Part 1. Laura’s Story. Be careful what you wish for…

‘Laura, is the Fletcher report ready yet? Can you send it to me immediately please?’ Eileen called from her office.

Laura flipped her screen back to a work screen as she heard the door open. A jolt of shock ran through her at the sound of her boss’s voice right behind her, she schooled her flushed face before she turned to face her.

‘It will be ready in a few minutes Eileen.’ She stammered praying she hadn’t seen what had been on her screen a few moments before. A very red bottom upended over someone’s knee being soundly spanked with a wooden paddle!

Eileen frowned, ‘This just isn’t good enough Laura, I need that report in less than 10 minutes, make sure I have it.’

‘Of course.’ Laura mumbled and turned back to her desk and computer screen, tapping away furiously at the keyboard. She finished the Fletcher report in record time and mailed it straight to her.

‘Bloody hell, that was a close call,’ she thought as she flipped her screen back to what she had been watching. Laura was hooked on spanking videos, and stories, she had found a website full of them and she happily wasted a good few hours a day reading or watching to her hearts content, her boss was quite chilled and didn’t hassle her as long as she had her reports to hand for her meetings. Laura was pretty much left to her own devices for most of the time and that brought about naughty thoughts which brought about a quick internet search for her favourite read. It had also inspired her of late to try writing her own spanking stories.

Laura had never had her bottom spanked in her entire life but that didn’t mean she didn’t think about it constantly. Putting her thoughts down in writing had made it seem even more real to her and she just wished she was brave enough to tell Ian about her spanking kink. Her husband was very ‘vanilla’ and wouldn’t even watch a porn movie with her. She had made the mistake of suggesting it one night when she was feeling particularly naughty and horny.

Ian’s reaction to her request had floored her, he had been so shocked and upset with her, accusing her of intimating he wasn’t enough to turn her on, she needed to watch filth as well! She argued that it was just a fun thing to do and not all porn was filth, some of it, or at least the ones she had found were sensual and erotic and a complete turn on! The argument that had ensued had taken him off to the spare bedroom to sleep for the night, which had left her high and dry with a very angry husband to boot! She never tried again, the idea of mentioning spanking to him after that filled her with a dread of a repeat performance of that night, he was so buttoned up! There was absolutely no wriggle room at all.

She clicked the top of her screen and closed down the spanking video she had been watching and sighing she went back to reading and sending emails. The draft email box blinked a red 1 at her. She didn’t have any emails in draft form! Just at that moment Eileen’s door flew open, ‘Laura! I want that report right now!’ The sharpness of her tone sent a cold chill down Laura’s spine. Oh god, she really had messed up this time!

Laura scrabbled with the mouse and clicked on the saved drafts, oh no, no no no no! the Fletcher report had been saved to draft instead of sent. She quickly sent the file across stammering her apologies as she rectified her mistake. Eileen was not in the mood to listen, she was furious, ‘We shall deal with this after my meeting, do not even think about going home at 5pm. I want you in my office at the end of the day young lady.’ With that she turned and slammed her door behind her.

Laura dropped her head in her hands, how had she messed that up? All she had to do was type the closing sentence and press send! That was exactly what she had done! She went back to her emails and checked her sent files to her boss. Then the bottom fell out of her world.

Oh my god NO! Her thoughts froze in her head as the realisation of what she had done hit her. She clicked on the file she had sent her 10 minutes earlier and all her worst nightmares came true with one click. She had sent her spanking story files to her boss.

She had obviously read the file too, it had taken her a good 8 minutes to come out and ask for the correct file! ‘Oh my god, she’s going to fire me for sure!’ Laura muttered, then another thought hit her immediately on the heels of the first one, ‘what am I going to tell Ian?’ Oh god he already thought she was some kind of pervert because she liked watching porn! What would he say about this?

It was all she could do to sit still, she had an hour to wait and think before she would find out what the consequences of her dumb actions would be. It was the longest worst hour of her 27 years! Even the argument with Ian hadn’t made her feel this nervous or upset!

