June, Graham and the Random Punishment Selector

After my heavy duty weekend with June and six sharp strokes from Graham, I was feeling very out of sorts with myself. I was sore, exhausted and just plain wiped out from the sudden micro-interest in my discipline. Two Spankers is way more than I want, or need for that matter. I had to let one of them go and it had to happen before the upcoming weekend. That kind of told me which one I would be letting go actually, I had already decided that I needed to back away from June a little bit. A weekend of fun and games once every so often was great but June was gearing up for an every weekend kind of deal and I wasn’t up for it. I was still very much running with the commitment phobia and June was looking for a committed relationship with me. Not happening. All good things must come to an end. I texted her. I’m not proud of the fact I was ending things via text, but I knew if I let her come this weekend she would break down my argument and I would end up giving in to her. I couldn’t even stop Graham from resuming a spanking regime, there was no way I could stop June once she was here!

It didn’t go well. She phoned me as soon as my text landed. She was furious with me. She railed and ranted and cajoled and pleaded and in the end as predicted, I gave in. I told her she could come over in two weeks time and we would discuss things then, once I had enough distance from it all. Satisfied she had rescued something, she rang off. I sighed heavily and switched the phone off. I was going off grid for a few days peace and quiet. I needed time to regroup and work out what I was going to do.

Yeah, that was never on the cards was it? Pigs flying again I believe!

there’s that pig again!

Graham was first to break into my off grid time with an email. He was really getting into the idea of setting a spanking regime via the Random Punishment Selector. https://animeotk.com/punishment.php I was really beginning to wish I had never told him about it now and I opened the attachment with some trepidation.

I was right to feel that way.

~Random Punishment Selector~

Punishment Certificate
This certificate dictates that Gemma, for the reason of: Maintenance Spanking
will receive the following punishment.

Three sets of spankings.
Set One: 51 swats with a hairbrush and Gemma Bending over the desk
Set Two: 11 strokes with a cane and Gemma Bending over the desk
Set Three: 55 swats with a Jokari Paddle and Gemma Bending over the desk.
These spankings will be carried out with Gemma’s bottom bare.

In addition, Gemma will receive the following extra punishments:
 20 minutes of corner time
No orgasms for one week commencing immediately.
This punishment will be carried out at Graham’s home at 3 pm tomorrow. Late or
none arrival will result in the maintenance spanking being doubled.
Gemma must also provide the Jokari paddle, failure to comply will result in the
spanking being tripled.

Signed: Graham
Really?? I mean REALLY??

I clicked out of the email in disgust and turned back to my work. It wasn’t going to happen until tomorrow anyway so no point in worrying about it, right?

I had been working less than a half hour when another email pinged it’s arrival. It was from June. It was a really chatty email to begin with and I smiled as I read it, she was obviously over her disappointment from our telephone conversation earlier, and I relaxed and laughed at her funny breakdown of her morning thus far. I stopped laughing when I began to read about an email conversation she had had barely an hour ago, with a good friend of mine, Graham! She was surprised and delighted to learn that he was more than happy to share my discipline regime with her and she also told me he had complimented her on her cane work. She was disgustingly pleased with herself and my bottom tingled at the reminder of that very cane work.

She continued to wax lyrical about Graham and shared duties and all her ideas on how this could be carried out, and I could feel my mood slipping further and further into ‘wailing’ state. At least she had explained to Graham that I would not be seeing her for two weeks so whatever plans they were cooking up between them, her part in it would have to wait.

That was when she dropped the bombshell. Graham in his infinite wisdom had shared the Random punishment selector program with her and she was having a fabulous time setting up two weeks supply of certificates that she would email to me on a daily basis. Obviously she was expecting me to carry these out for her she said. Really? I have two zealous Spankers already chomping at the bit to get to grips with my backside and she thinks I’m going to add my own self punishment to that mix? Not in this lifetime! I might never sit down again!

Who was I kidding exactly?

I read on to the end of the email and with a huge amount of trepidation this time I clicked onto the attachment.

~Random Punishment Selector~

Punishment Certificate
This certificate dictates that Gemma, for the reason of: Termination of Collaboration
will receive the following punishment.

Three sets of spankings.
Set One: 100 swats with a Jokari Paddle and Gemma Bending over the bed
Set Two: 59 swats with a hairbrush and Gemma Bending over the bed
Set Three: 40 swats with a wooden spoon and Gemma Bending over the bed.
These spankings will be carried out with Gemma Naked from the waist down.

