Part 2. Eileen’s Story… Beware of Consequences…

Eileen sat at her desk long after Laura had run from the office red bottomed and red faced. It had been a very long time since she’d had such a satisfactory end to a work day that much was for sure! She leaned forward and clicked onto the file at the bottom of her screen. Laura’s spanking stories. They were very good indeed. Some of the most interesting she had read in a long time!

She smiled to herself as she settled in to read the next story wondering if she could play it out in the office with Laura tomorrow evening. Eileen had been a spanking fan all of her adult life and a very active spanker throughout most of it. When little Miss Proper had arrived for her interview that first day, she’d had the devils own time keeping her eyes off the young girl’s very shapely curves. Eileen was the consummate professional always striving for excellence and expected the same level of attention and dedication from her employees. It would have been awful if Laura had picked up even a hint of impropriety from her during that interview or any time afterwards!

So, to have her drop the ball so beautifully in her lap was like manna from heaven! She had been aware that Laura was watching spanking videos during office hours but had never been quick enough to actually see it on the screen before. She had found the deleted files when she had run a cleaning programme on the system to delete all the old files. She had in the past deleted some rather precious information so now checked all files before she pressed the shred button! Imagine finding a stream of spanking video links and files, hundreds of them clogging up her system!

At first she had been absolutely furious with Laura and was ready to fire her, but then a plan had begun to form in the back of her mind. If she could catch her in the act, she could turn this to her advantage and spank that wonderful cherub bottom without a single fear of being accused of improper behaviour towards an employee. She could offer it as an alternative to being fired!

Eileen smiled a satisfied smile, her hand tingling at the very recent memory of that gorgeous plump bottom perched over her knee! She sat forward and began to read what Laura had in store for them the following evening, as she read she hooked a leg over the arm of her chair and her fingers began the pleasurable task of stroking her clit, and exciting her pussy. She needed some sweet relief from the huge amount of sexual tension still coiled inside her. She hadn’t felt she could push Laura too far this evening, it was one thing to act out the plot of her first story but quite another to expect her to submit to anything she had not previously agreed to.

As she continued to read, her fingers worked harder, faster, plunging deeply inside her pussy until she was moaning and panting as she read, which is how she came to miss the sound of the office door opening and her Boss walking in!

‘Ms Barton?’ His deep voice rumbled through the silent room and shocked her so much she gasped loudly.

‘Oh my… Mr Crossley, you startled me! I thought I was the only one left here!’ She said as she lowered her leg surreptitiously and clicked the little X in the top right corner of her screen.

‘Obviously.’ He said sarcastically as he crossed to her desk and looked pointedly at her wet fingers. ‘Now Ms Barton, before you start telling me a pack of lies I don’t need to hear, I will tell you, I was here earlier when you were spanking your assistant. And you were spanking her, of that there can be no doubt, the sounds coming from this office were very specific and I would like to know when it became company policy to spank our employees? You can explain this behaviour,’ he waved his arm in the general direction of her still slightly spread legs and wet fingers, ‘in a moment.’

Mr Crossley pulled up the visitors chair at the side of Eileen’s desk and seated himself, crossed a long leg over his knee and raised a questioning eyebrow at her.

Eileen felt her colour rise in her cheeks as she realised the enormity of the trouble she was in. Mr Crossley was a very stern man, quite a lot older than most of the staff who worked for him, she was probably closest in age to him at 46. He was somewhere in his early 60’s and didn’t seem to have a sense of humour at all! How on earth was she going to explain what had transpired?

In the end she decided on the truth. It was the only way.

She took a deep breath and launched into a full and uncensored report of exactly what had happened with Laura and why she had decided to take the course of action she had taken. She didn’t dare leave out the end event either, who knows how long he had been out there? The noises Laura had been making were very distinctive and entirely unmistakable! In for a penny… Eileen told him everything.

Mr Crossley sat and listened closely to Eileen’s explanation of the events. As she progressed he became more and more fidgety in his chair. Crossing and uncrossing legs, settling his arm over his groin, his face becoming flush as she recounted the final scene between her and Laura. Eileen watched fascinated as he struggled to control his breathing and remain calm and poised.