Finally 5pm came around and Laura walked on shaky legs to Eileen’s office. She tapped timidly on the door and waited.

‘Come in.’ Eileen responded abruptly. Laura opened the door and stood in the doorway, she immediately launched into a full on apology for her actions but Eileen stared her down and she fell silent. ‘Come in and close the door.’ She said stiffly.

Laura stepped into the office and closed the door quietly behind her. She stood before her desk, Eyes downcast and hands clasped tightly in front of her desperately trying not to wring them! She waited for Eileen to speak.

‘Look at me please Laura,’ She spoke quietly but firmly and Laura raised her eyes to look at her.

‘Obviously you must be aware by now what it was you emailed me? I am assuming you have been wise enough to check at least?’ Her tone was a whiplash and Laura reeled a little from it, she had never been on the receiving end of her Boss’s formidable temper before and it shook her up. She was definitely getting fired!

She nodded her head reluctantly.

‘Words Laura, actual words please!’ Eileen snapped.

Laura jumped and stammered, ‘Y y yes, I’m so very sorry!’ she muttered, squirming under her fierce glare. ‘I can only say how sorry I am for sending you my private file instead of your report.’

‘So it is your file then?’ Eileen asked, her eyebrow raised in a questioning look.

Laura nodded and then stammered out ‘Y yes. It’s my file, I am so sorry Eileen.’

‘From now on you shall refer to me as Ms Barton, we are no longer going to be on first name terms.’ Laura’s heart jumped a little, perhaps she was going to get away with a warning?

‘Yes Ms Barton, of course.’ She responded in a small voice.

‘Now, given the content of the file you sent me, I am in a quandary as to how to deal with it. Obviously, there are a number of broken rules here. You have been using work time and equipment for your own personal use, you have personal files stored on your work computer, and those files are filled with spanking stories! When I came out of my office earlier you were watching a spanking video on the internet! That is a flagrant breech of the rules of my office! I am very, very disappointed with you Laura, all of the above are sackable offences.’ Eileen was absolutely furious and her sharp tone lashed at her and she flinched with every word.

She began to cry, huge tears ran down her cheeks as she listened to Eileen castigate her for her flagrant disregard of the rules.

‘Oh do stop that!’ Eileen snapped waspishly. ‘I am not going to fire you, you silly girl, it has taken me far too long to train you, just to fire you now! I would have to start all over again with a new assistant! Far too tedious! But you have to be punished and you will learn your lesson well young lady.’ She pinned Laura with a fierce glare.

Laura worked hard to stop her tears, and she waited, trembling, wondering what was coming. Eileen opened her desk drawer and withdrew a long thin wooden ruler. She placed it on the desk and then pushed her chair back. Standing she pulled her tight skirt up high on her thighs until her stocking tops were on show, Laura was spellbound by what she was seeing. Her brain had frozen at the sight of her boss hiking her skirt up. What on earth was happening here?

‘Come here Laura.’ Eileen beckoned her with a crook of her finger.

Laura hesitated for a fraction of a second too long.

‘NOW young lady! Or I will be forced to handle this situation in the correct manner and fire you for gross misconduct.’ She glared at her and waited.

Laura didn’t need telling again, she hurried around to the other side of the desk and put herself directly in front of her.

As I see it, you have two choices, you can assume the position and receive a sound spanking for your flagrant disregard for the rules, after which I shall finish off with a dozen strokes of the ruler. Or you can collect your P45 and head out the door jobless. The choice is yours.’ Eileen delivered her choices in a cool tone and Laura gave an involuntary shiver as apprehension coursed through her.

She nodded and lowering her eyes she said, ‘I will take the spanking, thank you for showing me such leniency Ms Barton.’

