Tom – Day 7 of 7 (Part 1)

Another Huge Day!

All my posts about Tom make it sound like he is the perfect man. He never gets it wrong does he? How he reads me, understands me, calm, controlled, precise, fair, his quiet dominance. And then there is the spanking, and the absolute mind blowing sex that just goes on forever! Sounds perfect right?

Tom can be an asshole too. Just making sure you all know that up front. I don’t often post the arguments between us as part of this series, they aren’t integral to the unfolding story, but this one was, and it is relevant to our journey. This one gave me the other side of Tom, it showed he had insecurities just like everyone else. He wasn’t perfect.

I’m a very early riser regardless of how much or how little sleep I’ve had. I’m conditioned to it. So, as is my norm most mornings, I can be found on the sofa at the end of the bed and I am content to drink my coffee, write my journal up and watch him as he sleeps. This morning without warning he sat up and rubbed his hands over his face angrily. I could feel his tension, it was in every line of his body.

I ignored the tension, ‘Morning baby’.

‘The sofa again Gem?’ He sounded narked. It’s a new one on me. I’ve not had this from him before. My scalp prickled a warning at me and I began to tread cautiously.

‘What about the sofa again?’ I ask confused.

‘You’re on that damned sofa every morning.’ He snapped as he swung his legs out of bed, and headed straight for the bathroom.

He normally kissed me good morning before he did anything else. He usually said good morning too, so the sound of the shower running gave me a small start. I put down my journal and sipped my coffee, waiting. My gut churned and I could feel anxiety building.

10 minutes later he came out of the bathroom naked, walked over to his closet and pulled on a pair of jeans. Something was going on! He came over to me and crouched down in front of me. I got a good look in his eyes. He was furious and I mean tight lipped furious!

‘What’s going on?’ I asked quietly. My heart was hammering in my chest.

I could see him struggling with his temper. I pulled my knees up against my chest and curled into a ball as I waited.

He studied my face for a moment before he spoke quietly. ‘We’ve been living together for three months now and just once in all that time I’ve woken to find you lying next to me. It’s driving me fucking insane!’ His voice was controlled and quiet but I could hear the anger in every word.

I attempted to placate him. ‘I’m awake really early Tom, too early to disturb you. So I sit here, write my journal, drink my coffee and wait for you. It’s not like I’m downstairs or something, I’m here at the end of the bed!’

He didn’t want my explanation, he wasn’t done yet. ‘You don’t get it do you? I want to wake up with you Gemma, I want to feel you beside me, curled into me, I want to roll over and take you before I even open my eyes. But I can’t do that, because you are never there. You are putting distance between us lady, and it will grow.’

Damn his words stung me! My own temper flared but I tried one more time to defuse the tension.

‘I’m not putting distance between us, I’m trying to be respectful of the fact that I am awake 3 hours earlier than you and it’s not fair to disturb you! How is that putting distance between us?’ I was not going to be made to feel like I was pushing him away!

He wasn’t having any of it. ‘You know what time I wake up, why can’t you ever come back to bed and just be there?’ His tone was cold and sharp and I recoiled from it.

I leaned into my knees and hugged them. I tried again, ‘Why are we arguing about this Tom? All you have to do is tell me what you want and I will happily give it to you. I didn’t know it was a problem until a few minutes ago!’

‘Come on Gemma, it’s not something I should have to ask for!’ He snapped. ‘And we are arguing because this morning sofa thing once again hides the bigger issue. I lie there every fucking morning, watching you disappear behind that damned steel trap and lock yourself away from me. I wake at 7 and watch you, you’re completely locked into your own thoughts, I’ve seen you crying, I’ve seen you go pale as a ghost, I’ve seen you get angry, I’ve seen you look unutterably sad. But as soon as I move your expression goes blank and you paste a fucking smile on your face and bang, that’s it, I’m shut out before I ever get the chance to know what’s going on and that burns me, every single day!’ He stood up and turned away from me before he carried on with his diatribe.

‘I want that sofa out of the bedroom. Today!’ He demanded. ‘You lady are going to try this my way for once.’

Tom had laid down the fucking law! I don’t think so.

‘No.’ I felt shredded and exposed and I was suddenly furious.

He spun on his heel and turned to look at me. His face was white with temper. ‘No?’

I sized up to him. ‘No! I will not take the sofa out of the room. I want it here. I like it here.’

‘You’re making this about the fucking sofa?’ He was incredulous.

I was angry as hell now. ‘No! I’m just making sure you know I have a bloody say in what happens here too! I haven’t done anything wrong Tom. I have sat and thought thoughts, I have sat and felt emotions and worked through them in the small hours of the morning. I don’t dump that shit on your head because there is no point. It’s the past. It’s a bastard, it crops up and blindsides me, it doesn’t need dissecting, it can’t be laid to rest, it happened, I lived it, I can’t change that and I deal with it. When you wake I put it away because it doesn’t belong here!’ I was shouting now, and the tears were coming.

He rounded on me but he kept his voice low and even. ‘From me. you put it away from me. You shut me out. You hide your pain from me, why? You never hid it from Stuart. He knows the whole damn story doesn’t he! Did he wake to find you next to him Gemma?’

And there we had it. He was jealous of Stuart. Fucking hell!

Men can be complete assholes when they think another man knows more than they do about their woman!

I was pole axed. I hadn’t seen this coming. I stood and retrieved my dressing gown from the end of the bed and pulled it on. Instead of going back to the sofa I climbed into the middle of the bed and pulled my knees up to my chest and turned myself into a small ball. He stood and watched me for the longest time before he spoke again. ‘We have to talk this out Gemma, it’s hurting what we have.’

It was my turn now. I threw him a look of disgust and I shook my head. ‘We have to talk this out? We? You’ve already made your mind up I am at fault here. The truth is Tom, you’re jealous of Stuart’s prior knowledge. You want what he had, why the fuck you would want that I have no idea! But let me just say this one last time. I do not want to trot my past out, I do not want to look at it all again, I do not want to open the steel trap and let it all out. Why should I? It’s my past and I own it. I refuse to lay it bare for anyone!’

He had put distance between us by taking himself across the other side of the room. He stood by the window and leaned against the wall. ‘You did for Stuart, you gave it to him.’ His voice was ice cold.

I saw red and launched myself off the bed and across the room. ‘I have known him 25 years! He was there throughout all the shit with my ex husband. He knew him. They were friends for a time until Stuart realised just how big an asshole my husband actually was!’ I was ranting at him and I hated myself for being this angry. I stepped back and took a deep breath to calm down before I continued.

‘Just so we’re clear here Tom, I never told Stuart a damn thing. I’ve never told anyone a damn thing! Don told him his version, spewed it all out every time he saw him. Stuart thinks he knows everything, he knows a fucking gas lighter’s version of my life and I promise you I will not have come out of that version well. What Stuart thinks he knows is utter bollocks. Don wouldn’t know how to tell the truth if his life had depended on it. He gas lighted everyone around us. And as far as Stuart waking up with me goes? He never fucking slept a full night in my bed. He slept in the spare room the one time he did stay!’

My anger suddenly abandoned me and I dropped down onto the end of the bed and hugged myself. I hurt. Deep inside, I felt ripped and raw and jagged. I took a deep breath and raised my eyes to his. He held my gaze.

‘Do me a favour Tom, deal with your jealousy first before you throw accusations at me. I’ve done nothing to deserve this from you. As far as waking up with me goes, I hear you, I understand what you’re asking for and I will do that for you because I want to. I had no idea it bothered you so much, but be clear on this, I will not spew out my life for you to appease your fucking jealousy over a man who after his childish behaviour last night, means a whole lot less to me this morning than he did before.’

‘Your making this my fault Gemma? You think I’m jealous of him?’ His voice was so cold! I was suddenly exhausted and I let out a deep sigh. Time to turn the tables.

‘You are. It’s written all over your face. Why didn’t you tell me you met him earlier in the day yesterday? What the hell did you two talk about that’s brought all this shit out this morning?’ I walked over to my closet and began to dress. I had my back to him and I kept it that way.

His voice came from directly behind me and I jumped at the sudden proximity. ‘Don’t turn away from me Gemma.’ he said quietly. ‘I didn’t tell you because you were already in a state over going to the party and facing him for the first time since he left. I didn’t tell you because you didn’t need to know. It would have served no purpose other than to upset you.’ He placed his hands on my shoulders and turned me to face him.

I railed against that. ‘So, it’s okay for you to lock things away behind your own steel trap, but I’m supposed to be an open fucking book? How does that work Tom? You get to decide what’s best for us both? You’re no fucking better than Don and Stuart if that’s how this works!’

And just like that he got it. I saw the realisation hit him. He stepped away from me and gave me space. He dropped down onto the sofa looking shell shocked. When his words finally came his tone was remorseful. ‘You’re right, I’m sorry. I never realised I was doing that to you.’ He said quietly. ‘I just felt it keenly yesterday when he was blatantly more knowledgeable than I about you. I didn’t recognise it for what it was. I won’t let it happen again Gem. I truly am sorry.’

I went to him then, I crawled into his lap and I hugged him to me, the tears were flowing freely now, I couldn’t stop them if I tried. ‘It’s hard living here Tom, I warned you from the start that I am not easy to live with. I fixed myself, I butchered most of it in the fixing but I got here still sane and still relatively normal. I am not unpicking it now. I make no apologies for that, I will apologise for making you feel like I was putting distance between us. I wouldn’t do that. I crave you near me always. You will wake up next to me every morning from now on, I promise.’

He blew out a long sigh. ‘Thank you.’

‘But the sofa stays.’ I muttered grinning at him, he burst out laughing and just like that we were okay again.

But as a foot note, He isn’t perfect, He had behaved like an asshole. He just caught himself quicker than I am used to. That was his saving grace. he knew how to say he was sorry. It was easy to forgive him.

Tom – Day 6 of 7 (Part 4)

As parties go for me, Gray’s could be classed as a huge success. I hadn’t gotten into much trouble, made a fool of myself, or caused an argument (much). Go me! I had got a bruised bottom however, courtesy of Gray’s rash announcement to the room that I could take a caning from him better than any of his exes! After that little pearl of information came out, my bottom received so much attention from the Caning and Spanking community present, I spent more time yelping than I did talking. My poor bottom was swatted, squeezed, and slapped every time I moved!

