Tom – Day 5 of 7 (Part 3)

Day 5 was a huge day! The levels of frustration, the pain and pleasure, the mind fucks were off the chart that day! Tom became unstoppable, there was something different about him. He was edgier, darker. This maintenance session had changed the shape of ‘us’ and he was embracing it with arms wide open. Denying me had turned him on more than giving me what I craved. He wanted me hungry. I was in deep trouble.

The kiss at the end of my after care blew my mind. It was hot and probing, his tongue thrust between my lips and danced around mine, he pulled me up hard against his chest, his hand dropping down between my thighs to my pulsing clit. He flicked that hard little nub and I let out a sob. His tongue plundered my mouth, taking my breath, sucking me in making me want more. I stirred against him and sat up, plucking at the buttons of his shirt, wanting to feel skin under my fingers. I tugged and pulled until I got where I wanted to be, his shirt fell open and I broke the kiss and wrapped my teeth around his hard nipple and I nipped then sucked then nipped again. He growled deep in his chest and I felt it rumble through me. Pussy reacted instantly, tightening her muscles deliciously, sending tiny shockwaves through me, lighting my insides up and fuelling my hunger.

His fingers stroked and flicked and slid inside pussy’s wet walls I closed my muscles around their full girth and rode them. He stopped thrusting and pulled my head back by my hair.

He trapped me in his gaze with a dark look, his lips were curling into that half smile that told me I was in dangerous territory. I didn’t care, I tugged hard against his tangled fingers and tried to attach my teeth to his nipple again. He pulled harder and I winced and stilled.

‘I will tame you Gem.’ His voice came out husky and low and his words vibrated through me. I snarled a little. He was hurting me, my head ached where his fingers gripped my hair.

‘Like hell you will, I will fight you!’ I ground out between clenched teeth as his fingers pushed deep inside me and opened up, stretching me wide, forcing his knuckles through, filling me up until I bucked hard to pull back and stop the pain that was making me so damned wet I could drown us both in my juices!

He laughed against my neck as he nipped and bit, his fingers pushing deeper inside, ‘I expect nothing less from you.’

Suddenly I was being lifted and turned and positioned over the spanking bench again, panic rose in my chest, I struggled against his grip on my hips, and he slapped my ass hard twice. ‘Be still woman.’ he demanded. I twisted in his hold but couldn’t break free, he pressed the weight of his whole body against the back of me and pinned me there while he dragged my arms into position and secured them on the arm rests. I snapped and snarled as he fastened the restraints against my calves.

‘Give it up baby, you won’t break these bonds.’ He murmured as I felt the coldness of his freshly lubed fingers slide between my cheeks, pushing them apart, revealing my tight bud, he slid his finger inside my ass and pushed and pulled and pumped, adding another finger then another. I was bucking and thrusting my ass back onto his fingers, he pulled them out and spanked my cheek. A feral growl escaped me as he plunged his cock in where his fingers had been and I howled as he filled me with his full length in one long thrust. I ground my backside against his thrusting cock and took him all the way in on every stroke.

The pace increased rapidly as he gripped my hips tightly, pounding my ass until I was begging for release, I screamed for him to make me come, I could feel my juices flowing down between my thighs. I was desperate and reaching but he knew I was close and slowed his pace and then pulled out of me. He walked around to the front of the bench and disposed of his condom before taking his time cleaning his cock, wiping his fingers. I had red hot rage burning through me. ‘I want off this damned bench’ I snarled at him.

He laughed, a full throated sound that came up from his belly. He crouched down to eye level with me and gripped my chin.

You want Gem? You’re not getting this are you? I already told you this morning You are going to damn well do as you’re told. But you don’t listen. You demand, or more precisely, our hungry little pussy demands and you facilitate. You can learn how to wait for me. I will deny you my cum, I will deny you my heat until I am ready and you are tamed and I have your complete submission.’ He leaned forward and kissed my mouth, running his tongue against my lips, smiling against my closed mouth.

‘What? You don’t want to open up for me?’ He grinned. I’ll take what I want then.’ He walked around the bench and stood behind me, his fingers probed my wet pussy and pinched my clit as he thrust his engorged cock in and began a long slow deliberate stroke, in and out as he pushed two fingers in my ass and stretched me wide again, I groaned, sobbed, begged for him to let me come. I needed him hard and fast and his measured strokes built the heat inside me but not enough to push me over the edge. My mind was spiralling and the only thought in my head was my hunger for Tom.

I bucked back against his throbbing shaft and tried to increase the pace, he leaned over my back and whispered in my ear. ‘I can keep going like this for hours, and I do mean hours baby. All you have to do is submit to me and you can have what you want.’

‘Fuck you.’ I ground out as he lifted his weight from me and he held my hips tightly and continued with his long, slow torturous stroking of my pussy walls.

We were locked in that battle of wills for three more hours before I caved in and gave him what he wanted.

I promised to submit to him whenever he wished. No matter the circumstances, no matter the company. I knew he was referring to Gray’s upcoming 50th celebrations at the weekend, I also knew Stuart would be there. I had finally worked out what was driving Tom.

Tom was claiming me, privately and publicly and woe betide Stuart if he got in the way of that. My submission was his ultimate prize.

He released me from the bench and wrapped me in a huge towelling robe to walk back up to the house, as we entered the kitchen he placed me on the table and we tore into each other. I cried when he gave me my release. It hit me so hard it hurt me, I held on to him so tight I gouged tram lines down his back with my nails. We were primal animals in full glorious lust and it blew our minds. Then he kissed my tears from my cheeks and took me to bed. I was exhausted, Tom was quietly triumphant, he never said a word.

We had changed the shape of everything again and I was once again exhilarated and terrified in equal measure.

11 thoughts on “Tom – Day 5 of 7 (Part 3)

    • Yeah, he got very pro-active about dragging some kind of acceptable commitment from me when he found out Stuart would be attending Graham’s 50th birthday celebrations. It was the only time I experienced anything like jealously from him. He knew how I was about commitment but I could accept this because it came in the form of a different beast. He just wanted to be sure that Stuart got the message I was no longer available. ever. lol It was a very interesting time! xx Glad your water is included lol it’s only going to get hotter from this direction. 😛 xx

      Liked by 3 people

      • LOL I can attest to the fun part of sharing the shower! Are you on a reading rampage Michael? Oh and congratulations, I read somewhere we are likely to be getting a new ‘release day’ post from you in the near future! How many days was it in all?? I definitely take my invisible hat of to you my friend! xxx

        Liked by 2 people

    • Everywhere inside Nora! Total loss of control was the most frightening and exhilarating feeling I have ever experienced. He made sure it happened again and again throughout our time together. When it all came down to it, Tom knew exactly what I needed, when I needed it and how I needed it. It fed a beast in him and kept my feral side front and centre! And he always left me hungry for more … 🙂 xxx

      Liked by 3 people

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