Part 8. Eileen’s story: While her back is turned…

Eileen sat behind Mr Crossley’s huge leather desk and watched as he castigated the hapless Ms Aston for her shortcomings. She took in Laura’s bright red bottom and thighs beautifully displayed by the tucked up skirt and trimmed only by the tops of the black seamed stockings. She smiled as she allowed her fingers toContinue reading “Part 8. Eileen’s story: While her back is turned…”

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Part 7. Laura’s Story… It’s Story Time!

Part 1. Laura’s Story. Be careful what you wish for… Part 2. Eileen’s Story… Beware of Consequences… Part 3. Ian’s Story… His Errant Wife… Part 4. Laura’s Story… Time for Training. Part 5 : Eileen and Laura’s Story… The Agreement… Part 6: Mr Crossley’s Story… His Dilemma… Laura clasped the chosen clothes to her chest and hurried off toContinue reading “Part 7. Laura’s Story… It’s Story Time!”

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The Next Chapter : The Tom Series: Any Morning…

That caning Tom – Day 7 of 7 (Part 6) Tom Day 7 of 7 – (Part 7) changed everything! I felt free for the first time in living memory, absolutely, utterly and undeniably free and unfettered! Waxing lyrical a little? I don’t think so. To that point in my life I had been numb inside andContinue reading “The Next Chapter : The Tom Series: Any Morning…”

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Part 6: Mr Crossley’s Story… His Dilemma…

One would think that when one had two women scheduled to meet him in his office for a sound spanking, one would be delighted! One was not. One was at war with oneself. Mr Crossley shook his head in frustrated dismay at his dilemma, he tried to be a very honest man, a very upright,Continue reading “Part 6: Mr Crossley’s Story… His Dilemma…”

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Part 5 : Eileen and Laura’s Story… The Agreement…

Part 4. Laura’s Story… Time for Training. The office was turning into a spankers paradise! The thought ran through Eileen’s head as she waited for Laura’s arrival. She could feel the difference in her as soon as she walked in. Instead of the timid and subdued assistant she had been expecting, Laura presented herself with aContinue reading “Part 5 : Eileen and Laura’s Story… The Agreement…”

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I’m coming back! … Again!!

I know, I know, I keep going missing, but life has this way of chucking spanners in my works and stopping me from writing. However, today, I have quite suddenly been freed up, so I have more time to do my own thing and I will take that opportunity and write more stories. Funny howContinue reading “I’m coming back! … Again!!”

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Part 4. Laura’s Story… Time for Training.

Laura woke early and stretched like a kitten unfurling, her body brushed against her husband’s sleeping form and she smiled a huge smile that lit up her face. It was all good between them, in fact, it was better than good it was amazing! She lay still for a moment and let her mind returnContinue reading “Part 4. Laura’s Story… Time for Training.”

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Part 3. Ian’s Story… His Errant Wife…

Part 1. Laura’s Story. Be careful what you wish for… Part 2. Eileen’s Story… Beware of Consequences… Ian checked his phone for the third time in 20 minutes. No messages, no missed calls. Laura was late, very late and not answering her phone. Where the hell was she? He had been tracking her phone for overContinue reading “Part 3. Ian’s Story… His Errant Wife…”

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Part 2. Eileen’s Story… Beware of Consequences…

Eileen sat at her desk long after Laura had run from the office red bottomed and red faced. It had been a very long time since she’d had such a satisfactory end to a work day that much was for sure! She leaned forward and clicked onto the file at the bottom of her screen.Continue reading “Part 2. Eileen’s Story… Beware of Consequences…”

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Part 1. Laura’s Story. Be careful what you wish for…

‘Laura, is the Fletcher report ready yet? Can you send it to me immediately please?’ Eileen called from her office. Laura flipped her screen back to a work screen as she heard the door open. A jolt of shock ran through her at the sound of her boss’s voice right behind her, she schooled herContinue reading “Part 1. Laura’s Story. Be careful what you wish for…”

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