Not quite the same but close enough. Oh and my curves are much fuller! Just sayin…

My main problem was that my dress had turned me into a moving target! Some commented that the ‘red under the dress’ attire made them feel a need to stroke my bottom! I was beginning to feel like a bloody Therapy Dog! Come stroke my ass and feel wonderful instantly!
It kept Tom highly amused for the better part of the evening! Especially as he was receiving one request after another to loan me out for a spanking/caning session! Thankfully, he gracefully declined all offers!

I took it all in good part for the main, but one woman really did push her luck a little too far and walloped me hard on both cheeks! I spun around and snarled at her and Graham quickly stepped in to guide her off into a different room where her particular brand of needs could be met more ably! Don’t ask, there was so much going on at this party it was very much an anything goes kind of gig. Like I said, a room for every kind of people with a special room for Gloria and her crew! But that is most definitely another story! Out of all of the women there, I think I liked Gloria’s approach best! At least she was tongue in cheek about it!

Tom had his own problems too, and because he had found my situation so hilarious I was less inclined to want to rescue him. If I left his side someone would instantly take my place. So I purposely left his side frequently and would then stand back and watch the parade! When I say someone, I mean, men and women alike. He was like a giant honey pot and they were all fluffy tailing him, buzzing around him, draping themselves over him. He stunk of a mixture of women’s perfume and a variety of men’s cologne. Not a pleasant mix for my nose but hey, he had it coming!

Things finally came to a head when a very drunk but lovely gay man called Colin decided that Tom was in the closet and he was going to out him by showing him the pleasures he was denying himself. He draped himself over Tom and began groping his crotch. Oh Boy! Both Todd and myself had to step in quickly on that one. Tom had yanked Colin up in the air by the scruff of his neck and looked ready to murder him! It did nothing to cool Colin’s ardour! ‘Magnificent!’ Colin kept giggling excitedly! I stepped in and calmly talked Tom down from his murderous intentions, he eventually dropped Colin who landed in a heap at my feet. Todd quickly led him away to pour a large amount of coffee down his neck and sober him up some!

Todd and I declared we had life saving abilities after that one! Tom was not amused.

Tom declared he was making himself off limits for the rest of the evening and evicted a young man from a large leather armchair and took it for himself. He pulled me down into his lap and there I stayed for pretty much the rest of the night which passed without event as we sat and listened to Gray entertain everyone with his stories.

So, now I’m sitting at my dressing table removing my make up and Tom is behind me distracting me with his big hands. He leaned in to kiss my neck and my nose was assaulted with the pungent mix of cologne and perfume! I recoiled and he was instantly alert.

‘What was that?’ He said quietly.

I grinned at him, ‘you smell like a well used hand bag! You stink of perfume and cologne!’

‘Just proves you should have come and rescued me more often.’ He laughed at my crinkle nosed expression. ‘I’ll go shower baby. Keep the dress on until I get back, and the lipstick. I have a task for you that requires both.’

I raised an eyebrow but didn’t think to question his instructions.

10 minutes later he appeared before me, freshly showered with a towel wrapped around his hips. I had taken up residence on the sofa by now and oh my, he was a sight to see. All glistening damp muscles, and predatory intent in every move.

I leaned forward and tugged at his towel letting it fall from my fingers to reveal his magnificent cock, fully aroused and glistening with precum at its tip. I glanced up at his face with hunger in my eyes.

His new rule since the maintenance spanking was that I had to ask for permission from him before I could touch his cock or taste his precum. I had absolutely no problem at all with that and I framed my words carefully, ‘please can I taste you baby?’

He smiled just that one request made me instantly submissive to him, his mood became dark and intense, ‘I have a task for you to complete. Kneel on the floor.’ I dropped a cushion on the wood floor and knelt in front of him, ‘Take all of my cock down to the base and if you leave a lipstick ring at the base I’ll give you multiple orgasms tonight. You have a maximum of three attempts to do it. If you don’t, you’ll remain dressed until you achieve it and you will get a good hard spanking for failing and no orgasms. I won’t be helping you in any way. Do you understand Gem?’

I nodded my head and said quietly, ‘I understand.’ I raised my hand and wrapped my fingers around his engorged cock. Firmly fixed in my mind was the thought that as I work his cock with my tongue, my mouth, my teeth, he gets bigger. I couldn’t afford to do that. I would never take him all the way in! His girth is huge. My hand won’t close around him. I need two hands. He’s a good 10″ in length. I have never been able to take all of him completely. I was going to have to rely on my gag reflex behaving perfectly if I was going to pull this off.

I slid my mouth over the tip and tasted his precum on my tongue, and I realised I would have my own kind of payment for this as I went along. I slid my mouth back again but did not release him. If I did, that would count as one attempt. My usual worship of his cock would include a lot of head play. It drove him wild and would make him thrust his cock deep into my mouth. He wasn’t doing that this time, I had no help. I didn’t care, I adore his cock, I adore the way he stretches my mouth to its limit, filling me with his salty taste. Feeling the pulsing veins around his shaft rough against my tongue. I would have to forgo my sensation play to achieve the goal but I would have what I wanted later, I would make sure of it. I slid my mouth along his shaft, withdrawing then plunging him deeper each time I drew him in, until he was right to the back of my throat and I could feel my gag reflex kicking in.

I breathed slowly and steadily as I waited for it to pass and then I slid him further down until I felt my lips touch the flat skin of his groin. I pushed once more to make the contact complete and I pressed my painted lips against his skin and left a perfect ‘O’ of lipstick there. I withdrew all the way to the tip and began to work him properly. He hadn’t told me I couldn’t and damn it I was taking my prize. I worked his cock hard, I sucked his tip until precum flowed like a river from it, I lapped and sucked until he gripped my hair and began to rock his hips thrusting himself into my mouth, holding my head still as he took his pleasure and rode the wave to a huge climax. He growled deeply as he shot his creamy load down the back of my throat and pulsed and throbbed and thrusted until he was done. He let go of my hair and I withdrew from him. I raised my eyes to his waiting for his approval. He grinned a really dark grin at me that had me so wet instantly I thought I might actually cum.

He turned away from me and inspected my lip work around the base of his cock in the mirror. It was a perfect cherry red O. Damn I’m good!

He thought so too. The admiration in his tone was enough for me. He turned to face me again and held my chin between his fingers and lifted my gaze to his. Lust, pure unadulterated lust shone from his eyes. ‘Well done baby, I thought it may take two attempts at least. I expect you to do it every time. Stand up for me and turn around.’
I did as he asked, he stepped up behind me, wrapping me in his own musky scent that was pure Tom and my senses went into overload. His fingers stroked my lips and smeared my lipstick from my mouth and down to my chin. He unzipped my dress and allowed it to slide down my body until it pooled at my feet. I stepped out of it and he scooped it up and threw it on the sofa.

‘Turn around baby,’ he murmured huskily, I turned in his arms and he lifted me and threw me gently onto the bed. His fingers slid and played and tweaked my skin everywhere. He smoothed his hands over the silky material of my lingerie dipping and sliding his fingers beneath the fabric, and he played with me for hours. Eventually I took his length inside me and I disappeared into a fog of sensations I thought I may never come out of.

Finally, exhausted, impaled on his cock, cradled in his arms his heart beating a tattoo against my cheek I slept the sleep of the truly satisfied on his chest.


As an aside to this post, before I finally fell asleep I asked Tom why I had been made to keep the dress on for the task, and his response was this.

‘I have been wanting to see you on your knees in that dress with my cock down your throat and your cherry red lips pressed against my skin from the moment I saw it in the window of the shop. The dress was integral to the image. The lipstick is a fantasy I have harboured for a very long time and you are the only woman I’ve ever known who I wanted to carry out that fantasy for me.

All evening I have watched as one after the other of Gray’s friends has tried to touch you, tried to tempt you away for a spanking, one guy even offered to pay £5k for me to let him cane you. 3 guys wanted to fuck you in every hole and would have paid big money so they could. 5 women offered their bodies to both of us for a threesome. Gloria said she would have spanked you until the moon fell out of the sky and Graham said you in that dress had given him a semi hard on. It’s the most turned on by a woman he’s ever gotten. Even Todd who is the campest guy I’ve ever met said that you in that dress should carry a government health warning. Stuart couldn’t keep his mouth shut about it or his eyes off you all night.

Out of all those sexed up people, the only man you had eyes for was me. You wore what I wanted you to wear, you looked the way I wanted you to look and you behaved the way I wanted you to behave. And all because I told you that was what I wanted.

Does that answer your question baby?’

I was staring at him wide eyed and all I could do was nod. A minute later I was fast asleep.

Tom – Day 6 of 7 (part 3)

Graham’s 50th Celebrations! Party #1. (cont)

The party was in full swing, I had had two glasses of red, and I was relaxed! Who knew I could do that? Go me! Yeah, yeah, I know two very large glasses of red wine will do that for you. I didn’t care, the adrenalin rush I had every time someone new arrived was enough to scare the effects of the alcohol away! I was stone cold sober AND I was relaxed. I hate parties!

Anyway, a noisy debate between 4 of Graham’s exes was currently occupying everyone’s attention in the room . The subject was who had taken the harshest/longest caning from Graham in one session. They were batting numbers back and forth and I was laughing at them trying to out do each other. Tom and Todd (Gray’s partner) were grimacing at the numbers they were throwing around like gold medals! Graham chose that moment to come in from mingling in the other room, he leaned down and kissed Todd briefly before he sat down and joined in with the debate.

‘You’re all wrong you know.’ He said as they tried to one up each other. They fell silent and I chuckled, I knew that tone of voice, it could strike fear in the heart of the fearless, even Tom broke off from his conversation with Todd to listen.

Jason jumped up and waded in bravely, ‘No I’m not Gray! I took 24 full strength no holds barred strokes in one session from you and a paddle spanking that lasted for 15 minutes! I could barely sit down for two weeks! Everyone else is max 20!’ Jason is a pouter, and he pouted beautifully as he stood there, hip cocked, arms folded and lips pouting. In someone’s world, that look may have got him away with murder, in Graham’s world, it was more likely to earn him a swift caning! Everyone held there breath waiting to see what Graham would do next.

