the end of my bed, watching Tom. He fills my bed, like he fills everything else, he takes up all the space and fills it with himself, quietly.

I like that.

He makes no demands, but he will quietly negotiate his way around a situation so that there is no room left to wriggle and it feels perfectly normal and right to go along with it. He never steps on my toes, or tries to usurp my authority if I am disciplining him. But during the times when we are just together he will make full use of that time. I have never been with a man like this before. The give and take is awesome. The silent understanding he seems to have about the way I operate makes me sit back and watch him, makes me want to throw him a curve ball to see if he catches it without a fuss. So far, even when he disagreed with me, he capitulated and gave me rights over him he didn’t believe I should have.

Did I feel guilty for that? No. I was and still am of the opinion he had earned his punishment. His feelings on the subject were taken into account but later disregarded because he had broken the rules. It is very simple. He couldn’t claim ignorance. The rules were set before he entered into any agreement with me, they were set by Graham. They stood, regardless of anything that came afterwards.

Anyway, all that had been largely resolved throughout the whole of yesterday and most of last night. He had kept his promise too, I was completely wrung out and exhausted by his promise to make me cum more times than I ever had in my life all put together! And he did. He didn’t break the rules either, that man has serious control over his body, and once he’s decided something, then nothing is changing the outcome.

I like that.

Oh and yes, my bottom was toasted last night, a 30 minute hand spanking over his knee followed by a hairbrush spanking for kicking and scratching him while I tried to get away, followed by another hand spanking that turned into some of the hottest sex I’ve ever had! There were serious amounts of sex interspersed between spankings and I am truly exhausted and very much alive and on full throttle wanting more of the same thank you very much. In fact I will be demanding it in my best Ma’am tone. But only after we have had this very important conversation. I am throwing the curve ball and he has to catch it or everything will break.

He woke up.

‘Hey…’ He gruffed. He does, he gruffs, it’s a Tom thing. I don’t know how to explain it any better. His gruff is damned sexy and reaches inside me…

I smiled at him, ‘hey…’ I was still running around inside my own head. I had to keep my distance while we had this very important conversation.

He sat up and rested his arms on his drawn up knees. ‘Doesn’t your son come home today Gem?’

See what I mean? He just knows and just like that we are dealing.

I nodded. ‘6 pm.’ I said. I don’t know how to tackle this, without offending him, making him feel less important, not wanted, like he’s a toy to discard when I no longer wish to play. This is why I am crap at relationships. I don’t have the emotional endurance to tackle romantic issues. I prefer the lets fuck like rabbits, spank like demons and then leave kind of relationship. No expectations, just fun.

I knew he was waiting for me to elaborate. I didn’t I just sat there thinking. He slid out of bed and came over to crouch down in front of me. ‘Hey… what’s going on in that busy head of yours?’ He probed me. He was so damned gentle and caring, I could feel all my fears rising up and I was busy jumping on them quickly before they took hold.

I placed my hands on his chest to connect but also to keep him in place, can’t concentrate if he’s too close.

‘I need you to not be here when the Boy arrives home Tom. I …’ I spoke carefully and I confess I was afraid.

He smiled, it reached his eyes. ‘That goes without saying baby, I was about to suggest that I go over to see Graham at 5 pm and I will stay there until you text me and tell me to come back.’

I felt relief flood through me, I was officially in awe of this man and his natural ability to understand and just get me without all the fussing and fighting that usually goes along with it.

I nodded, ‘When I text you, bring Gray back with you. The Boy knows him well and if you arrive with him, Graham is vouching for you. The Boy will be comfortable with that. He doesn’t like meeting new people. He gets nervous around them.’

Tom nodded in agreement, completely at ease. He stroked my leg and lifted it, uncrossing it and spreading it wide. He positioned himself between my legs and kissed my thighs. ‘There’s a huge amount of hours between now and 5 pm baby…’ His breath whispered across my skin and I shivered.

I could feel the licks of excitement climbing inside me, this man’s touch… I can’t tell you in words how damned hot he makes me feel instantly. These words don’t do the feeling justice.

I reached out and touched his face, I ran my fingers through his hair and I leaned down and kissed him. He was beginning to take control and I blocked him. I tightened my hold on his hair and he got it. He remained in his position, no longer leading but following.

I like that.

I broke the kiss and pulled back from him. ‘Today is my day, you are mine to do with as I please, I am taking everything I need. I am going to use you for my own pleasure for as long as I can. You will not try and take over do I make myself clear Tom?’

It was there in his eyes, he was instantly submissive, this giant man was mine to command! ‘Yes Ma’am, I’m here to serve you and be used by you for your pleasure.’

