3 Months Later…Day 1 of 7

Sam (I can’t keep calling him the Boy) is away on another outward bound course. Since he left yesterday evening Tom has reverted to his default setting of sex, spanking and more sex and he is positively growling! I’m not kidding!

My bottom is hot and sore, pussy is throbbing her happy tune, my head is full of erotic thoughts and Tom is on a mission! He has decided the only way to keep me in line this week is to keep me naked, spanked and fucked and not necessarily in that order. So far today, we started the morning off with a very long HOT shower, progressing to a mid morning kitchen rampage! From nowhere I found myself upended over his knee for a sound hand spanking, quickly followed by him bending me over the kitchen table for a second round of hard and fast sex which was amazing!

Less than an hour later I was up against a wall in the lounge with my leg thrown over his shoulder, with his head between my thighs. His mouth sucked my clit then his clever tongue thrust up into my pussy then along my labia and then circled my clit again and sucked it in between his teeth nipping gently before thrusting his tongue back inside me until I was gripping his head and bucking against his mouth, spilling my juices onto his tongue and groaning loudly. I was in ecstasy!

I retreated shortly there after to do some stuff upstairs where I was ambushed and told to assume the position over the end of the bed for another spanking but this time with the Jokari paddle, (I am learning to hate that damned paddle!) By mid afternoon I had taken refuge in my office but there was nowhere to hide! Over the desk and OMG that MAN! Seriously, I can’t find the off switch!

Don’t get me wrong, I am loving all this attention, he is so controlled when Sam is around, and we act like any normal couple would with a third party present. Properly! Tom makes sure of it! (They get on famously by the way! After two months, Sam made the suggestion that Tom should move in with us seeing as he was here all the time anyway!)

That was a month ago. Since then, Sam has been home for most of the month but he’s now back in the Lake District for a 7 day course and I have a giant horny bear of a man stalking me around the house on a sexual rampage because he’s switched of his self control and gone for marauder extraordinaire! And growling… it’s the only way to describe the low rumble he keeps emitting when he finds me!

I’m out in the garden now, not hiding, just making sure the hot tub is set up for tonight, I have a feeling I will need to sink into it and let those jets ease my aching muscles and sore bottom!

So, the hot tub is down the bottom end of the garden and completely private now that Tom has installed 5ft fencing and trellising around it to hide us from accidental exposure. (Courtesy of Graham recounting the story to Tom one night of how he and I met! (see : Will I never learn?) I got my backside paddled all over again for that once Graham had gone home!)

I was in the process of changing the filter which required me to lean over the side of the tub. I heard my nosy next door neighbour shouting to Tom as he headed down the garden, she gets all flushed and giggly every time she sees him and always tries to flirt with him. Ha! she’s got no chance in hell! Her boobs aren’t big enough and neither is her ass! She’s so slim Tom reckons she would snap in half if he even touched her. Regardless, it meant that for once today I got a heads up he was on his way. I had just righted myself and disposed of the mucky filter when he came around the corner.

‘You hiding from me baby?’ He murmured as he slipped his arms around my waist and pulled me to him.

I grinned at him ‘nope, just down here sorting the tub out ready for this evening.’

‘Uh huh, is it done?’ He asked casually.

I nodded and he flashed me a wicked smile, his eyes filled with pure lust as his hands stroked my ass and got busy pushing my skirt up over my hips, his fingers slid between my thighs and lit pussy up like a firework display! I don’t know about Tom being insatiable, I wasn’t that far behind him! His fingers slid inside me and my legs opened for him, he smiled against my mouth as his big hand covered my pussy and sank three fingers in, ‘good girl, you know you’re taking all of them don’t you, spread your legs wide baby…’

I groaned and leaned against the shed wall and spread my legs for him. He pushed his fourth finger inside me and stretched me wide with his huge hand. I gripped his powerful shoulders and dug my nails in deep as I pushed down against his thrust and he pushed up harder, it was deliciously painful and his hand became slick with my juices. I bucked and growled low in my throat as he began to increase the pace, he grabbed my hair with his other hand and pulled my head back for his kiss, his tongue thrust into my mouth as his fingers filled my pussy and I was climbing fast towards yet another orgasm. He let go of my hair and dragged his hand down to the front of my work shirt and he yanked it open popping buttons everywhere until he released my breasts. He gripped one as it tumbled into his waiting hand. I moaned deeply into his mouth and pushed my breast harder against his grip. I was full of Tom, he was everywhere all at once, filling me, fucking me, squeezing me.

He let go of me long enough to turn me around and I braced myself at arms length against the shed wall. He spread my legs as he released his throbbing cock from his jeans and slid it deep inside me in one hard thrust. He gripped my hair in his fist and pulled my head back and he sank his tongue into my waiting mouth again. I sucked his tongue as he fucked me, I groaned loudly as my climax climbed, he thrust harder and faster as he let go of my hair and slid his hand around my throat and stretched me, arching my back, while he used his massive body to absorb me into him.

I had no thoughts, just the most amazing sensations of painful pleasure that took over until I jerked hard and squeezed my muscles around his thick member and rode my orgasm home as wave after wave of hot tremors flooded through me. My head was empty of everything save this big man, I was a mass of rolling emotions and sensations, I heard myself emitting a long low feral growl which caused Tom to thrust harder and faster against the tidal wave I was gripped in. He smiled against my mouth again and whispered, ‘I’m gonna fuck you until you beg me to stop, until you have nothing left to give and I have your tears in my mouth.’

He continued to thrust against my tightened muscles and I clenched harder around him and pushed my ass out to take all of him again and again. He grunted low in his throat and held me firmly on his cock as he pumped his hot seed into me filling me with its heat. I climaxed hard and fast around his thick throbbing cock, it came from nowhere and floored me, ripping through me, my legs buckled and he pulled me up against him as he continued to thrust until he was spent.

As he slid out of me we heard a shrill voice on the other side of the fence. ‘Gemma, are you alright? You sound like you’re in pain! Can I help you?’

I got a fit of the giggles as Tom very calmly responded, ‘She’s just fine Ms Ashton, we were just having a little fun is all.’

Damn I wish I could have seen her face!

6 thoughts on “3 Months Later…Day 1 of 7

  1. Haha that woman was the bane of Tom’s life, she stalked him every time he came out of the house! She tried her damnedest to get him round to hers to do ‘odd jobs’ etc but he always declined politely citing all kinds of excuses! πŸ˜›

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