June requested a spanking!

How could I refuse?

Over the years, several different women have passed through my life, women I know well enough to invite around for a meal and a no holds barred chat. Invariably the conversation always gets around to sex, kinks, and all things orgasmic in nature. We tell each other everything.

I can’t tell you how many times a friend has squealed in delight when I say I either self spank or have just had a spanking or anything spank related that comes into the conversation. 

One fine example was a dear friend who I shall refer to as June, she was somebody I had met through my volunteer work with the sport at regional level. She was a high-ranking official in the game, and she was adorable. We hit it off straight away and became firm friends in no time at all.

Anyway, as was the norm, we were both in attendance at a full weekend sporting event and she and I were finally getting a moment to let our hair down and relax with a drink and the long awaited catch up chat we had been promising ourselves all weekend.

The conversation started as it always does, we discussed the sport, the people in our lives, how happy we were, how sad, angry, fed up, over sexed, under sexed, we discussed everything.

I purposely stayed away from discussing spanking because once the subject is in the open it dominates from there on in. People are fascinated with it, some are shocked, but others are curious, June was very curious. In the end it wasn’t me who raised the spanking conversation it was June! She was very coy at first about bringing it up, but she reminded me that we had discussed my spankings on a few occasions in the past and I had always hung back from giving out more detail. June was more than just curious; she was pushing for information and it became obvious to me that she was in the early stages of exploring a kink of her own. I smiled my encouragement at her to continue with her questions and said, ‘You can ask me anything you want, if I can, I will describe it for you, but Junie, the only real way to know anything is to try it for yourself!’

‘I want to know what you feel like when you’re told you’re going to get a spanking!’ she blurted out with a red face. Once she got over the initial embarrassment of asking the really personal stuff she started with a barrage of questions I answered as honestly and as openly as I could, I did not leave out the very sexy details either! She was positively squirming on her seat; she was very aroused by what she was hearing and I knew she had a vivid enough imagination that she was visualising everything!

I took a sip of my drink and I waited to see what she would say next. ‘I don’t know anyone who would or could spank me and I want to know what it feels like to be put over your knee… she stopped speaking and her hand flew to her mouth. Her face flushed with embarrassment at what she had said. Freudian slip perhaps?

I smiled at her, ‘Go on?’ I said quietly. ‘I want you to ask me properly June.’

Now please bear in mind, this woman could reduce grown men to tears in a boardroom environment and had in fact got a severe reputation as a ballbreaker bar none amongst the sporting fraternity. ‘I want you to spank me Gemma! The words tumbled from her in a rush quickly followed by ‘very hard please!’ Having her asking me for a spanking was a huge turn on. The idea of this powerful woman submitting to me and taking a spanking from me? Well… who was I to refuse such an offer?

I immediately went into Spanker mode with her and insisted on a detailed explanation of her transgressions. She coloured up beautifully as she told me about her obsession with masturbating while imagining I was spanking her bare bottom over my knee, she then went on to describe how I stroked and petted her between spanks and how turned on she became by the mere thought of any of it actually happening. She admitted she had experienced some rather superb orgasms on the strength of her fantasies and the whole thing had got her very confused about everything from her need to be spanked to her questioning her sexuality! Her confusion lay in the fact that she wasn’t into women sexually at all and yet here she was imagining all sorts of erotic scenarios with a woman!

Now generally I am not into women either, although I have on the rare occasion ‘taken an interest’ if they attract my attention enough. She was one of those women and I guess I just don’t have boundaries.

I told her we should go back to her room in the hotel as there were some rather important issues to discuss and some issues that obviously needed to be dealt with appropriately!

She very meekly said, ‘Yes Miss.’ and led me back to her room.

I love a woman who is prepared for any eventuality! As we entered her room I noticed that she had a rather beautiful wooden backed hairbrush, a big flat round one, she also had a very nice leather paddle too and a thin short cane! All the items were laid out on the end of the bed in a very pretty row! Somebody had either been practising or they were ever hopeful of a fantasy coming true!

I sat down on the desk chair facing the bed and I looked at them and then at June’s face. She was crimson with embarrassment! Caught red handed, or red bottomed in her case. She immediately confessed that she had been trying out a spot of self spanking to see if she could take a real spanking. I told her there was a huge difference between the two and she would be able to judge objectively by the end of the evening because she would have definitive comparisons she could make. We then had the very necessary talk about safe, sane, consensual spanking and what it entailed. She had her safe word and we discussed at length her boundaries and mine also until we were both comfortable with what was to come. As soon as she fully understood and agreed with everything I wasted no time in getting on with the task at hand!

