Quick trip into the real world and #COVID-19

So, this is just my opinion, my rant and my fear.

As a lot of you will be aware, my son is very severely disabled so COVID-19 making it’s unexpected appearance on an unsuspecting world has brought with it a degree of stress and anxiety that I have never experienced before. I am genuinely terrified for my son’s life right now and we are on permanent lock down until the pandemic has run its course and been contained.

Obviously we still have to eat and wash and live our day to day lives just like everyone else is having to do, but I want to explain just how not being able to access our usual products is affecting the Boy.

He uses wet wipes on a daily basis to clean his stoma, clean the skin around the stoma, clean the tubes and attachments that are associated with his stoma equipment. Wet wipes are the best product for this because they are non-perfumed, are designed for sensitive skin and obviously are disposable. The simple fact is, no wet wipes and we are looking at skin irritations, infections and a whole host of other problems in the long term. Hygiene is everything, he uses disposable medical grade gloves on a daily basis when dealing with anything to do with his stoma. If he doesn’t he runs the risk of getting an infection. In most cases, people will tell us soap and water are just as effective as a wet wipe. That’s true, but how do you apply the soap and water? With a flannel? A face cloth? This material bruises the delicate stoma surface and makes it bleed profusely. It irritates the sensitive skin around the stoma site and makes it very sore and makes it bleed profusely. Quite frankly a flannel or face cloth is not practical or hygienic enough for the job at hand.

So, I am travelling from supermarket to supermarket, from shop to shop trying to buy two packs of wet wipes, not stockpiling, not hoarding, just two packets. 128 wet wipes in all. I can’t get any. Anywhere. AND I am putting myself and my son at risk of contracting the virus every second I waste outside mixing with people. I should be on lockdown and I can’t because we can’t get the products we desperately require.

Why do I only require 2 packs? Because we have run out of the medical grade wet wipes that are provided with the stoma equipment, those wet wipes are limited to three packs per month. He goes through a pack of 60 in a week. The stoma bags can leak, peel away, or develop a problem and need to be replaced. Sometimes we have to do 3 bag changes in one day. So, regardless of how careful we are with stock and try to reduce excess use and waste, sometimes we just do not have a choice. By the middle of next week we should have a further delivery of medical equipment and hopefully we will have 3 more medical grade packs of wet wipes to limp along with.

Why am I telling you all this? I’m telling you because people need to see just how devastating it is for a disabled person not to have the necessary equipment they need just to get through a normal day. Now add the COVID-19 threat to that stress and you have an inkling of how our stress levels have ramped up.

I can’t buy wet wipes, I can’t buy toilet roll, I can’t buy kitchen paper, I can’t buy soap. SOAP!! I can’t buy soap!! But and this is where I am going to rant my bloody head off, BUT… WHY are people only NOW buying every single bloody bar of soap available? WHY did those hoarding bastards, because trust me that’s what they are, why did they not have a standard supply of soap in their homes already? WTF were they using before the pandemic arrived? Do they not realise, even with prolific handwashing a bar of soap will last a minimum of TWO WHOLE MONTHS and that’s taking into account the world turning into frantic hand washers on a scale that OCD has never been able to produce!

WHY do people need 600 bars of bloody soap in their homes? They are never going to use them all in their entire life times! Spread the soap out with your neighbours, your elderly, your sick and at high risk, and your disabled people in your community! STOP BLOODY HOARDING! This is NOT an ‘I’M ALRIGHT JACK, SO SOD YOU’ scenario. We are all facing the same deadly threat!

Now, forgive me for pointing out the obvious here but TOILET PAPER is NEVER GONNA FUCKING SAVE YOU FROM COVID-19! SO JUST STOP HOARDING IT! We all need to wipe our arses for goodness sake! WHY do you need 600 toilet rolls?? Does it make you feel better to know you can wipe your arse from now until the end of fucking time? Good. Now share some out with your neighbours, your elderly, your sick and at high risk, and your disabled people in your community! STOP BLOODY HOARDING! This is NOT an ‘I’M ALRIGHT JACK, SO SOD YOU’ scenario. We are all facing the same deadly threat and we all need to wipe our arses!

