Tom – Day 7 of 7 (Part 4)

Graham’s 50th Celebrations Party. #2
Preparation for The ‘Vanilla’ One!

This morning Tom had requested my consent to assume control of our dynamic completely. I agreed. Just to be clear, this is not a D/s dynamic we have. We have yet to correctly pin any kind of tag on it that gives it a firm definition. I don’t think we can. I am way too opinionated to be submissive, and he doesn’t require that from me anyway, he wants the fight, he wants the challenge and he want’s the heat from my fiery warrior temperament. That’s where he feels happiest, when he’s ‘taming me’ as he puts it. He revels in the battle of wills, as do I. It makes for some very interesting times! Which is what has brought us here, to right now and I’m brewing up a storm in a teacup because I can’t have my own way.

Tom is driving me slowly insane!

Right now I want to strangle him. He’s being a royal pain in the ass and not giving in to what I want from him. I want a free pass for tonight. I just want to be good. That’s it, nothing major, just Gemma wants to be good for once! You would think, all things considered, he would see this as a major break through in my ‘fuck you, I’m gonna do what I want’ attitude and grab it with both hands and mark that day on the bloody Calendar!

No. He’s already made up his mind exactly what he wants from tonight, there is no room for manoeuvre and I can see a very long, frustrating beyond all measure evening stretching out before me and I’m ready to throw a king sized hissy fit! He has a definite plan of the way this evening will go and I’m not privy to it. It’s that part that is driving me nuts! I have no control and I know the more I push the less I will find out, and I will probably earn a spanking for it too! I stomped off to the bathroom and locked the door while I took a shower. I will probably pay for that little defiance but I don’t give a damn. he’s not getting everything his own bloody way!

As I shower I convince my fighter brain that I don’t need a red ass to go with my red dress, I give up and accept the inevitable. How bad could it be? It is Tom after all. He wouldn’t do anything to embarrass me in front of Sam and his friends who are going to be there tonight. I finished my shower and dried off some before going back into the bedroom, dropping down on the end of the bed, hairdryer and brush in hand.

Artwork by Jennifer Parker (sitting pose II)

‘You good now baby?’ Tom was watching me closely from the top end of the bed. I was sitting crossed legged drying my hair. I hadn’t spoken in a good 20 minutes. He was not affected by any of it. I looked over my shoulder at him, and saw he had laughter in his eyes, his lopsided grin said that he was highly amused, and I threw my wet towel at his chest. He caught it.

‘I’m fine. I accept I can’t have my own way on this. I agreed this morning that when we’re out and in company or attending an event I will comply with any and all of your wishes.’ I even managed a conciliatory tone! Go me!

‘Well that didn’t take as long as I thought it might.’ He chuckled as he got off the bed and headed for the bathroom. I watched as he passed me, his beautiful broad back and tight ass made me want to reach out and touch the gorgeous smooth skin that rippled over his muscles as he moved. He was also sporting some rather magnificent bright red talon lines down his back on either side. They were going to sting like crazy when he hit the shower.

‘Good!’ I thought as I continued to dry my hair. My tummy turned over with excitement as my mind replayed the moment I had ‘branded’ him as he’d called it. Damn we had been like a pair of wild animals downstairs. That having an audience thing had really added another layer to the heat and no mistake!

A few minutes later Tom appeared behind me, clean and damp from his shower. I was now in the process of applying makeup so I continued as I watched him in the mirror.

‘Did it sting?’ I asked quietly as he leaned down to kiss the side of my neck. Butterflies were doing flipflops in my tummy as soon as his lips connected with my skin! I am such a push over for this man!

‘You know it did baby but that’s okay, we’ve got all evening for the payback to happen. I’m in no rush.’ He chuckled against the side of my neck as his hands slid under my arms and cupped my naked breasts. He cradled them in his hands as his fingers and thumbs gently rolled my nipples until they were rock hard twin peaks. I groaned as a shot of pure lust ran straight through me to connect to my now pulsing clit. Did I not have an off button either?