He laughed out loud at Jason’s posturing and then quite suddenly turned it off and said sternly, ‘Sit down Jason, you have no claim. None of you do. There is one person in this room that outranks all of you, and let me tell you, I spanked and caned her on two consecutive nights, full force, no holds barred. And just so we are clear, she took 24 strokes the first night and 30 the second night plus a strapping and a 45 minute spanking with a number of different implements!’

See me? I’m sitting there innocently scanning the bloody room for this awe inspiring woman with a no limits pain threshold! I was having flashbacks to the many canings and spankings I had taken from Graham over the past few years and my bottom was tingling with remembered pain!

Everyone was looking around for her! Tom burst out laughing as he caught Gray’s eye!

‘What’s tickled you?’ I said surprised.

‘Oh Gem you are priceless baby! He’s talking about you and you’re sitting here looking for the woman he’s talking about!’

‘Me?’ I squeaked! yeah it’s a thing, I squeak sometimes. I don’t know what that’s about, but it’s the only way to describe how I sound. And then I remembered! (See : An explanation (of sorts) and a shock! and Two Alpha Males, One Spanking Machine and One Very Sore Bottom.)

Graham was laughing now too. He came over and pulled me up to my feet and presented me like a prize fighter at a heavy weight boxing championship fight! ‘I present the winner of the Highest pain threshold in Graham’s stable! Gemma, darling, take a bow.’

I was crimson with embarrasment as I looked around at the four men staring at me in open mouthed shock.

I mumbled something and then immediately sat down so close to Tom I looked like I was trying to climb inside him. His big arm came around me and hugged me to him.

‘Not doing well under the microscope baby?’ He muttered, as he hugged me.

‘I’m just bloody embarrassed is all.’ I said a little sulkily. Tom twisted a little so he could see me properly, ‘Look at me’ he said quietly.

I raised my eyes to his. ‘do not go into a sulk lady, or we will be having a chat with you over my knee in the other room.’ His voice was stern enough that I snapped out of my sulk and smiled at him. ‘Sorry baby.’ Yeah, I know, submissive aren’t I? Ha! I just know when to quit sometimes is all!

Jason and the others changed the conversation to other things and the room resumed its general babble. I relaxed again. It was a good party, there was a room for every different kind of person to be in and have a good time. Those who wanted to be raucous were encouraged to go out on the deck and party wildly out there with the music cranked up high. The rest of us had the run of the house, there were at least 150 people there so there was plenty going on. A large group of people joined us in the main lounge and suddenly I was being squashed between Tom and a very large lady who had taken up two cushions on the sofa!

Within minutes she was patting her hand on my thigh and stroking my leg. I stared at her meaty paw as she stroked my thigh. ‘I saw you earlier when you arrived with the beefcake. You look gorgeous darling, that dress hugs your bottom beautifully! Just ripe for a firm spanking!’

Oh fuck!! Not a chance in hell!

I tugged Tom’s arm, ‘I want to sit on your lap baby,’ I whispered, I’m getting crushed and propositioned!’ He looked down at me laughing at my wide eyed scared bunny stare.

‘You want Gem?’ He said with a raised eyebrow. I caught his meaning and swallowed my pride, ‘I mean please may I?’ I stammered out hurriedly, the woman’s paw was now groping my behind and squeezing my right cheek hard! He smirked a little at my immediate capitulation and he nodded. I hastily stood and he parted his long legs, I chose the leg furthest away from the meaty pawed lady with the lewd suggestions and groping hands!

I sat down with my legs dangling between his and my hip and thigh resting along his groin. I was far enough away from her now and was happy! She less so but she smiled at me and winked, ‘I don’t mind a threesome gorgeous, he looks like he can handle himself too.’
My face must have been an absolute picture because Tom burst out laughing as he turned to her and said, ‘Come on Gloria, behave yourself, you’re frightening my lady!’ She grinned at him, leaned across and planted a big smacker of a kiss on his mouth and then got up and did the same to me!

‘It’s the red under the dress gorgeous! It’s like a written invitation to do naughty things with you and lord knows I would be happy to do Tom too, anytime he wanted!’ With that she walked away laughing, hopefully onto her next unwitting victim!
‘That was all your fault you know!’ I said as I poked him lightly in the chest. He raised that infernal eyebrow at me again ‘How’s that?’ he said.

‘You told me to wear the red under the dress! You knew this would happen!’ I feigned a pout.

He grinned unrepentantly as his fingers brushed the side of my breast in slow strokes. ‘Got you on my knee though didn’t it?’

I laughed and wriggled a little on his lap, pussy was definitely awake now and Tom growled as he buried his face against the side of my neck nipping the sensitive skin there. ‘Keep still woman!’ He muttered as he wrapped his big arms around me. I smiled a wicked little smile that made his voice turn husky.

You’ll pay for it later baby, I promise.’ His eyes were predatory again and I revelled in his hot stare. His gloriously hard cock was now throbbing beneath my butt cheek and pussy was singing along to the beat. Things were definitely looking up!

And then Stuart came in. I froze like a rabbit caught in the headlights! I had convinced myself he wasn’t coming. It was after 9pm, I figured he would come tomorrow night with his wife instead.

He stood in the doorway and cast a lazy glance around the room until his eyes rested on me.

‘Gemma!’ He boomed across the room. Tom’s head snapped up from my neck and I could feel every muscle in his body tense.

‘It’s just Stuart’ I said, much more calmly than I felt.

‘I know, I met him earlier this afternoon.’ He said tightly. He didn’t miss my look of surprise. I had no idea they had met each other, which led me to wonder what the hell had been said that had obviously resulted in keeping Stuart away from me for the past 2 plus hours!

Stuart strode over to us and pulled me from Tom’s lap into a giant bear hug. ‘How are you darling?’ He asked pulling away a little to look at me. ‘You look good enough to eat in this dress! Very daring style for you!’

I extracted myself from his hold and sat back down on Tom’s knee. I ignored his comment about the dress and answered with a very polite, ‘I’m good, how are you?’ My insides were doing somersaults and I could feel myself trembling. Tom sat up straighter and loosely wrapped his body around me protectively,

Stuart’s eyes narrowed at Tom’s possession of me but he kept it surface. ‘I’m great darling, are you here tomorrow night too? I’ll be bringing my wife with me to that party. You’ll love her! She reminds me a lot of you except she’s probably better behaved.’ He said laughing at his own snide remark. He thought he’d scored a hit. I could see it in his face, he thought he could upset me. Callous bastard was in for a shock!

I smiled a huge relaxed smile and said, ‘I’m so happy I finally get to meet her! I confess I did wonder why there was no invite to the wedding after 25 years of friendship, but hey I understand, you obviously took the easy road out! I believe you’ve met my partner, Tom?’ I looked between the two men and continued smiling.

Fuck you Stuart! I thought. and I wondered when he had gotten that mean streak. Tom sat back and pulled me with him so I was almost laying on his big chest. My trembling stopped and I suddenly realised I didn’t have anything to worry about. I leaned in and kissed Tom full on the lips and he responded beautifully. By the time we had broken the kiss Stuart had left the room.

The rest of the evening went by in a blur of laughter and recounting of spanking stories, as one by one each of Graham’s exes gathered around Tom and myself to ask about that spanking and caning session. Graham happily filled in the missing details from my account and then held court as he regaled us all with his many spanking and caning stories. He stopped short of talking about Tom’s brief but painful experience with him. I think we were both relieved about that.

By 1am I was dropping asleep on Tom’s chest and he rumbled something to Gray about taking me home. I barely remember getting back to my house but I do remember, in glorious detail, what happened once we closed our own front door.

But, that’s for part 4.

Tom – Day 6 of 7 (Part 1 )

This new dynamic has forced me to look at who I am and how I can be what Tom needs. A fighting submissive? I don’t know, we are still working out the details.

Since he came into my life, mentally and emotionally, I am stronger than I have been in a long time. I find I am eager to give myself up to his desires and go where he leads and give what he wants. I am more content to follow and not lead but not quite always.

The single thing that has changed the most is that my sticking plasters holding me together are tougher these days. I don’t bleed fear so easily now. I trust Tom. This is a huge breakthrough for me.

I am still broken, I will not talk about my emotions, the depth of them, the feel of them, the shape of them. I will not open up the steel trap and release demons to be slayed by him. They are my demons, I earned them. I decide when they leave. They were 40 + years in the making. 3 months of happy will not slay them.

There is an even deeper fissure inside me filled with pain and anger and damaging memories that cannot be held together with any amount of sticking plasters, bandages or even the mighty steel trap! That well of raw emotion is what drives me to test Tom on a daily, sometimes minute by minute basis. I push him so hard so fast and without reason, I fear one day he will bow to the inevitable and leave. He says not, I believe him today. Today is a bad demon day, today has stirred some fears and anxieties in me I have not faced before.

Tonight is the first of two parties. Graham’s 50th Celebration has been divided into two parts, the first one is for those friends who he openly and happily shares his passions with, people he has disciplined, lovers, like minded friends who know about the other side of his life. A party so that we can all relax knowing we are not going to shock the hell out of some distant aged Aunt because we mention canes, or whips, or paddles etc. The other party tomorrow night has been dubbed his Vanilla 50th for family, friends and acquaintances.

So, there in lies my demons. We will be attending both nights, as will Stuart. This evening will be the first time my past will collide with my present and two of my lovers will meet. For most people this would just be an uncomfortable moment and then it would pass. For me, it’s all tangled up with Stuart’s longevity as a friend of 25 years, before he became anything more and his association with my ex-husband. His depth of knowledge of me and my past. Those are the memories that are running through my head, they are excruciatingly painful to revisit. Events, parties, gatherings were always a source of terror for me. I never knew what my ex-husband would say or do once he had a drink on him, but it would usually involve him humiliating me, or berating me, or he would flare up in a raging temper and drag me away stating I had embarrassed him and myself with my stupid chatter in front of friends, family and work colleagues, and then the row would start again once we got home, and would go on and on and on until I wanted to die.

Stuart had been a stalwart friend and supporter of me throughout that horrible time and that is where my feelings of affection for him are rooted. Without him, I’m not sure I would be sane now.

