Well THAT hurt!

Part One of Two

One week after my very successful, on so many levels, first self spanking, I arrived at Transgression Confession Day as it is now called, for week two of my new self discipline, self spanking regime.

Now over the course of the intervening week I had done a great number of things, none of which were anywhere close to my list of tasks, although some did actually get miraculously completed along the way. As I’m inherently honest with myself, (no point in lying to me about me now is there?) I understood from the start that I was in for a very painful afternoon of spanking and corner time.

Obviously, I had made the school girl error of carrying over my original failures and doubling the punishment if I failed again. In my eagerness to completely immerse myself in my new regime I had blindly thought I had learned my lesson.

Spectacularly failed again!

Let me tell you, when that first spanking wears off, so does the intensity of the contrition. I love my cigarettes and I have never governed my mouth, I am outspoken and blunt, it may be a less than endearing trait but if you know me, you know I will tell it how it is, and usually with added ‘colour’ to get the point across.

up to 35 a day by mid week! Oops!

I was always doomed to failure on both of these tasks. Not only did I not complete either task, I appeared to have gotten worse. By mid week I was up to 35 cigarettes a day, and I was swearing like a trouper! In my defence, it was an extremely trying week.

Now, they were not the only tasks on the list, I failed to complete three other tasks too.

  1. Clear my desk and tidy my home office. File my paperwork, PROPERLY!
  2. Stop ignoring phone calls and speak to people when they phone.
  3. No sweets for a week!

So, the clearing of the desk happened, I even managed to tidy my home office, but filing and me do not get along at all and so I shoved all the paperwork in the top drawer and filed it under, ‘I’ll do it later’. Later never came. My bottom began to tingle as I read the punishment I had allocated for failure of any part of this task. If I failed even one section I would receive the full punishment! Bloody hell, I was hard on myself the day I wrote that!

60 swats with the dreaded wooden hairbrush on my bare bottom followed by 5 minutes corner time. My bottom was now clenching with remembered pain.

The no ignoring of the phone calls was an utter failure. I hate phones, they are so invasive. I had surpassed my usual disregard for incoming calls this week and instead of just ignoring them, I actively switched the phone over to ‘Do Not Disturb’, and then promptly forgot to switch it back on at all. It was a lovely, quiet week phone wise. No interruptions!

I tracked the punishment for failing to comply with the task. Oh my goodness, I must have been high on adrenaline when I made this list!

150 swats with the hard black spatula on bare bottom and thighs followed by 5 minutes corner time.

this was gonna hurt!

I realised I had started to rub my bottom as I bit down on my lower lip. That was going to hurt like the dickens! I don’t know what the dickens is, but at this point it seemed to fit the situation!

No eating sweets for a week! Really? Why on earth had I done that to myself? I go to the cinema at least once a week, sweeties are on the menu for sure! You cannot sit and watch a film or a stage play without something to chomp on! It’s comfort food for goodness sake! I looked in the mirror at my ample size 16 curves and knew why I had set that task. I wasn’t ashamed of my size, I quite like the full curvy look, it suits me, but I did not want to get any bigger. It was going to cost me a fortune in new clothes!

I tracked the punishment allocated for this task and my eyes began to water. After completing my first spanking task last week, I had begun trawling the internet looking for other methods of spanking punishments that I could incorporate into my own regime without spending a fortune on expensive BDSM spanking implements. I wanted things I could utilise from my own household/garden appliances. Obviously, my brain was still awash with happy endorphins when I wrote this down.

12 strokes of the thin garden cane across my bare bottom.

This was now ramping up to be a mammoth spanking session and I began to wonder if I had bitten off more than I could chew!

Finally, and with some trepidation I added on the previous two failure punishments for the cigarettes and swearing transgressions, and then remembered I was doubling them. My heart pounded in my chest and my mouth went dry.

200 swats with the hairbrush on my bare bottom followed by 5 minutes corner time! Oh my god! I might never sit down again after this!

120 swats with the kitchen spatula followed by 5 minutes corner time. (I nearly wet myself with dread at this point)

20 minutes hard hand spanking followed by 5 minutes corner time.

