Part 4. Laura’s Story… Time for Training.

Laura woke early and stretched like a kitten unfurling, her body brushed against her husband’s sleeping form and she smiled a huge smile that lit up her face. It was all good between them, in fact, it was better than good it was amazing!

She lay still for a moment and let her mind return to last night and the moment everything had turned around for them. Dropping her skirt, bending over the table and peeling down her panties, exposing herself and her spanked bottom to her husband had saved their marriage!

She was still reeling from how quickly things had turned from ‘get out, we’re done,’ to the hottest and steamiest sex and spanking session ever! Ian was a spanko! They had been together ten years and neither of them had ever mentioned spanking! What a waste of all that time!

No matter, it had certainly come front and centre now! Laura giggled as she remembered running to the kitchen to retrieve the wooden spoon to spank Ian with! Oh my goodness, that had felt so good! Her pussy twitched at the memory and she wriggled a little, allowing her fingers to slide down beneath the sheets and slip between her slick wet lips. Her clit sprang to life as her finger circled it gently, her thoughts were caught in the moment of that first wooden spoon spank landing on his already hot bottom. He had howled! She remembered feeling so powerful in that moment, how it had coursed through her veins and given her an authority over her husband she had never experienced before. She liked it, a lot, her hips rose slightly as her fingers worked her clit and dipped into her tight wet pussy, she bit her lip and moaned quietly under her breath as she remembered how Ian had jumped about and begged and pleaded with her to stop. Of course he hadn’t meant it really, she could tell. He kept pushing his bottom out further for more, raising it to meet the spoon and bring the contact between wood and skin faster and harder! He couldn’t get enough of it!

Her fingers were pumping her pussy now and she was completely absorbed in the swirling sensations of her growing orgasm, as she remembered the moment last night, the very last moment, when Ian had asked ‘would Eileen spank us both?’ FUCK! That was such a hot thought, her fingers spread inside her and she hooked one finger up and tapped her g spot rhythmically until her breathing became shallow, her stomach curled and tightened, her thigh muscles tensed and her toes curled, her pussy walls contracted around her fingers, her clit throbbed delightfully. She imagined Ian bending over Eileen’s knees, his trousers around his ankles, legs stretched out, as Eileen peeled his shorts down slowly to his knees and exposed his creamy bottom to them both. Of course Laura would be stood over Ian watching as Eileen landed that first very firm spank to his bottom. Laura would feel that surge of power as Ian looked up at her with submission and humiliation etched onto his handsome face at his predicament. His cock would be hard and rubbing against Eileen’s stocking clad leg, he would be rutting, he couldn’t help himself, and she would spank him harder because he was so turned on by his punishment!

Laura gasped and then groaned loudly as her orgasm tore through her, lighting up her insides, soaking her fingers with her juices, her whole body trembled as her orgasm rolled through her, she continued to apply gentle taps to her g spot, her thumb circled her overly sensitive clit and she felt the vibrations pick up and begin again climbing for a second orgasm… ‘Good morning darling, you seem to be having a wonderful time all by yourself.’ Ian’s voice slammed her back to reality and her building orgasm shrivelled on the vine and died away. She sighed and turned to look at the spoiler of her solo fun!

‘Good morning to you too.’ She said quietly with a small smile playing on her lips. ‘You do know you will have to be punished for ruining my second orgasm don’t you?’ She said as she pulled herself into a seated position in bed. Ian’s face was a picture, and she smiled at his surprised expression.

‘Oh darling, you just made me edge and lose my orgasm! I am less than impressed by how it’s left me feeling, so lets get on shall we, over my knee there’s a good boy. I think a good sound spanking is in order, don’t you?’ Laura raised an eyebrow at him as she patted her knee.