I pulled back and pushed him away with my foot. Standing over him, I stared down into his eyes. ‘Fuck me, hard. I want to feel every inch of you inside me, pounding me, stretching me, filling me, make me cum hard and fast and keep me cumming.’ I turned around and bent over gripping the sofa cushions, I spread my legs wide and pussy glistened, wet and slick and ready for his engorged cock. I didn’t have to wait.

A moment later I was impaled on him, he gripped my hips and thrust hard and deep on his first stroke. His thighs slapped hard against the back of mine as he thrust his full length into my waiting heat. I groaned deeply, he set up a rhythm of strong fast strokes, he spanked my cheeks as he thrust and withdrew, his other hand came around the front and he slid his large fingers between my pussy lips and rubbed my clit until I was bucking up and driving him deeper inside me. My climax was building on a slow burn, I wanted this to last. I wanted the ride. I wanted the heat and delicious pain that comes from taking such a big man inside me roughly.

I wanted to feel alive.

From nowhere my climax rose up swiftly and broke over us both in waves that rocked me propelling me forward with it’s force. He gripped me and lifted me backwards against him, he held me tight against his chest. He held my hips and ground them down onto him, stretching me, lifting me, forcing me down on him, my orgasm rolled through me and soaked us both, followed swiftly by another. He turned and threw me on the bed raised my hips and continued to pound me from behind, I felt myself let go completely, I was liquid heat, everything that had cluttered my brain disappeared, my head became silent as I melted into the sensations he was creating in me. I lost myself and I felt tears slide down my face as I came again and again. He crooned words of encouragement in my ear as he leaned his full weight over me, covering me, surrounding me, impaling me, absorbing me in to his massive frame.

‘Come on baby, give me everything, there’s more… I know you have more… give it to me.’ I broke, floods of tears streamed down my face as my body rolled from one huge orgasm to another and then another. I shuddered, trembled, shook from head to foot with the force of them and Tom kept on pounding me, thighs slapping against my thighs, his hand gripping my bottom and squeezing hard, I howled and then groaned, and then came again. He rolled us so he was beneath me, I fell forward against his chest and he rose up and trapped me between his chest and his knees and he pushed me down the full length of him until my pussy was flush against his groin and then he held me still and kissed me, kissed the tears from my face, leaned me back and sucked a nipple into his mouth and nipped it between his teeth. I moaned, I was in ecstasy. He held me still. I could feel his cock throbbing and pulsing deep inside me and I began to clench my muscles around his thick shaft. Imitating his pulse, following his heart beat. We both climaxed. He roared as he thrust up once, hard, I felt his seed spill and fill me with heat, my own climax ripped through me and dragged a deep feral growl from my lips. I was spent.

I curled into his massive chest, still impaled on him and I disappeared inside his huge arms while he held me and kissed my neck, nipping at the sensitive skin, sending more tremors through me. I sighed.

‘You broke the rules again.’ I whispered.

‘Uh uh. Ban lifted last night at midnight baby, had a text from Gray yesterday.’ I could here the laughter nipping at the edge of his voice.

I smiled and curled in tighter, I slept. He watched, and waited for me.

He had caught the curve ball and we hadn’t broken.

I like that.

Artwork by Vadim Stein



Tom was acting up because it was time to pay for breaking the rules. His argument was that I had actively encouraged him to do so and it wasn’t fair of me to then pull the rug and say ‘uh uh you shouldn’t have done that. That’s prohibited!’ I did say he could take that up with me again, after his punishment had taken place. For now, my argument still stands, besides, I hold the cane therefore I win.

I explained in great detail that I see it as my mission to test his ability to keep to the only rule he has been given by Graham. How hard can that be? His whole reason for agreeing to discipline with Graham was because he is brilliantly lazy and flies by the seat of his pants too close to deadlines even for his own comfort. He needs to be more disciplined, more determined to succeed and less inclined to just wing it and hope for the best. Besides, it isn’t my responsibility to make sure he doesn’t break the rules, it’s his. That’s the whole point!

He’s failed in applying a more disciplined approach on a great many occasions over the past three days. Some he has been punished for already but there are now 6 occasions where he wilfully smashed that rule to smithereens and he thinks I should be complicit with him in not bringing it to Graham’s attention as I was the one who ‘made’ him break it.

I said ‘No chance.’ I want to keep the lovely skin of my bottom without severe cane blemishes that last for a month thank you. Self preservation and all that.

Hence his mega sulk.

I have yet to use my strict tone with him, I had hoped he would accept his punishment without the need for me to get too strict with him. I am new to this, so obviously I was hugely mistaken in thinking I could discipline him without my Ma’am persona fully in place. That’s okay, I like that persona a lot anyway. Especially after the power trip I experienced with him this morning. I am more than happy to go there again. And go there I did.

I stood at the end of the bed and watched him, lying there with his arm covering his eyes and his chin set in a stubborn lift, lips tight and he’s refusing to talk to me.