FFS! I must be a masochist, why had I allowed all that corner time? The one thing I had learned the week before was that it was much easier to take the strokes and swats once the numbness set in. All that corner time pretty much negated complete numbness until the very end of the spanking session! A new learning curve happened here. NEVER write your following week’s punishments until two days after your last spanking! DO NOT write it out immediately after the spanking! Idiot! Happy endorphins are a bastard!

So now, my total punishment was looking like this.

A 15 minute warm up hand spanking, starting over skirt and knickers, progressing to over knickers and then bare bottom. That would warm my bottom up nicely.

20 minutes hard hand spanking on my bare bottom followed by 5 minutes corner time.

260 swats with the hairbrush on my bare bottom followed by 10 minutes corner time.

270 swats with the hard black spatula on my bare bottom followed by 10 minutes corner time.

12 strokes of the thin garden cane.

(Collapse in heap on the bed after these)

I actually wanted to throw the towel in there and then. I was terrified of my own punishments! I really struggled with the idea of changing the amount of strokes and swats I had given myself. I really wanted to down size them to a more manageable amount. I argued with myself for a good five minutes before I realised the only person who would be being cheated by these actions would be me. I don’t lie to myself, it would be fool hardy indeed to start cheating myself. I had set the punishments and now I must suck it up and carry them out. Perhaps this time I really might learn my lessons!

I had dressed in what I now refer to as my spanking outfit. The skirt was uncomfortable last time bunched up around my waist the whole time so I have replaced it with a thigh length belted black dress, this means that the dress can be pulled up and tucked into the back of the belt to anchor it in place. I had also added stockings and suspender belt because I wanted to frame my bottom and thighs for the spanking. I never wear these normally so it seemed fitting that I should go to some effort to dress up for the occasion, I added a pair of black stilettos to complete the outfit. I still wore my full white cotton panties, they make me feel like I am about to be punished. It must be a throwback to my childhood years where I found myself over one or the other of my parent’s or a number of uncles and aunties knees on a regular basis, white cotton panties stripped down to my knees and my pert little bottom turning pink and then rosy after a sharp hand spanking! Apparently I was an unruly child who needed a lot of discipline. It appears nothing much has changed in the intervening years!

I took a deep breath and positioned myself over the end of the bed, mirror once again strategically placed to capture every stroke and reflect it in the mirror above my bed. I could watch as I spanked. Despite my obvious trepidation, a lick of excitement unfurled in my belly and arrowed straight down to between my thighs. I was getting moist already! This fringe benefit was swiftly turning into my happy place! Perhaps this wouldn’t be so bad after all!

I began my warm up spanking, much as I had the previous week, I swatted lightly all over my bottom and this time included my thighs. I then lifted my dress and tucked it in to the belt and swatted for a further 5 minutes over my panties. My Thighs were taking on a lovely rosy hew now and were beginning to feel warm to the touch. I pulled my panties down and let them drop around my ankles. I bent over and ran my fingernails over my nicely sensitised bottom and I felt my clit begin to throb mildly in response. I really enjoyed the sensations the first 15 minutes brought about and I was almost smiling, I was so relaxed and in the zone.

I re-positioned myself over the end of the bed and raised my suspender framed bare bottom as high as I could and I brought down my first swift hand spank to my right cheek. It burned but then the bloom came immediately afterwards and I smiled at the sensation and continued to spank, my hands spanked harder and harder as the time ticked away the minutes of the 20 minutes I had to do. My thighs caught a good many spanks and were now red rather than rosy, my bottom was a deep red and the heat was intense. I was very wet between my thighs and I desperately wanted to rub my throbbing clit but would not allow myself the smallest amount of pleasure. I was being very strict this time.

I stood up and inspected my handy work in the mirror. My bottom was glowing and the heat was intensifying. I shuffled over to the corner, trying to walk with my panties around my ankles while wearing stilettos was something of a task all by itself and once again I began to feel very silly. I let the feelings wash over me because this was what I was supposed to feel like. Silly and slightly ashamed of my own behaviour. I didn’t examine which behaviour I was slightly ashamed of I just used the emotion to serve my purpose.

As I stood there contemplating the corner of the wall with my nose while my red bottom and thighs were naked and framed and fully on show I heard the unmistakeable sound of ladders being opened up.