After the maelstrom of emotions yesterday, I’m not sure I am ready to stand between these two giant pillars, so ably represented by Tom and Stuart. I believe June will be present as well, I will deal with that when it happens, that holds no fear for me.

I have examined how I feel when Stuart’s name is mentioned, I feel nothing. Not even a slight pang for what might have been. We were not right for each other, he wanted to control all of me, he wanted to change me in a way that was too similar to my ex-husband’s control of me. He wanted to break the mould and remodel me into his version of an acceptable Gemma. He could have pulled it off too, if he hadn’t shown his rage to me. That was enough for me to turn away from him. It had been the beginning of the end of a very messed up time between us. It was the moment anything I felt for him became trapped behind steel.

I say I feel nothing, it’s safe to say you feel nothing when that person is not stood in front of you. I don’t know how I will feel when I see him. My biggest fear is that I will somehow betray Tom’s faith in me, in us, in who we are together. I still don’t call this ‘relationship’. I do call him mine. I do see myself as his.

If I wilfully ignore Stuart, it could be misconstrued as an act to hide how I really feel. If I speak to him, it could be misconstrued as me still feeling something for him. If I stick to Tom’s side like glue for the whole evening, it could be misconstrued as fear or that I don’t trust myself around Stuart. I have no idea how to calm my mind on this.
After much thought I have concluded my biggest fear is hurting Tom with my inability to be civil and polite with my past. I feel like I’m standing on quick sand.

Over the past three months Stuart has been mentioned a smattering of times in Tom’s presence usually by Graham or Sam. He has reacted mildly, shuttered eyes, tight lipped but no verbal reaction. He has never once said anything to me or asked me about my time with Stuart. Whatever his feelings are on the matter, he’s dealing with it privately.

Today I decided I needed to take the bull by the horns and broach the subject with him and clear the air. I need to know where his head is at. I need to get brave and trust he will be his usual supportive and understanding self.

In the end it was simple because he found me, I was sitting brooding at the kitchen table when he came in from the garden. He leaned down and kissed me briefly before heading for the coffee.

‘Can we talk about Stuart please Tom?’ I blurted the words before I could bury them again. I watched his broad back tense and then relax. He turned around and leaned his hip against the counter, ‘Are you sure you want to Gem? He’s been a no go zone since we met.’ His tone was neutral. I was encouraged by that.

‘I don’t want his past position in my life to affect us baby, I would like to clear him out and put it to rest. Can we do that?’ I had no idea what I wanted to say, I just wanted him to know we were sound.

Tom brought the coffees over to the table and sat down close to me, he sighed heavily. ‘Baby what do you want to hear? That I don’t care about your past lovers? I don’t. But, I’ve been watching you mull this over today and every other day this week when you’ve been alone and that tells me this Stuart is still a big deal for you.’ He was still neutral.

I sighed, ‘He’s not a big deal for me as a past lover, that’s gone. But we were very close friends for almost 25 years before that and I do still hold a deep affection for him in that regard. What came after was, in my opinion, a mistake and I am happy with the way things panned out. My concern is that in my head I know that’s how I feel, but I haven’t seen him since we parted company, and I don’t want you misunderstanding my reaction when I do see him. I don’t know what it’s going to be, I can’t predict the future, but I don’t want it to rock what we have. I don’t even know if I’m making any sense, I just need to know you understand that you and me is what I want, what we have is what I want and need and…’

Tom cut across my rambling half assed explanation. ‘Gem, it’s okay, I get it. I know you’re going to react to seeing him. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t. Don’t get upset baby, I’m good with this.’ He leaned across and wiped a tear off my cheek with his thumb. I jumped, I hadn’t realised I was crying! I lifted my hand to my face and felt the wetness against my fingers. I looked at them in surprise.

He barked out a laugh, ‘you didn’t know you were crying? Damn baby, you really send my head places y’know.’

I wiped the tears from my face and smiled. ‘We good Tom?’ I asked cautiously.

He reached across and pulled me into his lap, wrapping his strong arms around me holding me to him. I looked up to see his face smiling down at me.

‘We are better than good Gem, you came to me. You opened up. You trusted me with us. This Stuart guy? He’s past history, you just gave me the present and future. I’m all good with that.’ His husky timber reached inside and turned me to liquid heat. He grinned, he knew the exact moment I went from wrung out to turned on, and he made full use of my change of mood.

He had caught the curve ball again and hadn’t dropped it. It was going to be okay.

Tom – Day 5 of 7 (Part 3)

Day 5 was a huge day! The levels of frustration, the pain and pleasure, the mind fucks were off the chart that day! Tom became unstoppable, there was something different about him. He was edgier, darker. This maintenance session had changed the shape of ‘us’ and he was embracing it with arms wide open. Denying me had turned him on more than giving me what I craved. He wanted me hungry. I was in deep trouble.

The kiss at the end of my after care blew my mind. It was hot and probing, his tongue thrust between my lips and danced around mine, he pulled me up hard against his chest, his hand dropping down between my thighs to my pulsing clit. He flicked that hard little nub and I let out a sob. His tongue plundered my mouth, taking my breath, sucking me in making me want more. I stirred against him and sat up, plucking at the buttons of his shirt, wanting to feel skin under my fingers. I tugged and pulled until I got where I wanted to be, his shirt fell open and I broke the kiss and wrapped my teeth around his hard nipple and I nipped then sucked then nipped again. He growled deep in his chest and I felt it rumble through me. Pussy reacted instantly, tightening her muscles deliciously, sending tiny shockwaves through me, lighting my insides up and fuelling my hunger.

His fingers stroked and flicked and slid inside pussy’s wet walls I closed my muscles around their full girth and rode them. He stopped thrusting and pulled my head back by my hair.

He trapped me in his gaze with a dark look, his lips were curling into that half smile that told me I was in dangerous territory. I didn’t care, I tugged hard against his tangled fingers and tried to attach my teeth to his nipple again. He pulled harder and I winced and stilled.

‘I will tame you Gem.’ His voice came out husky and low and his words vibrated through me. I snarled a little. He was hurting me, my head ached where his fingers gripped my hair.

‘Like hell you will, I will fight you!’ I ground out between clenched teeth as his fingers pushed deep inside me and opened up, stretching me wide, forcing his knuckles through, filling me up until I bucked hard to pull back and stop the pain that was making me so damned wet I could drown us both in my juices!

He laughed against my neck as he nipped and bit, his fingers pushing deeper inside, ‘I expect nothing less from you.’

Suddenly I was being lifted and turned and positioned over the spanking bench again, panic rose in my chest, I struggled against his grip on my hips, and he slapped my ass hard twice. ‘Be still woman.’ he demanded. I twisted in his hold but couldn’t break free, he pressed the weight of his whole body against the back of me and pinned me there while he dragged my arms into position and secured them on the arm rests. I snapped and snarled as he fastened the restraints against my calves.

‘Give it up baby, you won’t break these bonds.’ He murmured as I felt the coldness of his freshly lubed fingers slide between my cheeks, pushing them apart, revealing my tight bud, he slid his finger inside my ass and pushed and pulled and pumped, adding another finger then another. I was bucking and thrusting my ass back onto his fingers, he pulled them out and spanked my cheek. A feral growl escaped me as he plunged his cock in where his fingers had been and I howled as he filled me with his full length in one long thrust. I ground my backside against his thrusting cock and took him all the way in on every stroke.

The pace increased rapidly as he gripped my hips tightly, pounding my ass until I was begging for release, I screamed for him to make me come, I could feel my juices flowing down between my thighs. I was desperate and reaching but he knew I was close and slowed his pace and then pulled out of me. He walked around to the front of the bench and disposed of his condom before taking his time cleaning his cock, wiping his fingers. I had red hot rage burning through me. ‘I want off this damned bench’ I snarled at him.

He laughed, a full throated sound that came up from his belly. He crouched down to eye level with me and gripped my chin.

You want Gem? You’re not getting this are you? I already told you this morning You are going to damn well do as you’re told. But you don’t listen. You demand, or more precisely, our hungry little pussy demands and you facilitate. You can learn how to wait for me. I will deny you my cum, I will deny you my heat until I am ready and you are tamed and I have your complete submission.’ He leaned forward and kissed my mouth, running his tongue against my lips, smiling against my closed mouth.

‘What? You don’t want to open up for me?’ He grinned. I’ll take what I want then.’ He walked around the bench and stood behind me, his fingers probed my wet pussy and pinched my clit as he thrust his engorged cock in and began a long slow deliberate stroke, in and out as he pushed two fingers in my ass and stretched me wide again, I groaned, sobbed, begged for him to let me come. I needed him hard and fast and his measured strokes built the heat inside me but not enough to push me over the edge. My mind was spiralling and the only thought in my head was my hunger for Tom.

I bucked back against his throbbing shaft and tried to increase the pace, he leaned over my back and whispered in my ear. ‘I can keep going like this for hours, and I do mean hours baby. All you have to do is submit to me and you can have what you want.’

‘Fuck you.’ I ground out as he lifted his weight from me and he held my hips tightly and continued with his long, slow torturous stroking of my pussy walls.

We were locked in that battle of wills for three more hours before I caved in and gave him what he wanted.

I promised to submit to him whenever he wished. No matter the circumstances, no matter the company. I knew he was referring to Gray’s upcoming 50th celebrations at the weekend, I also knew Stuart would be there. I had finally worked out what was driving Tom.

Tom was claiming me, privately and publicly and woe betide Stuart if he got in the way of that. My submission was his ultimate prize.

He released me from the bench and wrapped me in a huge towelling robe to walk back up to the house, as we entered the kitchen he placed me on the table and we tore into each other. I cried when he gave me my release. It hit me so hard it hurt me, I held on to him so tight I gouged tram lines down his back with my nails. We were primal animals in full glorious lust and it blew our minds. Then he kissed my tears from my cheeks and took me to bed. I was exhausted, Tom was quietly triumphant, he never said a word.

We had changed the shape of everything again and I was once again exhilarated and terrified in equal measure.

Day 5 of 7 – The Spanking Bench! (Part 2)

We hadn’t really done much in the way of maintenance spanking or punishment either for that matter, mainly due to constraints in the house, limited alone time equals limited spanking time. Tom said I’m too noisy! Hence the sound proofing for the shed and the latest addition of a spanking bench!