‘Don’t thank me yet, this is only the beginning young lady, you shall receive a sound spanking every evening immediately at the end of the work day for the next three weeks. We shall discuss your retraining during that time and see how you are progressing. Now, take off your jacket, unfasten your blouse, and pull up your skirt above your hips to your waist.’ She sat back on her chair and crossed her long stocking clad legs and watched as Laura’s face turned red with embarrassment.

She blinked once at the instructions as they sank in and registered. Oh my god! Eileen was playing out Laura’s own spanking story!

Laura hurriedly did as she had been instructed, removing her suit jacket quickly, then hurrying to unfasten the buttons of her blouse, her breasts were now fully on show and Eileen took a moment to drink in the sight of the white lace edged plump beauties as they appeared like two puppies bouncing, trying to escape their confines. Laura dutifully pulled her tight short skirt up above her hips and bunched it up around her waist as instructed, her stockings and white suspenders framed the matching lace white panties beautifully.

Eileen made a small sound in the back of her throat as she sat back and took in the wonderful sight being displayed before her! How many times had she imagined this? And now it was being dropped in her lap like a gift! She smiled briefly and watched Laura tremble in front of her for a few moments more. The tension in the room was palpable and Eileen felt the dampness between her thighs increase, she was already hot and wet from reading the stories that Laura had sent her, they were very good! She was going to enjoy acting one of them out right now! She uncrossed her long slim legs and placed her feet and knees together, she patted her lap as she looked pointedly at the trembling young woman in front of her.

‘Assume the position Laura!’ Eileen spoke very softly now, she had the girl right where she wanted her. There would be no need to use an angry tone with her from this point on.

Laura dutifully lowered herself over Eileen’s knees and braced her hands on the floor, locking her elbows to support herself firmly. Her legs dangled over the other side her toes barely touching the floor, she tried desperately to clamp her legs together but she was too unbalanced and they kept springing apart. Her white lace clad bottom was positioned high in the centre of Eileen’s lap which was the source of her unbalanced legs, she was too high up, she tried to wriggle further down but felt a firm arm wrap around her waist and hold her in position tightly.

‘That will do fine Laura,’ she said, ‘you are perfectly positioned for me to get a good view of everything.’

Laura felt the humiliation of her position creep over her, then the very first spank she had ever received in her life landed and all other thoughts disappeared from her mind as she yelped at the sharp sting of Eileen’s palm connected with her bottom. OW! This was not how she thought it would feel! It hurt much worse than she had imagined! When the second spank landed on the opposite cheek, harder and sharper than the first Laura bucked at the sharpness of the stroke. ‘Owwww!’ she cried out, shocked at the painful sensation spreading across her cheeks. Eileen began spanking her in earnest, and it was all Laura could do to stay in position as the spanks flew across her cheeks and the backs of her thighs, her bottom felt so hot and her thighs were burning! She was sobbing and yelping, and then suddenly it all stopped and she felt Eileen’s fingers run along the waistband of her panties, ‘OH No! Not a bare bottom spanking please!’ She cried out, shocked that her naked bottom would be on show to her boss! Oh GOD!

The humiliation of her situation hit home properly then and she began sobbing as Eileen drew her panties down to her knees and exposed her bright pink bottom and wet pussy. God she was so wet it was seeping between her lips and had soaked her thighs! How humiliating was this? Her boss knew she was getting turned on by this spanking and she had no way of hiding it!

‘Well, it does look like someone is having a much better time of this than she is protesting! Perhaps the spanking should be a lot harder young lady, it is a punishment after all.’ Eileen’s voice was silky smooth as she continued to stroke and pat Laura’s now fully exposed very pink bottom. She delivered a very sharp flurry of spanks all over both globes and the backs of the thighs and Laura howled in response, legs kicking out and spread wide, opening her glistening pussy lips and exposing the soft pink wet flesh nestled inside.

