Tom – Day 2 of 9

Tom is spending a few hours with Graham this morning! YES!! Why am I happy? Because I am exhausted! That man is like a machine and I need to do something, anything to slow things down some! I don’t know what mood he is going to be in when he get’s back but my mood is going to be STRICT!

I know listen to me, whining! I have everything I ever wanted in a man, all sex and spanking, no silly romantic entanglements, no unnecessary expectations or protestations of that nasty L word and here I am complaining!

‘Be careful what you wish for’ keeps springing to mind! So to bring you all up to speed, Tom is no longer under a discipline regime with Graham. Graham bowed out, he said it was an unreasonable ask to have Tom jump through his hoops and follow his rules while he was over here with me forcing him to break them all. I guess Graham came to that conclusion when he realised neither me nor Tom could remember the rules. He threw his hands up in the air and told us both he was taking a few weeks off from being disciplinarian to either of us, but he did expect us to keep each other in line.

Yeah, that’s right, the inmates are running the asylum! We have no governor! Ha! Let mayhem ensue.

Tom and I have agreed that I don’t want to spank or cane him, (sorry folks, I just couldn’t keep doing it, it’s not really in my bag of tricks. I prefer to be on the receiving end of a hard caning, not the handing out end.) Tom was more than happy with this particular decision, turns out, he doesn’t get anything from the caning/spanking thing unless he’s the one giving it. A natural balance has been found between us and it works.

Regardless of all of that, something needs to give. I am not a machine! Basically, every time Tom has felt horny this past few days, (which is continually) he has reached for me and I have been extremely complicit and compliant with his need for sex constantly but I can’t keep up the momentum! Call me old if you want, but this woman needs some proper shut eye and a bloody good rest! Hey, I’m only human, he wants me, I want him and the novelty has NOT worn off at all. I am just exhausted! So, like I said, I am going STRICT!

In order to do Strict I need to dress the part. He seems to react much more quickly if I look the part. I like the role play aspect a lot as it happens and I do get turned on from preparing myself to step into his Ma’am role.

So I have on the hottest lingerie I own, it’s turquoise with black lace trim (he went wild when he saw it yesterday,) the shortest black mini skirt I can find, a black sheer chiffon blouse I adore and I am rocking 4″ stilettos. It is time to turn Tom inside out.

He arrived home within an hour of me getting ready, so I didn’t have too long to second guess my course of action.

I was in the kitchen when he turned up and he shouted me as he walked through the door, ‘Gem? I’m back.’ So, casual easy mood is where he’s at. Tone of voice is everything with this man. Facial expressions are hard to read with him, he has a poker face.

I walked to the kitchen door and watched him approach. He stopped walking as his gaze travelled my body from head to foot.

He grinned, ‘Did I miss something Gem?’ he was coming towards me again and I raised my hand and halted him. He stopped.

‘Wait right there mister, there are some new rules today. You are not allowed to touch me unless I give you permission. You will do everything I say, and you will not assume control of any situation, do I make myself clear?’ Best Ma’am voice present and correct. And… WORKING! Tom has lost all his swagger and is submitting to me.

I love how quickly this transformation happens. He gets off hugely on being controlled by me.

‘Yes Ma’am perfectly clear.’ He answers quietly and respectfully.

‘Go upstairs and get undressed, then come down and sit on the sofa in the lounge. Do not take all day about it.’

‘Yes Ma’am.’ He headed off up the stairs and I walked into the lounge and set the TV up to interact with my Tablet. I was streaming a number of videos he had made of us over the course of the last few days. They were very, very hot.

He arrived in the lounge and sat down stretching his arms along the back of the sofa and crossed his long legs at the ankle. I sat down next to him and wrapped my hand around his cock and began to stroke, all the while messing with the tablet screen with my other hand.

He grunted quietly and uncrossed his legs as his cock began to throb heavily in my hand. I ignored him and pressed play on the tablet. I dipped my head down and took him in my mouth and wrapped my tongue around his shaft. He thrust up hard and moaned.

The TV screen flickered and then filled with our images, a side view of me kneeling in front of him and taking his cock into my mouth appeared before us and I heard his intake of breath, his cock jumped in my mouth and his hand dropped down on my shoulder.

I raised up a little and slapped his inner thigh hard, he removed his hand and put it back where it should be. I sat up and continued to stroke him, smoothing the skin back, rubbing my finger over the swollen head, using his pre-cum to lubricate his cock and I followed his own preferred rhythm for masturbation. I changed position and straddled his thighs, watching his face as he watched himself on the large screen fucking my mouth as he gripped the back of my head, and then switching back to me, watching my hand stroke his cock. He was heavy lidded and flushed, I took him all the way to the edge, he was breathing heavily, I placed a hand over his heart and felt it pounding in his massive chest. He was very, very close.

I leaned forward and nipped his ear and whispered, ‘that’s enough for now.’ I stopped the video, and climbed off his lap and walked over to the chair on the opposite side of the room.

The look on his face was priceless. ‘Am I allowed to ask what’s going on Ma’am?’ There was a definite edge to his voice, but it was more frustration than sharp.

I smiled at him, ‘Of course you are, you aren’t under punishment Tom, I’m just giving you a lesson in discipline baby. Talk away, but just remember I am in control today and you have no room for manoeuvre.’