BLOODY HELL! The window cleaner! I had completely forgotten about him. As I turned to stare in horror at the window, his head popped up and he began cleaning the windows, blatantly oblivious to me standing up the corner by the door! I was hidden from him because I was just around the corner and out of view. I had to peep around the edge of the wall to see the window. My Adrenalin was racing now, I made a snap decision to continue with my corner time. I reasoned that if I had my nose pressed into the corner and my bottom on show, I wouldn’t see him if he happened to see me anyway! Damn that made me very wet very quickly thinking about being seen in this position and I moaned a little at the sensations running amok between my thighs.

I waited until he disappeared from view and I heard his ladders move from my window and on to the next room, I pulled my panties up and untucked my dress. I ran down the stairs and grabbed my purse and pulled out the cash to pay him when he knocked on the door. The down side to all of this was that my bottom was now happily throbbing away after the onslaught of a 20 minute hard hand spanking and my clit was no longer distracting me from the heavy sting that had settled in. Finally he knocked on the door, I waited a beat and then opened it, he smiled at me and began his usual chatter about the weather and what a lovely sight my garden was, all the beautiful red and pink roses in full bloom everywhere, I thanked him for the compliment and thrust his money at him telling him I was in a hurry as I was getting ready to go to an interview. He looked suitably dismayed at the cutting short of our conversation but was soon on his way. I closed the front door and turned the key in the lock for good measure!

What I didn’t find out until much later was that the window cleaner had had a birds eye view of my red bottom and thighs the whole time he had been cleaning the windows because the mirror above my bed was perfectly positioned facing the door to reflect my image into the mirror at the end of the bed! Oh my goodness… but that part of my journey will be told later. For now, I was oblivious to my full exposure to my window cleaner.

corner time

Now that the imminent danger of being caught with my panties down and a red bottom on show had gone I resolved to continue with my punishment.

260 swats with the hairbrush on my bare bottom. I gulped. My mouth had gone dry and my bottom was throbbing. I pulled up my dress and tucked it into the belt and I pulled down my panties and let them drop to my ankles once more. I positioned myself over the end of the bed and raised the dreadful little wooden hairbrush in my right hand and brought it down swiftly with a sharp thwack! OMFG! The sharpness of the wood connecting with my already throbbing bottom was so intense I yelped in shock at the pain. Undaunted, I continued with my assault on my rump with the hairbrush, counting out loud each stinging swat on my now rapidly turning deep crimson bottom and thighs. I was yelping and shrieking with each blow but I stuck with it. This was indeed a severe punishment, it could cover my error in judgement about the window cleaner nearly getting an eyeful too! Finally I applied the last swats with the evil little brush and allowed myself a moment to gather myself together. I had a tear stained face which was now as red as my bottom and I was trembling with the pain shooting through my bottom and my poor thighs. I stood up and shuffled over to the door once again and pressed my nose into the corner of the wall. I don’t recall feeling silly this time, my mind was blessedly numb and I just stood there waiting for the trembling to stop. Finally my ten minutes were up and now my bottom was beginning to bloom, the heat coming of it was immense and I had two hard bruised patches where the brush had done its work best. My thighs throbbed and my clit was silent in response. Apparently, it only liked it warm not roasting! No pleasant distraction for me this time!

With a very deep and shaky breath I shuffled back to the end of the bed and picked up the spatula. Tears welled in my eyes at the thought of more spanking but I bent my head and determined to see the whole thing through. I really was distraught by this time as I positioned myself once again with bottom high and legs locked at the knees. I raised the spatula and rained down a volley of sharp stinging blows, shrieking as they landed on my thighs and my very painful sit spot, I counted loudly each blow as it landed, I scattered the strokes everywhere to try and reduce the insistent throbbing ache that had set up in my bottom and thighs. I was in agony! Tears ran freely down my cheeks as I continued to spank the living daylights out of myself. My god, if this was how much it could hurt when one spanked oneself, how much worse would it be for someone else to be doing it to me? In that moment I was grateful for never having found a likely candidate to spank me! At least this way I could control the power.

One more time I shuffled wearily over to the door and did my ten minute corner time.