Ian scrambled to sit up ‘Yes Ma’am’ he muttered and then as meekly as a puppy he assumed the position, his bottom slightly raised in the centre of her lap. His rock hard cock wedged between her thighs, she could feel it throbbing and pulsing as she ran her nails lightly over his exposed bottom. Goosepimples spread over his skin as she dragged her fingernails in featherlight touches, this way and then that, over the surface until he was wriggling and his breathing had stepped up a notch. His hips were rolling gently and his cock was being stroked and massaged between her thighs, she felt the sticky wetness of his precum soak her inner thighs and she brought home the first spank sharply on his left cheek. ‘You were very rude Ian, you disturbed my masturbation and stole my second orgasm from me.’ She spanked each cheek hard in time with every word she spoke. Ian yelped and wriggled as the heat and sharpness of her hand spanks quickly brought about a bloom of throbbing sensation all over his bottom. She felt his cock throbbing between her thighs and she squeezed against it causing him to gasp and hump against her. She delivered a flurry of hard spanks all over his bottom and thighs. ‘Behave yourself, you’re not supposed to be having fun!’ She spanked his thighs hard concentrating on the tender sit spot.

‘ So, what do you have to say for yourself?’ She demanded as she continued to spank harder and harder. ‘I’m really sorry Laura, I didn’t realise…’ He gasped out between yelps.

‘Not good enough Ian,’ she spanked harder and faster, ‘of course you were aware I was masturbating! I think you wanted in on the action and didn’t think past your own greedy needs!’ Her spanks were landing furiously now, covering every inch of his bright red bottom and colouring the backs of his thighs in a crimson glow.

‘From now on,’ she spanked the words out, ‘you shall wait until I have finished masturbating, do you understand? My pleasure is your first order of business, not your own. It’s time we addressed some long standing bad habits of yours.’ Each word was delivered with a very hard spank delivered in sets of four, one on each cheek and thigh in rotation. She had really gotten into her stride with this, and her pussy was contracting and releasing and building a delicious tension inside her as she slowly wound down the spanking. Hearing him sobbing his apology out through yelps and howls and feeling his cock soften between her thighs gave her such a rush of pure pleasure at finally being the one in control, she was shocked at herself.

Finally she tapped his bottom and stroked his back. ‘Up you come Ian, all done darling, come up for a cuddle and I’ll make you feel all better now.’ she murmured. He wriggled into a seated position but still positioned himself lower than she, he buried his face between her plump breasts and curled his body into her as she soothed and petted him, uttering little nonsense words of love and affection for him until his breathing calmed and he began to relax against her.

Satisfied he was over the shock of his sudden and unexpected early morning spanking, Laura tapped him lightly on the shoulder and he looked up at her, the adoring look he settled on her filled her with joy, it had been so long since he had gazed at her that way! She smiled at him warmly, ‘You need to go down on me now Ian, you need to work my pussy with that very clever tongue and make me gush my juices all over it, you need to give back what you stole from me.’

Ian nodded eagerly, ‘Yes Ma’am!’ he stammered, he was clearly in shock at the transformation of his gentle little wife, but he didn’t hesitate to carry out her wishes! He rushed to pull back the sheets and spread her legs to expose her soft pink slick pussy glistening with her juices, her fingers slid over her clit and rubbed as he settled himself between her thighs and began lapping up her juices, flicking his tongue in and out of her tight opening, burying his tongue deep inside her until she pushed against him and began mewling and groaning delightfully, her fingers gripped his head and tangled in his hair, she held him firmly against her as he continued to do her bidding, sucking her clit until she thought she might explode from the pleasurable sensations he was creating, ‘Oh god YES that’s it Ian, just there… don’t stop… OHHHHHH YESSSS!!!’ She screamed as her orgasm ripped through her setting her insides on fire with its heat, thrusting her hips up and forcing his head down until her pussy was enclosed by his mouth, sucking, licking, probing until she shuddered finally and released his head.

Flopping back onto the pillows, legs spread wide, panting, breasts jiggling with each heavy breath, gloriously satiated she kept him lying there between her legs looking at the beautiful sight she was presenting to him.

‘This is how we shall start our day from now on Ian,’ she murmured as she stroked his head. Very well done darling, you’ve just had your first lesson in how to put my pleasure first. I’m very pleased with you.’

Ian grinned at her with pleasure written all over his face, ‘Thank you Laura, that was an amazing experience.’ He said quietly.

‘You’re welcome darling,’ she giggled, ‘is your cock very hard?’ she asked innocently.