Why we can’t just do OTK I don’t know but hey, since he asked Gray to step aside as disciplinarian, Tom’s in charge of this aspect so I have no say in it. I confess to being slightly curious though and just a little bit excited about trying the bench for the first time. At least I know I won’t be receiving a caning. I have mixed feelings on that subject but, hey, a spanking is still a spanking.

Anyway, Tom arrived to find me stood with my hands folded in front of me mimicking a good girl waiting for her instructions. I was only mimicking, he could see the defiance in my eyes and it wasn’t lost on him. He grinned, a full blown wide lipped grin that bared his teeth and reached his eyes. He was enjoying this!

‘You ready Gemma?’ He asked as he stepped behind me and began setting the bench up to his liking.

‘Suppose so’ I muttered sulkily I was still feeling robbed and conned.

He swatted my behind hard once with the flat of his hand. ‘Loose the attitude, or this will turn from maintenance to punishment, that means no play time later. I will not be happy about that either so your ass will pay for it.’

I bowed my head and wisely kept my mouth shut!

Finally satisfied everything was set up the way he wanted it he turned his attention back to me. ‘Strip naked and position yourself on the bench.’

My tummy curled with excitement and pussy began to sing her happy tune. I stripped naked in short time, and did as I was told. I knelt on the side benches and positioned myself on the top cushion, Tom had made some adjustments to it when it arrived because my arms didn’t reach the side arms properly. Oh yes, he also added straps to secure me in place!

Tom stepped up and attached the straps along each arm. He set to work strapping my legs into place too.

He moved back behind me and knelt down retrieving something from the shelf at the side of me. He fastened a leather belt around my waist and clipped it with quick release hooks to two eyelet bolt hooks he had screwed into the frame. I was going nowhere! I had zero wriggle room. My ass was gonna be toast!

‘Why do I have to be fastened in? It’s just a bloody maintenance spanking Tom.’ I was wriggling hard against my restraints but to no avail.

‘Because you wriggle and kick and pinch! Suck it up Gem, you brought it on yourself. Now, be a good girl and be quiet.’ His answer did little to mollify me. I hate being this out of control!

He walked around the bench and retrieved a polished wooden paddle from a row of implements hanging on hooks on the wall. He stood directly in front of my face and I belatedly realised, my mouth was at the perfect level for his cock! Bonus? I think so! Pussy contracted tightly at this realisation and I was getting very wet between my thighs which was not lost on Tom when he came back around to my jutting bottom.

I jumped as I felt his fingers stroke pussy for a moment and collect her juices. He leaned over my back and brought his finger to my mouth to suck. I obliged willingly. He growled deep in his throat and then pulled away from me.

The first stroke when it landed shocked me and I swore. My bottom exploded in twin points of pain, one on each cheek. This paddle covered them both at the same time. He waited a moment and then delivered the second stroke. I howled and tried to wriggle. The only thing I could move was my hips! This was not good at all!

The third stroke landed quickly followed by the fourth and I yowled and yelped and still tried to wriggle! I heard him chuckle behind me as the fifth stroke landed, covering my sit spot on both sides and I swore like a trouper at the stinging pain that exploded there. My bottom had set up a steady throbbing pain and I was very, very sore in no time at all. He delivered another 10 strokes before he ceased.

‘Well that works exceptionally well!’ I turned my head to see his face and he was grinning like a bloody Cheshire Cat!

Your paddle is a success!?! My ass is on fire and you’re happy because the damned paddle works well? Seriously!?!’

People, I need to learn when to keep my big mouth shut!

He turned his gaze onto me and smiled, ‘Yeah baby, it worked so well you can have it for 25 more after that little tantrum.’

He continued to spank me with the paddle for another 25 strokes, taking them across both cheeks and both thighs. I was yowling and swearing, I did everything I could to try and break my restraints! Cos y’know, I think I’m super woman or something! All I achieved was the humiliation of hearing him laugh at my puny attempts.

He appeared before me and hung up the paddle, he took down a long leather strap that looked extremely unforgiving and I began to tense my cheeks in anxiety. I was right to be anxious.

‘I wasn’t going to try this today, but given your temper tantrum is in full swing and I’m horny as hell watching you, I think we’ll carry on for a little longer. You ready Gem?’ I could hear the rasp in his voice, he really was turned on by this. I decided to stop fighting it and give in gracefully and take what was coming to me.

He stepped up behind me and the first stroke lifted me off my knees! I had nowhere to go and no way to avoid the next stroke or the next or the next. Jesus this stung like nothing else! My bottom was already hot and throbbing from the paddle spanking, this laid on top was excruciating and I was wailing in no time! Real tears began to fall as I sobbed and begged for him to stop, slow down, just stop, I was sorry… a whole host of laments came pouring out of me and fell on deaf ears. Tom had found his stride and he brought that strap home for 30 strokes before he stopped.

I was in a world of pain now, and I physically jumped when I felt his finger nails graze over my heated globes. Goose bumps rushed across the sensitive surface and he smacked them as they appeared. Short sharp slaps that sent shivers of pain through me. Pussy thought different and began to sing her siren’s song to me. I am a hopeless slave to my damned pussy! Less than a minute had passed and I was wet and throbbing and desperate for his fingers to sink inside me. He knew it too, he leaned over me and whispered in my ear.

‘Our pussy appears to be enjoying this, makes me think I’ve not been thorough enough…’

I immediately began pleading with him, ‘No! No more please, I’m so sore Tom, please don’t spank me anymore now.’

‘Uh huh, so why is pussy so wet Gem?’ He chuckled behind me as he ran his fingers along her swollen lips. He didn’t push through though and I tried to push back but couldn’t push back far enough. I decided right there I didn’t like this blasted spanking bench one bit!

Tom laughed and moved to the left side of the bench. I watched as he set a clamp up at the end of the work bench and then attached the rod to it for the spanking machine.

‘What are you doing? Why are you setting the machine up? I don’t need anymore spanking Tom, I promise I’ll be good baby.’ I whined and cajoled and pleaded. Deaf ears again!

He appeared in front of me and crouched down so he was face to face with me. He kissed the tears from my cheeks before he said ‘I want to try something, I don’t want to cane you, you say you want to be caned, so I’ve found a way we both get what we want. He smiled a really, really wicked smile before he stood up again and reached for the cane.

My eyes were as big as saucers! Please remember the machine works in increments of time not count! The lowest amount of strokes I would receive in a minute would be 20 if he had it on the lowest speed setting! My ass really was toast!

I began to cry properly now, it had been a long time since I had been spanked this thoroughly and with such force too. I really didn’t want the caning right now.

‘Baby please, don’t do this now, I’ll take it later I promise, but please no more now. I really am sore.’ I begged quietly hoping it would reach him.

‘Do you want to use your safe word Gem? All you have to do is say it and we stop. Right now. I promise.’ He was crouched down in front of me and I could see the sincerity in his eyes.

I have never used my safe word for a spanking! I took the 20 with the cane! Bastard. He knows how to work me. He crouched and watched my face for the whole 20 strokes. He kissed the tears away from my cheeks before he stood up and released me from the bench.

I stumbled to my feet and grabbed my behind and danced on the spot for 5 minutes. I was sobbing and howling. He came up behind me and wrapped me up in his big arms and lifted me. He sat down on a stool and held me until I stopped crying. He stroked my head, my back, spoke quietly and soothingly to me until I had calmed down. Then he kissed me.

Damn if that kiss didn’t set off a whole chain of events that also included the spanking bench, but for a whole different purpose!

Tom – Day 5 of 7 (Part 1)

Tom had beaten me to the sofa this morning and was sat legs spread wide, one arm stretched along the back of the sofa his other hand stroking his long thick cock slowly, his eyes dark, his mood dangerous. He filled the room with his intensity, it stirred an answering call deep inside me as I lifted my head from the pillow to watch him.

‘Want…’ my sleep filled voice was husky and I saw his hand spasm around his cock tightly as my single word reached his ears, he resumed the pace and continued to stroke, his eyes snagged mine and held my gaze.

I crawled down the bed and lay directly in front of him with my arms folded under my chin. I broke free from his gaze as I greedily took in every detail of his magnificent body. His cock was loaded with precum. I pouted a little, ‘please?’ I whispered, never taking my gaze from his throbbing stiffness.

His breath quickened as his hand pumped his shaft, pulling the precum down to lubricate him as his fingers slid over the bulging tip. A small disappointed sigh escaped me.

More precum oozed. ‘My turn?’ I whispered, licking my lips holding his eyes with mine.

‘No.’ He growled. His lip curled in a half smile as I made a sad face at his denial.

‘But I want…’ I gave him doe eyes, pouty lips, breathy sighs.

He remained unmoved. ‘You can’t have it, you can only watch.’

My pout became real, ‘Why?’

‘Because today baby, you do as you are damn well told.’

His grin was evil! I mean pure evil. Pussy contracted and pulsed. His pulsing cock drew my hungry gaze again. He let out a short laugh and stroked and pulled and smoothed that tight skin over his rock hard cock. He was actually enjoying creating this hunger in me just to deny me. It wasn’t fair.

My inner brat came out to play, I was seriously miffed. I sat up and swung my legs over the end of the bed.

‘Don’t you want pussy wrapped around your lovely thick cock, squeezing it, pulling it in deep, soaking it in my juices? Don’t you want that baby?’ Two could play at this game.

‘I’ll take that later… maybe’. His voice rumbled in his chest, he was close to climaxing, his leg muscles were taught, his face tense, his eyes shuttered.

Maybe?? What the hell? I was incensed!

‘Well maybe I should just get out a toy and wrap pussy around that instead then.’ I jumped up off the bed and walked to the night stand where I kept a myriad of different toys.

‘Use the smallest one you can find baby. You don’t get filled till I say so.’ There was something dark in his tone and it stilled my haste to play this my way.

I felt my juices soaking the top of my thighs, I was confused by my own body’s reaction to his words. My hand had closed around the biggest dildo in the drawer and it was as big as Tom for sure, I hesitated then moved to the slimmest and shortest one, stuck at the back out of sight. I pulled it out and spread lube along it’s 6″ length.