‘And so Mr Crossley, I am going to beg your forgiveness, I know it’s not Company policy to deal with gross misconduct in this way, but other than this one thing, she has been a stellar employee and very able in her work. It would be a shame to lose her when she can clearly be disciplined in a better way. She will not forget her spanking in a hurry and I believe she will never make the mistake of repeating her error in judgement.’ Eileen sat back and waited. She had said everything she could. The ball was now in his court.

She didn’t have to wait long.

Mr Crossley sat up straighter in his chair and pinned her with a stern look. ‘Well that explains this evenings events very thoroughly, it does not however excuse them, but we shall return to that in a moment. You will explain if you please, why I walked in on you masturbating at your desk?’

Eileen’s mouth dropped open in shock at his blunt description of her actions. Her face suffused with colour again and her skin crawled with embarrassment at his completely on point assessment of what she had been doing. Oh god, there was nowhere to hide with this, she once again decided the truth was her only option.

‘I am so very sorry you saw that Mr Crossley, I could say I don’t know what came over me, but you see, I know exactly why I was … masturbating… at my desk,’ she stammered over the word, but pushed on, ‘I had just spanked the most adorable bottom until it was very red and hot, and then had the delights of Ms Aston’s pussy on my lips, what is a woman to do Mr Crossley? I couldn’t very well tell her she now had to return the favour and give me an orgasm could I? That hadn’t been covered in her story and I was following her story to the letter. Consequently on her departure I was left feeling very frustrated and desperately in need of some soothing stroking of my over heated…’

‘That’s enough Ms Barton! I get the picture.’ Mr Crossley jumped up from his seat and began pacing back and forth in front of her desk. It was plain to see he was sporting a prominent erection, and he was doing nothing to hide his condition from her either. Eileen sat with her eyes glued to his crotch as she waited for him to say something. She didn’t have to wait too long. Mr Crossley stopped his pacing and addressed her sternly.

‘Look at me please Ms Barton.’

Eileen snapped her gaze from his crotch to his face and coloured up at being caught ogling his erection!

He nodded satisfied and continued, ‘It would seem that, from what you have described regarding Ms Aston’s behaviour and your badly thought out decision to spank her, you have placed yourself in an untenable position here. Your own behaviour could be viewed as gross misconduct Ms Barton, you have not even remotely followed company policy and I believe you orchestrated this whole thing in order to satisfy your own selfish urges to spank that young lady. I find this utterly reprehensible behaviour from a senior member of my staff! Now, your only saving grace in this is that Ms Aston was more than willing to go along with the punishment rather than lose her employment, also the spanking was carried out after the end of the working day. It was not on work time even though it was in the office!’ He paused to let his words sink in and watched as Eileen’s face paled at the realisation of how much trouble she was in with him!

‘My problem with this is you have now, through your actions this evening, placed me in the same situation! I was privy to the spanking and I did nothing to stop it. I stayed and listened to the whole thing and did nothing. I could have walked in at any time but I chose to remain on the other side of the door. I am now in a quandary as to how to deal with you appropriately, perhaps you could assist me in my decision making here Ms Barton, I am not entirely sure of how I should proceed given that you have made me complicit in this! What do you think I should do?’ He threw his hands up in frustration and stopped his pacing directly in front of her. He looked furious and Eileen felt a trickle of cold sweat run down her back, she could lose her job here, she had to do something and quick!

She shrugged a little and raised her hands to cover her face as she spoke, ‘do you have options I could think about Mr Crossley? ‘ Her voice sounded timid even to her own ears.

‘Indeed I do Ms Barton, I believe we could deal with this the same way it was dealt with originally. The punishment should fit the crime, a sound spanking should take place immediately, and also for inadvertently making me complicit I believe it could follow a similar route to the one you took, following the girl’s story. But I can assure you Ms Barton, at this moment, I am leaning more towards firing you rather than spanking you. It is up to you to convince me otherwise!’