He nodded eagerly, his expression giving away his thoughts that it would be his turn now.

Laura smiled saucily at him, ‘Hmm, what should we do about that I wonder… Oh! I know, of course, it was so simple… go pop yourself at the end of the bed for me and you can have your own masturbation session too! Off you go, and do hurry darling, it’s almost time to get ready for work!’

Confusion settled on Ian’s face as he did as he was instructed, propping himself against the footboard of the bed he lifted his heavy throbbing cock in his hand and began stroking himself pulling the foreskin back and revealing the glistening head coated in precum, he smoothed the juices down his shaft and lubricated his cock as he stroked and pulled, first slowly then faster, then he smoothed the skin again and started all over again. He raised his eyes to Laura’s face, but she never took her eyes of his cock. He grew even harder as he watched her watch him, licking her lips her eyes greedily taking in every stroke. He worked his cock harder. His breathing turned shallow his excitement ramped up even higher.

Laura watched every movement of his hand, marvelling at how precisely he worked himself yet when she did it he expected her to stroke from tip to base? He never went the full length, he focused just on the top half and tip of his engorged cock, she watched as his hips began to pump against his hand, she watched fascinated as the tension crept into his face and his muscles tightened everywhere, she watched as precum oozed from the tip, flowing freely now, she could hear the wet sloppy sounds as he stroked faster and faster until he was reaching for his release…

‘Stop now Ian, you ran out of time darling man, I did tell you to hurry!’ Her sharp tone was shocking in the silent room. ‘We have to get ready for work or we shall both be late!’ Her words bounced across his concentration and shattered it, his cock softened in his hand and the look of utter dismay on his face was priceless!

Laura grinned at him, ‘Come on, hurry up! We are going to be terribly late if we don’t get a move on!’ She giggled as she skipped off to the bathroom and headed for the shower. Ian was left behind, stunned and hugely disappointed at not being allowed to cum! He felt robbed!

He followed her to the bathroom and watched as she showered quickly, he sat on the loo seat and waited until the water stopped running.

‘Will I be able to cum later on Laura?’ His tone was subdued and a little bit whiney, it took Laura a moment to reconcile this new meek and mild Ian with her bossy overbearing buttoned up vanilla husband of just a day ago.

She climbed out of the bathtub and stood naked before him. She smiled down at him.

‘Only if you deserve to darling, we shall have to see how your training progresses. Now, I am going to be dashing about, I’m already going to receive a sound spanking this evening from Ms Barton as it is, I have no wish to add extra to that punishment for tardiness. Make sure you clean the bathtub before you leave for work. Come on, get a shake on!’ She leaned down, gave him a quick hot kiss on the lips and disappeared into the bedroom.

Ian sat stunned into silence. What the hell had just happened here? He knew though, the instant she had decided she would be the spanker and he the spanko, all the rules changed. He accepted his new training regime with a sigh as his cock twitched and jumped and grew hard at the thought of what was to come!

His boring mundane marriage had suddenly become really exciting…

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

11 thoughts on “Part 4. Laura’s Story… Time for Training.

  1. Another fantastic segment! I LOVE how you write in little, tantalizing details….like Ian being uncircumcised….it was so HOTTTT to read that and imagine the head of his cock emerging from the foreskin….

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Dear God, may the next man I date love to spank me, a lot. AMEN

    lol, I can’t wait for Laura to tell her boss her husband wants to be spanked by her too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just gonna put this out there, I don’t think god visits here cos I’m a naughty atheist, he might miss your message to him. (Unless he’s getting his kink on and then well, who knows?) You might wanna send that prayer out to the universe on a daily mantra style basis! πŸ˜›
      Just joking… πŸ˜› xxx


  3. I love this one. Laura is more in her element with Ian here I think than in the other. I think you struggle to write strong overbearing men. That your desire to just stab them in the eye makes it hard to make them more then one sided. Now that you have moved Ian into a submissive role you are more comfortable writing his story. I think that in truth you are a Dominatrix and write from that point very well. You are by and far a strong Alpha female which makes it hard to put your main characters into a submissive state long. The characters here really take off and drew my attention in. πŸ™‚ More please and thank you. πŸ™‚


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