‘Climb on the bed, hands and knees so I can see our pussy eat that dildo.’ His growl rolled over me, my skin shivered with a layer of goose bumps. He had climbed inside my head and was driving me, again!

I did as I was told, I moved down the bed to the end and positioned myself on hands and knees with my pussy so close he could see her swollen lips coated in my juices. I parted her lips and exposed my core to him, he grunted, and she spasmed. juices oozed, I ran my fingers through her and stroked and probed for a moment, enjoying the slick wetness coating my fingers.

‘Don’t fucking play! Use the damned dildo, Now!’ His tone was harsh and gritty.

I was shocked and then inexplicably excited at the same time. I pulled the dildo through my juices and along pussy, it’s cold impersonal touch did nothing to cool her down.

‘Fuck it baby.’ He ordered.

I pressed the tip of the dildo into pussy’s waiting hole, it slid in with no resistance. I was accustomed to the size of Tom’s cock, this was a poor substitute. Half the girth and nowhere close to his length. It was going in the bin after this!

It didn’t matter, Tom groaned deeply behind me as he watched me fuck that dildo for all I was worth. I ground my hips down on it and pulled it deep inside me. I squeezed my muscles around it, aching for my orgasm. It remained out of reach.

‘You can’t get there can you baby? You need my cock in you to make you come don’t you.’ He leaned forward and gripped my butt cheek with his hand and squeezed hard. I yelped and groaned and ground down on the ineffectual dildo.

Frustration bubbled up, ‘Fuck you!’ I swore as I withdrew the dildo and turned to face him, I sat at the end of the bed again with my legs spread, fingers buried deep inside pussy, and I lifted that ridiculous little dildo and licked it clean of my juices, wrapping my tongue around it, curling it under the silicone head, lapping at it, sucking it in deep.

Tom was not immune. He leaned forward and pinched my hard nipple between his forefinger and thumb. I squealed and then groaned.

He growled deeply and came in jagged spasms over his stomach. I crawled off the bed towards him and he placed his foot on my shoulder to stop me getting to him. He shook his head and grinned as he picked up the wipes and cleaned his stomach of his juices.

I was furious! ‘You are being really mean Tom. I wouldn’t deny you like that.’

He smiled lazily at my frustration. ‘I know baby, but then, I’m not due a spanking and you are. That makes all the difference.’

‘That in mind, get dressed and go wait for me in the shed. We’re going to put the new bench through its paces today.’ He said laughing as he got up and walked to his closet.

I stormed off to the bathroom in frustration, the sound of his laughter filling my ears.

Tom – day 2 of 7

Tom is still in full marauder mode, but he has a meeting this morning with a client so I have a reprieve. Tom in a dark suit and white shirt! YUM! Oh baby, that look on him is downright rude! I was positively panting when he came to say goodbye. He laughed and slapped my ass and said, ‘Be good until I get home, then you can help me take it off.’

I grinned, ‘Okay, I’m in!’ I said as I kissed him. I watched as he walked out of the house. Damn! Tom in a suit is a fine sight to see, but Tom naked is a whole different feast for my eyes and one I never tire of seeing. I was getting turned on just thinking about it. I despair of my own body sometimes, I’m aching in muscles I didn’t even know I had due to the Marauder chasing me round all day yesterday and here I am looking for more of the same! A lot more…

At one point yesterday, I thought I might actually be in danger of begging him to stop as he’d predicted. It didn’t happen, but it was a close run thing! He did get the tears though, that kind of erotic, feral onslaught is pretty much guaranteed to bring tears with it, and those tears are his pay off. They slow him down, he takes his time then, savouring the taste of my submission.

I asked him later about the tears aspect and he said, ‘It’s the only time you’re vulnerable and show it. I revel in the fact I’ve made you feel that way.’ I could hear the growl in his voice as his mind went back to the moment he had tasted my tears. I saw the same powerful lust appear in his eyes again as I had earlier.

I am fascinated with the many layers of this man. He is never one thing for very long, he is never one mood for very long. He is never, ever submissive himself anymore. Probably a good thing really, I’m a handful even on my most well behaved days!

Tom has taken over the role of disciplinarian in my life, Graham happily took a step sideways and relinquished his duties. It was a conversation that did not include me, but then, why would it? I need that structure in my life and as long as I get it, I’m all good with Tom taking care of it. As is he. He is in the process of updating my spanking implements to some that are big enough for his hand to hold comfortably. My hairbrush looks ridiculously small and ineffectual when his big hand closes around it.

He doesn’t really like using the cane. He worries he will be too harsh. I remind him of Graham’s brand of caning and I tried to reassure him that even though it hurts like blazes at the time, it cleanses me inside and makes me feel whole again. We’re still working on finding some middle ground with that. Right now he’s adamant that there will be no caning.

Regardless, we’ve had some very long and interesting conversations about my spanking needs and the upshot is, I will be spanked once a week for an hour (not all at once, hopefully) for maintenance and twice a week because he can and he knows it turns me on. If I do something that deserves a spanking, well, that’s quite a different story.

Due to Sam being at home with us for the majority of the time, spanking in the house has to wait until he goes out for a couple of hours. Tom is nothing if not resourceful. He has decided that the shed is perfect for delivering a punishment or maintenance spanking, and he has sound proofed the shed and cleared out all the old detritus to make room for a purpose built spanking bench with some Tom modifications that quite frankly do not bode well for my ass! No escape will be possible! Once those doors are closed, no one can hear a thing outside. I know because I put the stereo on full blast, stepped outside and locked the doors and I could barely hear it at all. It was booming loud enough to rattle windows!

People, this means my ass is toast!

My squealing, shouting, yelling, swearing and general howling while undergoing a spanking is going to go entirely un-noticed by my neighbours. In other words, Ms Ashton. Shame, she really would lock her doors and never come out again if she heard me taking a spanking from Tom!

I am being exceptionally well behaved at the moment because I have already had two extra spankings this week and my bottom is still hot and sore from the last one yesterday. But…I’m horny. It’s Tom’s fault, he was wearing that suit! I haven’t been able to get his image out of my mind all morning and now I am the one who is on a rampage looking for feral sex!

By the time Tom came home I was chock full of lust. Plain and simple, I needed fucking hard and fast right now or I might actually pop with frustration! I know I’ve grown into a highly sexual being since I started on this self discovery thing, but… even at my wildest I have never experienced feral lust the way I feel it right now.

Tom’s mood was distracted when he came in my office to let me know he was home. He leaned down and kissed the back of my neck and then stood back as I turned my chair to face him.

I looked up at him and could see the tension in his jaw. ‘Meeting not go well?’ I asked.

‘Not as well as I hoped, the damned woman spent more time trying to get into my pants than concentrating on the presentation. I actually feel fucking dirty.’ Wow he was upset, rightfully so too, he is a total professional when it comes to work. He barely even notices gender difference at all. I’ve seen him in action once or twice when he’s held meetings here. Deferential but firm and no nonsense. This woman must have been a piece of work!

I stood up and wrapped my arms around his waist and stood on tip toe to reach his jaw with my lips. Unless he bends there is no reaching his mouth! He bent and took the kiss I was offering. But… he didn’t bite. He didn’t let it grow and he extracted himself after a few moments.

‘I’m sorry Gem, I need to get hold of her boss before she has time to rubbish the presentation because I turned her down for a fuck.’ His eyes were cold, a rarity for brown eyes. I let go of him and sat down again.

‘Go sort it baby, I’ll still be here when you’re ready.’ I smiled at him and he bent down and kissed me once and then left.

I followed him and stood at the office door to hear his conversation with his client. He did not hold back. He gave him the full account of what had transpired between the man’s assistant and himself. I saw his shoulders relax a little as he went quiet and listened to whatever his client was saying at the other end. Obviously this was not ending well for the randy assistant! 5 minutes later Tom hung up the phone and sighed deeply.

I walked up behind him and placed my hands on his shoulders and massaged them through the material of his crisp white shirt. He leaned back and reached for me, pulling me around him and onto his lap.

‘All sorted?’ I probed as my fingers worked on his shirt buttons slowly.

‘Uh huh, she came in while I was talking to him, I think she’s got some trouble coming. Upshot is, I have sent Paul the presentation via email and he will assess it himself. So, no harm done.’ His fingers mimicked my own actions as they began undoing the buttons of my blouse.

I leaned down and sucked his nipple in between my teeth and nipped gently making him growl deep in his throat, my hands were working his belt buckle and zip, deftly removing obstacles on my way to what I was craving.

He caught my mouth with his and I could feel his smile against my lips. ‘You hungry baby?’ He murmured as I released him from his pants and caught his rigid cock in my hand and stroked it.

‘Uh huh… hungry…’ I muttered as my hand stroked the length of him and my finger circled the head collecting his pre-cum. I raised my finger to my mouth and slid my lips over it tasting him.

The phone rang. Tom laughed at my expression of frustration as he leaned around me and answered.

It was Paul again, Tom was laughing at something that he’d said, so I slid off his knee and settled myself between his legs. I slid my mouth down the full length of his cock and took it all the way to the back of my throat, slowly, slowly, I drew back to his throbbing tip. I locked eyes with him and saw primal lust gazing back at me, his big hand covered the back of my head and held it as he thrust his hips forward at the same time, I held on to his thighs, gripping them tightly as his cock filled my mouth to the back of my throat again, he tangled his fingers in my hair and tugged and pushed as he fucked my mouth with long firm strokes.

I had no control. It was all Tom and he was watching my face intently as he talked politely and professionally to his client. His voice betrayed nothing. His eyes exposed him. He was my marauder again and he was getting real close to filling my mouth with his seed. His thigh muscles tensed against my sharp nails and he thrust his hips up and buried his cock again and again deep into my waiting mouth. I sucked, hard, applying suction to his full shaft, I was desperate to make him cum and cum hard! I wanted all of him and I wasn’t stopping until I had him.

I worked my hand inside his pants and cupped his balls, rolling them between my fingers and he jerked, his jaw tightened but his voice never changed. I ran my finger backwards along the throbbing ridge behind his sack to his ass, I pressed the tip of my finger just inside and he bucked up hard and began pumping my mouth with his cock hard and fast, a few moments later his head fell back as he tensed every muscle and silently shot his hot seed straight down my throat, filling my mouth, I swallowed he gave me more, it spilled down my chin and he shot more. He continued to buck, and thrust and I maintained the pressure of my finger in his ass rubbing the sensitive skin, rolling his balls as he pumped and fucked my mouth until he was spent.