‘Thomas!’ His name came out like a whip lash and he instantly dropped his arm from his face. He glared at me.

I raised my eyebrow, Strict Ma’am was fully in play now. ‘Really Thomas? You think this behaviour is going to aid your backside in any way at all?’

He shrugged his massive shoulders once, but I could see it in his eyes, he was wavering. Damn, the power of a sharp tone!

‘I will only tell you one more time to get your arse over the end of this bed and assume the position. You are being caned, but it’s up to you whether the caning stops after 6 or continues for 16 because of your adolescent sulking fit! Now move!’ I demanded sternly.

He was immediately on his feet and heading for the foot of the bed. He and I are so similar in our regard for obeying authority, he could not resist one final act of defiance before he capitulated and took his punishment.

‘There will be pay back for this, I promise you. We are going to have that conversation about how I am now in default for breaking rules you made sure I would break.’ I could see his sulk still sitting in his eyes, I could feel it in every line of his body and I’ve gotta tell you people, I absolutely loved this! This version of Tom was by far and away my favourite to date! Complete submission would have gotten boring for me really quickly. Absolute refusal would have made it too much like he had all the control, but this in between thing he had created between us? Oh hell yes, I could go for this in a big way. I could feel myself growing moist and the curls of excitement began to flicker in my stomach.

‘Can I suggest you stop your mouth writing any more cheques that your arse can’t cash please?’ You cannot afford to piss me off any further Thomas, now bend over, stop behaving like a spoilt brat and start counting!’

His temper flared in his eyes, his lips disappeared into a thin line but he bent over and he assumed the position.

I wasted no time, he needed bringing back in line before I lost this battle of wills with him completely.

I stood to the side and brought the cane down once through the air to test it, I saw his buttocks clench and then release and I used the opportunity to put my first stroke across those cheeks. The cane whipped an instant red line straight across both cheeks and he jumped, yowled and swore all at the same time. I wasted no time, I brought the second stroke down directly above the first, he drew in a sharp intake of breath but made no other sound. He wasn’t counting, he knew I wanted him to count, he hadn’t started, maybe when he got past 16 strokes and I continued he would get with the plot.

I waited a moment until his bottom had bloomed with twin welts and then delivered the third. He braced his shoulders, no sound. The fourth I brought home across his sit spot. This time he howled, loudly and swore prolifically. I brought the 5th home across the top of his thighs, the 6th came in just below it and the 7th and 8th arrived across both cheeks again. I paused ‘when are you going to start counting Tom?’

He shouted EIGHT! at me and I laughed. ‘Oh no, you don’t get to jump to mid way Tom. We start counting out loud from 1. not 8. So, we shall take the next stroke as 1. Make it loud and clear or I will ignore it and start again. Clear?’

I brought the cane across his cheeks sharply. He swore loudly and shouted ‘Yes Ma’am, ONE!’
16 strokes later, he was sobbing and pleading for me to stop. He apologised for breaking the rules over and over and as each new stroke landed he got louder and louder. Tears came and he submitted to me completely. I laid the cane down on the bed by his side and ran my hands over the mass of searing hot welts left by my cane. I ran my finger nails over the surface and watched as the goosebumps chased across the surface. I heard him groan as I gripped his cheek and squeezed and then released and did the same to the other cheek. His pleading set up again, ‘Please Ma’am. No more please? I can’t control…’

‘Learn how to and fast Tom. You can not cum without Graham’s consent. If you do you are going to be in a world of pain. I raised my hand and spanked both cheeks simultaneously with a flurry of sharp spanks. I stopped when he dropped his head between his arms on the bed and I heard him sobbing. I patted his back once, ‘Corner time. Go and stand in the corner by the window and face the wall, hands on head. 10 minutes and then we shall carry out the final part of your punishment.’

He stood up and eyes downcast he made his way to the corner and did as instructed immediately. This was definitely submissive Tom.

He presented his bottom to me as he continued with his corner time. His backside and thighs were a mass of red welts and cane marks. He had taken his punishment well but only because he had been made to. I wanted to make sure he didn’t make the mistake of thinking he could do as he pleased while he was with me. We were definitely going to have to work on his submission more thoroughly.

‘Now Tom, because you decided you we’re going to throw a temper tantrum today, I have to teach you a very hard lesson. One that, after it, I hope you will remember and therefore not need teaching twice. Should that happen, it will be a very painful experience, I promise.’

‘Yes Ma’am’ he muttered. There was no beligerence left in his voice. He had submitted to me completely.

‘Turn around please.’ I instructed sharply.

He turned and faced me, his cock was standing to attention as normal and I grinned and licked my lips. His cock jumped and he groaned.

‘Oh don’t worry baby,’ I crooned as I stood before him, ‘I’m not putting you through that particular wringer yet. I have some choices for you to decide on. Okay?’

