The Narcissist

Narcissist versus Empath – The Divide.

There are many divides in society, I could make a list but you probably would lose interest pretty quickly and switch off, so I’m just going to talk about one that has been very prominent in my life.

Narcissist v Empath

Do you know a narcissist? Are you living with one? Were you raised by one?

The greatest divide amongst humans is not money or lack thereof, it is empathy. A narcissist will mimic empathy, they will mimic love and altruism, they will shower you with love and affection in order to secure their prize. You, and your adoration of them to the exclusion of all else including yourself.

You may feel utterly adored in the early stages of a narcissistic relationship but once the mask falls away you will think you have arrived in the bowels of hell and have absolutely no idea how you got there or where the exit door is.

They systematically strip you of your identity, your self-esteem, confidence, self-worth. They turn you into a powerless victim.


Because they can. It really is that simple, there is no grand plan, there is no ultimate goal. They do it because they like it, they do it because it makes them feel powerful and in control. They do it because they believe it is their right, they believe they are more important than you and they believe it is your role in life to serve them and keep them happy.

How do they get you to do this for them?

They will threaten you with loss of family, friends, respect, love financial support, a home. They will threaten to take your children from you if you have them. They will threaten to tell people you are a bad parent and paint you in the worst possible light. They will manipulate you into losing control and screaming at them so that they can say, ‘See? this is what I’m talking about, you are unreasonable, you are mentally unstable, you are unfit to be a parent, wife, partner, etc.’ In more extreme cases where gas lighting and physical abuse are present the situation spirals extremely quickly and you learn how to micromanage even the smallest of tasks in order to avoid confrontation. This undermines your ability to fight back. You are already suffering from mental fatigue at this stage, how on earth can you fight them when you think no one would believe you anyway? When you fear losing your children to them, where you fear being made homeless and penniless.

This takes away the avenues that you would normally automatically assume you could go down to gain your freedom. From here it is a downward spiral, you lose all sense of self and second guess every single thought you have, are they right? Is it you? Everyone else believes them to be a wonderful caring human being, this is the face they show to the outside world and woe betide you if they think you are going to tarnish that image.

Narcissists thrive on attention and they don’t care how they get it. They will twist and turn every single thing you say and do and say it isn’t good enough. You haven’t worked hard enough to gain even a tiny crumb of affection from them. You will keep working harder to regain that love you once had because they did love you once…right?

So you keep on trying and you keep on failing because they are in control and you are never going to succeed in winning back that which you never had. The narc system is designed for you to continually fail. It was all smoke and mirrors to trap you in the nightmare they call life. This is what they get off on. Making you grovel, and declare your undying devotion to them on a minute by minute basis. They will cheat on you and then tell you it was because you just aren’t good enough at loving them, at understanding their complex needs, if you had been a better wife, husband, partner, they would not need to go elsewhere to have their needs shored up by someone else. They triangulate and draw in a third person to play one off against the other. They will tell you brought it on yourself. It’s never ever their fault because of course they are perfect and they are doing you a huge favour by sticking around with someone who is so flawed. They could be happily living with ‘A’ or ‘B’ or ‘C’ but they are stuck here with you and then they give you the silent treatment. And then, you feel worthless.

So, rather than the righteous outrage and feelings of betrayal that you should be feeling, you end up seeing their twisted point of view and accept that you just aren’t good enough for them. In turn, this makes you grateful for the fact they are still around at all and willing to put up with you even though you now think you are essentially a crap excuse for a human being. You wish you knew how to be who they fell in love with once more just so you could go back to the glorious love filled days and nights you shared in the early days.

They will habitually lie to you about absolutely everything. You cannot ever, ever believe a single word that comes out of their mouths. They live in their own perfectly designed fantasy world and you are a tool for them to use to facilitate the smooth running of that fantasy. Nothing more. They absolutely believe their own lies and believe them to be the truth because it fits what they require. They are not and never will be swayed by facts and reality. They are never wrong and you’re the liar and the cause of any and all problems they may experience. This then fuels their degrading treatment of you. So you determine to try even harder to prove to them you are worthy of their love and affection. You can change, you can become the person they require, you can fill all their needs if they will just give you the opportunity to put it all right. You are now completely invalidated.