He hadn’t made a single sound and continued his conversation for a further 10 minutes. Me? He kept me on my knees with his hard cock still in my mouth as he pumped slowly in and out. I was in my own version of heaven and I was soaking wet and ready for when this damned conversation ended. I was riding my marauder all the way home to my own raging orgasm and nothing was getting in my way!

Tom – Day 2 of 9

Tom is spending a few hours with Graham this morning! YES!! Why am I happy? Because I am exhausted! That man is like a machine and I need to do something, anything to slow things down some! I don’t know what mood he is going to be in when he get’s back but my mood is going to be STRICT!

I know listen to me, whining! I have everything I ever wanted in a man, all sex and spanking, no silly romantic entanglements, no unnecessary expectations or protestations of that nasty L word and here I am complaining!

‘Be careful what you wish for’ keeps springing to mind! So to bring you all up to speed, Tom is no longer under a discipline regime with Graham. Graham bowed out, he said it was an unreasonable ask to have Tom jump through his hoops and follow his rules while he was over here with me forcing him to break them all. I guess Graham came to that conclusion when he realised neither me nor Tom could remember the rules. He threw his hands up in the air and told us both he was taking a few weeks off from being disciplinarian to either of us, but he did expect us to keep each other in line.

Yeah, that’s right, the inmates are running the asylum! We have no governor! Ha! Let mayhem ensue.

Tom and I have agreed that I don’t want to spank or cane him, (sorry folks, I just couldn’t keep doing it, it’s not really in my bag of tricks. I prefer to be on the receiving end of a hard caning, not the handing out end.) Tom was more than happy with this particular decision, turns out, he doesn’t get anything from the caning/spanking thing unless he’s the one giving it. A natural balance has been found between us and it works.

Regardless of all of that, something needs to give. I am not a machine! Basically, every time Tom has felt horny this past few days, (which is continually) he has reached for me and I have been extremely complicit and compliant with his need for sex constantly but I can’t keep up the momentum! Call me old if you want, but this woman needs some proper shut eye and a bloody good rest! Hey, I’m only human, he wants me, I want him and the novelty has NOT worn off at all. I am just exhausted! So, like I said, I am going STRICT!

In order to do Strict I need to dress the part. He seems to react much more quickly if I look the part. I like the role play aspect a lot as it happens and I do get turned on from preparing myself to step into his Ma’am role.

So I have on the hottest lingerie I own, it’s turquoise with black lace trim (he went wild when he saw it yesterday,) the shortest black mini skirt I can find, a black sheer chiffon blouse I adore and I am rocking 4″ stilettos. It is time to turn Tom inside out.

He arrived home within an hour of me getting ready, so I didn’t have too long to second guess my course of action.

I was in the kitchen when he turned up and he shouted me as he walked through the door, ‘Gem? I’m back.’ So, casual easy mood is where he’s at. Tone of voice is everything with this man. Facial expressions are hard to read with him, he has a poker face.

I walked to the kitchen door and watched him approach. He stopped walking as his gaze travelled my body from head to foot.

He grinned, ‘Did I miss something Gem?’ he was coming towards me again and I raised my hand and halted him. He stopped.

‘Wait right there mister, there are some new rules today. You are not allowed to touch me unless I give you permission. You will do everything I say, and you will not assume control of any situation, do I make myself clear?’ Best Ma’am voice present and correct. And… WORKING! Tom has lost all his swagger and is submitting to me.

I love how quickly this transformation happens. He gets off hugely on being controlled by me.

‘Yes Ma’am perfectly clear.’ He answers quietly and respectfully.

‘Go upstairs and get undressed, then come down and sit on the sofa in the lounge. Do not take all day about it.’

‘Yes Ma’am.’ He headed off up the stairs and I walked into the lounge and set the TV up to interact with my Tablet. I was streaming a number of videos he had made of us over the course of the last few days. They were very, very hot.

He arrived in the lounge and sat down stretching his arms along the back of the sofa and crossed his long legs at the ankle. I sat down next to him and wrapped my hand around his cock and began to stroke, all the while messing with the tablet screen with my other hand.

He grunted quietly and uncrossed his legs as his cock began to throb heavily in my hand. I ignored him and pressed play on the tablet. I dipped my head down and took him in my mouth and wrapped my tongue around his shaft. He thrust up hard and moaned.

The TV screen flickered and then filled with our images, a side view of me kneeling in front of him and taking his cock into my mouth appeared before us and I heard his intake of breath, his cock jumped in my mouth and his hand dropped down on my shoulder.

I raised up a little and slapped his inner thigh hard, he removed his hand and put it back where it should be. I sat up and continued to stroke him, smoothing the skin back, rubbing my finger over the swollen head, using his pre-cum to lubricate his cock and I followed his own preferred rhythm for masturbation. I changed position and straddled his thighs, watching his face as he watched himself on the large screen fucking my mouth as he gripped the back of my head, and then switching back to me, watching my hand stroke his cock. He was heavy lidded and flushed, I took him all the way to the edge, he was breathing heavily, I placed a hand over his heart and felt it pounding in his massive chest. He was very, very close.

I leaned forward and nipped his ear and whispered, ‘that’s enough for now.’ I stopped the video, and climbed off his lap and walked over to the chair on the opposite side of the room.

The look on his face was priceless. ‘Am I allowed to ask what’s going on Ma’am?’ There was a definite edge to his voice, but it was more frustration than sharp.

I smiled at him, ‘Of course you are, you aren’t under punishment Tom, I’m just giving you a lesson in discipline baby. Talk away, but just remember I am in control today and you have no room for manoeuvre.’

‘Do I refer to you as Ma’am or Gem?’ He really wasn’t sure how to behave right now and it showed. I had thrown a rather large curve ball his way and he had caught it but didn’t know what the hell to do with it. That suited me. This was fluid and I was making it up as I went along. I figured reactionary would work better based on his reactions so far.

‘I’m good with either name. But if it helps you stay in submission, you can call me Ma’am.’ As I was speaking I had begun to unbutton my blouse, his gaze dropped to my fingers and he shifted position slightly.

‘So, I’m not in trouble then? I haven’t done something to upset you?’ He licked his lips as I opened the blouse up fully and revealed my turquoise satin and lace clad breasts for his inspection.

‘Not at all. I couldn’t be happier. You just need to learn you can’t have things all your own way all of the time. For instance, you can’t do this today until I say you can.’ I ran my fingers along the smooth full curve of my breasts, and he made a small noise in the back of his throat.

‘You can’t touch but you can look baby. You can imagine how my skin would feel under your fingers, you can imagine how my hard nipples would feel between your lips, but you can’t have them.’

I stood up and turned my back to him, I unzipped my skirt and slid it slowly down over my hips until it slid down my legs and pooled at my feet. I stepped out of it and bent over from the waist to pick it up off the floor. I turned to face him and watched as he drank in my body. His cock was jumping and stood rigid, the foreskin stretched tightly now exposing the bulging head and the ever present pre-cum glistening at the tip.

‘You are allowed to cum as often as you want Tom. But you better not make a mess.’ He nodded and jumped up of the sofa and headed for the kitchen. He came back with a roll of kitchen paper. I guess he was preparing for a busy day!

He took up his position on the sofa again. I sat back in my chair, spread my legs wide and slid my hand beneath the waistband of my panties. My fingers smoothed over my clit and stroked gently. Not to stimulate me too much but to get his attention. I had it instantly.

I smiled at him and murmured, ‘Stroke yourself Tom, I want to watch you masturbate. I want you to cum and then keep stroking.’

He instantly complied, his large hand encased his rigid cock and he immediately set up his rhythm. I pressed play on the remote and the screen sprang back to life, the sound of thighs slapping against each other and groans and cries filled the room as the image on the TV of him fucking me from behind filled the screen. His gaze was glued to the screen! He stroked himself harder and faster as he watched us fuck.

The head of his cock was so engorged now I couldn’t help myself, I crossed the room and dropped down between his thighs and flicked my tongue over the purple tip and sucked. He threw his head back groaning deeply. He continued to stroke and pull and smooth his cock as I sat between his legs and watched up close, taking a taste when I wanted, slipping the head between my lips, applying suction and then holding it there, then withdrawing to watch him again. He grunted deeply, and his juices shot up in an arc onto his flat belly.

On the screen we were wrapped up in joint oral. I was sat astride his face 69’ing him and sinking his cock deep into my mouth. I heard twin groans from both Toms. The screen Tom was thrusting up hard into my mouth while thrusting his tongue deep inside my pussy. The live Tom was stroking his cock hard and fast and breathing heavily again. I rubbed his juices into his skin and up on his chest, I licked the places I rubbed and then brought my mouth to his and kissed him.

The next image that popped up on the screen was of Tom spanking me hard over his knee. The sounds of slaps and squeals and pleading filled the room and live Tom broke the kiss, shook his head and groaned. ‘Twin stimulation is a bastard Gem!’ he muttered against my mouth and I laughed.

You better get used to it, we’re doing this all day baby…’ I gently sank my teeth into his lip and nipped. He groaned and I slid down his body and slid my lips down over his throbbing cock and teased, and stopped then teased again until he was pleading with me to let him fuck my mouth. I removed myself from him and took myself over to the other side of the room, sat legs spread wide and slid my panties to one side as I used my fingers on my clit and stroked.

He groaned, his eyes were wild with lust, the restraint he was showing was immense and I blew him a kiss and laughed a little. The screen flashed to me in the throws of a huge orgasm and he lost it and came hard, he moaned deep in the back of his throat as his hips jerked up and he thrust against his hand. His juices flowed, covering his stomach. He reached for the tissue and wiped with a mild grimace on his face. He raised his eyes to me, I was utterly enthralled by the force of his orgasm and walked across the room. ‘You missed some,’ I said as I ran my finger through the cooling cream and scooped it up. I held my finger out for the tissue.

‘This would be so much better if it was in your mouth Gem.’ He muttered as he wiped it off my finger.

I laughed, ‘All good things come to those who wait baby, Now, start again, we have a long way to go before you’re running on empty.’