I instructed her to stand with her back to me and told her to pull up her skirt and pull down her panties, I wanted to see if she had a rose bottom or a red one.  She was very hesitant to comply at first, but I insisted if she didn’t then I would, and I sternly ordered her to bend over the side of the bed and hold herself up with her hands and spread her legs. I stepped up behind her and lifted the hem of her skirt slowly, I brushed the material against her bottom and thighs as I pushed it slowly up and over her full bottom and hips. I tucked the hem into the waistband of her skirt. Her panties were no barrier at all as she had chosen to wear a thong. To my delight the tell-tale signs of a recent spanking were still evident on her luscious round globes! I could see the marks the small cane had left, crisscrossed as they were rather than pinstriped as I would prefer.

I let my fingers trace the faint marks and watched, fascinated as goose bumps appeared in a flurry across her lovely plump cheeks. I heard her take a deep breath and I stroked her bottom a little more to see how she would react. She wriggled and a tiny moan escaped her lips.

‘How did the little cane feel when it connected with your lovely bottom Junie?’ I asked as I continued to trace each line with my fingers. She mumbled something in response, I couldn’t hear her, so I brought my hand down sharply on her left cheek. She yelped and made to move, I stayed her with a stern look. I returned my attention back to her bottom and I watched as a beautiful bright red hand mark appeared on that luscious cream surface and I smiled happily. I was going to enjoy this! ‘Speak up Junie, I can’t hear you. How did the cane feel? Did you like it when it whipped against your skin?’

‘Yes Miss! It stung really sharply, but it did feel good afterwards!’ She was careful to clearly enunciate every word this time.

‘Very good Junie! See how easy that was? Now, tell me, how often do you masturbate with me spanking you as your fantasy?’ I asked quietly.

June turned her head to look at me beseechingly. She was crimson with embarrassment and I knew she was struggling with the verbal admissions. I knew this because it was something I struggled deeply with myself. Having to verbally admit to something so private and personal was very difficult indeed! It was humiliating to expose yourself that way. Nevertheless, I insisted with a flurry of sharp spanks to both her cheeks.

She yelped out quickly ‘about three or four times a week Miss.’

So not a one-off thing every now and then which was how she had told it earlier.

I shook my head in mock dismay at her admission. Inside, I was hugely turned on by the fact that I was a constant fantasy that would give her a guaranteed orgasm! I leaned across her and retrieved the wooden hairbrush and the small cane. I’m not a fan of leather paddles, but I suddenly remembered how Stuart had made me hold the Jokari paddle between my teeth and I picked up the leather paddle with the other two implements. It could play its own part!

I walked over to the high-backed desk chair and sat down. June was watching my every move over her shoulder. Her face had paled a little when she saw me line up the implements on the desk at my side.

I instructed her to come and assume the position over my knee for her spanking.

She is quite tall, probably about 5 ft 7″ and I am just over 5ft. so once she was over my knee both her feet and hands were touching the floor. I liked this it meant she wouldn’t be putting her hands in the way of her bottom when the spanking started. She needed them to keep her balance.

I remonstrated with her quite sternly for a full five minutes about her using me without my permission as a masturbation tool! I also remonstrated with her about her reluctance to lift her skirt when I had requested it, I had begun the hand spanking and was keeping time with my speech. Each lovely round globe was turning a cherry red colour in time with my words, if I spoke fast, I spanked fast, alternating each cheek, then her thighs got my attention and I started with a quick flurry of sharp flat hand spanks that sounded quite loud in the hotel bedroom. I continued spanking for a good 5 minutes until my hands were stinging and she was wailing that she had made a mistake and she didn’t really want a spanking after all. (she had her safe word of elephant and she hadn’t used it). I laughed at her feeble attempts to get out of the spanking and told her we hadn’t even started yet. I instructed her to stand up and keep her skirt tucked up at the back and go and stand in the corner for 5 minutes without touching her bottom. 

She genuinely thought it was over you know. She got such a shock when I stepped up behind her and stroked her cheeks to inspect the heat, I instructed her to open her legs and I smacked her inner thighs a little to brighten them up with some pink to match the back of her thighs. She wailed and Ow’d a lot. So noisy! I retrieved the leather paddle from the desk and brought it over to her. I held it in front of her mouth. ‘Open up Junie, hold this between your teeth and do not let it fall. If you do, the entire spanking tonight will be repeated as a second punishment. Do I make myself clear?’ She opened her mouth and bit down on the leather paddle and nodded her compliance and understanding. Her eyes were huge in her face!

I brought her back over to the bed and I sat in the middle of it with my back against the headboard. She was so tall it would have been a struggle to keep her on my knee sat on a chair. This way, she was still over my knees, but my legs were stretched out and she had nowhere to go. I peeled her thong down to below her cheeks and she made a grab for it, I spanked her hard with the hairbrush on both cheeks for a minute until she removed her hands. I made her wriggle out of the thong and hand it to me. I placed it on the pillow at the side of me and I returned my attention to her bottom. I stroked her twin red globes then petted and ran my fingers very lightly over her wet pussy lips. I patted them gently and slipped my fingers between the folds and covered them in her wetness. I smoothed her juices over her cheeks, she was very, very wet. She was mortified when she felt my fingers stroking her pussy and she dropped her head down in shame. It didn’t stop her from pushing her pussy onto my lightly probing fingers and it didn’t stop her groaning either!