He was instantly wary. My tone was far too pleasant for it to be trusted.

Yes Ma’am. He said hesitantly.

‘Good. So, you have three choices for the rest of your punishment.

  1. Chilli heat rub all over your bottom and thighs and take 400 spanks of the hairbrush from the machine on top setting without a break.
  2. ginger fig inserted for 4 minutes and 100 spanks with the hairbrush from the machine.
  3. Chilli heat rub all over your caned bottom and thighs while I play with your cock and see whether you have improved your self discipline regarding not cumming.

Before you choose, think on this, if you choose #3 and you break the rules again, I will have no choice but to inform Graham and hand you back to him at the end of our first week with a list of how many times you broke it, and he will deliver your next punishment. The choice is yours Tom you have 2 minutes to make up your mind.’

I watched as his choices sank in. I saw something glint in his eyes as he made his choice and my pussy sprang to life instantly. Oh he was so not submissive Tom by a long mile! Damn, I really really liked this new Tom! A lot!

‘I’ll take number 3 please Ma’am.’ He said ever so politely.

‘Good boy!’ Yes! I didn’t want to spank him anymore, I wanted to play with him. 10 days, just 10 small days. I was taking everything I could from him. I’m greedy, I don’t care.

I stepped up behind him and ran my hands over his buttocks and thighs one more time before I applied chilli heat to them and then I waited. I heard the hiss of breath from him as the heat began to work its way into the sore skin of his welts and blisters and then I wiped my hands on the inside of his thighs and down the front of them with the remainder of the cream. This cream, it truly is evil, it packs the most powerful heat and feels like you just rubbed raw ginger all over your skin. It stings and burns and heats and builds on the pain you’re already feeling from the broken skin of the caning. The effects last for at least an hour before they start to calm down some.

You can relax your arms now’ I said as I crouched down in front of him and slid my lips over the tip of his turgid member. He brought his hands down and placed them on either side of my head as I slid him further into the heat of my mouth. His grip tightened, his leg muscles tensed and he groaned a deep guttural moan that ripped through me and made me so wet I was sure my juices must be running down my thighs. Damn but this man could turn me inside out in a second! I was enthralled by my own body’s reaction to him as much as I was with his reaction to me.

I sucked him, licked him, stroked him with my tongue, and plunged his thick cock in and out of my mouth for nearly 30 minutes. I mimicked the strokes he had shown me during his performance earlier and I was treated to a mouth full of pre-cum juices and his legs began to tremble. I raised my eyes to look at his face, my mouth full of his thick rigid cock, I locked my gaze with his and he was not submissive Tom. Not at all. The expression on his face was intensity personified, he held my head tightly and began to thrust his hips gently against the stroke of my mouth on his throbbing cock.

‘We’re going to be doing this a long time baby, I refuse to cum because I know how much you want to taste it. But I am going to fuck you blind for the rest of the day. I will not cum, but by Christ woman, you will. I am going to wring you out and hang you out to dry until you are limp and spent and mine to do with as I please.’ He whispered those words as he pushed harder into my waiting mouth, and I pulled back and applied suction. I watched as his eyes closed and he fought against his natural instincts to fill me with his cream.

I slid his cock out of my mouth and then began to stroke him with one hand as I crouched before him and slid my other hand between my thighs and my fingers slid between the silken folds of pussy’s lips and sank deep inside me.

He couldn’t take the visual impact as well as the physical impact and he grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me slowly and painfully to my feet. I came. Hard. The painful tug had pushed me over the edge and my juices flowed over my fingers and my body collapsed trembling against his. He wrapped his arm around my waist and held me, I could feel the power surging through him, he bent me back over his arm and caught a nipple between his finger and thumb and pinched it hard until I gasped and felt myself going under as he turned the tables on me once again and used my own greedy needs against me. I felt myself being lifted bodily, I wrapped my legs around his hips as he gripped my buttocks tightly and thrust his engorged cock deep inside me. I pushed my arms under his and wrapped them around him and clutched hard to the solid mass of his back. My nails dug in deeply as he thrust inside me harder and harder…

‘YES… ‘ I cried as my climax built swiftly… I lifted my gaze to his and I saw beautiful, raw need looking back at me. But he didn’t cum…

He would win this battle of wills, I was helpless. My own body would betray me and I had never been happier for it to be so.

I think I may have finally met my match.

Rules anyone?


So has anyone remembered that Tom is supposed to be on an orgasm ban? Graham had told him the ban was in place until he said different. Now, when Graham says things like that, two things are immediately apparent. 1. You don’t break that rule and 2. You just know you are in for a long haul ban. Tom is only with us for two weeks and we are just 4 days in on that two weeks. Still another 10 days to go and he has already been punished once for breaking that rule and Graham knows it.