‘Do I refer to you as Ma’am or Gem?’ He really wasn’t sure how to behave right now and it showed. I had thrown a rather large curve ball his way and he had caught it but didn’t know what the hell to do with it. That suited me. This was fluid and I was making it up as I went along. I figured reactionary would work better based on his reactions so far.

‘I’m good with either name. But if it helps you stay in submission, you can call me Ma’am.’ As I was speaking I had begun to unbutton my blouse, his gaze dropped to my fingers and he shifted position slightly.

‘So, I’m not in trouble then? I haven’t done something to upset you?’ He licked his lips as I opened the blouse up fully and revealed my turquoise satin and lace clad breasts for his inspection.

‘Not at all. I couldn’t be happier. You just need to learn you can’t have things all your own way all of the time. For instance, you can’t do this today until I say you can.’ I ran my fingers along the smooth full curve of my breasts, and he made a small noise in the back of his throat.

‘You can’t touch but you can look baby. You can imagine how my skin would feel under your fingers, you can imagine how my hard nipples would feel between your lips, but you can’t have them.’

I stood up and turned my back to him, I unzipped my skirt and slid it slowly down over my hips until it slid down my legs and pooled at my feet. I stepped out of it and bent over from the waist to pick it up off the floor. I turned to face him and watched as he drank in my body. His cock was jumping and stood rigid, the foreskin stretched tightly now exposing the bulging head and the ever present pre-cum glistening at the tip.

‘You are allowed to cum as often as you want Tom. But you better not make a mess.’ He nodded and jumped up of the sofa and headed for the kitchen. He came back with a roll of kitchen paper. I guess he was preparing for a busy day!

He took up his position on the sofa again. I sat back in my chair, spread my legs wide and slid my hand beneath the waistband of my panties. My fingers smoothed over my clit and stroked gently. Not to stimulate me too much but to get his attention. I had it instantly.

I smiled at him and murmured, ‘Stroke yourself Tom, I want to watch you masturbate. I want you to cum and then keep stroking.’

He instantly complied, his large hand encased his rigid cock and he immediately set up his rhythm. I pressed play on the remote and the screen sprang back to life, the sound of thighs slapping against each other and groans and cries filled the room as the image on the TV of him fucking me from behind filled the screen. His gaze was glued to the screen! He stroked himself harder and faster as he watched us fuck.

The head of his cock was so engorged now I couldn’t help myself, I crossed the room and dropped down between his thighs and flicked my tongue over the purple tip and sucked. He threw his head back groaning deeply. He continued to stroke and pull and smooth his cock as I sat between his legs and watched up close, taking a taste when I wanted, slipping the head between my lips, applying suction and then holding it there, then withdrawing to watch him again. He grunted deeply, and his juices shot up in an arc onto his flat belly.

On the screen we were wrapped up in joint oral. I was sat astride his face 69’ing him and sinking his cock deep into my mouth. I heard twin groans from both Toms. The screen Tom was thrusting up hard into my mouth while thrusting his tongue deep inside my pussy. The live Tom was stroking his cock hard and fast and breathing heavily again. I rubbed his juices into his skin and up on his chest, I licked the places I rubbed and then brought my mouth to his and kissed him.

The next image that popped up on the screen was of Tom spanking me hard over his knee. The sounds of slaps and squeals and pleading filled the room and live Tom broke the kiss, shook his head and groaned. ‘Twin stimulation is a bastard Gem!’ he muttered against my mouth and I laughed.

You better get used to it, we’re doing this all day baby…’ I gently sank my teeth into his lip and nipped. He groaned and I slid down his body and slid my lips down over his throbbing cock and teased, and stopped then teased again until he was pleading with me to let him fuck my mouth. I removed myself from him and took myself over to the other side of the room, sat legs spread wide and slid my panties to one side as I used my fingers on my clit and stroked.

He groaned, his eyes were wild with lust, the restraint he was showing was immense and I blew him a kiss and laughed a little. The screen flashed to me in the throws of a huge orgasm and he lost it and came hard, he moaned deep in the back of his throat as his hips jerked up and he thrust against his hand. His juices flowed, covering his stomach. He reached for the tissue and wiped with a mild grimace on his face. He raised his eyes to me, I was utterly enthralled by the force of his orgasm and walked across the room. ‘You missed some,’ I said as I ran my finger through the cooling cream and scooped it up. I held my finger out for the tissue.

‘This would be so much better if it was in your mouth Gem.’ He muttered as he wiped it off my finger.

I laughed, ‘All good things come to those who wait baby, Now, start again, we have a long way to go before you’re running on empty.’

He would be milked dry by the end of today, I would make sure of it.

Pussy was getting a rest, I was mentally entertained, and my body was my own for the day. All in all, a very good day for playing…

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So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

14 thoughts on “Tom – Day 2 of 9

      1. Well you will be now you’ve been reading all these posts back to back LOL It’s funny isn’t it, they have no interest in us but they refuse to go gracefully and allow us to live our lives happily. My ex was exactly the same, he wasn’t interested in me sexually (thank goodness) but with him it was about control. If I can’t have you no one can. Even when I pointed out he didn’t actually want me, he still insisted I was his and he wasn’t losing face with his family and friends because he had yet another failed marriage! Senseless. xxx

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