Eileen chuckled and smoothed her hand over the heated cherub cheeks, allowing her fingers to smooth along the damp slit between Laura’s legs and slip between them and stroke for a second or two. Laura moaned and bucked her hips, pushing her bottom up towards those fingers and Eileen tutted at her, ‘Oh no young lady, my pleasure, your pain!’ She withdrew her fingers and spanked her so hard and fast that it took Laura’s breath away! She squealed as the spanking became firmer and much more intense. The spanks landed over and over again in the same spot until Laura was squealing and crying and begging for it to stop. She was making huge promises to be the best assistant ever, she would never, ever use the internet for her own personal use again, and so on and so forth until Eileen finally began to slow down.

Laura’s very first spanking had lasted 20 long minutes and her bottom and thighs were now dark red and hot to the touch. She had been well and truly disciplined! Or so she thought.

Eileen patted her on the bottom. ‘Get up Laura and go and stand in the corner by the window with your hands on your head and your legs spread wide. Your nose should touch the wall and you shall remain there for 5 minutes.’

Laura scrabbled off Eileen’s lap and bent to pull up her panties.

‘No no young lady, they stay exactly where they are, if they move from around your knees you shall be back over my knee for another 20 minute spanking. Now, over to the corner and do not rub your bottom at all.’ Eileen was thoroughly enjoying herself now, and the spectacle of her gorgeous young assistant shuffling across to the corner trying to keep her panties around her knees was a very satisfying sight indeed.

5 minutes and a lot of quiet sobbing and throbbing later Laura was allowed out of her corner.

Eileen stood in front of her with the long wooden ruler in her hands. Laura’s flushed face paled as her eyes flew from the ruler back to her face.

‘Oh please, I really have learnt my lesson Ms Barton, my bottom and thighs are so very sore right now. I am so sorry, truly I am.’ Laura pleaded her case as sorrowfully as she possibly could but Eileen was resolute.

‘I have no interest in hearing how sorry you are, of course you’re sorry, that doesn’t mean you won’t receive all of your punishment. I made it very clear you would receive 12 strokes with the ruler so lets get on shall we? Turn around and touch your toes. Stay in position and I want you to count each stroke and thank me for it after each one, do you understand Laura?’ Eileen was smirking as she waited for her to respond.

Laura dropped her gaze to the floor again and in a dejected small voice she stammered out, ‘Y..yes Ms Barton, I understand.’ Right now she was remembering how she had ended this particular story and she was praying to any god anywhere that her boss would not want to re-enact the whole thing to the very end! Laura knew she would not be able to say no and then her other secret would be out! Oh GOD!

Eileen nodded briefly, ‘Good. Brace yourself young lady, this will hurt.’

Laura gulped and assumed the position, bending over touching her toes, her bottom stretched taught in this exposed position, her legs locked together tightly.

Eileen tapped her between the thighs with the ruler, ‘Spread your legs slightly please, I want to enjoy all of the view this position affords me.’

Laura gulped and did as she was bid, once again her wet pussy was now fully exposed to her Boss and she was dying inside of deep humiliation. She promised herself in that moment that she would never ever watch another spanking video or read another damn spanking story as long as she lived, and then the first stroke of the long thin wooden ruler landed and she almost lifted of her feet with the pain that shot across both her cheeks simultaneously. Conversely her pussy contracted tightly and sent a frisson of excitement coursing through her! Oh wow! That was …. unexpected!

‘Oh My God!’ She squealed loudly, then quickly followed her outburst with a ‘ONE! Thank you Ms Barton.’

The second stroke landed and Laura saw stars, her bottom exploded with pain and a deep throbbing set in under the surface and deep into the muscles. Her pussy was throbbing along happily with it and Laura was scared she may actually orgasm during this! That would get her in trouble! She howled ‘TWO! Thank you Ms Barton!’ and then braced herself for the third stroke, when it landed across the back of her already tender thighs she shot up and grabbed both thighs and danced and squealed on the spot, she managed to count three and thank Ms Barton before she was pushed back into position and a steadying hand was placed in the small of her back. The strokes came thick and fast and poor Laura was barely able to utter her thanks before the next one landed. She was in agony and ecstasy too as the realisation hit her over and over that this was what she wanted, every time a new stroke landed she imagined it was a cane! It was shocking to her how much she was loving the feel of the thin wood against her bottom! She remained in her position after the twelfth stroke landed and sobbed out, ’12 thank you Ms Barton.’