I wriggled a little on the seat and he slid his hand down to part my thighs and cup pussy. His fingers slid between her folds and found me wet, willing and hungry for his touch. He gave a tiny grunt of satisfaction as his fingers slid inside me and I leaned back against his hard chest to allow better access. He slid his fingers in and out slowly and gently, no friction build, no delicious ache, just a long slow stroke designed to fill me with raw need. It was working.

A whimper escaped my lips as he continued to nuzzle my neck, whispering against my skin the things he wanted to do to me, building erotic images in my mind. I could feel myself losing control and I began to tighten my muscles against his long fingers as they slid in and probed and then withdrew.

He stopped his sensual onslaught. ‘Oh no baby that’s not happening, you don’t get to cum for the rest of the evening. I want you the hungriest you’ve ever been by the time we leave Gray’s. I want to feel it coming off you in every line of your body, every movement, every look, every sigh.’

I shuddered hard and sobbed but my mind flipped a switch and the climatic build short circuited and I growled in frustration! Now I understood what his plan was. I was in a world of trouble!

His eyes were dark and unreadable as he held my gaze in the mirror. I felt like he had just sucked me inside him and my mind and body were completely at his mercy. I was trembling at the enormity of that realisation. He smiled a slow predatory smile as he pulled me up off the chair and turned me into his chest, soothing me. I know he knew what had just happened between us, I felt the smallest shift in his manner because of it. He had taken another step closer to getting what he wanted, me, tamed.
I think we both understood it would be short lived. That’s the nature of this beast we have created between us. It’s why it works.

I sighed heavily against his chest and I pushed away from him. ‘I need to get ready or we’re going to be late again!’

‘Wait a minute, I have something you need before you get dressed.’ He turned away from me and opened his closet. He took out a small package (not the scary romantic kind people, don’t get excited) and palmed the contents.

He turned to me and slid his hand between my thighs. I felt the cold lube first and then the mini vibrator as it filled me, he positioned the clit stimulator cup over my clit. The whole thing was like a small shell that cupped my pussy and sat deep inside me.

‘What’s this?’ I asked nervously, I was searching his eyes for his mood but they were unreadable.

‘Just a little gift I picked up for you baby, it should keep you where I want you for the rest of the evening.’ He was grinning as he stood back.

‘Well it’s doing nothing for me right now, so I guess it’s not working!’ One of these days people, I am going to learn to wait and listen and watch before I speak.

He showed me what else he had in his hand. Yeah, a wireless remote control. He pressed a button and OMG!! My pussy and clit thrummed into life and began their own bloody tango! Wow I was in deep trouble tonight.

‘You can get dressed now baby. Red dress, black lingerie, no stockings tonight, I want you bare legged with this dress. Black stilettos. Remember, no orgasms Gem. If you come, you will be taken into Gray’s spanking room and spanked until you cry.’

I mumbled something incoherent as I began the difficult task of dressing while under some serious stimulation!

Tom was laughing at my woeful expression as he placed the remote control on the bedside cabinet and began dressing.

He pulled on his black silk shirt with a thin red line the identical colour to my dress, on the inside of the collar, black slacks and his thin leather belt. He slipped on his gold watch and he was ready. My insides turned to liquid as my eyes drank him in. The vibrator thing ramped my hunger up another notch! He picked the remote up and switched it off before putting it in his pants pocket.

Blessed relief!

I needed to steal that damn thing from him before the end of the night or I was going to be a complete mess!

This new dynamic? I think It might just kill me off!

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

13 thoughts on “Tom – Day 7 of 7 (Part 4)

    1. Isn’t it? That man has serious taste in women’s clothes lol
      Apparently he shops with an idea in his head about whatever fantasy he wants playing out. The dress is selected specifically for that fantasy and he buys the whole kit. Dress, lingerie, stockings, shoes. He buys SHOES Jenna!!! Stilettos! It’s why I have a giant shoe closet! πŸ˜€ xxx

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      1. LOL no he was not. He was being a very charming dominate male who was taming the shrew (he he he he sorry but that is what people say about me all the time or use to when I lived where people would get a passing Shakespeare reference. And there is bloody romance in there. It is all over the place. The only difference is he is buying your dresses instead of flowers. I am waiting for more. And more. And more. I have to get my romance somewhere. Love you and stellar writing as always. πŸ™‚ xoxoxoxo

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