PASTA comes from Italy, RICE comes from China. Personally you can have the lot of it, I won’t be touching that carbohydrate fat inducing stuff anyway. Fill yourselves up on all that stodge if you must but remember this, what you have stored in your cupboards that is racing towards it’s best by date and then going past its best by date, and never getting used, could be being EATEN by an elderly person who only has one filling meal a day. THEY need a high carb diet right now to keep them going. They don’t eat a lot. STOP BLOODY HOARDING! This is NOT an ‘I’M ALRIGHT JACK, SO SOD YOU’ scenario. We are all facing the same deadly threat! We all need to eat!

I could go on and on and on. The shelves in the supermarkets are empty because the selfish, inconsiderate and great unwashed empty headed idiots amongst us have decided they are more important than the rest of the world’s population. You are not. We are all made equal. I don’t care what your bank balance allows you to buy more of than I can, I care about making sure the needy and the most vulnerable people in my immediate family and local community have the supplies they need just to get through a day without worrying.

If we all just shopped as we required the same way we always have there would be enough to go around for everyone. No one would need to stockpile because there would be sufficient supplies to see us through.

Do you normally shop every day? NO? THEN WHY ARE YOU DOING IT NOW?!?

STOP IT!! Seriously just STOP IT NOW!!

Get some commonsense going people otherwise you will be the architects of your own demise.

That’s me rant over.

I am very afraid for my son and his continuing ability to continue with his life. What’s your greatest fear today? How much toilet roll you can get through? FFS grow a pair and do the right thing. We need the 40’s Wartime mentality right now. All pull together for the greater good.

Published by gemstrong63

I'm embarking on a journey of discovery into the world of self spanking, spanking and being disciplined! Step inside and join me on my rollercoaster ride of self-spanking and self-discipline. I get taken in directions I never expected to, I get bruised and satisfied, shocked but delighted, spanked by myself, spanked by my window cleaner and his wife, spanked by my neighbour, spanked with a spanking machine and that's just for starters. Be aware. I take a side step out of the diary to give you a window into my real life for a little while, it may help to explain why I need the painful pleasure I seek. Don't be afraid to come in and have a read, It is all consensual and I love sharing my experiences with you.

3 thoughts on “Quick trip into the real world and #COVID-19

  1. Oh Ms Gemma do I hear you. As someone who works in a grocery story I cannot even begin to tell you how much this boggles my mind. Why do you need a gazillion bottles of hand sanitizer in your home????? You do not. Why do you need twelve things of 10kg flour? You do not. And please stop yelling at me because I do not know when something will be in. How much we will be getting in. I do not know. I do not know. I do not know. Do not tell me I should be wearing gloves/face mask etc. You are shopping in my store. This is my job. If you are afraid I am going to infect you stay home. I get it with immune compromised individuals. I get it for people with disabilities. I get it for a thousand reasons. But do not stand in front of me telling me to do this and do that when you do not. If you are afraid to take cash from me do not pay with it. I sanitized my till no word of a lie 30x today. In between customers. When I had no customers. My hands ache from cracking. But I do this. So I get it woman. People are shits. They think me me me me me and no one else. I cannot fathom that. I am so sorry I just jacked your comment section. Please forgive me. 🙂


  2. Nothing to forgive, there is one truth to both sides of this story and that is exhaustion and fear. As an end user of necessary products I am fearful I cannot find what I need to keep my son on an even keel and therefore worry that health issues and complications will arise because we will have to substitute best practice with whatever we can find.I’m already exhausted with it and we are only just at the beginning of the pandemic.
    As a service provider you are so bloody necessary right now, more so than ever before and I for one appreciate every single person who walks out of their house and goes to work to provide that service for me. I could no more yell at you because you can’t give answers than I could yell at a baby for crying. Regardless of their fear, people should not take it out on you.
    Thank you for being one of the brave ones and actually going and putting yourself at risk for the rest of us, when in fact you could choose to stay at home and protect yourself just like they’re doing.
    If you can find any, aloe vera skin moisturiser for your hands will help protect them from cracking. Stay safe sweetie xx


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