I was sobbing quietly now, sniffling and hiccuping as I counted down the minutes until I had to take 12 strokes of the thin garden cane. Hopefully, it was so thin it might not break through the pain I was already in and I wouldn’t feel it.

After the ten minutes were up my bottom was a mass of heavily throbbing pain, red hot heat poured out of my skin and my poor, poor thighs were stinging terribly.

I positioned myself over the bed for the last time that day and raised the thin cane high. I took a deep breath and brought that cane down whipping through the air, I heard the woosh as it travelled at speed towards my trembling bottom. It connected and I screamed out loud! I shot upright and jumped up and down, sobbing and wailing as the thin line where the cane had landed bloomed right across my thighs and an angry looking welt appeared like magic on their surface. Oh bloody hell, bloody hell, I still had 11 to go. Come on Gem, you can do this, just do it fast and get it over with. I muttered to myself as I eyed the torture instrument I had unwittingly chosen from a selection of garden cane. I glared at it balefully as I once again picked it up, ‘you are so heading for the wood pile when today is over! I promised this now evil, pale, thin stick of torture!

I bent over, I raised my arm and brought the cane down across both buttocks, then across both thighs, then back to the buttocks again, then the thighs and I alternated and counted each terrifyingly painful stroke until I shouted 12 at the top of my voice.

I threw the cane across the room, I launched myself sobbing and wailing loudly across my bed and I spread my legs wide to allow air to my overheated fanny and clit. It was so wet and hot it had gone past any sexy feeling and was now just a mass of uncomfortable raw heat. I concentrated on the twin agony in my bottom and my thighs and I lamented my own stupidity for doing this to myself. I rolled over to allow the coolness of the cold cotton bedspread to sit against my feverishly over heated skin and I cried my eyes out for a full ten minutes the pain was so bad.

Eventually, the searing pain from the caning began to wane and the overheated feeling in my fanny began to cool. My clit began to throb more gently and I soothed it with my fingers, rubbing them along the slick wetness and dipping them inside just a little to sooth me. My clit began to throb and I raised myself up slightly, I pushed my fingers inside me a little deeper and hooked them forward against my g-spot. I rubbed back and forth and thumbed my clit until I was panting and groaning for a whole different reason. I was right on the edge of a mind blistering orgasm, I pumped harder and faster, utterly lost in the amazing sensations sitting in a thick band around my bottom, thighs and fanny, and I worked my clit, flicking it, stroking it until…. the door bell rang three times!

NO! NO! NO! I jumped off the bed and ran to the window, the bloody window cleaner had come back! What the hell did he want? I paid him didn’t I? Then I remembered, I still owed him for the previous month! To make matters worse, I had put him on my task list because I kept forgetting I hadn’t paid him!

I ran downstairs, now completely knickerless and tugging my dress out of the back of the belt. My house is made up of little windows everywhere, there is a window above the front door and one long slim one along the side to allow light in and for me to see who’s on the other side. He stood there, hands in pockets, tapping his foot as he peered through the long window at my descent down the stairs.

Stern window cleaner man!

I opened the door wide and smiled shakily at him. I had no idea at all what I might look like but I was betting it was absolutely frightful!

He looked me up and down and shook his head. ‘Now Ms, we’ve known each other for a long time haven’t we? Long enough for me to speak honestly and freely with you?’ I nodded my agreement and waited for him to get to his point. He is an old fashioned type of man in his late 50’s I think, thick set and stockily built with huge hands and big powerful arms. A plain face but not ugly. Just an average looking man. Then I looked in his eyes and my stomach flipped. He knew.

‘Well Ms, I come back because I needed to let you know, if you are aiming to show your spanked bottom to me every time I clean the windows, I am going to have to put you over my knee and give you a proper spanking for being so naughty. You damn near made me fall off my ladder this morning, and then you told me a whopping lie and said you were going out. I’ve watched from up the hill and waited to see if you did go out, and we both know you haven’t. So, I’ve come to tell you, when I come next, in two weeks time, you are going to have a sound spanking from me because your behaviour today deserves nothing less. Do you agree?’ He waited patiently for his words to sink into my numb brain. They hit very slowly, one after the other, dropping in like loose change and jangling all the way down to my throbbing bottom.