I played on that, and as she lifted her bottom higher to reach my fingers I brought the hairbrush down for the first of many hard smacks on each cheek 5 spanks at a time for each one, 3 spanks a time for the back of each thigh and 2 spanks a time for her inner thighs. She was sobbing and tears were streaming down her mascara stained face.  I paused the spanking and reached for the bottle of water at the side of the bed, I poured a little on to her bottom, down between her legs, and then soaked the back of the hairbrush with some. I continued to spank and now I picked up the pace, alternate spankings to each cheek very hard, very fast and for a very long time. That hairbrush gripped her bottom tightly with each spank before it let go ready for the next one. She howled and squealed and squirmed and yelped but I continued unabated for roughly 15 minutes. She had specified she had wanted a hard spanking, and she was going to get one! She was yowling around the leather paddle which was still firmly in place in her mouth but was doing next to nothing to hide her distressed wails of pain. I smiled widely at her mounting discomfort and continued to spank all her tender plump areas until they were positively glowing!

Then as is my want, I stopped the spanking and began to explore her bottom and pussy with my fingers again, dipping them in and circling her clit, pulling them out and wiping her wetness over her bottom cheeks she moaned deeply and thrust her bottom up to my fingers as I continued to stroke her intimately and she bucked and groaned and pushed up higher so that I had better access. She was so close to an orgasm I felt quite mean when I suddenly stopped playing with her and then picked up the hairbrush for another 5 minute hard spanking. I stopped again and stroked and petted for a few minutes until she was so ready to orgasm it felt like a crime to stop, but stop I did and I lifted the very short OTK cane bringing it down swiftly and surely six times across both of her very red and sore cheeks. She had lovely pinstripes all in a row down her bottom. Very pretty! She was howling, and yelping and sobbing uncontrollably by the time I had delivered the 6th stroke.

I laid the cane down and tapped her on her shoulder.

‘Come on Junie, up you come.’ I spoke softly to her, ‘Come and have a cuddle love, you did so very well for your first real spanking. It’s all over now, lets have a little cuddle and I’ll make you feel better, I promise’

She scooted off my knee and curled herself into my arms as I held her and stroked her bottom and soothed her heated skin. She had cold cream on her nightstand, and I instructed her to lay across my lap and I would apply the cream to her hot, sore bottom. She looked at me warily at first but then she realised I meant it and she lay across my lap one more time. This time for comforting soothing cream.

I took my time rubbing and smoothing that cold cream deep into her welts and deep red overheated cheeks. My fingers strayed once or twice to her pussy lips and she instantly reacted by thrusting her bottom up. I spanked it lightly and told her to be a good girl. We stayed like this for about 15 minutes and I watched utterly fascinated as her bottom turned dark red, with bruising that was already beginning to show. There was a lovely purple hue to her skin now, none of that pink blush that we had started out with. Her thighs were a shade lighter, but I imagine she was throbbing everywhere and was extremely frustrated into the bargain.

I patted her bottom and told her to get cleaned up and get some sleep, we had a big meeting the following morning and neither of us could afford to be late.

The following morning, I tapped on her door and she opened it and grinned at me. I stepped inside and watched her as she raced around the room getting ready.

I asked her how she felt after her spanking and she looked very slyly at me and said she felt amazing, although at the time it was very painful and humiliating to have absolutely no control over what happened to her, but afterwards when the throbbing started properly she had herself a great time from all accounts. She also asked me if I would consider spanking her again in the future which I of course readily agreed to. I also made her turn around and bend over so I could inspect her bottom for bruising and any blisters. I did stroke her for quite a while, it was a real turn on for me to come back that morning and inspect a spanking I had delivered. I left her feeling very frustrated again and told her I would see her in the canteen for the team managers meeting in 5 minutes. I delivered a few sharp slaps to her rump before I left chuckling at her dismay at not being able to play longer.

She was hooked…. and I was in my element!

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

10 thoughts on “June requested a spanking!

  1. Haha I didn’t think it was that steamy to be honest! I thought it was quite tame by comparison to some of the Stuart posts lol … oops! 😛 Glad you enjoyed it, I enjoyed remembering it for sure! xx

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      1. It is one of my most favourite memories, simply delightful, I think it’s possibly why I enjoy writing the girl/girl scenes in the fiction stuff. It’s a different spice… I like spices… 🥰😻

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  2. I loved the stories read like 15 of them. I miss the feeling of being held accountable for my actions, I get so turned on by just imagining myself in the stories.

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