So…Tom broke the rules again yesterday evening, 3 times. I of course took full advantage of his forgetfulness, I have no shame. He is delicious! But, you know what that means right? Tables are turning and it’s my turn to bring him back into line. I am so looking forward to this but before I do I decided to make full use of him first. Seems a shame not to. Besides, he spanked my arse so hard last night I have twin hand prints covering my cheeks! Payback is gonna be a bitch! Bloody hell his hands are HUGE!

Regardless, my bottom was quite achy this morning, throbbing, but achy. Tom was still sound asleep at the side of me and I got a buzz from waking up next to him that I had not experienced before.

I slipped out of bed letting my own fears chase me across the room. Deep breaths Gem, deep breaths and just look at him. It’s Tom, beautiful, compliant, submissive, deferential Tom. All you have to do is give him that strict voice and he’s all yours to do with as you wish.

I love my own pep talks! No arguing! I sat musing my options as I watched him sleep.

The thing I really like about him is, he’s always ready. Over the past few days all I’ve had to do is look at his crotch and he’s instantly hard! I love it! Not to mention the buzz I get knowing I can do that to him! I swear, that poor man has been walking around with a permanent hard on since he got here two days ago. I won’t let it go soft. I only have him for 10 more days people, I need to make hay while the sun shines!

For a long time, I have been bereft of a lover who didn’t feel the need to control me constantly. Tom is ticking every single box right now and some I didn’t know I had! That scares me and thrills me in equal measure. I know I’m an emotional coward and will run like a scared rabbit at the first signs of a request for commitment. So far, Tom has not triggered that. It’s very early days yet and we are still in the ‘ hot sex and spanking’ zone. I like living there. It fulfils my needs. He fulfils my needs and I want him, constantly! I feel greedy and I don’t care.

I sat on the small sofa on the other side of the bedroom musing these thoughts and I hadn’t realised he was awake and watching me watch him.

‘What you doin’ all the way over there Gem?’ His voice was sleep gruff and sexy as hell, it grazed over my skin like a cool breeze and I watched the goose bumps appear on my arms. I raised my gaze to meet his and he smiled a lazy smile.

He sat up and the sheets fell away from him, his massive chest was on full show and I felt pussy stir.

‘I’m just thinking,’ I murmured as I lowered my gaze from his eyes to his massive chest and then down to where the sheet had bunched up around his hips. And there it was, he grew hard watching me watch him.

‘Be a darling and pull the sheet back please.’ I said quietly never taking my eyes from his covered hips.

He barked out a deep laugh but he complied. He threw the sheet back and revealed his beautiful cock growing hard and twitching laying against his thigh. I smiled and licked my lips. His cock twitched harder. Pussy was singing her own song so I changed position and spread my leg wide and let my fingers do their own work on her. I slid my finger between her naked smoothly shaven plump lips and stroked my clit. I kept my gaze fixed on his cock. It jumped to order. He shifted his weight slightly.

‘Don’t move!’ I demanded as I continued to stroke myself while he watched. His cock raised now, the turgid head stood proud of it’s sheathing as blood coursed to the tip. I wanted to lower myself down on it’s thick length and take him completely inside me and keep him there, but I remained where I was, my thoughts drove my fingers to find their way inside me working pussy into a wonderful throbbing mass of need driven by the sight of him, lying there quietly, accepting my will, not forcing his own, waiting patiently for his next instruction.

I felt powerful.

‘Jesus Gem…’ His voice was deep and gruff as he watched me masturbate while I watched his cock. I slid my gaze back up the mass of beautiful muscles and lightly bronzed skin of his torso, to his eyes. Oh my… lust…pure unadulterated lust… but there was something else… he was mine to command, it was there in his eyes and I felt the power surge through me again. My fingers worked harder and my body writhed, I needed more. I dropped my gaze back down to his cock and moaned a little as I licked my lips.

‘I want to watch you stroke yourself for me.’ I said between little moans and minuscule hip movements. He grunted and closed his big meaty hand around his shaft and he started a slow steady stroke, sliding his hand all the way to the tip and then down again, the head was engorged and clear drops of pre-cum glistened on its tip.

‘Taste that for me.’ I said as my eyes drank in his every smooth stroke. He rubbed his finger over the head and collected his juices. He raised it to his mouth and barely allowed a grimace as he slid his finger between his lips and sucked it clean.

I moaned as I began to work my pussy harder. I was desperate to cum, but I wanted to make this last as long as I could.

‘What do you taste like?’ my voice was barely above a whisper, I didn’t want to break the tension or the spell that had fallen over the room. We were more connected right now than we had been last night when you couldn’t slide a piece of paper between us!

‘Salty. It tastes better when I taste it in your mouth baby.’ He was talking very quietly too I knew he felt the same way I did.