In addition, Gemma will receive the following extra punishment:
 20 minutes corner time.
No orgasms for 7 days. (to commence in 7 days time)
This punishment will be carried out by Gemma by 3 pm today and photographic
evidence is required to be emailed to June after the completion of the
Failure to comply will result in the punishment being carried out by June
on her scheduled visit and any subsequent punishments missed or
not reported on will be added along with the scheduled punishment
for that day.

Signed: June
No orgasms?? FFS!!!

Ha! And there was me thinking she had gotten over this morning’s text! Termination of collaboration text? I just told her I didn’t want a female lover every bloody weekend who was crazy about spanking and caning me! I told her I wanted us to go back to our previous, much more manageable (for me) relationship because I didn’t want to lose what we had as friends! No to collaborations! Just NO!

I was thinking of running away to some hitherto unheard of bolt hole in the arse end of nowhere when I realised it was almost 3 pm and if I didn’t carry out this spanking she had scheduled I was going to be in deep shit!

Why the hell can’t I squeak out the word NO?

I took a deep breath and muttered ‘suck it up buttercup, you did this to yourself’ as I headed off up the stairs to a mammoth spanking delivered by my own hand!

I set up the spanking machine with the hairbrush so that it was ready when it was time, I stripped off my skirt and panties and oiled my bottom with clear mineral oil so the wooden Jokari paddle connected properly. I set up the iPad so that I could record the whole damn session and I prepared myself for the inevitable.

100 swats with the Jokari paddle. I set the iPad to record and positioned myself over the end of the bed. I raised the Jokari paddle and brought it down hard against my stripped bottom. To be honest, I barely felt it, but I yelped anyway, didn’t make sense to me at that point to let on I might still be numb as F*@k from the weekend and then 6 of the best from his Lordship! I realised I could pull this off quite happily without really feeling any the worse for wear. I was wrong. After the first ten strokes had been delivered my bottom was feeling it and the yelps were becoming louder and were carrying a great deal more heartfelt pain with them. Regardless, I continued, first one cheek then the other, then delivering 5 to each cheek, then alternating the strokes again. Over time I realised the strokes were being delivered very hard indeed and I realised I actually wanted this spanking. It was making me feel better, I was sinking completely into the humiliation of recording the spanking knowing that June would be watching this in less than an hour’s time. By the time I had finished the Jokari 100 I was in a very submissive space once again and I switched over to the spanking machine without taking a pause. My bottom was throbbing and bright red, blisters were beginning to raise on my already welted behind and my mood was so subdued and compliant my mind was blank. I stopped the recording and set it up to start a fresh one for the hairbrush spanking.

I set the spanking machine up to deliver 13 minutes of spanking with the hairbrush set on the highest power and re-oiled my bottom. The wooden backed hairbrush stung as it connected and gripped my already overheated cheeks. I yowled, the sting was exceptionally sharp from this hairbrush and I wriggled about, I jumped and yelped as the brush continued to deliver stroke after stroke after stroke with unrelenting precision and speed and before the end of the 13 minutes I was sobbing, my bottom and thighs were throbbing painfully, my pussy lips were swollen and sore from the accidental contact and everywhere hurt! I acknowledged with some dismay that the upcoming 8 minutes with the wooden spoon was going to be torturous!

Nonetheless, I did it, I completed the whole spanking, 8 minutes of the wooden spoon had me howling like a banshee and that damn spoon would connect with my thighs and pussy lips far more than I liked or wanted. But it was done. I had been thoroughly spanked, I stood in the corner of the room for 20 minutes corner time and my bottom began the deep throbbing that set my pussy to optimum throb and I groaned as I remembered that both Graham and June had issued a ‘no orgasms for a week’ penalty on each of the certificates. June had clarified that hers was to begin at the start of next week when Graham’s ban ran its course, but you know what? There’s a reason I need two disciplinarians. My fingers slid between my pussy lips and I sighed and shivered as they began their work on my overheated pussy.

I’ll take whatever is coming to me for that one I figured I earned it!

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So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

13 thoughts on “June, Graham and the Random Punishment Selector

    1. I couldn’t agree more! It’s a cruel and unusual and entirely unnecessary punishment that does nothing to tame this girl’s naughtiness, in fact it actively encourages me to break all the rules! I’ll take the spanking over the ban any day! πŸ˜›

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  1. Oh, by the way… I was hoping you would check out my friend’s spanking blog…he is new, but writes VERY well. You’ll see his comments on my blog posts… franzcoughka (strange name, I know!). I hope you will check out his page. Thank you my sexy friend!


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