He would be milked dry by the end of today, I would make sure of it.

Pussy was getting a rest, I was mentally entertained, and my body was my own for the day. All in all, a very good day for playing…

Tom – Day 1 of 9


So Tom had brought me close to being back to myself with a sound strapping and hand spanking, hard and fast sex followed by an amazing after care session. I was emotionally spent but physically I wanted more and I was desperate to stay away from the inside of my head.

Fortunately for me, this was Tom. He is always ready for more, regardless of how many times I rode him, he would rise magnificently to the occasion. We barely caught our breath for the remainder of the night. Tom likened it to chasing demons. He would catch one and another would rear it’s ugly head. I didn’t have the heart to tell him we had barely scratched the surface of my demons and I could keep him there forever and we wouldn’t slay them all. Nature of the beast. I can usually lock those thoughts off behind well erected walls and some heavy duty compartmentalising. If I don’t go there, it can’t hurt me. Simple.

Well, obviously I have one rather major Achilles heel and that is my son going away for 10 days! No amount of compartmentalising was keeping those demons locked up and they were everywhere last night.

I’m almost over the walls of fear and I am locking everything down tightly again. Right now, I’m doing it quietly because I have a sleeping giant occupying most of my king sized bed.

The fears have largely receded because I have had a text from the boy to say he’s arrived safely courtesy of Graham, and a text from Gray to say he drove the boy all the way to the Lakes because his train had been cancelled and there wasn’t another one last night! I love that man to death! Which one? Both of them, but Graham is the best friend I could ever hope to have!

Tom chose that moment to wake up.

‘Hey baby…’ he gruffed (see previous explanation for gruffed in Curve Ball.) and I smiled and curled into him as he reached for me.

‘Morning…’ I whispered as I kissed his chest.

He grabbed a handful of my hair and tugged my head back gently so he could see my face, and he searched it.

‘How you doin’?’ He asked as I held his gaze.

‘I’m okay, demons are on lock down again. Everything is under control.’ I smiled as I tugged my head to loosen his hold. He held tighter.

‘Huh, got somethin’ goin’ on in there, can see it in your eyes. Don’t lock me out Gem.’ His tone was firm but not demanding. I could have bristled but there was no point. I tugged my head forward again, he held tighter and the pain spread mildly around my scalp. It felt a bit like one of those scalp massage things with the prongs! I liked the feeling!

‘Promise, I’m all good, maybe one or two wispy creatures still hanging around but nothing to worry about. I’m not locking you out, I’m just locking them in.’ There see? I can be reasonable and reassure him without getting defensive.

‘Uh huh, steel trap in full working order again is it?’ He was definitely pushing.

‘What do you mean?’ I raised my eyes to his, this was no go territory and he knew it. He held my gaze with ease.

is he throwing us a curve ball?

‘Don’t worry, I’m not trying to get behind the trap Gem, I get it baby. Your mind, your rules, You give what you’re happy to give and I don’t ask for more. I’m just gonna put this out there though. I’ve got you. That’s all. You don’t have to be tough all the time.’ There was a matter of fact quality to his tone that settled me even while I had alarm bells going off in my head. I quieted them. I want Tom, plain and simple. I’m not ready to run, I actually like that he gets me.

I grinned at him then and just said, ‘Okay.’

I ran my hands down his chest and across his abs, I grazed my fingers across the tip of his erection and he sucked in a breath. I still held his gaze. He caught my wandering fingers and brought them back up to his chest.

‘Oh no lady, you are missing some vital kit before you get what you so obviously want!’ He was laughing now, see, this is why I like him, he knows when to quit with the serious stuff. I was still confused by his comment though!

‘What kit?’ I asked as I moved my body flush against his so I could press against his erection that way. There’s more than one way to get what I want…

‘That black lace stuff you had on last night, why have I never seen you in it before?’ He was playing me at my own game now, he was still holding both my hands to his chest with one of his but his other hand was gripping my ass and squeezing, hard! I could feel the strapping bruises come back to life and start singing their own ‘ throbbing’ song. I moved my hips and pushed them against his.

‘I don’t wear underwear generally. It’s just something I’ve gotten into the habit of going without since I started on the whole spanking thing. I like it better this way.’

‘So why were you all kitted up last night?’ He stilled my hip movement and made me focus.

I shrugged, ‘Cos the boy was home. I don’t go without when I have him home, it doesn’t feel right, y’know? Besides, I would hate to forget and bend over in front of his mates without my panties on for goodness sake! I could scar them for life! Not to mention embarrass the hell out of the boy.’ I lowered my mouth to his nipple and nipped it between my teeth, not hard, his tolerance for sharp pain isn’t as high as mine…yet.

He grunted at the mild assault and smacked my ass once. ‘Hmm, okay so that makes sense, but… I like you in it. It shows you off beautifully. That curve across your cheek where the panties end? Yeah that’s a sweet spot right there, the other curve I got all messed up in, the cup curve just sitting low across your breasts? Damn baby… that’s hot and then there is the sweet spot at the top of your stockings. Oh baby… that’s my home run calling me!’ His fingers were tracing the places he was talking about and my skin was alive and zinging!

He rolled us then and trapped me underneath him, bringing my arms up and above my head. He held them there. I wriggled and tried to break free, ‘I want to touch you too, let my hands go!’ I wriggled harder.

He grinned, I’ll let you go on one condition.’

I raised a mock cynical eyebrow at him. ‘Oh yeah? what’s that?’

‘You go put that stuff back on you were wearing last night.’ He lowered his head and bit my nipple lightly.

I gasped and pushed my breast up for more attention as I answered, ‘Well, I would, but this really intense guy, he stuffed my panties in my mouth last night and they were soaking wet…’

He laughed. ‘Yeah, that was last night, anyway, I’m guessing you have drawers full of that stuff to choose from. You aren’t the kind of woman who does without choices. I want you in lingerie Gemma.’

‘Is that right?’ I was laughing with him now but Wow, the Tom from last night wasn’t that far away this morning either.

‘You want to see the contents of my lingerie closet baby?’ I gasped out in between groans as he sucked my nipple in his mouth and set his teeth around the hard little nub and nipped, hard. I yelped, groaned and sighed pretty much all at the same time.

‘Sure do, just so long as you model every set you take out. I want to see you in it.’ His fingers were spreading my juices over my thighs, but he refused to play with pussy properly. I gave in.

‘Okay then,’ I grinned and he let me loose. If I was doing this, I was going all out. I slid out of bed and opened my closet, the first set of lingerie I picked out was dark purple and black, I found a pair of black seamed stockings to wear and took my time pulling them on and lining up the seams along the back of my legs. It felt like I was doing a strip tease in reverse! I slipped my feet into my Black stilettos. All out means all out right?

I pulled on the panties, cut high across my cheeks, attached the suspender belt to the stockings and finally put on my bra. I walked slowly across the bedroom and Tom stopped me midway.

‘Stand still baby, let me see you.’ I did as he asked and waited as he dragged his gaze from my breasts down to my pussy. He slid out of bed and sat on the side of it. ‘Turn around slowly.’ His voice had dropped to a husky murmur.

I turned and showed him the back view.

‘Come here.’ His voice was heavy with lust, I walked the rest of the way over to him, stopping before him. he reached a hand out and stroked my stocking clad leg, running his finger over the lace edge of my stocking top, pussy immediately sprang to life, he lifted my leg and placed my heeled foot on his thigh spreading my legs wide in the process.

His fingers travelled from one thigh top across the surface of my panties and across to the top of my other thigh. I moaned a little. He looked at me, ‘You like that baby? You want more?’ He blew his breath across the top of my thigh and a delicious shiver raced across my skin.

I nodded and he gripped my hips with both hands and lifted me so that I straddled him. He ground my lace covered pussy against his cock as he gripped my ass and spanked each cheek a few times. ‘Should have always been wearing something like this for me Gem, I’m making it a new rule for the next 9 days. You will wear a different set each day for me.’

‘And if I don’t?’ I pushed. God I was so excited! This was the Tom from last night, there was a dark edge to his mood. Tom was clearly going to be taking the lead for the next 9 days and I was more than happy for him to do so.

‘If you don’t,’ he murmured against my skin, ‘I’ll spank you hard and long for disobeying me. clear?’

‘Uh huh,’ I whispered as I settled my lips against his neck and nipped him right back. He growled and lifted me, suddenly I was turned around with my back to him with my legs spread around his hips and my bottom raised high. He slapped one cheek fast and sharp and I squealed, then he slapped the other cheek with just his finger tips. Jesus that hurt!

‘Okay, okay! I yelped. ‘I’ll do as you say…I promise!’ He wasn’t listening, his fingers were tracing my pussy lips beneath the flimsy lace and she was catching fire.

‘I am gonna fuck you so hard you’re neighbour is gonna hear you cum! I’m gonna have you all day every day for the whole 9 days.’ I groaned deeply, images were flashing through my mind and I was so damned hot and wet I wanted him right now!

His fingers hooked the crotch of my panties and pulled them to one side, he slid his finger in my pussy followed by another and then another. I lay there hanging over his knees with my hands gripping his calves groaning and bucking up as he fucked me with his fingers. All thoughts had disappeared out of my head.

Tom talked and talked in that deep husky murmur about all the ways he was going to fuck me, all the fantasies he would play out with me, all the while his fingers played havoc with my pussy, his words were setting my mind on fire with the images he was building there. I was desperate to cum, but he knew when I was close every time and he pulled back. Lifting me so he could push his juice loaded fingers into my mouth for me to suck, only to let go and thrust me hard against his throbbing cock, rubbing himself along my pussy but never entering. Oh my god… this was heaven and hell all wrapped up in one man and his fantasy. I begged him to fuck me, I begged him to let me cum, I pleaded and he just grunted low and deep and thrust his fingers back inside me, then withdrew them and played with my ass pressing into my hole and then withdrawing. I bucked up and he pushed deeper. I lifted up and tried my damnedest to turn around to see his face, he slapped my ass and pushed me down again.

‘My turn to play Gemma, my rules.’

He was gone, he was caught up in his sexy little game he had going on and I was his toy to play with.

And play we did, for hours and hours… I believe my neighbour may have heard me cum…