‘Do you want your cock in my mouth Tom? Do you want to feel my lips close around it and sink down and wrap it inside my warm wet mouth?’ My fingers plunged, my hips were pushing up to reach the down stroke of my own hand. My thumb was circling my clit and it throbbed so hard…

He groaned and I watched his body surge upwards at the thought of my mouth taking him inside and wrapping him in it’s heat.

‘Damn it Gem! You’re killing me here…’ he ground out between clenched teeth, as he continued to stroke and pull and then smooth his cock, it was a rhythm that was particular to what he knew he needed. I was fascinated. There was no straight up and down pumping going on, this was so damned erotic, a man knows how to give himself what he needs. He knows what makes his cock jump and spill. He wastes no time with unnecessary actions. Tom was a delight to watch and I knew he was getting off on performing for me. I learned from his strokes what he needed as I drank in every move. I stored the rhythm in the back of my mind to use on him at a later date. I would enslave him with his own lustful desire for me, for this, for us.

His breathing had changed, it was heavier, shorter, little grunts escaped as he worked that cock for me. He never took his eyes from my fingers, watching as they buried themselves deep inside my pussy and then slid out, glistening with her juices, I lifted them to my mouth and slipped two fingers between my lips and sucked. ‘I taste sweet.’ I murmured as I lowered my fingers back down to continue stroking.

He groaned, ‘I know you do baby, let me taste you?’ So quietly spoken. His breathing was shallow now, I knew he was close.

‘Not yet.’ I shook my head slowly denying him his prize, and leaned back. I spread my legs so I was wide open to his view. I thrust my hips up and threw my head back as I arched and pumped my fingers deep inside until I felt my climax tearing through me.

‘Now!’ I groaned so loud it brought Tom off the bed and on his knees between my thighs before I had finished. His mouth covered my slick wet pussy as he drank in my juices, thrusting his tongue inside me over my fingers. I held them there and felt him stretch me, I grabbed the back of his head as my orgasm rose up again and I rode that wave for all I was worth.

Finally, finally I came down. I dropped my leg and placed my foot against his chest and pushed.

He pulled back a little and looked up at my face. I pushed again. ‘I want you NOW!’ I demanded. I pushed him again and he lay flat on the floor, his rigid cock standing to attention. I dropped down onto my knees between his thighs and I lowered my lips slowly over his engorged tip. I sucked him all the way in right to the back of my throat. I could taste his bitter saltiness on my tongue and I sucked hard. Then I pulled all the way back and wrapped my tongue in the crease under the tip and applied suction. He bucked up hard. His hand grabbed my head and held me fast. I pumped him, applying suction, releasing him then beginning all over again. His legs trembled, he leaned up and braced himself on one arm so he could watch me, I raised my eyes to watch his face. The tension I saw there was beautiful and raw. I lowered my mouth all the way down to his groin but I kept my eyes locked with his and he grunted, deep and low, a guttural sound that was music to my ears, his hips thrust up hard, his legs locked, his cream shot from him and hit the back of my throat. I swallowed, then swallowed again as he continued to shoot thick hot cream into my waiting mouth still holding my head firmly, locking us together as I milked every single drop from him, I covered his cock with his juices, I licked it clean, I smoothed the last drops down his shaft and then sucked it all back in to my mouth. He was still bucking and groaning and gripping me tightly.

Finally I let him go and sat back to look at him. He had a dazed expression on his face and he just shook his head at me slowly, ‘Fuck… that was…’

I grinned at him and said very quietly, ‘That was… breaking the rules Tom.’

I felt him freeze, he had been going to reach for me and he froze mid reach. ‘The rules?’ He questioned.

‘Uh huh,’ I nodded, ‘The rules. You’re on an orgasm ban remember?’

He looked genuinely confused, ‘But… we changed the rules yesterday Gem, we started new rules, remember?’ He sat up now and raised his knees to support his heavy arms. Jesus he was all muscle and heat and I was getting hot for him all over again.

‘No,’ I shook my head slowly, ‘they were my rules we changed. The orgasm ban is Graham’s rule. Only Graham can change that, I wouldn’t even dare try.’ I was still smiling like the cat with the cream.

‘Aww come on baby, that’s not…’ His face was a study in consternation.

‘Fair?’ I questioned with a raised eyebrow.

‘Yeah… fair.’ He said somewhat truculently.

‘Was it fair when you spanked me without warning last night? Was it fair when you pounded my ass with your hand for 20 minutes? I have two huge hand prints covering my ass this morning and my cheeks ache from your spanking. Was that fair?’ I countered, thoroughly enjoying the sparring now.

He was instantly apologetic. ‘Oh god, did I hurt you? I never meant to …’

I laughed a little, ‘Of course you hurt me, it wouldn’t be a spanking if it didn’t hurt!’ I watched his face relax again. I drove my point home harder. ‘But… we aren’t discussing me Tom, we’re discussing you, breaking the rules not once, but 3 times last night and now its 4 times. Graham is going to be livid with you. I would not want to be in your shoes when he canes you for your wilful disregard of his rules. He doesn’t like that. He makes it hurt, a lot. For a long time.’ And Tom paled at the memory of his previous punishment with Graham.