Eileen promptly burst into tears, she begged him, pleading her case, she reminded him she had worked tirelessly for this company for the better part of 20 years! To leave in shame for this one thing would create a sensation throughout the work force and be the focus of much gossip for a very long time. Did he want that? What if a client was to get wind of it? And, as he himself had pointed out, rightly or wrongly, he had done nothing to stop it either! After much pleading and grovelling she squared her shoulders, dried her eyes and stood up, hands held demurely in front of her, she raised her eyes to his and finished her plea, ‘I would advise the spanking Mr Crossley, I do believe you are correct in your assumption that the punishment should fit the crime. I did not behave in a professional manner and I did not follow company policy in this instance. In my defence, I truly do believe that Ms Aston was worth making the exception for. She is an excellent assistant normally. I do believe I am worth making that same exception for. I am hoping you will agree, I would be worth it.’

He stared at her for a moment before nodding vigorously and then he smiled, ‘Yes, yes, I concur, Ms Barton, you make a good argument which is why I am now leaning towards leniency and agreeing that the spanking is the way to deal with this. But…’ he held his hand up to stop her speaking, ‘ I think we can both agree that one spanking will not be enough, I shall expect you to attend my office each evening at the end of your work day and present yourself for a thorough disciplining. I believe you also require some ‘re-training’ as you put it. We shall have an agreement written up that we will both sign. I suggest you do the same with the girl, thus protecting us all from this situation getting out of hand. It shall be agreed policy for the three of us moving forward. See to it that agreement is on my desk at the start of business tomorrow. I also wish to have sight of your agreement with Ms. Aston. Make that happen please.’ He looked very smug and satisfied with his decision and it suddenly dawned on her that this was what he had wanted all along! He had completely manipulated her into asking for a spanking from him!

Eileen nodded ‘Yes Mr Crossley. Can I ask, how long the agreement is to run for?’

‘Oh there will be no final date Ms Barton, this will be the new discipline policy for both you and Ms Aston going forward with my company, make it open ended. Both of you will be answerable to myself, I shall oversee the spanking of Ms Aston from now on, obviously you should continue to administer her punishment but it shall be carried out in my office in future. Privacy is of the utmost importance don’t you think? I shall carry out your punishment when Ms Aston leaves each evening. It wouldn’t do for her to realise you were being disciplined too, it could damage your authority over the girl. Now, Ms Barton, there is the small task of a sound spanking to take care of this evening before we can both be on our way, so come, assume the position over the end of the desk please, and adjust your clothing accordingly, this will be bare bottom with no warm up. You may narrate the girl’s story as we go along, I confess I am quite taken with it!’

Eileen, face flushed crimson with embarrassment, a feeling of pure dread settling in her stomach, came around to the end of the desk and turning her back on Mr Crossley, she proceeded to pull her skirt up above her bottom and pulled her panties down to her knees, she looked over her shoulder at him as she prepared to bend over. She began her narration of the story from the point where the office assistant was to be soundly spanked.

Mr Crossley tutted, making her pause, ‘Oh no, Ms Barton, I believe you should feel as exposed as possible, lets have that blouse opened and your breasts exposed. I believe that was the way you had Ms Aston was it not? Everything should be the same.’

Eileen nodded and quickly undid her blouse so her very ample breasts were pushing through the opening and what a sight they made as she pushed each breast over the top of her bra and her full and beautifully erect nipples became completely exposed to him. His hot greedy gaze lingered on them and she felt goose bumps break out over her skin at his close inspection of her. She became keenly aware of the picture she must make to his continued inspection of her. Breasts naked and swaying slightly, bare bottom raised, legs slightly parted so her pussy was bared and completely exposed to him. She bowed her head onto her arms and waited, her utter embarrassment was complete and she only had herself to blame.

Mr Crossley licked his lips and grunted his approval as he stepped up behind her. ‘Brace yourself, this is going to hurt.’ He murmured as his hand caressed her exposed bottom and stroked the smooth creamy skin. His other hand he placed between her shoulders and held her in position bent over the desk. A second later the first spank landed and Eileen yelped as the loud smacking sound filled the room. Mr Crossley stepped closer to her side and began to spank in earnest, a volley of sharp finger tip spanks landed all over Eileen’s bottom causing her to yelp and howl in pain, ‘OH! OW!’ she cried as he continued with the sharp little spanks that erupted like hot needles over her cheeks.

‘Continue with the story Ms Barton, how many spanks does the assistant deserve in this position? Keep talking.’ He changed his spanks to full palm spanks and Eileen howled loudly as each one found their mark and pain exploded over her very sensitive bottom. Dragging in a breath she continued to tell him the story of the naughty assistant who needed a thorough spanking to help her curb her errant ways!