Wake up call. It’s never going to happen. When a fisherman baits a hook with a big fat juicy worm to catch that fish, he is not going to keep feeding that fish with more worms once it’s caught, he is going to do one of two things, he will either, throw it back in the water and it may live to catch another worm and mouthful of hook only to be released with yet another scar, or he will kill it and eat it. You are the fish. Once you have been hooked you are in the trap and they will work very quickly to demoralise you and make you entirely dependent on them. If you are one of the really unlucky ones, they will leave you, flat out, no contact, no reason, they will just walk and you won’t hear from them in a while. You feel abandoned, betrayed, lost. Then… they contact you, out of the blue and tell you they miss you, they want to try again but you hurt them with all of your crazy, unreasonable behaviour before. So, if you’re willing to change your ways and see their point of view they will try to get over the hurt you inflicted on them previously and they will come back.

You are so lost at this point that you view this as a lifeline. They really must love you after all! You determine once again to try harder to please them and they come back with all the love they took away from you before. Well, almost.

You are so desperate for their affection at this point you haven’t noticed that the ‘love bombing’ is quite markedly reduced from the first time around. This is simple to explain, you are already hooked so they don’t have to work as hard to break you down and get back in. Not that you would even consider denying them at this point.
You are now trauma bonded to the narcissist and they turn up the heat quickly after that. The mask falls away very swiftly now and you are back in the cycle of abuse with nowhere to turn. They left you alone just long enough that the cravings had become unbearable. The stage after that is recovery. You aren’t allowed to get to that stage.

Why do they hurt you?

Because they can. Your pain is the validation they are looking for that they are adored. An overt narcissist will become visibly excited by your tears, pain and hurt to the point of gleefulness. They have caused this. They are in control, they have all the power and they will trip on it for days! They don’t care if you are hurting because of them, they will tell you ‘if you had just done as you were told, none of this would have happened. It’s your fault.’

How do you get out?

You lift your head up and take stock of what is really important to you and what you can easily afford to live without. You seek counsel, you start planning an escape strategy, you start to believe in yourself and you begin the ‘grey rock’ system with them. Grey rocking is a simple strategy whereby you do not react to your narcissist regardless of the provocation. You make yourself as uninteresting to them as is humanly possible. Become a shadow, don’t fight back, they love it when you verbalise your anger and frustration at them, they can twist your words and fire them back at you.  They mirror you.  When you are angry, you say, ‘you have hurt me’ they will instantly respond with, ‘you’ve hurt me!’ You say, ‘You said horrible things to me, you called me terrible names. You did terrible things to me.’ They will respond with the same statement. In the end, you have to stop because there is nowhere to go with a mirror conflict. You have to stop because you feel like you’re losing your grip on reality. Nothing is what it seems anymore, everything has become this twisted, grotesque version of reality where you are the ‘wrong’ one and they are the victim of your manipulation, lies, and deceit.

The instant you realise you are in this mindset, get out! Leave. Don’t stop, don’t wait, don’t try to fix it. It was never going to be fixed. The relationship never existed, they just wanted your adulation and devotion. They will suck the life out of you and then discard you without a backward glance. A broken, empty shell of the beautiful, empathetic person you were before.

Don’t just walk, RUN!

I have barely skimmed the surface of the narcissist in this piece. They are much more varied and deceitful than I have been able to cover in this blog.

How do I know all this?

I am a survivor of narcissism via marriage. My ex is an incompetent sociopath and covert narcissist. I was married to him for 20 years. If you spoke to him today, a decade after our divorce and ask him his wife’s name, he would tell you my name.