‘Or… you could take it like a man from me. Your choice baby.’ I was up on my knees now, leaning forward with my breasts jutting perkily trapped between my arms, he was struggling to keep his eyes on my face and they kept dropping down to my very hard dusky nipples. His hand came up and he wrapped it around my left breast and squeezed a little harder than he ever had before, I sucked in a breath and moaned a little, his lip curled in a half smile and his eyes filled with lust, I saw the glint in his eye as he got the message that he was in big trouble. It said loud and clear, he wasn’t going down without a fight.

‘Fine, but if I’m going to be punished for four I might as well make it a damn good 6 and fuck you until you’re purring. Come here!’ His was a growl and my whole body responded to it with liquid fire coursing through me. I was hungry again. He covered my right breast with his other hand and pulled me.

I leaned forward, wincing at the delicious shot of pain that worked its way straight down and fired my pussy up instantly. He pulled me up and onto my feet. He squeezed deliciously hard before he let go, lifted me bodily, turned and threw me down in the middle of the bed on my back. He grabbed me and placed a leg either side of his chest as he followed me down and impaled me with his huge cock. I was instantly full, stretched to my limit and so ready for him I thrust up on his down stroke to meet him…

Some hours later, I lay curled into his side with his big meaty arm holding me firmly to him and I was purring happily. Damn but this man knew how to do me.

It was almost a shame that he would have to be punished for it, but those are the rules. You break ’em you pay for them. I slid out of bed and went to retrieve my cane.

Tom delivers on the Heat!

#NSFW 18+ Explicit Sexual content

Tom was absolutely amazing at dealing with June. He had her eating out of his hand by the end of his phone call with her. Not only was she not turning up this weekend, she had agreed that she had to let me go now because Tom was on the scene and he was not interested in sharing me with anyone other than Graham. He actually agreed with June’s assessment of my discipline needs and promised her he would stay on top of things. I spoke to her for a few minutes after he had finished his conversation and she was more than satisfied that my bottom was going to get the attention it needed from Tom. We managed to part as friends too which was fabulous, I wasn’t sure, given how hard she had been pushing if that was going to be possible. But hey, silver linings again.

I ended the call and grinned widely at Tom. ‘Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I really thought that whole thing was going to go sideways and I was going to lose her friendship completely. I owe you big time!’

He stepped up against me and wrapped his arms around me, stole a kiss and then said, ‘you’re welcome and yes you do. so, with that in mind, I don’t like tabs outstanding, that’s what got you in trouble in the first place. I think we need to settle up immediately don’t you?’ His tone was a mixture of stern and playful, he was so, I don’t know how to describe it, just… on it. His tone was neither demanding nor pleading, just matter of fact, this was what he wanted and it was happening, I just needed to go along with it because it was what I had signed up for. No arguments, and he never said a word of any of that. It was just his tone.

My tummy curled with excitement, pussy started singing her usual tune of ‘oh hell yes please’ and my bottom was tingling. The only thing missing was the usual dread I would experience right before a sound spanking. I had nothing to compare to with Tom, this was brand new territory. The mild spanking he had given me earlier couldn’t even be called a mild warm up. It was over clothing and barely stung. It was more shock factor than spanking!

I remembered what he had said about wanting a wild cat to spank. I could deliver that! I really didn’t feel like I could just submit to him because he’d asked for it.

‘What right now?’ I purposely took a step back from him and folded my arms in a belligerent gesture. ‘What if I don’t want to pay up right now?’ I wanted to see how he would handle me being a stroppy bitch on his first outing. Please, bear in mind I have only experienced Tom in a submissive mind set, and when not submissive he was still deferential towards me. I always felt like I was leading.

He raised an eyebrow and his eyes gleamed with predatory intent as his hand lowered to his belt buckle. He spoke quietly, ‘You don’t want to play with my cock Gemma? I find that hard to believe!’

He unfastened his belt and unzipped his jeans and let them drop to the floor. He stepped out of them and kicked them out of the way. His huge cock sprang forward from his groin and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. My mouth began to water just looking at it. I looked back up at his face, his eyes were heavy with lust and I knew right then I was done for. I was never going to say no to anything this man wanted!

As I dropped to my knees in front of his huge member, I said, ‘I thought you were just going to spank me. I’m more than delighted to play with your cock.’ That said I took hold of him and guided his throbbing head into my mouth and sucked him in. His hands braced the back of my head and he held me gently but firmly in place as I slid along the length of him, sucking, licking, drawing my mouth to his throbbing tip and then plunging it back down as far as I could take him. My other hand cupped his balls and rolled them gently between my fingers, I ran a finger along the puckered skin of his arse and was gratified to feel him buck forwards and hold my head tighter. Oh he liked that play. Yes he did. I swirled my tongue around the head of his cock and was rewarded with a large amount of pre-cum on my tongue. I swallowed and worked him harder. I was having all of him and I wasn’t stopping until he filled my mouth with his cream.