Mr Crossley stopped spanking for a moment and inspected his handiwork, he brushed his full palm over Eileen’s bottom and felt the heat radiating from her twin globes. His face broke out into his first real smile of the day! He was thoroughly enjoying himself as he listened to Eileen get to the part of the story where the spanker’s fingers travelled along her wet, and very inviting pussy, he grunted and sank his fingers between her pussy’s lips and coated them in her juices. He allowed his fingers to probe her wetness, dipping them inside her hole, watching as she squirmed against them, his thumb slid forward and grazed her clit causing her to jump and moan.

He laughed and withdrew his hand, smearing her juices over her hot bottom he resumed the spanking with full force. Quite suddenly Eileen was yelping and howling, sobbing and pleading with him to stop, all while trying to continue with the story he was insisting she tell.

She stopped short of finishing the story, stopped short of telling him he had permission to go down between her thighs and taste her wetness on his tongue, run his tongue over her throbbing clit, she wanted it, but she didn’t dare say it. Instead she sobbed and took more and more spanks across her burning, aching bottom and thighs until she finally squealed out the ending in a rush of words.

Mr Crossley stopped his spanking and laughed. ‘I thought you were never going to get to the ending Ms Barton, I was beginning to think you didn’t want this spanking to end. Now, spread your legs wider for me, I believe we are at the grand finale!’ Eileen groaned and spread her legs wide for him, her inner thighs glistening with her juices, her pussy open and inviting, soft and pink and throbbing. She jumped as she felt his tongue probe her soft wet place and she finally gave herself over to his exploration of her hot wet pussy and clit. He dragged his tongue over her clit, flicking it with the tip making her groan loudly and push back onto his mouth. He sucked and licked, flicked and rubbed until she was grinding her hips and begging for release. Each time she came close he stopped, waited a moment, then started all over again. He was having the time of his life at her expense and he was loving every hot moment of it. Finally he sank his fingers deep inside her as he continued his onslaught on her aching clit and Eileen moaned loudly with the force of her orgasm as it ripped through her in wave after wave of divine ecstasy! ‘Oh GOD YESSSSSSSS! Thank you Sir! YESSSSSSSS!!!! ‘ She shuddered and moaned and ground her pussy fully against his still probing, thrusting fingers.

Her juices gushed and filled his mouth and he soaked them up on his tongue savouring the flavour like it was a new ice cream to taste. His fingers slowed and he withdrew them, standing he leaned over her so she could feel his erection pressing against her wet pussy, and he slid his soaked fingers into her mouth. ‘Suck them clean Ms Barton, don’t leave a drop.’

Eileen nodded and complied, exhausted but entirely satisfied at last.

Eventually Mr Crossley stood up straight and with a final sharp slap to each cheek he instructed her to stand up and straighten her clothing.

As Eileen did as she was told he watched her. ‘Now Ms Barton, this has been a very enlightening evening for me, I never knew spanking could be such a wonderful way to relieve stress! Make sure you and Ms Aston are fully prepared for tomorrow evening please, I require you both to wear a short skirt, a very tight top, and you should both remove your bras before entering my office and you should bring with you the next story from Ms Aston’s lively imagination along with a riding crop and a cane. I think this new agreement will work out very well indeed! Now, hurry along home Ms Barton, I need to go and have some much needed fun with my wife!’

He turned on his heel and left her office without so much as a backwards glance. Eileen stared at his retreating figure and wondered just what had possessed her to agree to this arrangement! Being fired would have been far less painful and embarrassing and now she would have to do it all again tomorrow evening!

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

20 thoughts on “Part 2. Eileen’s Story… Beware of Consequences…

  1. Good god I miss a sound spanking and once more I am squirming at my desk from your amazing story telling. I can’t wait for the next one.

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  2. As usual you hit it out of the ball park. A little different from your psychopath but more in tune with you. Easier to write it seems with more emotion. A more sensual erotica that is what I should say. Not sure why. But I love it. I can’t wait to read more. πŸ™‚

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  3. So many thoughts running through my brain. So many words wishing to escape my fingers to create similar tales. Wonderful inspiration. The chain of events transpiring is highly enjoyable!

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