He believes I will always be his wife, no piece of paper will ever tell him any different. He considers his life without me and our son in it to be just a long fishing trip. He thinks he can come home any time he likes. He has told me he fully intends to return home when he hits 70 years of age because he will require me to look after him in his old age.

I am prepared for him if he should ever carry out that threat.

I regained my sense of self,  a sense of purpose, worth and confidence. I am no longer a victim of gaslighting, coercive control, narcissism, physical and mental abuse. I am a Survivor. I will remain a Survivor.

If you recognise your relationship in this piece then please, do something now before it really is too late. You will never gain any kind of peace or happiness from within. You can only win if you get away and rebuild yourself and go absolutely no contact with them.  They will move on to their next victim without a backward glance.

Strength and peace to you. Find yourself and be happy. We only have one life, you have the right to own yours. Do it now. Don’t wait, you may not have a tomorrow if you stay.

Strength and Peace to you.

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Published by gemstrong63

I'm embarking on a journey of discovery into the world of self spanking, spanking and being disciplined! Step inside and join me on my rollercoaster ride of self-spanking and self-discipline. I get taken in directions I never expected to, I get bruised and satisfied, shocked but delighted, spanked by myself, spanked by my window cleaner and his wife, spanked by my neighbour, spanked with a spanking machine and that's just for starters. Be aware. I take a side step out of the diary to give you a window into my real life for a little while, it may help to explain why I need the painful pleasure I seek. Don't be afraid to come in and have a read, It is all consensual and I love sharing my experiences with you.

8 thoughts on “The Narcissist

    1. I confess there was nothing Buddha like in my own marriage. More like narc v warrior. I think there is good and bad in everyone, but a narcissst will never accept responsibility for the damage they cause so the empath is left drained and depleated and feeling worthless. No spiritual enlightenment to be found in that kind of narc relationship in my experience. I suppose it depends on what a person is prepared to accept as normal in their relationship. Each to their own for me these days, but no man will ever cross that threshold of trust in my world again.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Me thinks you should not allow one narcissistic psycho-sociopath ruin your days!

        That way he wins!

        Add a little humor. Write a humorous post or two about living with an a-hole and send it too him every anniversary day!


  1. Oh my goodness, I would never re-engage with him in any way, shape or form! No, I’m good without men generally these days. There is nothing they can bring to the party that I can’t provide for myself! I don’t need or want one:D


  2. You are a special lady with a special relationship with a very special boy!Your posts are a book in work,

    But you need to get more readership to spread your message. So my uneducated advice is:

    Keep your posts short (300 words or less)

    Have a catchy title with words that attract attention

    Have a cute or eye catching photo or cartoon

    Go the WordPress Reader, Tags

    Create or find tags to access people of like mind:


    Run the tags and read selected posts
    Like if they are interesting and such
    Follow those blogs
    Leave a comment or two

    You readership will increase 10 fold I’m sure!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, thank you for the advice and the lovely comment about me and my boy. I will do as you suggested, although I may struggle with the 300 word thing, I need many words to tell his story and when I start writing it, I have to keep going to finish that section of my head pops! We are getting to the best part of his life thus far, so the next few posts will be easier to write. I may be able to break each one down into segments of 300 words once I’ve written it. Thank you again Hal, I genuinely appreciate what you have done today. You are a very special man with a very big heart and it is a pleasure to be able to chat with you and your lovely wife of course! xx

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Wow, thank you for the advice and the lovely comment about me and my boy. I will do as you suggested, although I may struggle with the 300 word thing, I need many words to tell his story and when I start writing it, I have to keep going to finish that section or my head pops and I end up in tears! We are getting to the best part of his life thus far, so the next few posts will be easier to write. I may be able to break each one down into segments of 300 words once I’ve written it. Thank you again Hal, I genuinely appreciate what you have done today. You are a very special man with a very big heart and it is a pleasure to be able to chat with you and your lovely wife of course! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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