My eyes must have been like saucers in my face and I know my mouth had formed a perfect ‘O’ as I stared mutely at him. He tapped his foot and then prompted me, ‘now come on Ms, you know as well as I do, if’n you had wanted your antics this morning to stay private you woulda drawn the damn curtains. His voice had become quite loud now and I began to panic that the neighbours would overhear him.

I stepped back from the door and very shakily I said, ‘please come inside a moment Mr Wilson while we discuss this more quietly.’ He stepped into the hall and closed the door firmly behind him. My fanny was dripping, my bottom was throbbing and my head was spinning! Had I disappeared down the bloody rabbit hole? This could not be happening! It was playing out like a badly set up pre-spanking scene in a video! I shook my head to clear my thoughts! How very dare he threaten to spank me!

I lifted my chin and folded my arms across my ample heaving chest, this served to do two things simutaneously. One, it pushed my breasts together and put a huge cleavage on show and two it drew Mr Wilson’s full gaze to the delightful vision they made.

I maintained my brave stance, ‘now listen Mr Wilson, I had no intention of showing you my spanked red bottom, I had completely forgotten you were due to come today. I was in the middle of… ‘ I faltered, ‘well… I was in the middle of something…’

‘Oh yes indeed you were,’ he interrupted me, ‘I had a full view of your very red bottom and thighs framed by those suspenders. What else would you be doing if you weren’t putting them on show for me? I was the only one who was here besides you!’

‘It’s a very naughty game you played with me this morning and it should not go unpunished. Either I spank you for it or I want to know who spanked you this morning so I can be telling them what you did so that they give you another sound spanking! Those are your choices young lady! I suggest you choose quickly before I change my mind and put you over my knee this instant. I am very upset with you!’ He crossed his own arms over his chest and I realised in that moment I was looking at a very powerful man indeed. I knew I was going to have to come clean with him and tell him the whole sorry story of my so far short lived journey into the world of self spanking and self discipline.

I lowered my arms and allowed them to drop to my sides, my face was suffused with embarrassed colour and I looked down at the ground as I spoke.

‘I’m very sorry Mr Wilson, I can see how upset I’ve made you. Can I make you a cup of tea and I will explain in full what was happening here today? You see, there is no one else, I was spanking myself.’ I was crawling inside with complete humiliation and shame. He really was a very nice man and I had created this situation because I hadn’t drawn the bloody curtains or remembered he was due here today, add to that the fact that I still owed him last month’s money and I didn’t have it and I accepted I was up shit creak without a paddle!

Mr Wilson drew in a sharp breath as what I said sank in. He looked at my crestfallen expression and shook his head in dismay. ‘Well, I don’t know what to think, a lovely woman like you having to spank herself! What on earth is the world coming to? I think you best put the kettle on and explain this situation to me fully so that I can understand it.’

I nodded mutely and led the way through to the kitchen and invited him to sit.

to be continued…

All images courtesy of the internet

Published by gemstrong63

So, One blog year later, I've been spanked, hard! I have spanked myself almost as hard, I have spanked others even harder. I'm now heading for a different road, one that still includes all the best bits of me, all the naughty bits, all the spanking bits, all the hot steamy bits, and I'm creating characters to play out my delightful erotic fantasies, I hope you enjoy the new ride as much as the previous one…

14 thoughts on “Well THAT hurt!

    1. Ummm…. it does continue I promise πŸ˜€ Besides, writing these posts were very good at bringing with them remembered pain and other stuff too! I have never forgotten this particular event and let me tell you the embarrassment factor alone still has me cringing even to this day! πŸ˜€

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      1. I bet!!! It would be embarrassing enough for someone to witness corner time after a spanking…but then, for that person to know that you were disciplining yourself…. I imagine both sets of your cheeks were RED!!!

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      2. self spanking was a door opening into a hitherto unknown world for me, I liken it to an awakening of sorts! Embarrassment was most definitely high on my list of needs in the early days, I was searching for something tangible to take away from the spanking, I certainly got more than I bargained for on this occasion! πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

        Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes it did… I still have that hairbrush… it is evil personified! Very paddle worthy!
      I am loving the new interest in the early posts! It’s like a trip down memory lane for me, I posted these over a year ago now! So glad I decided to re-order the blog!! πŸ˜›

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