Eileen placed the ruler along Laura’s back and left it there. ‘Stay in position Laura until I say you can move.’ she murmured as she stepped back to inspect her handy work.

Laura hiccupped a ‘yes Ms Barton’ and then let out a surprised yelp as she felt fingers probe her now soaking pussy. Eileen chuckled, ‘My my my, you really do get turned on by this don’t you, I wonder… do you taste as good as you look, should we find out?’ Her silky voice washed over Laura who was reeling from hearing her own dialogue from her story being quoted to her again, oh god, Eileen really was going to take this all the way to the end. Groaning loudly at the feeling of her boss’s fingers gently stroking her clit and sinking her fingers inside her pussy she made a small mewling sound and spread her legs wider as she uttered a very timid, ‘y y yes please Ms Barton…oh yes please!’ and Eileen chuckled as she understood she had just been given permission to find out.

She crouched down behind Laura and without any hesitation she pressed her mouth fully against the glistening lips of Laura’s pussy and drove her tongue deep inside her as far as she could. Laura groaned and ground her pussy down onto Eileen’s tongue and moaned deeply as very clever fingers rubbed and flicked Laura’s sensitive clit until she was gasping and crying out for release, ‘oh Ms Barton…. yes, yes yes!’ She squealed as she came in a rush of juices all over her boss’s tongue! Eileen lapped and sucked until she’d had her fill of those wonderful juices, and then finally satisfied, she stood and patted Laura on the bottom.

‘Stand up and get dressed young lady then you may go home. We shall continue your punishment and retraining tomorrow evening immediately after work. You might want to let your husband know you are going to be late home every night for the next three weeks.’ Eileen spoke distractedly as she smoothed her own clothing into place. God she was horny! Tomorrow she would begin training her naughty little assistant properly. Eileen smiled and watched as Laura hurriedly dressed and steadfastly avoided eye contact with her.

Finally fully clothed Laura nodded her head and whispered, ‘Goodnight Ms Barton and thank you.’ She rushed from the office and ran down to the tube station her face as crimson as her bottom, her expression panic stricken. Her night was far from over or settled.

Ian was going to be so very cross with her for being this late and how on earth would she explain her very red bottom and thighs to him? She knew of course from watching the videos, spankings as firm as the one she had just received would leave their mark as would the ruler! Oh but it did feel wonderful right now! Everywhere was a throbbing mass and Laura was quietly over the moon at this shocking but very exciting turn of events!

There would be three more weeks of spankings and hopefully other things too, and Laura tried desperately to quell the huge curl of excitement unfurling in her tummy and lower down to her very wet pussy. She was definitely going through with this, so there was nothing else for it, she would have to come clean… How would Ian react to the fact that his wife was to be spanked daily by her Boss for three weeks?

Laura only knew she would be in a world of trouble when she got home but she was prepared to take her punishment…

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

27 thoughts on “Part 1. Laura’s Story. Be careful what you wish for…

  1. I like this one Gemma. Classic boss/submissive situation. Very possible and very detailed. Good job. Can’t wait to hear what Ian says about all of this when herself comes clean.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. But what if Ian is as vanilla as most of us. He could be so anti spank that he is not even a threat to the safety and security of Laura’s backside???? Or.. he could be a 50 shades of Gray type. Just a little bit of a spanker with all of the money and toys in the world. I hope Gemma is writing today. πŸ˜€πŸ˜œπŸ€©

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Depends on your definition of vanilla MJ. Ian is the one component in this triangle that could either be the fly in the ointment or a bee to a honeypot. We shall see.
        None of my characters will ever be a 50 shades of Gray type. I would hang up my keyboard and give up writing if that was the best I could do with a male character.
        Gemma is writing today but working on something entirely unrelated, it will be a day or two at the very least before I can get back to this. πŸ™‚

        Liked by 3 people

      2. Gemma the 50 shades of Gray was a bait. I am glad you feel as averted to the series as I do. Sorry for going there but I do not think your writing is anywhere close to that level of literary famine. I like the way you add the detail and the absolute plethora of erotic journeys your characters take. You do this so well.

