Tom – Day 3 of 7

I sat at my desk reading the computer screen, my leg hooked over the arm of the chair with my fingers lazily stroking my pussy. Technically, I wasn’t masturbating, I was soothing her. She had kicked up a fuss at something I had just read and I was putting her back to sleep! Honest!

A client had sent me the first draft of her new work to edit. She was worried about the sex scenes in particular. With oodles of every kind of sex thrown in for good measure, it was my job to see if they worked, I was very distracted with abstract images of hot sweaty, bodies filling my mind.

From nowhere Tom’s arm came over my shoulder and his hand covered mine over pussy. I jumped and looked up at him. His eyes were intense, horny and determined.

‘Keep stroking baby, put more effort in, I want to feel those fingers slip inside you.’ He growled low against my neck,

I groaned as he pushed my fingers inside pussy along with two of his own, he came around the front of the chair and lifted me, dropping down into the seat with me now on his lap and our fingers still inside me.

‘What you readin’ that’s got our pussy so hot and wet baby?’ He muttered as he focused on our fingers driving inside me.

‘I’m working…’ I gasped, ‘editing… sex scenes, make sure they work… umm… ohh…’ I was writhing against our fingers. I moaned deeply as his thrust deeper taking mine with them. I was full and my hips rose up insistently to meet our down thrust.

He locked his gaze with mine, as he pushed for control. ‘Uh huh, read it out loud, so I can hear it.’

I pushed back a little, raising an eyebrow at his request. ‘Uh, have you run out of ideas or something?’ I bucked up against his hand, letting out soft little cries as his big hand began thrusting our fingers in harder and faster, his thumb was stroking my clit and I was climbing towards a huge orgasm! I could feel it low and deep, building steadily.

‘Uh uh, nowhere close, we haven’t even scratched the surface of what I’m gonna do to you. Read it baby, I wanna know what’s got you turned on so good.’ His voice rumbled low in my ear and I let out a feral cry. He was in full marauder mode. No stopping him.

I began to read the words that were now dancing on the screen, I could barely focus. He laughed against the side of my neck, ‘poor baby, you sound a little distracted, you want me to read it out loud for you?’ His voice rumbled through me and it was all I could do to nod weakly as he got busy popping buttons on my shirt, freeing my breasts into his waiting hand. His big palm cupped and squeezed my breasts together, nipping my neck with his teeth and plunging his fingers inside pussy keeping mine trapped there with him. I was under a full on Tom assault and I was drowning!

‘Pull the screen forward Gem.’ he muttered. I pulled the screen closer and zoomed the page so he could read it easily from behind me.

As his fingers continued the physical onslaught that had me gripping his powerful arm for dear life as I rode our fingers he began his verbal onslaught of my senses.

‘Sofia lay legs spread wide on the king sized bed, her hands gripped the sheets, her head tossing from side to side as she moaned softly. Aiden had his head buried between her legs licking her pussy. She was groaning and begging him to make her cum hard in his mouth… ‘

Tom stopped reading and stared at me, ‘This got our pussy all turned on? This? Where’s the heat? Where’s the passion? It needs dialogue! I think we need to examine how this really works and you can tell her how to spice that flat piece of writing up and put real sex in it baby.’

I was laughing in between moans, I couldn’t help it, ‘Tom stop it, she’s a good writer… she struggles to write sex scenes that’s all. It’s a first draft…’

‘How the hell did this turn you on baby?’ he was genuinely confused.

I laughed, moaned and shook my head simultaneously. I grabbed at his fingers and stopped the steady thrusting. ‘Not that, wait… I’ll show you…’ I sat up and clicked on a second screen, a fully edited version of an earlier section popped up. ‘It was this..’ I was gasping again as his fingers had returned to their thrusting, my own fingers were soaked in pussy’s juices, I turned into him and relaxed against his chest, opening my legs and bracing one foot on the edge of the desk as the other hung over the arm of the chair, I sank into the fire that was steadily licking at my insides, burning me stripping my defences away and then the first wave came and hit me, I moaned loudly, I grabbed his arm tightly as my orgasm rippled slowly and built to a tidal wave crashing over me. I trembled in his hold, and he stopped reading for a moment and caught my mouth with his, his tongue took my mouth, his fingers took my pussy and I got lost inside him.

He broke the kiss and smiled against my mouth, I opened my eyes to see his face, I lifted my hand and stroked his cheek, ‘it’s only the first draft baby, it still needs work.’ I mumbled.

He chuckled, ‘what does? the story or you?’

A wicked smile spread across my lips as I stretched against him, ‘um… both.’ I whispered as I worked my fingers inside his shirt and found a hard nipple to tweak and play with.

He pushed the chair away from the desk and I shrieked delightedly as I was suddenly upended on his lap with my legs over his shoulders and my back along his chest. He wrapped his powerful arms around my hips and pulled them up to his mouth, I clamped my legs around his head as he buried his face in my pussy sucking my clit so hard I saw stars, I threw my head back and moaned loudly, ‘Oh God Tom, don’t stop…’ I sobbed out as I thrust harder against his probing tongue.

He lifted his head for a moment and grinned at me, You know the section I just read was about anal sex, right?’ he mumbled as he buried his clever tongue deep inside my soaking pussy while he used his thumb to work my clit into a frenzy. I thrust my hips up and pressed pussy harder against his mouth. ‘I know… it’s why she’s so wet…’ I gasped as my second orgasm began to roll through me, it hit hard and fast with fireworks exploding in my head as I screamed in ecstasy.

I was shuddering and sobbing as he continued his onslaught of my clit with his tongue sucking it in and nipping the sensitive little bud with his teeth. I yelped and squirmed as he dragged me upright and into a straddle across his hips.

His fingers stroked me, one of them probed my ass sinking in deeply, stretching it, I growled and pushed back against it.

‘It’s time this tight little bud got stretched to its limit,’ he muttered against my mouth, I sobbed and nodded, as his fingers worked me front and back until I was rocking and moaning against him, begging him not to stop, grasping at him, grabbing handfuls of his hair as another orgasm ripped through me while images of his cock filling every hole one after the other flooded my mind. He opened his jeans and slid his cock out and lifted me onto him. With one thrust he was inside me, and I clamped down on him gripping him with my muscles, riding him for all I was worth. He gripped my backside hard and held me still as he thrust up until we were flush. No space between us, he growled against my ear, ‘imagine what this would feel like in your tight little ass baby, you think you can take it?’ His fingers were playing with my ass as his cock pulsated in my pussy, my mind was being blown, I could barely lift my head up, I was so lost in all the sensations exploding inside me.

I wanted him to fill every hole too… ‘oh god yes…’ I ground out between clenched teeth and it was his turn to groan deeply and for a long time as he shot his cum deep inside me filling me with heat, my head dropped down on his shoulder as my orgasm rolled over his dragging us both down with it’s force. I clamped my muscles tightly against his throbbing cock as he spilled himself till he was done.

Jesus, Tom…’ I mumbled, when I could speak again.

He barked out a short laugh and slapped my ass as he lifted me and turned me to face the screen. He pointed a finger midway through the first paragraph. ‘It’s the next part on the page, but it’s narrative so I gave you dialogue.’ He grunted, ‘I’m just gonna remind you though, you have agreed…’

I lifted my head slowly and looked at him. I had my predator back, he was finally going to get what he wanted. All my holes would be his to claim.

He growled deep in his chest, stood up and carried me up the stairs. It would be a long time before I got back to work…

By the end of day 3 I knew my client had a lot of reworking to do for those scenes! Tom was nothing if not thorough!

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