The Endless Trap

The Endless Trap is mine and the Boy’s home. The unguilded cage. The dark, cold and trying place where the Narcissist lives. This is his domain. Don’t stay here long, you won’t like it. It is hard living here. Struggles for my sense of self are a daily battle. Some battles are irrevocably lost but always toContinue reading “The Endless Trap”

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Then The Boy Did This!

Never tell a child they can’t do something, always, always let them try. Anything they want to try, any goal they reach for, stand at their side and reach for that goal with them. Let them know they have you, all of you for as long as they need you and they will give backContinue reading “Then The Boy Did This!”

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The Boy is a Phoenix Rising.

His dreams are ashes around his feet. His legs are so thin these days he has to wear moulded plastic AFO (leg splints) to protect the bones from breaking. Worse than this, my beautiful colour filled boy is becoming black, white and grey. His head is bowed. He never watches his Michael Flatley videos anymore,Continue reading “The Boy is a Phoenix Rising.”

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The Boy and his 15 Minutes of Fame

‘You should have come Dad, everyone loved it.’ Those were the words the boy said on his arrival back home after his dancing debut and his acting debut. His father never saw him act, he never saw him dance, he never saw him, period. Don’t get me wrong, we were all living together as aContinue reading “The Boy and his 15 Minutes of Fame”

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Hospital, Surgery and the End of A Dream.

Here we are again, the boy is now 10 years old. He has had what is arguably the best year of his short life. He has been a child, he has danced, he has acted he has shaken hands with royalty, supped tea with a prime minister and fine-dined with celebrities in great historic buildings.Continue reading “Hospital, Surgery and the End of A Dream.”

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My Son, The Actor No Less!

The boy cracked that script right in half. He read it, he absorbed it, he dreamed it, he all but ate it! He got the whole thing down to a tee. I was so very proud of his determination to succeed, but more than that, the major difficulties he had overcome to actually achieve thisContinue reading “My Son, The Actor No Less!”

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The Boy Danced and Won Hearts

He danced, in his own way, he danced his little heart out. He danced sitting down. He knew his steps, he would practise them over and over again until he had them nailed down. He can’t remember short sequences you see, he has to memorise everything so that he knows when it’s his turn toContinue reading “The Boy Danced and Won Hearts”

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The Medical Professional Who thought I was in Denial and Called Me A Silly Woman.

I know, right? The stroppiest parent on her list, and she looked down her nose at me and shook her head in dismay. ‘You silly, silly, woman.’ She said. No shit! I’m not joking, from her mouth to my ears and my brain popped. Let me go back to the beginning. My boy is nowContinue reading “The Medical Professional Who thought I was in Denial and Called Me A Silly Woman.”

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My Precious, Perfectly Imperfect Boy.

I started this blog to put down my innermost thoughts and feelings about the direction my private respite time has taken me in. New people have decided to follow me based on the recent set of blogs I wrote about events from my son’s life and the medical profession’s involvement in it. I thank youContinue reading “My Precious, Perfectly Imperfect Boy.”

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He's Mine, Please Don't Break Him!

I keep saying no more, I can’t write this, it breaks me. But, someone keeps telling me I must. I have a story to tell that has to be heard. What good it will do, who knows? At least others will be more aware I suppose. To tell this story I have to go backContinue reading “He's Mine, Please Don't Break Him!”

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Surviving the affair....the cheaters perspective

I cheated. Yip I did it, I am not proud of it, but that won't change a thing. This is my story of me trying to survive one day at a time. No guarantees....

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