        Liked by 2 people

  2. OH.MY. GOD.

    This is so fucking hot, Gemma! You have outdone yourself, my friend! Seriously… I am going to have to stop my morning and either A) Go and climb on top of my husband and ride myself into oblivion, or B) Take a cold shower (but I’m not sure that will work). With either option, I will be needing a long, hard spanking myself πŸ™‚

    I love, love, love this concept….her boss reading her stories and enacting them out with her. I love how this centers around discipline and misbehavior. I love that she had never been spanked…and now she has a whole lot of spankings coming her way! Well done, my friend.

    I am curious to see how you play the Ian angle….personally, I am hoping that he overcomes his “vanilla-ness” and gets in on the action… but I always root for a healthy, kinky marriage πŸ™‚

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It’s right in your wheelhouse Nora, so I’m very glad you like it my gorgeous friend!
      I vote : A! Daddy wins! Cold showers are vastly overrated! Besides, Daddy can deliver the spanking, a cold shower can’t! No contest in my opinion! πŸ˜› We shall see how Ian plays out, he’s just a blip in the background of my imagination right now. It wasn’t until I got to the end of this piece I realised it was a much bigger story with a massive amount of scope!
      Karla started pretty much the same way so who knows what will happen next… πŸ˜€

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Well, I for one, can’t wait to see what happens next in this story!!! Please don’t keep us waiting too long!!!
        And yes… it was no contest….I had lots of Daddy time this morning πŸ™‚

        Liked by 2 people

    1. Haha! I wouldn’t ask Pia to spank you Christian, I believe there are strict laws that prevent this kind of escapade happening for real in offices these days! That’s the beauty of a sexy imagination, we can find a way around the red tape so a good sound spanking can be delivered!
      Don’t forget to go back and finish the rest of the spanking journey, my posts on the Tom series reappearing threw you a curve ball and put you out of order with the story, You were up to Stuart returns for his Paddle
      Happy reading!

      Liked by 2 people

    1. It really does depend on Pia’s expectations of her work place and boss. She goes to work to work, fulfil a paid position in your office. Unless it’s expressly written into a contract between you both, you asking her to spank you could be interpreted as sexual harassment from you, which I am absolutely sure you are aware of and would never intend Christian.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Then as a father figure, I believe Pia would be distraught to have you change that concept in her mind Christian. You are obviously someone she looks up to and trusts. Temptation to change that status quo could end the balanced relationship you share and break her trust in you. You could lose her completely from your life. There are many young ladies out there that would be happy to give you a spanking, don’t look to the one that gives you respect and love because you are her mentor. That could be damaging for her.
      Does she know you like to be spanked?

      Liked by 2 people

    1. When you say beaten you do mean spanked? And yes it does create a great closeness on both sides. But as the title of my last story says Christian, be careful what you wish for… it may change the shape of everything.
      As long as Pia is happily aware of what you wish and is consenting because she wants that too and not because she feels she must, then as you say you are both adults, there is no harm.
      Rarely does mixing business with pleasure end well my friend. Give serious thought to all the ramifications before you act on your desires.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. I loved this!! As a male the thought of two women together is always hot! And this scenario was both believable and highly erotic. Perhaps Ian might pick his wife up from work one night… walking in and catching her being spanked… dominating her along with Ms Barton… or not! My imagination is taking this all over the place.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh that is a delicious beginning! My hands are itching to feel the flesh of a taught ass beneath them. Kitten may have a pink bottom in her future once this series of night shifts of hers ends….

    Liked by 1 person

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