I worked his cock for a good while before he pulled my head back and made me look up at him, I had saliva running down my chin and my eyes were wild with lust, I was desperate to cum, I wanted him to cum in my mouth and I wanted his big thick cock buried inside me right now! Jesus, I had never experienced anything like this! I had never felt so out of control as I did right then.

He pulled me up to my feet and bent me over so that I had to grab the edge of the sofa for support, he pushed my skirt up past my hips and gripped me firmly with one hand, I thrust my naked bottom out inviting him to take my glistening wet pussy. Then the first slap landed and I jumped and tried to look over my shoulder at him, ‘what are… I want your cock inside me now! I don’t want a spanking…’

Is that right lady, well, you get what you’re given and you’ll take it. He raised his hand and brought it down hard against my exposed plump cheek. I felt the sting and began to struggle against his hold. He wasn’t gonna get this all his own way. I lashed out with my arm and tried to block his hand as it came back down, he caught it and held it, and I wriggled and kicked as he spanked and spanked and laughed at my puny efforts to avoid his large hands. I kicked out, I swore at him, I called him every bastard under the sun and he goaded me by saying ‘is that all you’ve got? Where is this hell cat I was looking to tame? It isn’t going to take long to tame you Gemma. You’re not as feisty as I thought.’

Jesus I saw red, I reared up and spun around aiming for his face with my hand and he grabbed me around the waist and tucked me under his arm like I was a small child! He had full access to my bottom now and all I could do was kick and wriggle for all I was worth. He raised his leg and placed his foot on the edge of the sofa. I was pinned over his knee with his huge arm holding me firmly in place and then he let loose on my ass like I had never before experienced. His hand covered my whole cheek and it packed a serious wallop. I squealed loudly as the spanks came in thick and fast, I cursed and kicked, I pinched the back of his legs where I could grab at them and he laughed and swore at me calling me a little bitch. That earned me a flurry of really hard spanks across my thighs and I howled like a banshee, the throbbing pain erupted across my cheeks and thighs all at the same time and my ass felt like it was on fire.

Pussy chose that moment to let go with all guns blazing and my climax ripped through me and shattered the last of any fight I had left in me. Jesus Christ I saw stars and bloody fireworks! That orgasm just kept on rolling and I could hear Tom muttering as he stopped spanking me and began thrusting his fingers deep inside me, ‘Yes baby come on! Give me everything you’ve got. I want it all.’ I came again, I was so far gone I was shaking over his knee and I suddenly found myself lifted high and turned to face him, my legs automatically wrapped around his hips and he plunged his cock deep inside me and held me hard against him. I wriggled, I had to move, fuck I needed to move, I could feel another orgasm building swiftly, I wanted to ride him and I managed to gasp out ‘Harder Tom please, HARDER.’ He held my hips tightly as he thrust up into me and ground us together over and over again until he erupted deep inside me, I could feel his hot cum searing my insides and I came hard around his throbbing, pumping cock. He held us in that position for what felt like an age, my head had dropped down onto his shoulder and I was shuddering and moaning and just losing myself in the aftershocks that were still flooding through me. Finally he sat us down on the sofa. He was still inside me and I could feel him growing hard again as he pulled my shirt off quickly followed by my bra.

He leaned down and took a nipple in his mouth as his fingers travelled to my clit and he worked her until she was throbbing in time to his cock pounding in and out of me. I had died and found my official version of heaven. It was shaped like Tom and his glorious cock. Damn he was so good at this. He squeezed my sore bottom and smacked it a little bit, I moaned and wriggled and he pumped up and into me harder and faster as his need grew. His face tightened with the effort to stave off his orgasm but I wanted it. I was having it and there was nothing he could do that would stop me.

Without warning I quickly climbed off him and dropped down on my knees between his legs and I drew that very hard, thick hot cock into my mouth and I plunged down on it as far as I could take it and he grabbed the back of my head by the hair as his muscles tensed in his legs, a groan ripped deep from his throat and he shot all of his cum into my mouth. There was so much it leaked out and ran down my chin. I swallowed and then soothed his cock with my mouth and wrapped my tongue around it until he was completely spent. I let him slide from my mouth and I climbed onto his lap where he wrapped his huge arms around me and held me tightly to him. He kissed me deeply for a long time.

When we finally came up for air he smiled a wicked smile and said, ‘I like the taste of me in your mouth. That’s how you should always taste. Like I just filled you.’

I couldn’t agree more…